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Day 9 (2011)


(In this video, the second half of the teaching is presented first. It is followed by the first half of the day's teaching.)

122:45 - (The first half of the day's teaching begins at this point in the video. The segments are reversed in this video.)

The Joy & Benefit of Communion with God

➡ 123:45 - We’re going to talk about communing with the Lord - growing in God reality - getting to know God to where He doesn’t feel far away or seem far away - where by faith you begin to pursue Him and He begins to get more and more real - so that you don’t live out of the thoughts of your mind or the feelings of your emotions but the reality of your heart. It doesn’t say that with the mind a man believes but with the heart a man believes - Rom. 10:10. We’ve lived from our heads and our feelings/emotions our whole lives. In Christianity you live from the truth of the word of God. Period.

➡ 124:35 - Communing with the Lord is a beautiful thing. We’re told we should spend time with God but many people don’t know what that looks like. So we’re going to talk about communion with God. And in that communion things get revamped and changed (transformation).

125:20 - Many people are hungry for God reality - You can go to church for a long time and not feel like God is very close - not close to your heart - He's just kind of out there somewhere. There are a lot of folks looking for God reality.

125:55 - Die to yourself - So you can finally live - Dan’s born again experience - When I got saved, there was a response on my part - surrender of myself. God brought me to a place where I had the opportunity / privilege to die - to not want to live the life I was looking at as “me” - just a mess. I saw it for what it was. It wasn’t a pretty picture and in my heart I was like, I don’t ever want to live that again. And I took that “want to” to God in prayer. I was serious that I didn’t want that - it wasn’t just language.

127:00 - Dying little by little doesn't work too well - Some people don’t have the experience I had. They let things go along the way (Dying little by little). If you start communing, that process will happen. All that is required is sincerity of heart. The pure in heart see God. It's not works that save you. It's grace through faith. But sincerity is a big deal.

127:45 - You are the steward of your heart. - Align your heart to truth as you hear it - That happens through communion - You are the one who determines what you do from within. We have the privilege of aligning ourselves with truth as we hear it. Taking the truth to God in prayer and allowing that truth to get bigger in your heart than old desires, allowing other desires to dissipate and truth becomes your reality. You're not biting your lip to live a Christian life. It just becomes who you are. Your heart is compelled by Him. This is the beauty of communing with the Lord and becoming one with Him.

128:45 - Dan’s early rapid growth - at the pool

130:15 - Surrender leads to rapid growth - A lot of that early rapid growth probably is because I died. Kathryn Kuhlman quote. I can take you to the place where Dan died. If you can’t do that there IS still a place for dying. Not just fine tuned but “God I am yours. I give you who I am.” I feel I grew so fast because I gave Him everything to work with. I wasn’t holding on to anything. [Extended example of surrender - upbeat, positive]

132:25 - And if what I was saying to God wasn't the whole truth, God would illiuminate that thing - things that I might not have thought twice about only a little while before.

132:45 - Dying to self first clears the way for rapid growth - There is a sanctifying. There is a growing up into Him process. He will expose problems in your thinking when you are ready for it. The whole time my heart was pure but there was an ignorance there - not a willfulness - but way that seems right to a man - natural knowledge. He helps you with your thought life. When He shows you a problem area - and the scriptures - you apply that in prayer.

➡ 133:45 - I’m just laying a little groundwork of the joy of growing in Him. Holy Spirit wants to lead us into fellowship with God. When I got saved I didn't have a church family, a spiritual father, mentors... I had the Bible, Holy Spirit, and a sincere heart. It was more than enough. He had me and He can work with that. Surrender and yieldedness is a big deal. We're going to talk about communion with God...

Communion - Knowing Him

134:45 - Psalms 1

134:55 - v.1 - Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.

135:05 - v.2 - But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. - meditates day and night. - That doesn't mean sitting in a chair, reading the Bible 24/7.

135:30 - You are not too busy to be with Him - He's already inside of you so talk to Him - "But I don’t have enough time to spend with the Lord." Well, He is in you. He’s already with you. I'm too busy - that's a mindset that's telling you that you can't be what your heart is crying out to be. You can be super busy and yet He is still right here. Even though you are busy you are still looking through His eyes, His thinking wisdom. Everything gets realigned through Him. That’s the whole goal of communion where two become one - looking through His eyes - living through His wisdom. You don’t have to make an appointment - He doesn’t fit into your schedule - We are walking with Him.

137:15 - Meditate - Pondering, continually mindful, going over and over within, even speaking it out. You can do that with scripture. I like to be personal and talk to the Lord. I don’t talk about scripture in my heart, I talk to the Lord.

138:00 - Don't let confessing the word take the place of talking to God - Commune the word with Him and let it become real - Confession sheets - People’s ability to quote the word takes the place of knowing God. If what they are confessing doesn’t come to pass it makes for a mess. Take what the confession sheet says and commune it with God. Confession sheet mentality - To quote the word is to know the word and because we quote it something has to happen. Can result in disappointment/hurt in God. “I confessed this scripture for six months. Why haven’t I seen the breakthrough.” You’re using a principle to get a result and it’s very impersonal. You're bypassing relationship.

139:30 - Confession sheets don’t seem to draw us nearer to knowing God. We know what the word says, but it's not your experience / reality. Now you are frustrated. Not motivated by His love.

140:20 - Hold fast your confession - means don’t let your heart shift and continue to let the words of your mouth come out of the belief of your heart. And don't let anything change that. Not a robotic quotation of scripture.

140:35 - Memorization - I don’t read my Bible to memorize it. I read it to know Him.

140:40 - Motives are everything - Motives are important - These little motives mean everything. You can’t rise above your motives. We pursue knowledge, thinking to know is to grow. No, to know Him is to grow and be transformed. Accumulated knowledge can become a detriment. They can hinder hearing God because all of that knowledge has a voice. Just be with Him.

141:25 - Be continually aware of God - Think through Him - Meditate day and night - I want that to be a continual consciousness of God, His word, His ways, His nature - grow up into Him thinking 24/7 through Him (God-consciousness). It doesn’t mean you have to read your Bible all day, every day. But thinking on His wavelength.

➡ 142:40 - Understand that you are free from sin so that you know that you are free to be with Him - The purpose of righteous-consciousness that we spent two weeks on and the being free from sin is so that you are reestablished back into communion with God.

143:00 - Communion - union, intertwined, intercourse - I’m in You. You’re in me - a spiritual thing, not weird thing. His Spirit bears witness with my spirit - a knowing - that I am His child. Then all of those counterproductive thoughts - negativity - demeaning thoughts towards your identity - have no voice now. You don't even hear them any more. It stills the voice of the lie. Why? Because you know that you know that you know.

144:10 - Many people live up and down because communion is not established. And the enemy takes cheap shots.

144:20 - Let truth come alive in your heart and make you free - We believe things that should be unbelieveable - the lies, when what should be believable - truth - seems unbelieveable. Perversion. It's called the fall of man. And God is getting us out of twisted thinking.

144:45 - His word - His word is truth. And truth makes you free. Manifestations are cool. But truth makes you free. John 8:31-32 You will know the truth... it's deeper than just knowledge... It’s the lights coming on. And the truth will make you free. [Example of communion and a truth coming alive] Quoting scripture can be impersonal.

146:30 - Confession sheets - Communing v. quoting a truth. Is it the truth? Yes, but I want it mine.

147:00 - So we continue in truth - not in how we feel - not what seems true but opposite of the word - natural knowledge - human wisdom. We talk ourselves out of what the Bible says because of how we feel or what is happening. You can't give natural knowledge, human wisdom that power. It eats our lunch if we're not careful. It's the way that seems right to man.

148:10 - Reading the word - Sometimes I don’t read a lot. God may be speaking through a very short portion of scripture. I get hung up there because it’s coming alive in me.

148:55 - Read Philippians 2 and don’t read anywhere else until I tell you - 13 weeks - Because I don’t want you to know Phil. 2. I want you to become Phil 2. Become what it says.

149:30 - You want to become the word not just hear it - transformation of life - Read the word to become the word. Not to get an edge for Christian debating - for talking theology - for fitting in with Christian circles.

Bible knowledge for its own sake - pride in that - false esteem in that.

150:15 - Debates over Bible knowledge. "Yeah, but it doesn't mean that brother." OK, Well how has that transformed your life? How are you enjoying more peace today because of what you are pushing as an agenda? Be careful of what motivates you. How is this helping you know Him more because of this thing that you have a need to make so clear?

150:40 - Counseling those who parade Bible knowledge - Countless Christians do this. People push certain issues because they think they have revelation. People want to draw attention to themselves. I will address that in side conversations - [example conversation]. Some get defensive. Others cry because they recognize their own insecurity. They are trying to get you to see value in them because of their Bible knowledge. No, your value is in Christ [Example conversation]. Expose the lie. Build on relationship first - first things first. If you are walking in love, God will give you opportunities. If you have your own issues, you'll never have a voice in that stuff.

Pure Motives

152:40 - That's the reason we're teaching this stuff - so that we can walk cleaner and live more effective. Jesus always had pure motives. It's going to be right - from the heart.

153:10 - Ask for right, pure motives - Jesus, if I am following You, then do such a work in my heart - turn my heart in such a way where my motives are as clean as Yours are - where my heart is in agreement with You. When I talk to someone, I have no need to correct them. I have no need to be right but let me see love and be love and express love just like You. I want to be like You. If I am the body of Christ, and I am representing You on the earth in the embodiment of You, then You have got to manifest this love to me - Your wisdom and Your will for my heart. God, thank You that You have made me one with You. Thank You that I can walk in Your truth... That's communion. It's not self-conscious, self-needing - gimme, gimme, gimme - not bless me - not I'm afraid. It's "I want you more."

[Communig example continues...pure motives]

155:00 - Just praying all the right stuff - spiritual stuff - just saying the language- Aww Dan, you’re not serious.

155:50 - Father me - Not going to waste time by introspecting and nitpicking. I’m going to grow in You. And along the way if I need fathering, Father me. As far I know my motives are pure but if you need to adjust something along the way - do it. Otherwise, I am going to keep on running. If you nitpick, you won’t get very far.

157:20 - Benefit of communing - correcting my motives.

158:00 - Fasting with a wrong motive - wrong reason - the next day would have been longest - yeah but - You’ve lost sight of what you are doing. And it’s to your detriment / destruction if I don’t interrupt this.

159:35 - Without this intimacy, I would walk off a cliff. His Fathering / His correction keeps you humble. Makes you love Him all the more. You've lost sight of what you're doing.

201:45 - Fasting comments

202:20 - Todd thought to miss a meal was death. Now he fasts every other day.

202:35 - Americans live to eat. We should eat to live. We nurture our flesh. We need to suppress the carnal cry of flesh.

203:35 - Natural knowledge - Vulnerable - living in fear. Can’t do anything because you are vulnerable to everything - that’s twisted. I’m not vulnerable. I’m in Christ. On purpose, I don’t pursue a lot of natural knowledge. I don’t want my head spinning all the time.

204:15 - Fasting - You have the privilege to fast but make sure your motives are pure.

Union & Communion brings Transformation

204:35 - v.3 - And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. -

There is fruit in knowing God - Look at the benefit of becoming a product of truth - where your mind, life and heart is lined up to how God thinks and who He is. Like a tree. Shall be - a promise. This is the fruit of knowing God. Fruit - not barren - love - fruit of the Spirit - a son. Not wither - because you are spending time with the Lord. Prosper - seed is going to bear fruit. Nothing is in vain. Whatever I plant will prosper.

206:20 - Prosper - if I sow seeds of love they will increase. Love will have its effect. I have time for people. I have grace for it because I sow seed in faith.

208:00 - Burn out - Worn out in ministry? Burned out. Striving. Ministering for identity. Motives. Purity of motives and grace are very important. Phone calls. Whatever I do shall prosper. Bigger perspective than what the situation is demanding of me.

211:50 - People say thank you to me. What for? It’s not a sacrifice.

212:50 - v.4,5 - Perilous times - The ungodly are not so: but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away. Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. - Scriptures about perilous times and the heart of people in those times. Satan would love for you to have a heart that is good toward God but to not have understanding and be blown about like the ungodly.

214:45 - Becoming love - Be transformed - Do you know why we will stand in the judgement? Because as He is, so are we in this world. We’ve become love. Our hearts have been refined. Two have become one. Our works flow from our love. I don’t want one drop of grace that’s available to transform my life to fall to the ground because of natural thinking. I am on a journey to be what He made me to be from the inside out. I am not selling cheap.

216:30 - I don't want to limit God - I want Him fully manifested - God, thank You for the honor of being possessed by Your heart. And God I thank You that You are moving in me and cultivating me in such a way that I can manifest You fully. I don't want to limit You. I don't want don't want to keep one thing short of coming through my life that You paid for. Have Your way in me.

217:00 - Don't settle for less transformation than He has provided - Don't sell transformation short - Yeah, but brother you don’t understand my life. No, but I understand His. And His life is to become your life. So don’t let your life rise above the grace that is available through His life (for transformation). Yeah buts - that’s the stuff that I pray doesn’t have a hold on me because that’s the stuff that sell transformation short in your life. It hinders faith and limits grace.

219:00 - [Prayer for participant]

220:40 - v.6 - For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish.

So we are going to meditate day and night in His word...

The Motive of the Son

220:50 - John 17 - just want you to see a little bit of scripture that empowers what we are talking about today.

221: 10 - v.1 - These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee: -

A motive to glorify the Father is a pure motive - glorify your son - motive - so that Jesus could glorify the Father. The reason I want who You are and what You have for me, isn’t so that I am blessed and my day goes better, it’s so that men know who You are because of my life. That’s a pure motive.

221:55 - Don't enable a "feeling sorry for yourself" mentality in others - That's not love - Be careful not to get stuck in a me, myself and I mentality. You don’t want an ounce of feeling sorry for yourself. We empower that stuff by being “sensitive” to the way the person feels. That’s not love. That’s enablement. You can be compassionate without empowering them to stay sorry for themselves. Pull them way off of that. Feeling sorry for yourself is a zero. It’s the biggest lie of all, because it says that you’re not dead, you’re alive to yourself and you just need God to keep you going. As you feel compassion, impart truth. I can feel compassion for you, but I’m not going to stroke that lie in the process. The lie empowers the disposition and all the fruit resulting thereof. [Examples of truths… scriptures...]

224:05 - I’m called to man, man is not called to me. It’s not about what man can do for me. It’s about how I can love. It sets me free. You owe me nothing now. And I owe no man anything but to love.

224:20 - So when I start feeling sorry for myself, I’ve forgotten why I am here and I am picking up the old way. And it’s just about me.

Counseling - Minister Truth through Love

224:40 - Separate them from the lie in the midst of the compassion. Repaint the truth and give them a chance to respond. Sometimes people lock in to needing to feel sorry for themselves. And they will search for a counselor who will minister to their feelings. I love you too much to do that to you. The compassion is what allows you to have a voice in their lives and separate the lie. Can you imagine Jesus not addressing a lie like that even in the midst of compassion?

225:55 - Randy Clark - worship - conference - as soon as you finish preaching there is a sea of people around you - only 10 minutes until the next session - So many people are issue-oriented and they have a story and a need to share it because it is still driving their life.

Help them to see through truth - Don't just minister to feelings - I don’t just pray for them. I want to redefine the eye they are looking through. Conference junkies - driven by a lie - always looking for comfort. Comfort comes from the truth. If you don’t change the way someone thinks, the way they live will never change. And they will constantly be at the altar trying to find a feeling.

230:00 - Praying for the sick - everybody gets in my line - let this man pray for you - counseling - lady holding onto rights - change the way they think

Twisted Perspective - Rights, Expectations

233:35 - Rights - birthright - your inheritance in Christ - righteousness - the kingdom. Generational blessings / curses.

234:45 - Generational curses - Why do we make so much of generational curses? Generational curses have nothing to do with me. Christ crucified and raised from the dead is my identity - my birthright.

235:00 - Self-centered motives - How am I loving you if I am asserting my "rights" against you - You gained a whole lot of “rights” when Adam ate from the tree. Rights to live for yourself and it was at the cost of the image of God. To get restored back to the image of God you have to surrender those rights, deny yourself. How do you deny yourself and retain rights toward people? Holding people accountable? Expectations?

Self-centered motives - How am I loving you if I am holding you to my expectations - If I have expectations on you and you have to be a certain way for me to be ok, then you are lord. Then you can fail me, disappoint me. How can I love you when things are like that?

236:20 - Our identities became twisted at the fall - We no longer saw ourselves as sons - birthright - Call no man on earth your father, you have one Father in heaven. Their identity (as religious authorities) was so twisted that when Jesus called God His Father, it was worthy of killing Him. That’s how demeaned their value had become - sin-consciousness. See the effects of the fall - how estranged we became?

New Perspective

37:00 - God is your Father too - When you pray, pray saying Our Father… He’s not just my Father but He is your Father too. I’m the firstborn of many brethren. You’ve been sons from the beginning. He is your Father. Just come home - through Me - through my blood.

237:55 - Father - to come forth from. If I come from Him, everything I have through Him could be considered a birthright. Redemption - restoration - total mercy - forgiveness - peace beyond understanding - joy unspeakable - eternal life.

238:40 - Ask God for an eternal perspective - Eternal life - We don't have to function from fear of death - Eternal life - Did He create Adam to die? He created Adam to live. The day you eat of it is the day you surely die. Why? Because death wasn’t in the picture. Jesus brought us back to eternal life. Jesus crushed death. We’re not going to die. This body will pass away but you will be with the Lord. In Him I am alive forever more.

239:30 - Bigger picture view - Why are we so afraid of death? Why do we fear all this stuff? Why do we live by the natural? Why do we let it rule us if we have a bigger picture and a bigger faith in who we really are? Communion and union establishes that. Asking God for an eternal view - a bigger picture.

240:00 - Praying for and seeing a bigger, eternal picture - beauty / privilege of legacy - beauty of my words coming out of love.

Twisted Perspective - Suicide

241:30 - Wrong thinking leads to bad fruit - Wrong thinking leading to wrong believing leading to wrong speaking producing the wrong kind of fruit. [In depth explanation] But out of your mouth should come the casting down of these things - the lies - exalting of truth and who I am in Christ. Doesn’t matter where it comes from it’s not true.

243:35 - Suicidal thoughts

244:20 - Demonic thinking

244:45 - How do you counter that?

245:10 - Build a stronhold in truth - Suicidal thoughts - No, my life is worth living. God, You are doing a work in me. Father, I thank You for what You are doing in me. Thanks for sculpting me. Thanks for forming me. Thanks that You are working in me right now effectually. And I might not even be seeing the outcome and the fruit of my labors but I know one thing, I give my heart and life to You. My life is worth living or You would have never died. And I thank You that when I speak to people - when I minister - there is a prospering - there is an impact. And time will tell that my life was so worth living... Then next thing you know...

245:50 - Right thinking, right believing - to the degree that those little lies don’t have an impactful  voice. You want to build a stronghold in truth.

Counseling from Love

246:30 - Rights - Counsel others from the right motive of love - Impart truth so change can happen - How can I truly deny myself and obtain any other right than to be like Him? Correcting others with the right motive. Right motive - love. It’s about getting things right. People need to see the truth of the situation they are in so that change can happen. [Extended teaching] Restoration counseling. [Examples]

249:20 - Everybody is licking each other’s wounds and nobody is getting healed.

250:20 - Call things into order but from a motive of love. [Counseling people in the midst of great deception - various situations - adultery] Couseling from pure motives.


Transformation Happens through Relationship

0:10 - Born again, Australian GPS.

➡ 1:50 - We got on a lot of topics today. I thought we would be talking about communion with God today… But Holy Spirit has an awesome strategy when He teaches this stuff because a lot of the motives of heart that we are talking about come through communion and relationship with God. (Motives are realigned, adjusted through relationship.)

2:00 - Living out God's image is not a works thing but a grace thing - Learn to RECEIVE His grace - Like you can't study your Bible and come up with a sermon on love. And then bite your lip and start to walk in love. That would be works. That would be your own sufficiency and your own ability. But you’ll never live the standard of God’s love in your own ability and strength. Because you are what you are by the grace of God - 1 Cor. 15:10. And if all glory goes to God, we have to understand how to RECEIVE that grace and how that works.

2:40 - Grace meets faith and brings change - Salvation Recap - You're saved by grace through faith - Eph. 2:8. So as I release faith in truth, grace comes and makes it my reality. Any number of reasons can hinder you from yielding yourself in faith to Truth. You'll have hang ups - rights, "yeah buts." You'll have all these reasons not to be in faith. And lack of faith subverts the grace which transforms your life. So it's possible to have no change after years and years.

3:30 - What a good testimony yesterday - Pastor Don W. carries resentment in his heart against fellow for 2 years. He so focused on what the man did wrong that it gave him a right to feel the way he felt. He spewed his hurt to others. And they just fortified the hurt. Now he has the strength of agreement and he is still the prisoner.

4:25 - Communion with the Lord - makes changes in you - clips things out of you - that you don’t even realize are going on. Other things will be put into you - truths. Sometimes you are aware of what is happening so you can avoid that problem down the road.

5:30 - Old things pass away / all things new - at some levels this had to be automatic. I didn’t have a conscious knowledge of the change going on. I'm changed. That's good enough for me. Grace changes your life through communion.

6:20 - Grace changes your life.

Eternal Life is Knowing Him

6:30 - John 17 - v.1 - These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee:  - I want to bear witness of my Father.

6:50 - v.2 - As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him. -

7:00 - v.3 - And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. -

Eternal life is knowing God - It's personal and intimate - and this is eternal life that they may know you - Eternal life - not talking about a ticket to heaven but knowing God. Adam had relationship with God - not philosophy, not religion. So Adam didn’t lose a religion. He lost a relationship. The day you eat the tree is the day you surely die. Jesus is restoring us back to the life Adam lost. Life with God. Because God is eternal, that life we are restored to is everlasting. So here is the purpose of Jesus - to give eternal life.

9:00 - Debaters - He’s in me all the time. But I seek Him in the secret place. And He sees me there. "Well, why have you got to go seek Him? Just say, 'Hey Lord.'" The person who says that kind of thing is selling short - not entering into intimate communion where truths get real. They don't have the reality that we're talking about. They just have head knowledge. Not talking about just head knowledge, theology, positional truth but God reality through relationship. Their doctrine takes the place of knowing Him. They turn into great debaters. They have a million questions and answers for them. You don't want that - (Head knowledge only.)

9:40 - What is “seeking Him in the secret place?” When nobody is around - in the car etc. Don’t feel like you come and go from His presence. What you are seeking and finding in the secret, is your reality when you leave. God reality - sense of knowing. [Example] Spend face to face time with Him and He builds a reality in you.

12:50 - Intimate time - Some things I have never shared with anyone - too intimate. I see what we do with it. People chase after manifestations.

13:30 - Lady who sits at the feet of Jesus but who shows such offense. What were you doing when you were at His feet? So mad. Offense is at odds with being in His presence.

14:45 - When you seek Him in secret, He rewards you with Him in the open - rewards in the open. (see paraphrase at 9:40) The experience shouldn’t be elevated to take the place of identity and have the same issues as someone who doesn’t know Him. That lowers the experience. "I'm not sure I want to sit at His feet if this is the way you look afterwards." [Example] I don't have a need to tell you things. I want you to see them in my life.

16:00 - Don't just say it but live out "I love you" - I don’t say I love you a whole lot. I want to live I love you. Three of the most misused words on the planet. Some people are desperate to hear those words. Let the priority of your life be to live I love you. You can say I love you all the time, just make sure to live I love you. [Misuse of "I love you"]

17:40 - Love - see it in Jesus. We wouldn't even know love if we didn't know God. God is love.

18:00 - Misuse of "love" - at the expense of others. Say it all you want. Just make sure you live "I love you."

19:15 - Birthdays - Thank God for the day we were born - it’s the revealing of God’s predestination. The manifestation of what He saw all along.

20:00 - v.3 - eternal life - that they may know you. So eternal life is not just a prayer to get your name in a book. It’s a restoration back into relationship with God to a personal, intimate knowing of Him.

20:30 - v.4-5 - I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do. And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was. -

➡ 21:00 - What I wanted you to see - that eternal life is that we might know Him.

Called into Fellowship with God

21:15 - 1 John 1 - just laying a scriptural foundation for some of the things we're talking about.

21:40 - v.1,2 - That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life; (For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;)  - He was there when it all happened. It’s more than a doctrine. Manifested - to make seen, known.

22:40 - v.3 - That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ. -

We are called into relationship with God - He’s calling them into relationship, fellowship. Paul did the same thing in Ephesians 1. He said, Now that I have heard that you are Christians, I haven’t stopped praying for you. (We do the opposite. We pray for somebody until they pray the prayer and then we rejoice and target somebody that didn’t pray the prayer.) I haven’t stopped praying for you that you understand what you’ve become - that you have an intimate knowledge of Him - a personal knowledge of Him - that you understand why you have been born again - that you understand why you are Christians. This is what I don’t hear preached much...

23:55 - Objection: “Well that kind of relationship was for the apostles" - "It stopped with the apostles.” The Apostle John is calling us into what he enjoys. I don’t have something extra intimate that you can’t have. The reason I have it is to multiply it in you. You can have the same fellowship that I have. We exalt the apostles because they saw the Lord and were with the Lord. We can see the Lord - "keep your eyes fixed on Him" (for example) and that type of language. We’re supposed to see Him too. There must be a place for us to enter into that intimacy, that oneness with the Lord or the Apostle John must have miswritten something here. “...that you may have fellowship with us…” and look at the strong statement that follows... "and truly... our fellowship is with the Father and His Son."

The Joy of Knowing Him

25:40 - v.4 - And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full. -

This communion with God brings joy - There is more than just religiously attending church - serving - trying to stay faithful to the doctrine. No, you can have communion with Him, interaction with Him, see Him and hear Him and be embraced by Him. I tell you this so you can enter in with us and have the same thing we have so your joy may be full. There’s a joy in knowing Him. Good tidings of great joy.

26:20 - It's a joy that is steady - Based in truth instead of the ups and downs of feelings - Cycling - Many things in our lives that dictate joy. We live happy, sad, happy, sad - ducks in a row, not in a row. Dig deeper and get a better revelation - everyday He is my Father, everyday I have a great purpose of surrender and walking in love and selflessness that keeps me free from myself and feeling sorry for myself - self, self, self. It’s Christ, Christ, Christ and you, you, you. It’s freedom from yourself.

27:55 - Receive His love personally - You are His favorite! - John - the one that Jesus loved. Dan - the one that Jesus loved. John is doing the writing and he writes “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” John RECEIVED it personally. It almost sounds like He loves me more. To God, you are His favorite - just make sure that you know that everybody else is too.

29:20 - Enter in - Don’t just know all the right answers for ministry, enter in yourself. [Example of man who knew all the answers but didn't enter in]

29:45 - If God says, I forgive you, who are you to keep it alive? You are just finding a reason not to receive. [Examples of not entering in - for various reasons] False sense of humility. Pride. Finding a reason not to enter in though you desperately need to be loved.

31:40 - Participant comment - fellowship with God. Regarding v.6. Importance of pure motives...

The Importance of a Pure Heart - Clean Conscience - Sincere Faith

33:25 - Let your relationship with God be more than just language - Don’t get trapped in language that isn’t the reality of your heart. Motive - You are the steward of your heart. People use their language to bypass the quality of their lives.

34:15 - Man stood up in service - You need to get a revelation of Christ - why are you even talking about sin - what’s motivating their question - you mean we’re always going to sin and that’s why Jesus came - Rom 6 - remakes gospel to suit his life instead of transform his life.

40:30 - Don't ignore your conscience - Embracing only a language of love for God - Don’t embrace just language and ignore the violation of your conscience. Seared in your own conscience - know truth and ignore it - know truth and live contrary until it becomes seared.

41:20 - Some become enemies of enemies of the cross - their flesh overtakes them - Their god is their bellies. Pigs returning to wallow. Dogs eating their own vomit. Taking up the life that He brought you from. [Other scriptures that talk about those who turn and walk away from Christ.]

42:30 - Steward your own heart so that you don't go back into old things - You are the steward of your own heart. Hebrews 2:1 - Take earnest heed of the things you have heard lest they slip away. Philippians 3:1 - It is not tedious to write the same things over and over, because to you it is a safeguard. A safegard for what? So that you don’t go back into former things. Damaging yourself and those around you.

43:30 - Love - If you know God, you’ll love. And if you don’t love, you don’t know God. And knowing God is eternal life. I don’t want to just know about God, I want to become love.

43:50 - 1 John 2 - v.3 - And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments.  -

Keep your conscience clear to stay intimate with God - He’s talking about relationship. Don’t learn to say a language, learn to live a life. If you don’t live the life you speak of, your language will violate your conscience and keep you from intimacy with God because deep down in your heart you know the real deal. Men shipwreck their faith for the lack of a clear conscience - 1 Tim. 1:19. But the goal of our instruction is love, from a pure heart, clear conscience and sincere faith - 1 Tim. 1:5. You are the steward of your heart. Take account for your life. Be sincere without hypocrisy.

44:50 - Be sincere - don't look back - Lot's wife - sincere / pure - One big emphatic, “Yes, I’m in. And I’m not looking back.” Not looking back - Lot’s wife - a shadow of salvation. Frozen in between past and destiny. Christ talks about taking the plow and looking back. Why do we give up our rights and then pick them back up and retain them. Why do we die to ourselves and then resurrect the dead. Greys out your conscience - causes questioning in self.

46:55 - Make a tree good. That means there is hope for every tree. They were going to dig a tree out. Fertilize - Give it a season and see what it does.

47:20 - Keep your heart pure - God can work with a pure heart to bring it towards perfection - It’s all about the pure in heart seeing God - Mt. 5:8. Not about the perfect, but the pure. The strength of your Christian life is a pure heart. God can work with a pure heart. You can make mistakes and mercy is greater. But a pure heart is not looking for the right to make mistakes. And a pure heart understands the gospel and doesn’t condemn itself if it isn’t perfect. But purity is taking it into perfection. God can work with purity.

A pure heart and a clear conscience go hand in hand - The goal of our instruction is love - through a pure heart - a clear conscience. You will not have one without the other. Otherwise we would just learn the language and the language would take the place of knowing God.

48:25 - I don’t just say I love you, I’m to live I love you. Talk is cheap. The man in the story above is using scripture to qualify a life he does not want to change.

49:35 - Guy standing up story (continued)

50:55 - Guy dying - Catholic man who was saved - family not saved - waiting for priest to come to set things in order - holding on to the will to live because of his love for his family - Why are you not afraid to die? - Why are you hanging on? Young man - 20 min later the older gentleman dies - Funeral - called the whole family into his heart for his family.

104:00 - We keep His commandments because we are in love - Not talking perfection - talking purity. 1 John 2:3 - By this we say that we know that we know him - taking beyond language to life lived - that we keep His commandments. That sounds legalistic. No, Why do you keep His commandments? Because I love Him. His commandments are not burdensome.

104:50 - Cost to follow Him - It costs me everything I never was to follow Him - everything that came from Adam. Give it up. Why hold onto it? All He’s asking you to give is what you never were.

105:05 - Rights - We gained all these rights through sin. We are self-centered beings. Jesus says, If you are following me, Deny yourself. Every hurt, pain, disappointment comes from self-centeredness.

106:00 - Live the word - Keeps you from becoming religious. Measuring sticks to keep my heart real - not be a Pharisee - not going through the motions.

107:00 - Good tidings of great joy - Why do we reserve the right to have a low countenance? We’re justifying less than what we have become. Why not let grace overtake us and enter into what He says about us? Let faith take us there. Why do we hang on to our old identity - old mentality? If He says, Walk in love. We can walk in love. If He says, Forgive. We can forgive. We can make peace.

108:10 - v.4 - He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. -

Let your life lived show the genuineness of your confession - get real - let the proof be in the pudding. It is more than a confession. It’s a life lived - a heart given. This intimacy is what takes us there. This intimacy is another measuring stick.

109:00 - You are not incorporating Jesus into your life - You are in love - Not trying to incorporate Him into your life, He has become your everything. When two people are in love, it’s ridiculous. They eat off each other’s plates, swap gum, etc. - expressions of love. I love you. I don’t want to go out today without you. Dying because I’m not with you. Goofy, crazy. What if we are in love? Why would I go anywhere without you? If you don’t go, I’m not going. I don’t live for you, I live through you. We are together. Your ways and who you are is what makes me love you. I want all that you are to be in me. I yield myself to you. What if it could be that incredible? What if it’s just that we haven’t taken the time to cultivate that relationship and come into the most amazingly free place ever designed for us from the beginning by God. What if I am in love? What if I love Him because I have allowed Him to love me? I’ve said yes to His love and my heart says to Him, You are awesome - there is none like you. You are more precious than gold or silver. What if we are in love and not just “in doctrine” and trying to be Christians?

See Trials with Faith

114:00 - Son who is away in the military. How can I encourage him when there is no one there for him to fellowship with? It’s really hard.

115:20 - Don't accept problems as "really hard" - When you settle that something is “really hard” you are going to continue to be overwhelmed by the natural reality of what you are going through. Get a vision of what God is doing. See who your son is apart from natural knowledge. Holy Spirit, the prayers of a mother and the supernatural are greater than the things that are trying to grab your mother heart.


116:05 - Intercede for a son from a perspective of faith - Thank You God that You are marking my son - that Your hand is upon his life. And that You are putting a care in him that is so healthy, that is leading him to Your throne - that You are securing his identity and working in him - and that, Father, rather than being pulled down by the atmosphere,You are sharpening him and showing him what he is not, in the light of what is... and I promise you...

116:25 - When there is faith in your heart and vision for your son, it’s not as “hard” as we want to say that it is. God and His way is greater. Don’t just fix on the natural reality your son is facing and what it SEEMS like.

117:00 - Interceding for a believing son - Thank You God that this is only a season of life - that Your grace is greater - that You attach people to him - that there is like faith that comes into his life - that he is not alone. And above all, I know You are in him, God. Let him begin to hear your voice like never before. I rejoice in the work you are doing in my son...

117:15 - Intercede through faith instead of seeing the worst - That is faith. That sure beats fearing the worst and reducing all of your prayers to cries of desperation because you are seeing the worst. Faith brings life and light to your own heart. So that when you pray you are not just a hurting mother. Stand in faith and watch grace come over your son’s life.

120:15 - Motive in interceding - seeing the bigger picture - destiny, created purpose - your motive is the value, longevity of your son. When you say it is “really hard” - shift it to faith - to seeing a bigger picture and God you are moving. And great grace comes on a very tough situations because we believe and we are saved by grace through faith.

122:00 - END OF CLASS