HCSKL 2011 Notes

Dan Mohler Sessions of the Harvest Chapel School of Kingdom Living 2011. Click on each "Day" for detailed notes.

"We didn't want to make this school a topical school. We wanted it to be a school with a heart, where we're catching the heart of God and moving in relationship... You want to learn to live from the heart..." Day 48 - 11:35

Day 1 - Introduction * 

Becoming Love through Intimate Relationship ● Faith not Feelings ● Identity & Fruit ● Fear ● Suffering ● His Love ● What Defines You ● Phil. 2 - Mindset of Christ ● Manifest Him ● See Your Value ● Enemy's Opposition ● Transformed to Manifest ● Correcting Others ● God Reality & Transformation ● Identity through Others ● Identity through Ministry ● Mind of Christ - Humility ● Sacrament of Communion

Day 2 - Righteousness 

Approach by Faith ● Righteousness ● Identity ● Die to Live ● Heb. 11 - Moses Rejecting the Passing Pleasures of Sin ● If We Stumble ● Muck & Mire of Sin ● Healing ● Faith & Feelings ● Perspective of Truth ● Col. 1 - Your Right Standing with God ● Stand by Faith in Truth - Ministry Crazed

Day 3 - Righteousness 

New Perspective  Communing the Word  Yak-Yak of the Enemy - Ministry Crazed  New Normal  Fear & Vulnerability  Col. 2 - Identity & Righteousness  Understanding  Mindsets Contrary to the Kingdom  Righteousness  Redeemed for a Purpose  Vulnerability  Adversity  Walk by Faith  The Faith  The Enemy  Deception in the Church  Live by Faith  Complete in Him  Identity & Righteousness

Day 4 - Righteousness *

Righteousness leads into Intimacy  Righteousness  Walk by Faith - Not Feelings  Receive Righteousness by Faith  Transformation through Communion  Grace meets Faith to Transform  Receive  Sowing Seed & Correcting Others  Putting Off & Putting On  Rom. 5 - Receive Righteousness  Perspective on Trials  Objection to Righteous Identity - 1 John 1:8 - Continually Righteous  Counseling - Apparent Sin

Day 5 - Righteousness 

Sacrament of Communion  Get Real with God  Ongoing Sickness  The Gospel is Simple - Not Complicated  Walk by Faith - Not Feelings  Deliverance  Correcting  Growing Up into Him  Paul's Thorn  Narrow Way  Recap of Rom. 5  Ministry Crazed - Trust the Word - Trust the Spirit  Walk by Faith  Rom. 5 - Made Right with God  Walk by Faith  Yak-Yak of the Enemy - Ministry Crazed  Rejoice in Being made Right  Adversity - Get Militant  Equipping the Body - Growing Up into Him

Day 6 - Righteousness 

Review - The Gospel  Totally Free from Sin  Separate Sin from Your Identity  Prayer  Born Again  Motives for Salvation  Marriage  1 Peter 2 - (v.24) - Free from Sin  Hurt  Defending Yourself / Answering Opponents  Your Calling: Suffer for Doing Good  Free from Sin  Pointing to Jesus  The Scriptures Point to Jesus  Hurts  Heb. 10 - Free from Sin  If You Stumble  The Heart of God for His People

Day 7 - Righteousness leads into Communion

Approach by Faith Now - Don't Wait to be Touched  Intimate Relationship  Overview of the School  Purpose  Eph. 3 - Filled with All the Fullness  Access to God  Willful Sin  Adversity  Filled with All of the Fullness  Intercession  Righteousness  Heb. 10 - Boldness to Enter  Wilderness Experiences - Selfish vs. Selfless  If You Stumble  Repentance  2 Cor. 7 - Godly Sorrow & Repentance  Counselling to Repentance  Rom. 4-6 - Righteousness  Steward of Your Heart  Free from Sin

Day 8 - Righteousness - Freedom from Sin

Prayer to Go to Heaven vs. Transformation  Kingdom of God  Col. 3  Putting Off without Works  Exalting Sin  Lying  Putting on the New - Image of God  Opposition from Within?  Daily Devotions  Eye is the Lamp  Put to Death the Old  Transformed to His Image  Discipline from Love - Not Frustration  Rom. 6 - Freedom from Sin - Not Perfection but Purity  Strong Identity vs. Ministry to Feelings - Ministry Crazed  Parenting  Love One Another  Covering in Prayer  Marital Unity  Free from Sin  Present Yourself to Him  Rom. 7 - Under the Law - Not Dual Natured  Rom. 8 - Life in the Spirit vs. the Flesh - Free from Sin

Day 9 - Communion with God - The Motives, Mindsets and Perspectives In Which You Approach God 

The Joy & Benefit of Communion  Communion - Knowing Him  Meditating in Ps. 1 - Day & Night  Pure Motives  Communion Brings Transformation  John 17Motive of the Son  Counseling - Truth through Love  Rights & Expectations  New Perspective  Suicide ● Counseling from Love  Transformation through Relationship  Eternal Life is Knowing Him  1 John 1 - Called into Fellowship  Joy in Knowing Him  Pure Heart - Clear Conscience - Sincere Faith  1 John 2 - In Love & Obeying  See Trials with Faith  Intercession

Day 10 - Communion with God - The Motives, Mindsets and Perspectives In Which You Approach God

God Reality  Religion vs. Sonship  Meditating in the Word  Ps. 1 - Meditate Day & Night  A Righteous Tree  Burn Out - Responding to Great Need  Time with Him Brings Transformation  Mindset of Low Esteem  Becoming a Doormat?  Ministry to Feelings - Sentimentality  Counseling - Impart Truth  Free from You - Free to Love You
Day 11 - Communion with God - Meditating in the Word

Confession Sheets  God Reality  Flashbacks & Temptations  Meditating in the Word  Born Again  Col.1 - Right with God through the Blood  Spiritual Warfare

Day 12 - Communion with God - Motives - Counseling Involving Hurts from the Past

Commune the "Want To" of Your Heart  Pure Motives - Twisted Motives  Need for Appreciation vs. Pure Motive of Love  Mt. 6 - Motives  Stewardship to Stand in Identity  Dual Nature?  Theophostic Ministry  Inner Healing  Counseling - Not a Complex Method - Follow the Spirit  Twisted Motives & Strange Manifestations  No Memory of the "Incident"  Perspective on Hurts  1 Cor. 3 - The Past is Not Lord  Rom. 8 - Don't Let the Past Separate You from God

Day 13 - Communion with God - Sacrament of Communion *

Communing through the Sacrament of Communion  1 Cor. 11 - Communion  Responsibility for Your Motives  Discipline of the Flesh & Running Well  Examine Yourself  Mt. 6 - Motives  Pure Motives - Twisted Motives  Born Again - Water Baptism  Communing through the Lord's Prayer  Mercy, Forgiveness & Healing - For the Whole World

Day 15 - Becoming Love - Stepping out to love

Fellowship with God  1 John 1 - Fellowship with the Father & Son  Stepping Out to Love People & Release the Kingdom  Yielding to Him - Communion  Created for Love - Redeemed for Love  Clay Yields to the Potter  Objection to Righteous Identity  God Speaks through Love Relationship  Insecurity & Thirst for Affirmation  1 John 2  Walking in Created Purpose  Hurt can Twist Motives  Victim Mentality

Day 17 - Kingdom Perspective - War Against the Kingdom * 

Gospel of Transformation  Change of Perspective  Self-Centered Perspective - Kingdom Perspective  Eph. 6 - War Against the Kingdom  Soldier Mentality  Perspective of Integrity  Perspective on Loss  Kingdom Perspective Protects  Insomnia  Feeling Sorry for Yourself  Heb. 11 - Biblical Examples - Faith Lived Out  Faith in the Midst of Trials  Heb. 12 - Run Well  2 Tim. 2 - Soldier Mentality

Day 18 - Kingdom Perspective - War Against the Kingdom

Communing - A Worship Song   Communing - A Teaching  Commune What Touches Your Heart  Faith Rises Above Fear  Fear & The Devil  Attacks of the Enemy - It's Not Personal  False Impressions  Prepare Before Adversity - Get Established in Relationship  Mt. 7 - Wise Man Builds  Stand in the Finished Work of Christ - Don't be Disarmed   Eph. 6 - Armor of God

Day 19 - Healing - Will of God Revealed

Faith & Healing  Heb. 12 - Examples of Faith  The Will of God to Heal  Jesus is Our Model  Faith Despite Continuing Symptoms  Questioning God's Will to Heal  1 Peter 1 - Eternal Perspective  We Can be Like Him  John 11 - At Lazarus' Tomb  Prayer of Faith  If the Mountain Doesn't Move  Mark 11:22 - Unlimited Promise - Whoever - Whatever  Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Day 20 - Love - What Love is and isn't

It's All about Love: Receiving His Love & Becoming Love  1 Tim. 1 - Goal of Teaching: Love  Pure Heart - Good Conscience - Sincere Faith  Counseling Sexually Active Couples  Work Out Your Salvation - Becoming Love  God's Redeeming Love  The Fall - Born into Adam  Rom. 5 - We're Reconciled!  Hurts, Failed Expectations & Boundaries  Rom. 1 - Counseling - Twisted Perspectives of Fallen Man  Sexual Intimacy  Dating  Entertainment - Movies & TV

Day 21 - Love - The Motive of Our Lives *

Encouragement to Commune  Conviction & Willful Sin  Love - The Motive of Our Lives  1 Cor. 13 - Love  To Be Formed in Love - First, Be With Him  Mark 3 - Called to be With Him  Carry Your Cross Practical Expressions of Love - Help Someone  Imperfect but Pure? - God Can Work With That  Technology  Counseling Advice  Perspective on Betrayal - The Last Supper  Brokenness & Hurt

Day 22 - Love - Jesus is the Truth Revealed - Unrenewed Attitudes / Mindsets 

The Gospel Brings New Perspective  Jesus is the Truth Revealed  John 1 - The Word Came - Light in Darkness  Sin Problem: Dealt With - Remaining Problem: Twisted Mindset - Deception  John 20  Good Tidings of Great Joy  Unrenewed Attitudes / Mindsets  Love Keeps from Offense  Hatred  Putting Off   Your Life is the Will of God  God's Word is Sure  Paul's Thorn  Jesus - The Revealed Will of God

Day 23 - Love - Perspective of Faith 

1 Cor. 13 - Love  Wilderness Experiences - Selfish vs. Selfless  Love Defined  God Gets the Blame - "God Allowed It" Mentality  Death Had No Power Over Jesus  Phil. 2 - The Mind of Love  Getting Off Track in Ministry  1 Cor. 3 - Your Christian Life - A Foundation is Laid & Something is Built  False Motives - Your Legacy Depends on Your Motivation  False Motives - Trials Reveal Motivations  Discouragement  1 Peter 1 - Big Picture Perspective - Eternal Perspective  Faith & Disappointment  Elijah's Discouragement  Faith in Trials

Day 30 - Love leads into Healing - Faith works through Love - Sovereignty

God's Purpose in Redeeming Us is Bigger than We Thought  Heb. 2 - God Set Man Over the Works of His Hands  We Don't See Everything Subjected Yet... but We're Growing  Be Established in His Love - Faith Works through Love  1 John 2 - Obedience & Relationship  Praying for Friends, Family, Favorites  Healing - Foundations  We Carry the Kingdom - We Have Responsibility  2 Cor. 1 - Yes & Amen  Healing - We're Growing  Visuals  Faith & Healing  Sovereignty - God Allowed It  Job

Day 31 - Healing - Sovereignty - The Will of God to Heal

Blaming God - God Orchestrated or Allowed It  Objections to Healing - Justifying Our Experience  Death, Sickness - Not Our Lot  Praying with Faith for Healing  Get Established in the Will of God to Heal  James 5 - Prayer of Faith  Anointing with Oil  Faith & Healing  Mt. 10 - Charged to Preach the Kingdom & Heal  Mt. 17 - Epileptic Boy  Mark 11 - Mt. 21 - Unlimited Promises

Day 32 - Healing - Prayer and Fasting *

Mt. 17 - Epileptic Boy  Miracles - Not Limited to the Twelve  Faithless & Perverse Generation  God's Will - But Healing Didn't Happen  Why Couldn't We Cast It Out?  John 1- Light & Life  Unbelief - What You Fail to See  "This Kind" - Unbelief  Prayer & Fasting - Motives  Mt. 9 - New Wine - New Wine-skins  Purpose of Fasting  Temperance  Practical Advice  Decision to Fast  How Long?  See Clearer - Suppress the Flesh

Day 33 - Healing - Prayer and Fasting 

Is. 58 - Motives in Fasting  Healing - Jesus is Our Model  Mark 16 - These Signs Follow Believers  Preach the True Gospel  Discouragement in Healing  Vulnerability & Fear  Understanding the Will of God to Heal - Trust His Word  Whose Faith is Crucial? - The Believer's  Mark 9 - Epileptic Boy  Benefit of Fasting 
 Mt. 21 Mark 11 - Unlimited Promises

Day 34 - Healing - Faith Working Through Love

Jesus is the Revealed Will of God  The Kingdom is Here  Doctors & Medicines  Continuing Sickness  Pain & Discomfort  Demon Associated Infirmity  It's Not a Technique - It's Faith Working through Love  We're in a War & the Enemy is a Jerk  Mad at God - He has Already Equipped Us  Eph. 4 - Equipped for Ministry  Growing Up Into Him  He's Waiting on Us to Exercise Faith  Col. 2 - Walk by Faith - Complete

Day 35 - Healing - Scriptural Foundations - Unlimited Promises

Luke 24 - Open Our Understanding  Preach the Kingdom - Healing Mt. 28 - Go   Authority was Taken Back - First Adam / Last Adam  Pass the Baton  Mt.10:7-8 - Heal THE Sick  Mt. 11 - The Kingdom is Now Evident  Mt. 17:20 - Nothing will be Impossible for You  Mt. 21:21 - Whatever You Ask Believing  Mark 11:22-23 - Mountain Be Removed!  Keep Growing in Healing  Mark 16 - Go Preach  Luke 10:19 - Authority Over the Power of the Enemy  Overcome through Changed Perspective  John 5 - Pool of Bethsaida  Luke 10 - Heal First - Explain After  John 15:7 - Ask Whatever

Day 36 - Healing - Sacrament of Communion - Remembering Why Healing is Possible *

1 Cor. 11 - Sacrament of Communion  He's Waiting For Us to Step Into Faith - Not Enabling  Old Testament Confusion  Free to Live Out the Expression of His Image  Rom. 8 - Live by the Spirit  Established in the Kingdom that Cannot be Shaken  Jesus Ministered Unlimited - Unlimited Promises  We're to Love on People that Way Too  Not Just for Apostles  Mt. 28 - The Great Commission  Authority Retaken  Recommissioned

Day 37 - Healing - OT Objections to God's Will to Heal - Jesus Sets the Record Straight

Epileptic Boy - Unbelief Not God's Sovereign Choice  Jesus Surpasses OT Revelation  Reliance on OT Leaves Us Short of NT Reality  Heb. 1 - God Spoke Definitively Through Jesus  Col. 1 - The Image of the Invisible God  Our Father  John 14 - Seen Jesus? Seen God  Jesus Demonstrated God's Will to Heal  Step Out  Jesus' Unlimited Ministry & Promises  John 1 - No One Else Has Seen God  Mt. 17 - Transfiguration - Listen to Him  Man's Created Role  All Things Under Our Feet  Not Yet in Subjection - Keep Looking to Jesus

Day 38 - Casting out demons - The Importance of Truth, Love & Discernment - Ministry Crazed

Mt. 9 - Preaching & Healing  Mt. 10 - Power Given to Cast Out Demons  Send them Where?  The Power of Love  Discernment in Deliverance  Violated Conscience Subverts Authority  Generational Curses  Slimed?  Books on Deliverance?  Luke 11 - Mute Demon  No Compromise  Lies Building Strongholds  The Strong Man  At Odds with Kingdom Purpose  2 Peter 1 - All Things Pertaining to Life & Godliness

Day 39 - Stepping out to Love Sincerely - Love Can't Fail

Step Out to Love People - You Can't Fail  Reject Outreach Mentality - Love as You Go  Speak a Clear Message - Sow Seed  Mt. 9-10 - Teach & Heal  Follow Jesus - Our Model  Sow, Water, Reap  Shine in the Workplace  Heb. 10 - Persecutions  Drawing Back  Salvation of the Soul  2 Cor. 3 - Endure Joyfully - Bigger Picture

Day 40 - Stepping out to Love Sincerely - Mindset of Christ - Sow Seed **

Get Outside of Yourself - Step Out to Love  Phil. 2 - Mindset of Christ  The Faith - Armor - The Good Fight of Faith  No Fear  Forgiving Sin  Forgiveness  Persecution & Suffering  Highly Exalted  Shine  Projecting  Speak Out of What is Real in You  Apparent Failure - Believe for Impact Mark 4 - Sowing Seed - Trusting Results to Him

Day 44 - Stepping out to Love Sincerely - A Simple, Authentic Expression of God's Heart

2 Peter 1 - Building Love, Identity, Security  Faith  Approaching People - Motives  Loving with Finances  Speak Encouragement - Stay Encouraged  Approach in Love - Keep it Simple  Visuals

Day 46 - Stepping out to Love Sincerely 

Healing is Part of the Redemption  2 Cor. 5 - Available to All  First Impressions & Value  See as He Sees  Unhealthy Intercession  New Creation & The Old   Live by Faith - Not by Feelings  Get Established  Luke 10 - Sending the 70   Two by Two? - As You Go  Attachments & Sacrifice  Healing - Where, Who, How  Not a Method - Love People  Stay in Faith Regardless  Step Up & Speak to the Mountain

Day 47 - Stepping out to Love Sincerely - Wrap Up with Practical Advice on Every Day Ways of Stepping Out

Rejection  Practical Thoughts  Can I Get Slimed?  Specific Leading Not Required  Words of Knowledge  Short Prayers with Authority  Responses & Releasing in Faith  Let Trials Springboard You Closer  Pain That Worsens or Moves  Pain that Returns  Responsibility  Reactions to Trials  Harvest is on the Way  Mt. 18 - Persistence   Eph. 4 - Equipping the Body  Line Them Up & Heal?  We're Growing

Day 48 - War Against the Kingdom - Intercession - Repentance *

Do Everything From the Heart  Eph. 6 - Schemes of the Devil, Standing in Faith & The Armor of God  2 Cor. 10 - The Nature of the War  Replace Lies with Truth  Adversity, Fear & The Armor of God  Confession Sheets  Bad Dreams & Insomnia  Intercession  2 Cor. 7 - Repentance - Godly Sorrow - Regret

Day 49 - Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Different from Your Born Again Experience - Person & Work of Holy Spirit

John 4 - Fountain Bubbling Up - Born Again  John 7 - Rivers Flowing Out  John 20 - After the Resurrection  Big Plans for Man  Breath of Life  Opened Understanding  Luke 24 - Acts 1 - Wait for the Promise  Two Different Experiences  John 14, 15 & 16 - Holy Spirit - Person & Work  Communing with Holy Spirit  Holy Spirit Speaks  Acts 20 - Weakness into Strength  Acts 2 - Tongues

Day 50 - Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Salvation is Not a Formula

Two Different Experiences  Person & Work of Holy Spirit  Tongues  Acts 8 - Samaria - Saved & Later Baptized in the Spirit   Only the Apostles could Impart the Holy Spirit  Receiving the Holy Spirit  Acts 10 - Caesarea - Spirit Falls While Preaching  Acts 19 - Ephesus: Received the Spirit?  Tongues - Personal & In Gatherings

Half of a Day for Questions:
- What about infant baptism? Does that count? @ 119:43
- If they believe in Jesus are they born again? @ 121:45
- Do you see the Holy Spirit? What does He look like? @ 134:30
- Could you give more clarity on "healthy living"? (eating, organics, meds, smoking, sickness) @ 137:52
- What about drinkingsmokingcoffee? dependencies / addictions? @ 213:00

Day 51 - Day for Questions:

- How do you cope with a negative or cerebral family? @ 7:17- What do you do when someone just doesn't want to listen? @ 13:30- What about someone who is always quick to say, "I don't believe that?" @ ~15:20- What about these passages that seem to contradict love? @ 20:04
- Have I blasphemed the Holy Spirit - the unpardonable sin? @ 30:00
- Issue with a brother - Is it healthy not to talk to anyone other than God and the person? @ 154:41
- What is the role of "works"? What's the difference between "being to do"  and "doing to be"? @ 2:00:44

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Please Note: There is no substitute for listening to the full length messages of the Kingdom Living School. These notes don't come anywhere close to doing justice to that experience. Important thoughts, no doubt, have been inadvertently omitted or inaccurately conveyed in these notes.