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Day 18 (2011)

Communing through a Worship Song

0:30 - Commune with God through a worship song - Paint Your Picture - Julie Myer

3:40 - When you find a song like that shut everything else off and just let that play and you’ll be amazed how you become what you are singing about. Grace meets faith.

4:50 - When you shut everything off that is total faith, because you are either out of your mind and wasting your time or you are meeting with Him.

5:20 - I pray through songs a lot of times. I hear what it is saying and I express my own heart to God in faith. I don’t just let the song sing for me. It’s good to speak it out. With your heart you believe and with your mouth you make confession unto salvation. Rom 10:10

Grace meets faith through that communing - You just need the "want to" - Faith is rising to God and grace is coming down and those hands she was singing about are forming and shaping the Father in you. That is just how it works. It’s that simple.

6:00 - You just have to have the “want to” in this Christian life and get alone and release faith and the “want to.” Grace does the work. Nobody is self made. You can’t just get that through knowledge.

6:25 - Knowing a lot without becoming a lot can bring on self-condemnation - One of the biggest mistakes - we know a lot of stuff and then we feel pressured to try to fulfill it all and become it all. In time, so much knowledge can end up producing self-condemnation because you knew so much and then you looked at your life and saw that you know so much but you are not so much. Your knowledge can work against you because it doesn’t have an experience - a life attached to it. So it is just speaking what you are not, in light of what you ought to be. That can push you into striving. For people who are sincere that can be a heavy thing.

Communing in Response to a Teaching

7:40 - Commune as you listen to a teaching - Respond to the Father - Get personal - As something is convicting your heart. Don’t just listen to the word and realize that it is a word for you. RESPOND to the Father. Get personal. One of the greatest things we lack in the church is this kind of communing with the Lord and believing He is there and real.

8:30 - Father, You are amazing. That is so true. That is so Your will for me. And I'm saying yes. My heart is Yours. It's in Your hand Father. And I thank You that You are molding and shaping me according to Your desire. You and I are one and all that You desire is all that I desire. Thank You for having this vision for me.

9:05 - Communing like that will transform your life - God becomes more real. He dispels other things because the more you continue in truth, the more you are transformed by making you free. You see who you are. You see who He is.

9:20 - Truth is your best friend - Not good feelings - Don't focus on ministering to feelings - Impart truth - I can minister to you and you can feel better but if you don’t get truth into you, you are going to need me to minister to you in a week or two when adversity hits. I am more of a truth guy than a ministry guy.

9:50 - Ministering truth - This past week end - physically abused lady - sleep meds - traumatic - freedom from insomnia - felt need to tell her story - This is not who you are. You are not a victim. He doesn’t have the power to change the truth of who you are. Peace, slept all night. One little bit of truth in tender love.

15:50 - Lady in Mississippi - catatonic - lost 6 years - ministered to often by all these people - REPLACE LIES WITH TRUTH -It’s the devil that is lying to her not the devil that is possessing her that needs to be dealt with. - I’m a minister of truth - He’s the Spirit of Truth - “I’ve lost God and I can’t find Him.” - You can’t lose God because He is not running away. - Condemnation - God’s love is greater than your mistakes. Truth applied to the lie.

21:45 - Lady in Ohio - words of knowledge help people see that it is God at work - You are not next in line - truth applied to the lie.

23:20 - Lady 32 yrs old - scoliosis - a lot of metal in her body - Please help me - I’m going to do my best. And I promise you that Jesus already did His best - dancing crazy.

25:25 - Catatonic lady continued - You saved my life. - It’s the truth that saves our lives. And that’s all I gave you that day.

26:00 - The more you believe a lie - stronghold of the lie strengthens.

Commune What Touches Your Heart

26:25 - Commune what touches your heart in this school - Otherwise you just end up with more knowledge - Let everything that is touching your heart in this school and commune it with the Lord. Otherwise you’ll just leave here with a whole lot more knowledge. I want you to BE that masterpiece - that picture (song earlier). I want His signature in you - the clay. And the way that happens is that you commune to God everything that touches you.

Faith Rises above Feelings of Fear

27:10 - What do you do when fears come into your life? -

We don’t live by how we feel - Let faith rise above fear. Sometimes when fear comes into our life we think we have a problem. No, it’s only if you don’t let your faith go bigger. The fact that you are feeling fear should just make a draw on faith. Fear isn’t God, so you respond in faith. Fear ought to provoke faith. Declare why you have no need to be in fear. Speak the finished work of Christ - the accomplishment of the cross - the love of God - the faithfulness of God. It’s not just praying so you don’t feel fear but seeing why you don’t need to be afraid. Your life isn’t your own - it’s in the hand of God.

28:50 - Fear is self-oriented - my welfare.

Fear & The Devil

29:30 - Fear of the devil - vulnerability to the devil - put that away. The devil is mad period. He’s mad because you have the potential of the kingdom of God in you. He’s mad at people whether they are serving Christ or not. He loves blinding, robbing, deceiving.

29:50 - The devil is out to get you - Don’t get into the mentality that because God is using you, the devil is out to get you. God doesn’t raise your rank and then give you less covering. If He gives you increased revelation He is going to back it up. He’s not throwing you to the dogs.

30:20 - Suffering / persecution

30:30 - Vulnerability to the devil - when you fear that the devil is after you, you are saying come and get me. I am subject to be overtaken. No. When crisis arises you respond in faith / truth. Where does fear and worry for yourself ever come in?

31:25 - When you "diagnose" the presence of an evil spirit - Have the decency to help them get free of it - If you are going to tell someone that they are being harassed by a demon, have the faith to get them free. What are we telling each other these things for? If you just diagnose a problem - demon / curse - they leave with more fear. They go home with the identity, I’m cursed - I’m oppressed. Of course the devil is ticked off. He was ticked off before we came to Christ. It’s just not where your focus should be.

32:50 - The gospel (& water baptism) are not just magic lamps that make all of your problems go away. No this is a war you are in. It’s a moving forward in truth. It's faith and grace.

34:05 - This is why we think that everybody needs deliverance. As soon as we feel something, we believe it. As soon as we feel fear we believe it - (that we are vulnerable). As soon as that happens...

34:15 - Fear - Father, I thank You that I have given myself to You, even in water baptism - not just confession but believe and baptize. I am removed of all sin in Your sight. You see me pure and holy. And I thank You, I am not afraid. What can anything do to me? If you are for me, who can possibly be against me. I am Your son and I am redeemed. I am not a target. I am not a sitting duck. I am not a problem waiting to happen. I am Your child and You live in me mightily. God, I worship You... There is a response in truth... And...

34:50 - Respond in truth - Flip it - every time that thing comes. Let that thing provoke you TO Him. Let it be the devil’s fault that you know God so well. We are waiting for God to do things and we have to take it by faith.

35:50 - Water baptism - old passes away. New comes. [Meaning of baptism - heaven's perspective of what happens]

36:20 - Submit to God - Resist the devil - When an old challenge arises, attack it and crush it by submitting to God. You are not in a fight with the devil. Submit to God. If you fight the devil you will just get tired and you will think what you are doing is not working. We’re taught to rebuke and bind. I don’t teach that stuff because as you submit to God, you’ll know God and the lies will be seen clearly for what they are. They will lose their voice and power. That's what it means to submit to God. It’s a one step process: submit to God and you are resisting - one is the same as the other. If you resist before you submit you are just fighting the devil with head knowledge and principles. But if I submit to God, I am growing in revelation and understanding. Submitting to God is your resisting of the devil.

37:40 - There is no time limit on faith - Don’t put a time limit on responding in faith to see if it works. 30 day money back guarantee. You’ve given your life to Him - You live by faith. Don’t complain, backtrack, say, “It’s not working.” You are reducing it to a method when it is a relationship of unfailing love.

38:30 - Yak-yak - Flip it and rejoice. We are listening too much to the devil’s yak-yak.

38:50 - Fear cast out - we are perfected in love - in that relationship with God, fear is cast out. You have not been given a spirit of fear… sound mind. 2 Tim. 1:7 Sound mind - only sound if it is grounded in truth.

39:10 - At work - Brainwashed - My brain has been thoroughly washed. - reading - talking to the Lord - I’m not talking to myself - either he’s nuts or it’s real - they want it not to be real so they don’t have to respond - guy looking through the rack - carpal tunnel.

41:45 - Church where many had arthritis - sounds of authority.

42:50 - Carpal tunnel cont.

43:20 - Lady with abscessed tooth healed - powerful faith - living in joy - chain smoker quits - supervisor calls - never seen anything like it - lady came running - put Dan’s hand on jaw.

51:10 - If I wasn’t in strong relationship / communing with God, wouldn’t I be encroached on with other thoughts - settling into mediocracy - half believing - not flourishing - because I’m believing everything I’m hearing / feeling apart from His love. I can’t afford to live there. Don’t just accept what you hear.

52:10 - Fear wants to paralyze you, own you - but love casts out fear - so we are going to grow in communing. If you feel fear, raise your faith above it. Let it locate faith. How can both faith and fear be there? Fear is not coming out of your own heart. It is being suggested, interjected. Let your heart faith come up and crush it.

53:00 - Participant's comment on fear. Fear and faith in the workplace.

55:50 - People should see / will see God in your everyday life - the fact that you are in love. People mock what they don’t understand. They feel like they need to have an opinion.

56:00 - We value our opinions. “Well, what do you think?” We are very proud that way.

56:15 - Don't project your faith on people - Just love them as good as you can - Projecting on people v. loving people - People who try to project their faith, or make people see something - really get into trouble - then they are contesting. No, just be the best you. You have a greater foundation than what they don’t see or understand. If you are trying to project on people, when they don’t accept, you will feel like you are not doing a good job. This is why I preach relationship all the time, because out of your relationship life flows all the time. And people see and are attracted and even if they don’t understand there is a level of honor. “Wow, you really believe this.” You’re not TRYING to win them, it’s just your life. That’s pure. People see it’s for real and consistent. It doesn’t mean everything is going your way.

Attacks of the Enemy - It's Not Personal

57:40 - How do we cover our kids in protection on a consistent basis? Kids waking up screaming - something is not right.

➡ 59:40 - Attacks by the enemy are designed to stop the kingdom - The message we preached YESTERDAY is really supposed to protect us from reacting like mere people - to where we are taking trials so personally - where it is just an assault on me or my kids. No, it’s about the kingdom.

100:00 - With young children, bring up Jesus openly and all the time and not the devil at all. Most people talk about the devil so much. No. It's alright, honey. Jesus is our King.

100:15 - [Example of comforting kids who are scared]. You are showing no fear.

100:25 - They get to see that you are not moved at all (from faith). Don’t do prayer because you feel vulnerable. Pray because you are in covenant.

101:10 - Take authority - Father, I thank You that none of these things that have tried to get on my children have any access or right. We put our faith in You. We bless this home...

101:20 - See bigger than the crisis in front of you - Love casts out fear - A lot of people go through the motions because they are scared - doing all these Christian things. As you grow in relationship, love casts out fear. You see bigger than the crisis in front of you. Keep Jesus high in all this.

101:40 - Flip it - Let adversity drive you to God - Adversity is trying to break us down. But it is running the risk of establishing us in revelation. Even in repetitive situations, stand firm in faith. [Example of how to comfort kids]

102:50 - Teach kids from a young age that fear - freaking out - is not normal. “Oh, my God.” But that there is a place to stand. Grow in a revelation that God is for us, who can be against us.

103:05 - Kids waking up depressed on Sunday morning - bickering.

103:40 - Whole house creaky and unrestful - coughing - darkness is encroaching your home - worship me - worship.

104:10 - I don't understand the theology of all that. And I don't need to understand it. We get caught up in the mystery of all of that.

105:35 - Focus on the answer - Don't empower the problem by giving it undue attention - I am an answer conscious guy. I do not troubleshoot. (I know that people disagree with me on that. And that's ok. We can agree to disagree.) That night I didn’t even address darkness, I addressed light. And light shone all around me. And light is greater than darkness.

106:15 - Empowering the problem - The biggest thing: You have to protect your soul from becoming perplexed and going on some witch hunt (goose chase). Sometimes we talk to too many people about the problem and you are actually empowering the problem by giving it so much attention. Getting opinions on what they would do - paradox on both ends. As you keep sharing your scenario, your fear increases - your sense of vulnerability increases. You actually empower what the devil is doing every time you go into your scenario. No, approach from faith. Never fear.

107:15 - David Hogan story - spirit grabs son - witch doctor - we did everything we knew to do and it didn’t work - it drove him to God - child is the target because it makes the parent so vulnerable - confrontation with witch doctor - witch doctor runs away.

112:00 - Avoid striving - Especially when you know what should be happening - When you get into striving - knowing what the Bible says should be and it’s not happening - Get rooted and grounded in love and get back in a place of revelation so he could have authority to move. Rather than call all you friends - prayer team. What we are actually saying is, “The devil is amazing. He is so amazing.” (Reacting in fear, when we should be standing in faith.)

112:50 - What is the “assault” in Matthew 11:12? - And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. -

Don't take adversity personally - It is coming to stop the kingdom - It could be a lot of things. You have to realize that it is coming to stop the kingdom. If it can get you to take it personally, it will do a great job of stopping the kingdom. If you see it as personal then there is a lot of fear - a lot of vulnerability. Realize that it is a demonic war against the kingdom of God. Assault - sicknesses, symptoms... accidents...

114:40 - Truck wreck - with kids - first responders didn’t believe Dan was the driver - gash in head - not wearing seat belt - obey the law - just a little cut - mercy received.

123:10 - violence / assault - can be anything that is coming against you - anything that is coming against the kingdom.

123:25 - We are forcefully advancing - The kingdom is advancing - and the violent take it by force - We are forcefully advancing. We need to be violent - We need to see what we are a part of - recognize the adversity - not take it personal - take the gospel personal - and move forward the kingdom. We are violent in that we won’t back off.

125:00 - Questioning because of adversity reveals to the enemy that you don't understand who and why you are - That wreck happened after starting a small group and preaching. If you don’t understand what I have been preaching, when the wreck happens - “Why did this happen to me and my kids? Why didn’t God protect me? All we are trying to do is start a home group and advance the kingdom - you would think you could watch our backs.” All kinds of mentalities and questions that we allow because we don’t understand. I don’t have a grid for any of those questions / mentalities. Those questions reveal to the enemy that you don’t know who or why you are.

127:00 - When the accident happens I can’t try to apply a sermon. I have to be that sermon.

127:20 - We need right perspective - So that we don't take adversity personally - But if you don’t have a right perspective on your life and you don’t understand who you are and why, you are in big trouble when that stuff happens. You’ll just take that stuff personal. And then you are just setting yourself up for more personal assault - saying, “I’m a target. I can be struck.”

128:00 - After 2nd wreck for about two months crazy things were happening driving wise - trying to get into my head - starting to make me feel like a target - strategy of the enemy - declarations - no close calls since.

False Impressions

129:40 - Impressions of bad things happening are not necessarily warnings from God - God wants us to stand and fight - the mistake we make is saying that God showed us that - it’s trying to get in your head and set the table for that thing happening - where you expect it - and say, "God was warning me." No it's a demonic thing.

130:45 - Todd dreams that Dan was killed in car accident.

131:15 - If that stuff gets into your head long enough it starts seeping into your heart. Then you start talking about it. That’s when it’s got you. Dreams...

131:40 - Christian books on how God showed me how my spouse was going to die and got me ready. That’s not God. God gives you every reason to believe and hold on and stand. It’s a familiar spirit that is taking the sword out of your hand and laying your shield down - it’s undressing your armour. And then it is stealing, killing and destroying. You are accepting it as God and it nullifies the Bible - the book of His faithfulness. It is lies from hell.

133:05 - If God shows you something tragic (senseless death) before it occurs, it’s to get you to intercede.

133:20 - We think that every time that we have a dream or get an impression that it's God. But if it doesn’t promote life and increase life it’s not from God.

133:45 - When people yield to that kind of deception it’s difficult to minister to them because if they accept what you are saying it means they let their loved one go without a fight. They become very defensive.

134:10 - Yes and Amen gospel - You are called to hold a shield that quenches all the fiery darts of the devil. His promises are yes and amen. No mixing of the two. Anything less is of the evil one.

134:45 - The reason that we have yes and no doctrine is because of our experience. But the life of Jesus lived should settle that thing forever.

135:00 - Many, many people have been scammed by false dreams and impressions. Then we begin to expect and accept what is dreamed.

135:45 - Language of the fall - “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” We are being destroyed by what we don’t understand. “Don’t get your hope up.”

136:35 - BREAK

➡ 137:30 - Serious topics before the break. Here’s the deal: There are so many mixed belief systems out there - on the will of God, on healing - diversity of doctrine and theology that is real easy for familiar spirits…

138:30 - Home group - preached on unswerving faith; faith that doesn’t change its mind no matter what - preaching beyond what I had seen - 7 yr old son can’t breathe - 2nd attack - It believes you are going to fold.

Prepare Before Adversity - Get Established in Relationship

148:03 - Prepare now before the storm - If you are trying to apply a sermon to your situation, you are a day late. The word needs to become flesh before the crisis. You have a window of opportunity before the storm.

148:20 - Tactics of the devil... he gets into your head and your speech - looks around for whom he may devour. God always gives you a way of escape.

149:20 - Wise man builds on the rock - Matthew 7:24 - Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: - wise man builds house on the rock - hears and does

149:35 - v.25 - And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. -

Storms come to all men - Prepare beforehand - Be established in sonship - and the rains descended - There is a delay between the building and the rain. You hear and do and the rains descended. The same storm comes to all men. We’ve embraced the belief that if it is raining on your life you don’t have faith. The rains descend on the wise man but have no access to what was really built. What is built is your life in Christ. You’re founded on the rock and now you are being built into a spiritual house - growing up into Him in all things. Wind, floods - trials and circumstances - the opportunity to waver and fall down. Lock arms and say, “Look it’s just the devil and we can win. Because He already has won.”

151:45 - If I hear and do - If I hear He loves me and I begin to receive that love not just think about it. If I hear I’m forgiven and begin to walk in that righteousness. If I hear that I’m as son and I begin to apply sonship to my prayers, faith and perspective. Hear and do.

152:25 - Get ready while you can - The storm is not coming before your feet are firmly planted. But if you are ignoring - letting time go by… you might be using up that window before the rains descended. You are not established when the rains arrive. Even if you start late, don’t let guilt and regret keep you from getting ready. Become the finished product of the truth you have heard.

155:00 - whoever hears and does - something is BUILT. The rains don't come before something is built. That's God's sovereignty. Your part is doing and not just hearing. Live sober minded, awake, diligent. Knowing comes through time with Him.

157:00 - It did not fall - Why didn't it fall? It is already built. It doesn’t have access to your foundation.

157:25 - Adversity usually has a suggestion behind it - suggesting that you are doing something wrong. Suggesting that you are vulnerable. So that you will introspect, fear and worry. It is looking for weakness.

158:00 - v.26 - And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: -

Be established in His love - In genuine relationship - Not just knowledge - does not do them - built on sand - shallow confession - the talk without genuine relationship with God - not real - saying all the right things but not giving yourself to Him. Like someone going to Bible studies but not applying it to my life - getting personal.

159:35 - Wednesday services - life is draining, we have to go back and get recharged - not Christianity. Christianity is staying hooked up to His Spirit - staying in fellowship - walking in His love - His grace. You stay charged.

200:30 - Mountain / valley - Get charged up, then expend. No, you are a cup running over. We say this because of our experience.

202:15 - Don't wait until things get tough - It’s hard to build a house in the middle of a hurricane. The storm is not the time to try to build. Always be building. Don’t wait until things get tough. Preparing for battle. Get close to Him and when crisis comes the gospel rises up and defends. Not waiting for crisis and then running to the gospel. You are running to the gospel - the gospel becomes your reality and in crisis the gospel rises up to defend.

203:30 - No second guessing when adversity hits. We go introspective and blame ourselves for being in what we are in. But the storm comes to the wise. Because we are still self-centered and afraid of adversity - afraid we are vulnerable. You are not troubled by the storm because of the house that has been built.

205:00 - Build on a foundation of genuine relationship - The house has got to have foundation in the truth. Hanging around Christians, playing Christian doesn’t make you Christian. Being with God when nobody is looking, that makes you Christian. When nobody else is in the picture, that’s the real you - that’s when your life changes. Then you are only doing it for one reason - to know Him - to be with Him.

207:20 - Son struggling to breathe 2nd time (continued).

208:00 - We tend to make successes into methods. If we have success, we make that a method. We trust in what we did.

208:20 - Son struggling to breathe (continued) - prayed again - still struggling - watched over rest of night - testimony - The devil tried to kill me but my Daddy knows Jesus.

213:45 - Troubleshooting - while we are troubleshooting we are not getting established in the answer. While we are troubleshooting, the answer is losing its power in our understanding. That’s the strategy of the enemy - to mess with your soul to such a degree that this gospel is reduced to an Easter story - a sentimental story or heaven one day instead of the power of God unto salvation.

214:30 - Salvation - soteria - healed , delivered, protected, preserved, made whole, kept safe and sound. Nothing missing - nothing broken.

215:20 - Adversity doesn’t change the house if it is built on the rock.

215:30 - We have an indecisive foundation - “Will He? Won’t He? Hope He does. Maybe He will.” But the gospel is “yes” and “amen.”

215:50 - Impressions - There are familiar spirits that play on what people believe. Because of what you believe you find peace in your belief system. But if you get a dream or impression that takes away your tenacity to fight, it’s a trap.

Stand in the Finished Work of Christ - Don't be Disarmed

216:15 - Armor of God - Ephesians 6 - v.10 - Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. - His power - exceedingly, abundantly above.

217:10 - v.11 - Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. -

Armor of God - means be dressed in the finished work of Christ - The whole armor of God is the finished work of Christ and everything He accomplished through His death, resurrection and ascension.

Wiles - schemes, strategies, deception, seduction, trickery of the devil.

218:30 - Don't be tricked into disarming - The problem is that sometimes we don’t believe it’s the devil but we attribute it to God. So if we believe a dream came from God, and God is telling me of tragedy ahead of time so that I am not broken. Your faith in that is enough to find a level of peace. You have disarmed - you took off the armor. Why do you have armor and a sword? Protected in Christ and fight.

219:25 - v.12 - For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. -

219:35 - v.13 - Stand - Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. - Telling you to get armor on you! There is a devil trying to trick you out of what has already been accomplished. Stand - When you interpret every dream, impulse, impression from God you are not standing any more. It’s not God if it is stealing, killing, destroying, not promising life.

221:00 - Nothing will be impossible with you, if you have faith. He doesn’t sovereignly put immovable mountains before you. Why do we make God the mountain builder? God is not putting hurdles on our track.

222:20 - Wife going through a hard time - identity robbed by lies - just along for the ride - 6 yrs - getting impression that I was going to lose wife every time I prayed. It would be better if I took her, to release you to do what your heart is burning to do - I began to think it all the time - seizure - form and appearance of God - familiar, lying spirit trying to disarm me and not stand - and realize later that I let her slip away without a fight or maintain that false belief system the rest of my life.

230:30 - v.14 - Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; - Stand therefore - undressing from armor.

231:20 - v.15 - And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; - Peace with men, peace on earth.

232:00 - v.16 - Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. - ABOVE ALL - shield of faith - able to quench all of the fiery darts of the enemy. Lying spirit was trying to get me to put down the shield above all. So there’s no faith - going with the flow of reasoning.

232:30 - v.17 - And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: - helmet of salvation - sword of the Spirit. David used sword to take off Goliath’s head. He ran to Goliath. Sword is the word of God.

233:15 - v.18 - Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; - pray at all times - Demonic strategy to take every piece of armor, every provision made, the will of God and get me to never stand. Get me to sit and give up, undress, disarm, lay down the shield and sword and not even pray and make me absolutely powerless even though I have given you all authority over all the power of the enemy. No limit.

234:45 - Every form of doctrine that tells you not to have faith - to reconcile to the will of God - It's the will of God brother - is not the Spirit of God. Don't be talked out of it.

235:40 - v.19,20 - And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel, For which I am an ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak. - no matter what I am going through. If I accept that voice then everything that the Father has provided for us is rendered null and void. So if it's not God's will to heal, why do I have a sword, a shield, righteousness... That would put us back to naked and ashamed - unknowing, undeserving.

➡ 237:05 - Closing prayer - teaching us healthy, heavenly perspective