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Day 5 (2011)


Sacrament of Communion

1:05 - The meaning of communion - A remembering - the Bible says as often as you do it - 1 Cor. 11:26 - you don't have to wait for a church service. There are some people that believe that this becomes the literal body and blood of Jesus and I think that is incredible (amazing) that people believe that. I heard Randy Clark once say, "I wish I could believe that. That's beautiful." It's not something to debate over. One thing I do know is it's a remembering of what Jesus did and accomplished until He comes. That I know.

1:55 - Communion as a contact point of faith - Let it be a contact point of faith for you. Cheerios and milk. You can do this without element but just an awareness of the presence of Jesus and what He did for us. The elements just point you in this direction. It's a heart thing. But you can do this wherever you are.

2:30 - A season of daily communion - There was a season in my life where I received communion every day until it seemed like that season had passed. The accomplishment of the body and blood to me - to my own heart - my own life got really, really big. It wasn't just head knowledge because I was receiving it with Him alone when you weren't there.

3:00 - And it was communion. I was coming into union with the finished work of Christ. I was having fellowship with what He accomplished. So I was like, Father I just thank you that you sent your Son... It was communion (God and me). And I did that every day for a long time.

3:20 - The revelation of the body got really, really big - so powerful - scriptures would come. And I remember it being 40 minutes before I ever put it in my mouth. And I thought, man, if I keep doing this, I'll have to get up at 4 in the morning to receive communion because I've got to get in to the office.

3:45 - Then I would take the blood and start over in a sense. The body accomplished something and the blood accomplished something. It would bring me into a place of oneness and unity with Him.

3:55 - All that is mine is yours - All that is yours is mine - Another aspect of communion is all that is mine is yours and all that is yours is mine. You didn’t hold anything back. You gave me your whole self. You gave your body and blood that I could have life. And if I come after you, I deny myself, pick up my cross and follow you (Luke 9:23). You gave everything. And then there is a committal. There's a place of giving yourself. Water baptism has that same connotation.

4:45 - Communing with God through the sacrament of communion -

4:50 - The body - Just thank God for Jesus - for the body. Reflect on whatever you know about the body. Thank Jesus that He really did come. He was beaten, bruised. He gave His flesh. Surrendered, sacrificed, put Himself on the cross. Faced and conquered death so that you never have to die. He was separated from the Father so that you could be forever joined with Him. Thank God that He died for you because He loves you - because your life is worth living - because He sees value to your destiny and to your purpose... And you made it possible. One died that all could live. You were the lamb slain before the foundation of the world. Your innocence was yielded and given up so that my guilt could be moved away.

6:10 - It's amazing. He rose, literally from the dead in this body. He came up with a brand new body - first born from the dead - first born among many. And when you raised, I was justified. I was made clean and pure and right. I have every right to life because you live. Thank you.

6:55 - Beaten beyond description - He was beaten beyond description. You couldn't even tell who He was when they finished. He yielded His flesh to the place of being unrecognizable. That's amazing. They beat Him and beat Him. He was marred more than any of the sons of men - Is. 52:14. When sin got done with Adam and Eve in the garden, they didn't look anything like they were created to be. They lost their appearance. They lost the glory of God. They lost the image of God. Jesus came and was beat beyond recognition and lost His appearance so that we could be restored back to what we looked like at the beginning. You wonder why did the beating have to be so brutal? Because sin was so brutal. We all died through one man's disobedience but much more... much more - Rom. 5:15. You see what Jesus did so crushed sin and the effects of sin - much more - through one man's obedience we are made righteous.

8:05 - Father we just hold this up and we thank you for the body of Jesus Christ. We've taken time. We've pondered in our hearts. We've personally thanked you and we have appreciated the sacrifice. Let it grow in revelation and understanding and even in appreciation. Let our eyes see what Jesus accomplished more than ever before. And as we enter into this communion time and this school, we dedicate this time to you and we say, even as You gave all that You are, as best we understand, we give all that we are to know You and to become more like You - to manifest You by the Spirit of God. So we take this and we thank You that we are in covenant. And all that is yours is ours. And all that is ours is yours. And we thank you for for the body of Christ. In Jesus' name.

9:00 - The blood - Take your cup. Just thank Him for the blood. The blood was given to forgive us of all sin - every act of sin ever committed.

9:10 - The act and effects of sin - sin removed - The blood was give to remove the act of sin. The body was given to remove the effects of sin. Where do the effects of sin reside? Usually in the body - somewhere in the soul - in the mind - in the flesh. So Jesus was made to be sin and everything that sin was and brought. Was put on Him so that it could be taken off of us. He cursed sin in the flesh by making His Son to be sin on the cross. Anything hanging on a pole is cursed by God - Deut. 21:23. And sin shall have no dominion over us - Rom. 6:14. You are not under the dominion of sin. Righteousness rules and reigns in our hearts. ➡ And we have been talking about that (righteousness) all week long.

9:55 - So take this blood and thank God that you are forgiven. Sin has lost it's power. Death has lost it's sting. That you are not ruled by yesterday - by mistakes - by failures. You stand in the presence of God because of the accomplishment of the finished work of Jesus Christ. You have a high priest who has passed through the heavens and you have access to the Father. You can receive His love, His grace, His mercy, His power. You stand righteous because of the blood that was shed. The blood is on the mercy seat in the holy heavenly tabernacle and it speaks mercy over your life. You go free. That's amazing.

10:40 - Thank Him personally. Thank God that He loves you, forgives you, made you completely clean, completely pure. Thank Him that you are spotless - holy, blameless and above reproach. That's blasphemy. No, that's Col. 1:22. Thank you for your word God. Your word was made flesh. You came and dwelt among us. You manifested who you are and who we are called to be. Thank you for the blood that was shed that made us right - that revealed to us so much that we are learning and growing in. We honor You. We receive the blood of Jesus Christ right now. And we stand clean and righteous because of your goodness and your justice. In Jesus' name.

Get Real with God

11:50 - Be real with God - Interact from the heart - I kept that real and low key because I want us to learn to activate our hearts and just get real - you and God. We are always being led into things and following and it is just real good to take time... And I don't care if it's quiet... Just make sure your heart is responding to God at some level.

12:10 - Camp in thoughts and the word until it becomes real in your life - Some people have more capacity to respond at a big level. Others have just one or two thoughts that are becoming alive to them. You camp there until they live in you and then another one will grow.

12:25 - I don't want to know the whole Bible. I want to become that word. I don't want to read it so that I can quote it at the coffee table or during a spiritual conversation. I feel like I am in the conversation because I know what the Bible says. No, I want to become the word.

12:50 - Crossroads Christianity - I told you about that last week. Just becoming the word and not having a fork in the road and not having multiple choice and options.

➡ 12:55 - Get rooted and grounded - That’s one reason we’re having this school so that we can be rooted and grounded in love and be formed in Christ by the Spirit of God.

Ongoing Sickness

13:40 - Email from online viewer - She has had diabetes for 14 years and she is only 27. - How do you keep an ongoing sickness from becoming your identity, your lifestyle? - People say that diabetes is a lifestyle not a disease. You have to get used to dealing with it.

14:35 - Don't take on the identity of what you are going through - Sickness - There are a lot of things like this in peoples' lives - people that are sincere and growing in Christ. And they have physical things that try to hold them back or certain mental things... And you can let that identify you easily. You can let what you are going through become your identity because it's real. It has ramifications to it. It has feelings (associated with it).

15:00 - Some people get so identified by sickness that they feel like if I'm feeling that, I can't pray for the sick - because I'm sick. Why? Because you are taking on the identity of that sickness and now you are disqualified to move by the Spirit. You're not seeing yourself for the Spirit (what the Spirit can do through you). You're seeing yourself for what you are going through.

15:20 - Stand in faith despite sickness by praying for the sick - I tell people that one of the greatest things that you can do is go pray for the sick even when you're not feeling that good. When you go pray for them it's not hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is wearing a mask - play acting. Hypocrisy isn't praying for the sick when you have sickness in your body. People say to me, "Well that would make me feel like a hypocrite." Why? No, you are saying, "Look I know that this has not been my experience but the word is way above my experience. I haven't felt it in my body yet but God says that He loves us and He heals us and I believe it. That's why I'm praying for you. And this thing is going to happen." Or you are just going to sell short by say, "Well, I feel like a hypocrite."

16:15 - Hypocrisy - A hypocrite is a play actor. It's saying one thing and meaning another. It's saying I love you and not loving you at all. It's just fitting in. It's playing a part to get something.

16:30 - Praying for the sick when you are sick is actually faith. "I believe the word of God above what I am experiencing right now. And none of this is going to eat my lunch because Jesus is Lord and I am pressing in."

16:50 - Stand firm in His love despite ongoing sickness - The greatest thing you can do when you are going through ongoing sickness... Here's the temptation. Your mind wants to get hit by a thousand questions. "Well, why am I not healed? Why is this happening? Well if God... then how come...?..." and none of that builds you in relationship - none of that takes the sickness away. It just confuses your mind and troubles your heart. You are rooted and grounded in love - Eph. 3:17.

17:30 - Rooted and grounded in God's love - I tell the testimonies of some things (sicknesses) that I've been through a few things that were serious and they tried to eat my lunch for a little while. And if I didn't have what I am telling you down and understood, I would have scrambled, groped, grabbed, struggled and sold out my identity four or five times along the way. No, you are rooted and grounded in God's love. Bottom line - God loves me - period. We've settled that because He died on the cross.

17:50 - Don't waste time questioning His love - His love is not challenged because I am going through an experience in my flesh. "Well if God loves me how come I'm still going through this?" Please throw away the right to even ask that question. If God didn't love you, He would have never put Jesus on the cross. We're in a spiritual war. We're growing and learning. We're getting healed and set free even in our souls - our mind and emotions. That's where the battle is any way.

18:10 - Salvation of your soul - There are two places in the Bible where it talks about the "salvation of your soul (Heb 10:39; 1 Peter 1:9). - Your spirit is saved and born again but your mind and emotions are what’s being redeemed from the fall as you grow up in Christ. You start to think more like God thinks - feel more like God feels. We need salvation of the soul because we get into fear and self-consciousness and seeing things for the flesh - in the natural. That's the way that we were trained for our whole lives.

18:50 - Salvation of the soul - The healing of your mind and emotions - Both times the phrase "salvation of the soul" is used it has to do with believing and stepping forward. Why? ➡ Because you’re not living by what you see. You’re not living sensual - like we covered all last week. You’re living by faith. And the end result of your faith is the salvation of your soul - the consummation - the finished work of your faith - is the healing, delivering, setting free of your, making whole of your mind and emotions. Well isn't that the thing that goes bonkers on people?

19:50 - So you have a physical condition - ongoing illness - And as time goes by, the mind says, "Well it's been 2 weeks. If I was doing things right this would be gone by now." And then you start groping and looking for answers. I promise you that receiving the love of God and being rooted and grounded in love and not letting your heart and mind shift is the greatest thing you can do.

20:30 - Questions that contest your faith - I had times where I thought I was going to die. And most people, the best they could say to me was, "Yeah, but Dan this doesn't make sense. If you understood righteousness how come it's touching you in the first place?" So it's this contradictory question that's not even producing life. It's more of a contesting. And we reserve the right in the human intellect to even ask those questions. "Are you kidding, I can't even answer that question. I just know that I'm in a war and Jesus loves me and lives in my spirit and my flesh is going to say, "Yes sir!" in a minute. That's all that I can tell you."

21:15 - Ongoing sickness doesn't determine God - God determines the situation - I know that when I wake up in pain, I never give that ongoing sickness the right to determine who God is. I always let who God is have the right to determine what is going on in my body by staying here and receiving love. Father, You love me...

21:35 - We come up with theologies to explain what isn't happening - When you've been prayed for by Spirit filled believers and nothing changes, your mind tends to say, "If God wanted me healed He would have healed me by now." That's what the church does and then we create theology based on what is and isn't happening. And now we answer the thing (the perplexing lack of healing). We write a new book.

22:10 - Lady called crying in a van - Was taught man's doctrine regarding tongues - Lady called crying - parked by the side of the road - NC - disheartened - wants to receive praying in tongues but told can’t receive Holy Spirit until clean - starts hearing how He loves her - Oh my goodness. You do love me. It’s faith, not intellect.

24:50 - Ongoing sickness is not who you are - Sickness is the same way, you start identifying with the thing that is not in order and it starts marking you. That's your biggest challenge when you are going through something like ongoing sickness. It wants to try to get in. That's why we really have to get free from self-consciousness, self-centeredness stuff. Even though this ongoing sickness is real, you have to be careful not to let it become who you are because who you are is in Christ - period. So that is your fighting point. You wake up in the morning...

25:20 - Standing firm in the face of ongoing sickness - Father, I'm in You. You love me and I am blessed. Your Spirit is upon me. Father, Your favor is towards me. And I thank You for the blessing of this gospel on my flesh. Thank You for life in my body. Father I know that my life is worth living - that your mark is upon me. You love me because the blood of Jesus was shed... And you just keep going like that - You love me...

25:50 - We're going to stand in faith and not cave in to "Yeah buts" - As time goes by (with no change) you will face more "Yeah buts". No, I'm telling you all we know is this (relationship with God). We’re growing up in all thing into Him and all of these other things (yeah buts) are going to iron out and make sense. We’re not going to look back or draw back.

The Gospel is Simple - Not Complicated

26:05 - Don't get over complicated in your thinking - If there is a real issue God will shine light on it - It's not, "You don't have enough faith" or "You are doing something wrong." Because if there is a thing like that that would seem to be empowering this thing (ongoing sickness). If I am doing this (communing) in relationship and He loves me and I am growing in that who knows that as a Father, He is going to nurture me and open that up (help me understand).

26:35 - Don't think that anything can keep Him from you - We give that stuff so much power and we're saved by grace through faith and the best we know, out hearts are sincere and we want to do right. We're not subject to all of this craziness like people think. There is not some crazy thing behind the scenes (hurts from the past?, unforgiveness?) binding up my life when I am sincere like a child and just want Jesus. I just want Jesus. And now you are making it really difficult in your theology, thinking that all of these other glitches are in the way. No, I just want Jesus. I'm not going to let any rational mindset keep me from Him. So I don't have a grid for all of that stuff having power and being in the way. You're not going to stop this thing now. He's come and I am here - Yay!

27:15 - It's not complex - Don't make things that seem to stand in the way powerful - It's just not that technical and difficult. But if you believe that it is, you are going to get weird and mystical on some thinking... When I say weird I mean outside of simplicity. Complex is a better word. You are going to stretch truth outside of the parameters of truth. And start making things have power. You have what you believe in the gospel.

27:45 - It's a simple gospel - If it's simplicity then it's simple. I'm concerned for you that as Eve was deceived by the serpent, you too have been removed from the simplicity that's in Christ - 2 Cor. 11:3. This thing is simple.

28:35 - I was lost. He came and died and set me free. He put all that He is in me and gave me His kingdom. Yay! I'm free. I'm out of darkness and into light. I'm sanctified. I'm in the kingdom of the Son of His love. I was lost, now I'm found. I had no covenant, now I do. I was estranged, now I'm not. Yay! I'm in. I'm delivered from the power of darkness - Col. 1:13.-

Walk by Faith - Not by Feelings / Deliverance

29:25 - We're already delivered - We're not vulnerable - I have been delivered. There is so much talk about needing deliverance. It's because we don't believe we are delivered. And then everything that we are afraid of an vulnerable to says, "Ahah!" and grabs you and chokes you. You're not choking me or holding me. You don't even have a right to me. I'm filled with the Spirit of God and I'm righteous. My heart is pure.

30:00 - Now if I violate my conscience - if I start living in secret sin, I look in the mirror and see less than Christ sees and I start feeling all of this stuff and believing all of this stuff, then stuff will eat my lunch. But you are not coming and eating my lunch. You're not even sitting with me at the table.

30:15 - Jesus finished the work - I am delivered - I've been talking like this for 16 years. If I was on a tangent (if what I was saying was not true), I would have be crushed (by the enemy) a long time ago. And all I know is that I am more passionate than ever before. The longer I am around, the more that I see and understand that a lot of times we don't see and understand. Jesus finished the work and I am delivered.

30:40 - Declare deliverance - The devil is not my issue - When you are all alone... Thank You Father for Your deliverance. Thank You that Your Spirit is enough. And I am free and no matter what door I opened - no matter who opened what - no matter who said what / did what - if I am forgiven, I am free. If it's removed and forgotten, it can't bite me. It has no voice. It has no authority. In fact you've given me all authority - all authority in the power of Your name over all the power of the devil. He is not my issue. Growing in You is my issue and receiving Your love and saying thank You for life is my issue...

31:15 - Express faith in truth - Live by truth - Don't live according to your feelings - But we’re not believing we are feeling. "Yeah, but it doesn’t seem that way to me." That's carnal. Then we cater to that and try to help you by some other way than the truth - that makes you free. If you continue… in my word... - not your feelings - not somebody's idea - not another persons' experience - that's a big one... But if you continue in my word, you will know the truth and the truth will make you free - John 8:31-32. That's what's wrong with me right now. It's overwhelming me. The truth has made me free.

32:30 - Don't subvert truth because of feelings - It's the truth that sets you free. And I'm not going to sell cheap when feelings are a dime a dozen. I've been purchased with a price. I'm not even my own. Old things are passed away, behold all things are new - 2 Cor. 5:17.

32:50 - "Well, they sure don't feel new brother." That's our response. "Well, I don't seem free. I don't know. Pray for me." And then because we love each other we pray for each other, we pray for each other. But we don't pray in the light of this truth. We pray, "Come and help!" And God is saying, "I've done everything. You've got to believe." Because if you don't believe then you'll be ruled by feeling and "it seems" and sensual and intellect. They are still going to rule. And the way that seems right to man is going to be laced all through this amazing life giving gospel. And it's going to sell it short.

33:35 - The way that seems right but it doesn't produce life - Prov 14:12... Then we debate over this stuff and we hold up each others testimonies - "I had all these problems and then one day I realized that this thing (evil spirit) had me all the while." But if you get alone with God...

33:50 - Declare freedom, salvation, deliverance - Get alone with God and by faith... You have made me free. You have saved my life. And You are showing me what that means. Holy Spirit, I welcome You because You made me fit to live inside of and You have come to make Your home in me. I am Yours and You are mine. And You love me with unfailing love. I have been delivered from life, from the world, from the devil and the flesh. I am Yours. You get real and start talking like that and you will come out changed. You will come out knowing that the gospel is real.

34:45 - Walking by truth is what makes me different - It's not a special gift or grace - Then all along the way people will tell you, "You are really different. You're an enigma. God has put a special grace on your life - a special gift in your life." I say, "No, no, no." We're either doing this school because we (you and I) think it's a good idea or Jesus has me standing here. If Jesus has me standing here, does He have me here teaching something that you can't have? Then is it a special gift or grace? Or is it simply walking in truth?

35:30 - Living by faith vs. Living sensual - Maybe we have just had a hard time defining truth because we have been very sensual and intellectual. We've used our heads more than our hearts. With the heart a man believes, not his head - Rom. 10:10. ➡ Last week we hit it so hard - the sensual v. the faith thing.

35:50 - Most Christians have not gotten alone with God and declared freedom, salvation, deliverance. We call each other for prayer because we feel like we need deliverance. And we’re living sensual.

36:15 - Deliverance ministry is valid and has a place - But don't chase that - I'm not bashing deliverance ministry. There's a place. I've seen people delivered - things manifest - there is story after story. But I don’t believe that everybody has to have a hidden issue. I don’t chase that. But the need for deliverance ministry does happen. When it does, Holy Spirit is there.

36:35 - Get alone with Him - He can deliver without you even realizing it - But I know one thing, when I get alone with Him... I believe that when you commune with God, God can take care of that stuff - slip them out of you (evil spirits) - without you even knowing it. Because God doesn't want hurdles on the track of your identity. You don't even need to know that stuff. You just need to know that He is good. He's more than enough. And His love never fails and He's amazing and you're amazing in Him - period. All that other stuff (evil spirits / deliverance) - why do you even need to know that?

37:10 - Salvation includes deliverance - Some say, “Well, you’re saved but now you need to be delivered.” Where does Jesus say that? I hear it in the church all the time. Show me where Jesus said that you're saved but not delivered. Salvation is all inclusive - saved, healed, delivered, protected, preserved, made whole and kept safe and sound.

37:40 - There is a vulnerability that sneaks in and all of the sudden we believe that everybody has to have their closets - everybody has to have a hook in them. If that's true I am an enigma.

37:55 - Don't accommodate living by feelings - Exalt faith - You say, "Dan you are exalting your experience above others (the experience of others?). No, I'm exalting faith and the revelation of knowing that God can make you free. I won't accommodate you if you say, "Well, I just can't believe that." "Yes, you're called to that and every man has been given a measure of faith." Don't say, "Well, Dan, I can't believe what you are saying because I feel this..." I won't come up with a way to help you. I will just keep preaching the gospel to you and you'll either get frustrated and walk away or you'll begin to believe and feel free. I'm not going to accommodate that (walking by feelings). The just live by faith - Rom. 1:17.

38:35 - We have to come to Him by faith - "Dan, what you are preaching is fine but you have to understand that not everyone can believe what you're preaching." "Well that's a shame because that's what Jesus preached. And He called us to faith and said that those who believed shall be saved." So faith - believing Him - and my heart being clean and pure and surrendered brings me into freedom. And all of the sudden everything that was keeping me from Him is our of my heart - out of my life and He comes on me.

39:15 - Salvation experience recap...and then walking in Christ ever since then. And I don't know of one time looking back. But He taught me faith in that place.

39:50 - People call me out of the blue to pray because they know me as a man of faith. But that's normal. You call on Jesus. You know where He is. You know who He is going to be.

40:10 - If He said, "Follow me," and Christ is in us, that same consistency, that same revelation, that same light can come on... In His light we see light - His word is the entrance way of light. We can know can't we? We can forever know and be free. Is that possible? Is that true?

40:30 - If you don't believe that's true, it's probably the reason life seems so up and down. That's how serious faith is. That's how serious it is to get alone with God by faith and just say what He's saying and say yes to every yes that He says.

40:45 - ...back to question - This is all coming out of this question (@13:40). So when you are suffering like this you can't let continuing illness overtake who you are even though the symptoms are real. So it's not time to criticize healing. It's time to keep growing in love.

41:15 - 3rd witchcraft episode - Crystal waterfall - I thought I was dying - standing in faith - crystal waterfall.

42:45 - Running after manifestations - I don’t teach about manifestations / experiences (like the experience just mentioned) much because manifestations are not the basis for our faith. I don't talk much about what I have experience because we have such a need for tangibility that we run after that stuff instead of running after Him. You have no idea how concerned I am about that topic.

43:10 - Crystal waterfall (cont.) - poured over my head. It was amazing. Everything the devil did helped to form Christ in me so much more than He was ever formed before. It I don't understand then, "What am I doing wrong? This is the third time.". And I would be talking myself, by natural wisdom, right into a mess. I don’t have the answers for all of this but I know one thing - He loves me - He's for me - He paid the amazing price - His Spirit is in me - We're not looking back or down. We're looking up from whence comes our help and we're going to win - period.

44:25 - In my mind I'm not expecting to die. But even if I don't get off the floor, I still haven't lost. But I don't want to open that door to wide - to where people are conceding to death - because I believe it's all about life and living and running your journey and leaving a legacy and not getting taken out by something that's not God. I'm not talking about just yielding to death and giving up.

44:50 - Crystal waterfall (cont.) - crystal waterfall and preaching for 10 minutes afterward in my house - preached the glory of Christ and the finished work of Christ. Lord are we even ready for this kind of strategy - this warfare? We get our eyes on how intense it is. And the situation is much bigger than we have grown in understanding.

46:20 - Be identified by truth and nothing else - So in a situation like the email question (@13:40) no matter what it is in your life, don’t ever let what doesn’t measure up to truth identify you, dishearten you, discourage you. In fact if anything, seek God all the more because you know that this is not who you are.

46:35 - Prayer for student's healing - email question - diabetes.


47:35 - Do I need to intervene in a wrong situation and how does that fit with love / forgiveness? - Intentional wrong toward a child.

48:05 - Sometimes we need to address situations - Be sure you know that something is intentional. Don't overlook incompetency. [Incompetency scenario - medical] It's not a lack of love to address a situation. It's not judging a person as much for the sake of the child. Give the person every chance to do right. You monitor the situation.

49:40 - We can address situations without being hateful - Intentional wrong - [caretaking situation] If it is the detriment of the person being cared for you simply make a decision. You may have the wrong caretaker. That's not a lack of love to have that person removed and someone else come in that is going to look after them properly. You can make changes without getting hateful.

50:00 - Don't correct from being offended - We're so used to getting overtaken by the situation and becoming a product of the wrong, that you can't ever address stuff. There are times that you have to correct - children - in the church - leadership. The key is to address if from uprightness. You don't do it from a heart that's offended, hurt or rubbed the wrong way because there is no grace on that. That will only go as far as flesh will take it. And usually it creates a mess.

50:40 - Disciplining children - There are times that you have to discipline children. But you don't line up your children to truth just because "you've had enough" and because "they ought to know better by now." Not out of frustration and anger. No, we are growing to a capacity of love that even when I have to discipline I have to know that it's coming out of my heart for the sake of the person - for their sake and the long run.

51:05 - Keep your motive clean and clear - Sometimes you have to make decisions and take action - just make sure the “why” is clean and clear. In this specific case if it is intentional you have to address it. Dealing with it in mercy is just not dealing with it in the flesh. Address it by all means. Keep the well-being of your son intact.

Growing up into Him

52:15 - You said the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in us? What Spirit is that? - In other words, is there a specific spirit that's assigned to raise Jesus from the dead? He's simply talking about the Spirit of God - the Holy Spirit - the Spirit of the Lord. He lives in us and how much more if He lives in us will He quicken our mortal bodies - Rom. 8:11. Christ in us - the Holy Spirit. Why does He live in us? So we can do the same thing. Now listen to her next question...

53:00 - Why should I be able to do what Christ did? Isn’t that what makes Him stand out?

That's a common thought - that Jesus came to reveal His deity...

53:15 - Jesus is our model - He said "Follow Me" - Jesus on the earth - in the flesh modeled the life we were created to live and He said, “Follow me.” He wouldn’t have said that if it couldn’t happen. He modeled a life I was created to live and gave me the same Spirit that raised Him from the dead to live in me. Jesus, on the earth, doesn’t want to stand out. He’s showing you what you are created for. He’s showing you what Adam was designed to walk in and live and be. Jesus is the last Adam. Jesus fulfilled what the first Adam failed in. Now He puts His Spirit in us and says, "Follow me." The things I do, you’ll do if you believe - John 14:12. See it all goes back to believing. That's why our identity is so huge - because self-consciousness, fear, vulnerability, frustration - all these things get moved out of us as we keep our eyes on Him and keep growing. We are growing up in Him in all things - Eph. 4:15.

54:20 - Enjoy the growth process - It takes time - So don't fret. Don't get intellectual. "Well, God said He would do all things and heal and I haven't seen..." And we get intellectual and we stop growing. [Growth from a seed] Growth take time. It grows into big, mature tree. Don't stop that growth. Enjoy the process of growing up in all things into Him. Calm down and enjoy growth.

55:55 - We get anxious for results now - to see healing now. Just pray for one. Start somewhere.

56:25 - If the things that He did we can do if we believe... What are we growing in? We’re growing in believing and understanding. We're growing in a revelation of Christ. That’s why communion and union is so important. It's going to branch out and affect every area of our lives like the manifestation of love, power, the working of miracles, prophetic.

56:45 - Prophecy - God can tell Himself anything - A lot of us want to prophesy - above all desire prophecy - 1 Cor. 14:1. Just let your heart become one with God and you will start to hear so clearly. God can tell his heart - Himself - anything. So it's not, "I need a word." No, be sincere and see God’s love for the person. And just let what happens happen and flow.

57:35 - Prophecy - Camouflaged - We have to do it in a form and a certain way and style. A friend said to me, "You hear God a lot more when you are praying for people than you let on. You kind of cover up prophecy. Why do you cover up prophecy?" "Because people are crazed over it. So I cover it up and tie it into my prayer and I camouflage it completely." I've been doing that for years. I do it on purpose. Because of where a lot of us are.

58:20 - If you start prophesying and it's not under cover, then there is this long line and everybody just wants a word. Wants you to just know stuff. Just get alone with Him. A lot of times that is what He is saying. Seek me and you will find me - Jer. 29:13. Draw near to me and I will draw near to you - James 4:8. When you pray, close your door. I will see you there - Mt. 6:6. Come unto ME all you who labor - who are heavy laden… - Mt. 11:28.

59:05 - It doesn't say come to a service but come to ME. Now we can go to a service to get directed to Him hopefully. Come unto Me. And who is going to give you rest? He said I will. That's intimate...

59:30 - See...Feelings are OK. Feelings can be fun. You just don’t live by them.

59:40 - God wants you to stand out and look like Him - Back to the question (@53:00)... Why should I be able to do the same? Isn’t that what makes Him stand out? He wants us to stand. He wants us to stand out as Christ in you. Colossians says that Paul went preaching everywhere until Christ in us was formed - Gal. 4:19. Christ in me the hope of glory - Col. 1:27. Glory - the manifest attributes of God. The Christ in me is the hope of manifesting God. So why is He in me? So I can look like Him. So I can do what He did. So He didn't want to stand out in His earthly ministry and for us to say, "Well, that was Jesus." Jesus was first born among MANY… - Rom. 8:29.

Paul's Thorn

100:10 - What about Paul’s thorn in the flesh (2 Cor. 12:7)?

100:30 - The "thorn" refers to persecution - Not to sickness - People bring this objection up all the time. In the preceding chapter (2 Cor. 11) he talks about all of the suffering and persecution he has experienced in his ministry. Infirmity - not sickness but human weakness - weakness of flesh. Infirmity and weakness used interchangeably in that passage. Not talking about physical sickness - but about persecutions and suffering.

101:25 - God promised Paul persecution and suffering - Did God promise healing in the Bible? Yes. Did He promise suffering and persecution for living Godly? Yes. He promised both of those. I'll show you the things you must suffer for my name - Acts 9:16. Paul was asking God to remove something that God promised Paul would experience. God is not obligated to remove what He has promised unless He sovereignly chooses to. However, how can God sovereignly choose to override His word? When His word is the integrity of who He is and it's higher than His name - He won’t go back on His word.

102:00 - God keeps His word - God honors His word above His name (Ps. 138:2). Example - promises to children - If you promise them one thing and then change mind when they accomplish the goal - you teach them to not trust your word.

102:35 - The devil loves when we get loose with God’s sovereignty. And imply that God is just free to break His word. The word is God - John 1:1. Then you will never know what to believe. Keeps us confused - we won’t know what to believe - and you’ll never be a person of faith and every promise is to the believer. That’s a problem. God is not fickle.

103:00 - God promised healing - But sickness was not Paul's issue - If God promised healing and Paul was sick, and God shifts and says, I know I promised healing but my grace will get you through. You could never trust His word again. You could never believe His promises.

103:30 - Paul was asking God to remove what God had promised - Here's the deal: Paul was asking God to remove something that God had already promised that Paul would encounter. I’m not going to remove what I promised, just know that my grace is greater than what you are going through - what you are feeling right now. My grace is sufficient - 2 Cor. 12:9.

104:00 - Paul’s thorn is not sickness. There’s nowhere that it says sickness. Buffet - blows to the flesh. Beatings. Stoning. Whips, rods. [Extended discussion of Paul's suffering]

106:00 - People bring up this objection on the street - well, this is just my thorn. Let’s just pray anyway…

106:30 - Prayed for person - God only heals if it’s His will. Healed. Obviously, it was His will and His time. They didn't relate the healing to believer priesthood, prayer of faith. They just kind of pushed that to the side. Well, God healed because He wanted to - it was His timing.That's such a bummer mentality. God shows up and does this cool stuff and we don't appreciate it's significance. Asked God to bless the person and reveal Himself.

Narrow Way

➡ 108:00 - We are loved by God - We are righteous in His sight - Don't be identified any other way - LAST WEEK - we hit hard on righteousness - your identity in Christ being righteous - you’re loved by God - and a lot of tangents. We camped in: You’re holy, blameless and above reproach if you continue in faith - Col. 1:22. In the next chapter of Col. - As you received Christ so walk in Him (faith) - Col. 2:6. By faith - rooted and grounded, established in faith. Don’t let yourself be cheated - hold you captive by man’s ideas, the world’s ways & the world’s wisdom. Don’t let anything identify you as other than in Christ - the way. We think that is so (narrow)...

110:10 - Lady doing thesis - Universal peace and unity - When it comes to the things of God I am open - but when it comes to my pursuit of God and my access to God I might be as narrow as any man you’ve met. Preached Jesus and she got angry. See how surface your "peace" thing is? You hate me for what I believe. It's so surface and shallow. The reason Jesus came was for what is spewing out of you right now. You can talk the talk but you have no capacity to walk the walk.

114:10 - The narrow way - Narrow, confined is the way and few are those who find it - Mt. 7:14. That's the total liberty and freedom through the one way - the way - where their whole identity is in Christ and Christ alone. So many other things that make the way broader than it really is - ideas, feelings, motivations, things that identify us, sources of esteem, need for love. We don't realize how much our esteem, our security is hinging on other things - what people say and don't say to us is huge.

115:25 - The broad place on the other side - The kingdom - The door is narrow but the place (the kingdom) on the other side is broad, big, wide. The Psalmist said that He set me in a broad place - Ps. 18:19. The broad place is the kingdom. The door is so narrow why would you ever try to weasel back out? That's kind of how truth is. It makes you free.

Recap of Romans 5

➡ 117:00 - We are reconciled - Made friends - Now He is restoring us who He created us to be - LAST WEEK - we looked at Romans 5. Recap - showing how while we were yet sinners God sent His Son - Rom. 5:8. While we were still sinners - at nature, at heart. God said I see better for you. Reconciled - to be made friends. How much more shall we be saved by His life - Redemption and restoration. [Extended recap and reading of Romans 5] There’s a whole lot more than just praying that prayer to go to heaven. There's a redemption of emotions, mindsets, where you live from. I just want you to see righteousness in this. It is a big deal for you to know that God has made you reconciled and friends. I no longer call you servants, I call you friends - John 15:15. I’ve revealed the will of the Father by coming. So He lets us in on it - we're not just serving the Lord. We’re not living for God. We’re living through (from) God - manifesting who He is - 1 John 4:9. There is a big difference - Living for God - you get weary and wonder if you’re living good enough. Living through God - exciting and you are already acceptable through Christ.

119:40 - Romans 5 v.11 - And not only so, but we also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received the atonement. -

There is a place for me to rejoice in being made friends with God - most people don’t understand that they are made friends with God - right with God - reconciled.

120:45 - Pray from a place of having been reconciled - Not many people pray that way. We are so self-conscious that it takes us 20 minutes to get past ourselves and then it’s time to leave the room any way. Troubleshooting instead of rejoicing in reconciliation.

Ministry Crazed - Trust the Word - Trust the Spirit

121:45 - Raised by the Masons - Todd’s lunch with some men - raised by Masons - they kind of freaked out - they make so much of it that it becomes bigger than God - ever had deliverance? - Todd just learned Truth. I’m a new creation - 2 Cor. 5:17. Yes, yes that's what you are supposed to say but the reality is that you aren't free. You also need to be delivered. What if I really do believe that scripture? What if the blood is enough? What if I am a new creature and it's not ever about looking back? And they said unless you do this one thing, you'll never make it. Todd called me about it. We ride our experiences instead of trusting His word. We diminish His word and elevate our experiences.

124:45 - Stand in the truth, His word - We honor other things by our reactions - We rely on experiences rather than trust in God’s word - to the point where if you declare His word you are just hyper-spiritual and in denial. You find that when you are in a service and you mention something like the Masons or witchcraft you'll get a bigger response than if you say that Jesus is Lord. People react because those things mean something to them. That's the devil's plan - that these things would gain notoriety and gain power in your soul to where you begin to honor it in weird forms. Just fearing it is honoring it. By your reaction you are saying,"You’re awesome. You're amazing. And if God doesn't intervene right now... We've got to get God to come." It's a twisted form of honor.

126:45 - We trust our experiences - But we should stand on His word - I want you to think about what we do from our heads. And what gives the mind substantiation is because we have so many stories, experience.

127:00 - But my heartcry is always, "Who is really believing the word? Who is really alone with God and declaring truth and walking in communion?" That's what we are called to do. Jesus says we’re free. So if I’m not experiencing freedom, I need to keep pursuing Jesus because freedom is mine. I just need to follow Him. Along the way if Holy Spirit needs to intervene...

127:30 - Counseling session - Why do I see a boy crying? - Holy Spirit show me a boy. Why do I see a 12 yr old boy on the streets of NYC crying for mommy? Mom abandoned him. She died. Follow the direction, leading of the Holy Spirit.

128:30 - Follow Holy Spirit in each situation - Don't try to make Him a method - We follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. If I try to make how He leads into a method it won't end well. Don’t be asking the Holy Spirit to follow you. Don’t take the gift of the Holy Spirit (a Person) and make Him into a method of ministry. That leads to mistakes. Holy Spirit loves people and knows things about people that you don’t know. You have to have confident in HIS ministry.

129:20 - Why do I see a boy crying? (cont.) - When the wife heard the story, mercy rose in her heart and marital difficulties were addressed. But it was straight up working of the Holy Spirit.

129:40 - Trust the ministry of Holy Spirit - Holy Spirit loves people and knows things about people that you don’t know. You have to have confident in HIS ministry.

129:50 - Honor the word - And honor the word above everything in your life. Who you are is found in that book. You look amazing to the Lord. He so love the world that He gave the Word.

130:25 - BREAK

Walk by Faith

➡ 131:10 - We have peace with God (whether we feel like it or not) - Romans 5 - LAST WEEK: When we hit v.1 we read...

1:31:20 - v.1 - Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: - You’ve been justified by faith and have peace with God. It’s not saying you feel peace - it’s saying you HAVE peace with God. God has made peace with you by removing sin. So you are not TRYING to have peace. You have peace with God.

1:31:50 - You have to hear how the Bible says this because you are justified by faith. Faith is the initial receiving of that truth (peace with God). You start with peace with God. You are not trying to make atonement with all of the sacrifices. Jesus did all of that.

132:10 - v.2 - By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. -

Rejoice that He is revealing Himself to you - That He is working in you and through you - So you're rejoicing in the hope of the glory of God. And the glory of God is the manifestation of God. So you're rejoicing in growing up in Him - that He is revealing Himself to you and through you - that your life is changed in Him. There is a lot of rejoicing. Do you see how that has to be faith? Because you are faced with everyday challenges, everyday emotions, the circumstances and situations of everyday life. But what are you going to allow to dictate who you are and why you are? This truth right here (pointing to the Bible). We hit this hard last week.

133:35 - Rejoice in being made right with God - Step in by faith and commune with God... Father, I rejoice that I have been made right with You - that there is peace between us. You live in me because you want to. And there is a greater revealing of who You are to me. And You want to flow through me. I thank You that I am not lacking any good thing. All that is mine is Yours. I yield myself to You. And I know that You are growing me up into You in all things. God, I thank You for gripping my heart, my mind, my life with Your love and Your power.

134:00 - Yield yourself regardless of feelings - Don't be impatient - Enjoy the process of growing - There is a place to just start entering in to say "yes". I think we're just waiting to feel better. Like one day this thing is just going to drop into my lap and be mine. No, you grow up into Him in all things - Eph. 4:15. Remember the illustration about the peach seed. You don't just pop it in and immediately get fruit. No, you watch it grow. You enjoy the process...

134:45 - Digging up a bean seed - Patience - Gardening - Planting beans - cool weather - they didn’t come up as usual - seeing & thinking, assessing - if they were going to come up they would have come up by now - popped one seed up to see - it was growing but popping it up means it won’t live - Spirit says, "My people do it all the time. They dig up (and abort) what was just about ready to come out of the ground." He's not frustrated, He wants to bless us. He longs to bless us.

140:30 - Wife struggling to receive the love of God - You're precious to Him - you’re supposed to tell me that - the cross tells you that - daughter growing up - not mommy's little girl - wife wanted more closeness - When you love someone it's really hard when they don’t respond to your love - talking about their daughter. Just imagine the Father’s heart. He says this dramatic “I love you” on the cross. And people say He can’t love me.

142:40 - Natural reasons - Don't let experience trump the promise of healing - We come up with a list of natural reasons why God doesn’t heal - He says lay your hands on the sick believing and they shall recover - Mark 16:17-18. That's what He says. And we say, "Yeah but..." and we've got our whole list. So when are we believing if we believe that list? The fact that we have the list proves that we don't believe. We have a multiple choice option - we have another scenario already laid out. We have our experience shouting way later than the promise. With a list you confess to believe, unless... "I believe but..."

143:15 - Jesus didn't accommodate unbelief like we do - Jesus didn’t have that list. It wasn’t His experience. The only reason we have the list is because we are accommodating our experience. And the list ensures that our experience stays long lived. We say that we are seeking His kingdom and His glory but we sure have our experience secured and intact with our belief system assuring that we put a ceiling on healing - that we are going to get the same results.

144:40 - The Bible says that out of your heart your mouth speaks. You hear what people believe by their language.

144:50 - Be patient - Don't dig up your beans because of rational thinking - He is growing you - Participant's comment - (inaudible - asking about the beans) ...back to the beans story... There were natural things that ran through my mind and time began to be a question. Like when you are praying over your physical body... After a week or two: Is this working? It’s not a method - It’s a relationship and lifestyle. Rational thoughts sprang up after a certain amount of time: bad batch of seeds, seeds could mold, etc. and caused me to abort a seed. And it showed me a spiritual truth - we do that all the time. "If I was going to be healed I’d be healed by now. If God really loved me why don’t I feel His love? If God wants me to have peace why is my mind a wreck?" We let our natural experience, human intellect, challenge God constantly. So don’t dig up your beans! They’re growing!

146:45 - Start with what the Bible says and camp there - The knowing will come alive - You may say, "Well, I'm not sure that God loves me." Well, you may not be sure in the sense of feeling it. But you are sure in the sense of what the Bible says. So start with what the Bible says and rejoice - and camp there and rejoice. And all of the sudden the knowing starts to come alive.

147:00 - Any other foundation - If you don't do that you will have a rational way of thinking all figured out and be way wrong. It's not the foundation of faith based on the finished work of Christ. He's the way. He's the truth. He's the life - John 14:6. He's the big deal. Unless I come through Him...

147:20 - Open sonship but narrow way to that sonship - That's like with that lady (@110:10) - Yes, I am way open minded. I can do anything - Phil. 4:13. Nothing is impossible - Mt. 19:26. The Spirit of God wants to come. Death has no power. Yes, I am way open minded concerning the finished work of Christ. But way narrow on how to get there - through Him and His work alone.

147:50 - Prayer for healing - It's not what you pray but what He accomplished - That takes the pressure off of us. It's not even how I am praying. It's what I'm believing. I'm not even pressured to pray right. It has nothing to do with saying the right words. He did the right thing.

148:10 - Salvation - It's not what you did but believing what He did - That's how your righteousness is received, right? Who reconciled you? He did. Who made you right? He did. So how do you receive it? "Thank You!" It's that easy. It should be easy.

148: 20 - Receiving by faith - Thank You! - We've got to make that easy. Not, "Yeah well, I don't know why God would have done that for me." And then you start evaluating and identifying yourself for other things. No, the fact that He came makes you precious and special to God. So there is something that He is seeing about you that you've got to fix your eyes on and grow in. So if He reconciled you, if He made you right, say, "Yes!" Say, "Thanks!"

148:45 - By faith hold on in the face of life - Don't let these things that you are experiencing contrary to the blessing of the Lord keep getting in your face and reevaluating and re-identifying you. Don't let time dictate the future of those beans. You let truth dictate...

149:15 - By faith step into the provision He has made for you to walk as a son - I'm telling you, that time (the passage of time) has robbed a lot of us because the intellect kicks in. Like when I had those voices cursing Holy Spirit - I didn't have a problem (Day 2 @213:15). God gives me His kingdom, the power of His name...

The DNA of the father is in the child regardless of whether that child knows the father or not. His DNA is in me.

149:30 - Picture of God on His throne - We have responsibility - Stand by faith - It's not all on God - I got a picture of God on His throne. My faith was being tested at the time. He was high up but He had His arms crossed and His face was looking down but I couldn't see His facial features. He was looking down and said, "So what are you going to do? He's looking at ME in the trial and saying, "What are you going to do?"

151:15 - Respond in faith through times of trial - That's the impression that I've had for about 15 years. Here's what we do. I'm going through this trial, "God, What are you going to do? Where have you been? Don't you hear me when I pray?" And I get this picture from Holy Spirit, "So what are you going to do?" Respond in Christ. I have the authority of His name - Mt. 28:18-19. Nothing by any means shall harm me - Luke 10:19. I have power over all of the power... Because He is the head and He is in me and He is over all things. And fear not, it's the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom - Luke 12:32. What does that mean? Is that just something to pacify you and comfort you when you are frazzled? No, it's the way you are to live.

1:52:10 - So when those voices were coming (with curses directed to Holy Spirit - Day 2 @213:15), He was looking down saying, "You go boy! You are really believing my word. This is so fun. I'm playing the devil like a pawn. And because he is speaking to you you are getting to know me better. You're knowing the truth more."

Yak-Yak of the Enemy - Ministry Crazed

152:20 - Let the yak yak (the annoying chatter of the devil) take you to God - Take every thought captive - God’s not busting the devil in the chops saying stop talking to my kid like that. That's how we think. We're waiting for God to bust him in the chops. And God’s letting the devil yak yak yak because I’m responding in truth and the yak yak is taking me right to Truth. And God is going, "This is so fun. I love playing the devil like a fool. Thanks for believing, Dan. My grace is on you."

152:50 - Cast down lies with truth - We think it's a problem when we hear the yak yak. But it’s only a problem if I don't have the weapon of my warfare established - casting down every lie with truth. Take every thought captive bringing it into the obedience of Christ. Everything that raises above the knowledge of God - 2 Cor. 10:4-5. Everything that tries to say what you are apart from Christ. You cast it down.

153:30 - What does casting down a lie look like? - What does that mean? You yell at it? You curse at it? You tell it why it doesn't have power? No. You proclaim truth. And you see through a clear eye. And you declare Him. So when you are hearing yak yak yak and it's not your heart...I love you Holy Spirit. You're amazing. You're my best friend. Now I'm building relationship and revelation of Holy Spirit and learning how to never live by feelings, impressions, contrary thoughts. But to live out of my heart which says, "I love you."

154:00 - Do I need to be delivered? No - He wants to keep us from seeing truth clearly - Do I need to be delivered - deliverance? No, I didn't have a devil. I have Jesus. I had a lying, trying spirit come to try to rob me of my identity and get me to sell myself short. He is believing that we don't know who we are. He's believing that if he can keep us from knowing who we are we'll surely never know who God is and then we will never defeat the devil. So he is trying to keep us muddy and foggy so that we never see the truth of who He is and who we've become.

154:30 - So I'm hungry and growing and he comes with yak yak yak like I've got a some hidden issue and I've got some defiled heart and I'm not really sincere. All I know is that I love God. You can be lied to in your mind but you know that you love God. And you feel like you need ministry. No, you need to rise up and declare your love for God all the more.

155:20 - It's not a method - If I get into methods, 2 weeks later, "Wow, If this was really God it would be working by now." Working - what we mean is the voice would have stopped. So we’re doing it just to get the voice to stop.

155:50 - The voice is not a problem - It's spurring me to Christ - The voice is not my problem. Not heeding truth is my problem. Taking the voice personally could be a problem. The voice is not a problem. Speak on, you are spurring me to Christ - spurring me to truth.

156:05 - Voices against Holy Spirit (cont.) - Three months into my Christian walk. Heard it all the time at first. I had a lot of fun growing. Eventually the voice stopped.

157:00 - Thoughts that try to defile - If you wish you didn't think it, it's not you - That experience taught me not to take everything that passes through my mind and attach it to my heart. There are people in this room that have thought things but wish you didn't think them. The fact that you wish you didn’t think those thoughts means it’s not you. And you are still fighting over the fact that you are thinking it and thinking you've got a problem and need help or healing or ministry. When you ought to lift up your heart and rejoice that your heart has been changed and you don't think the way you used to think and feel the way you used to feel. You’ve been made pure and clean in His sight. Instead of feeling defiled. Or why is that still there? Or why do I reminisce on that? It's flashbacks. Things that owned you before seeing if they still own you again. And even if you don't give yourself to them, they like to violate your conscience - make you feel bad.

158:05 - Responding to flashbacks - Father, You have so changed my heart. I am not the person I used to be. There was a time I used to think degenerate things and go after the things of the flesh. But I love you and I want the things of the Spirit. You have made me a brand new person. You have purified me and cleansed me and I am so clean in Your sight... Otherwise the devil will just be playing us like a fiddle and it's not a good tune. Let's change the music.

Rejoice in Being made Right

➡ 159:10 - Back to… Romans 5 - I was trying to read Romans 6 and we didn't even make it half way through Romans 5. Do you see why we read in Romans 5? Because in v.2 it tells you you to rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. In v.11...

159:20 - v.11 - And not only so, but we also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received the atonement. -

Stay in a place of rejoicing because you are made righteous. Who has taken the time? It sounds like that is a foundational key. Because we haven't established that people don't feel excited in the Lord - it turns into works - they backslide - they do things that they used to do - because they don't get established in the fact that I've been made friends. I've been reconciled. I'm right. You accept me right now. You love to love me. People don't establish that. And then they don't walk in a reality and revelation of God's love that literally compels (propels) them through life.

200:10 - Be compelled by the love of Christ as you go through life - What compels you through life - propels - is the love of God. 2 Cor 5:14 - For the love of Christ constrains us; because we thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead: - the love of Christ compels me. Beautiful thing called God’s love is what motivates me - what fuels me through life. Moves me forward - motors me along. Why? Because I have looked and judged something. That if one man died, then we all died. And now that one man lives and some of us live through Him. And if we who died now live through Him, we should no longer live for ourselves but for Him that died. And therefore see no man any longer for face value - according to the flesh - but for his potential and the reason that this One (Christ) died.

201:15 - Changed perspective - So the cross itself has totally changed Paul's perspective in the motivation of love that it's his compelling - every day to live. This is a big deal. It's a life lesson (that we keep learning each day).

202:00 - The same truths get bigger in your heart each day as more grace is applied - This revelation isn't just fresh every day. It gets fresher. It's the same truth more revealed. People say, "How about a fresh word brother." No, become the word you have heard. New mercy and new grace every day. More and more grace on the same truth. I see it clearer and clearer. It's the same truth only bigger.

203:25 - Listening to a song on the way to school - Identity song - holy, righteous, blameless. Perfect in His sight. Irreplaceable.

204:00 - Granddaughter's favorite song.

➡ 206:15 - Rejoice in being made a friend of God - To reiterate: I want you to see that the Bible is believing and expecting and God is putting you into a position to where you are REJOICING in the fact that you are a friend of God. You've been made right with God. I'm not trying to beat a dead horse. I'm proclaiming something that is very much alive.

206:30 - Get established in God's love first - Start with first things first - get rooted and grounded in God’s love for you. If not you’ll be a seed that is sown on rocky soil - no depth of heart - no depth of earth. The pressures of life will wither what sprung up in you so quickly, because there is no root - no depth of soil. That root is love - God's unfailing love. Because you get out into the heat of day - Pressures - self-conscious, self-preserving - "Where was God?", "Well, if God loves me then why?", etc.

Adversity - Get Militant

207:10 - Get established before adversity - No depth of soil - no root in them - Well, what are you rooted and grounded in? - Love. (God’s love). So you are not going to let the two weeks - the beans (@134:45) - that's not going to happen now. You are not going to let a physical symptom... No, you are going to get more militant. When pressure comes on you to suggest something else you are actually more militant. Because you are defending in your heart the truth that makes you free. You're saying, "This has nothing to do with who I am. And it does not challenge God's love for me. His love shall never be challenged because Christ died and rose again. And you live in my spirit. Camp there until that gets big in you.

208:00 - Headaches - Went back to secular job after pastoring for a while. Everything was Christian, Christian and I just wanted to be around people. You couldn’t miss any time - probation period. Headaches. Common cold? There's nothing common about me. Warrior mentality. The reality is I had serious pain in my head everyday for 2 weeks. But the truth is Jesus is Lord and we're going to win. And this thing (pain) is not changing nothing. Wife sympathetic. Standing over sink moaning...

213:00 - Complaining about pain - That's just me, me, me. And all you’re saying is, "Punch me it hurts." But the pain didn't have any capacity to touch my heart whatsoever.

213:45 - Build yourself up in the gospel ahead of the trial - Boot Camp - There is a place where, as much as it hurt, it didn't have any capacity to touch my heart whatsoever. My heart is so separate from what I am feeling because of building myself in this gospel.

213:55 - Get militant - It's a militant thing. It's like a boot camp thing. Just trained in the gospel. You don't wait for war to come to begin to train. You train and when war comes you are ready. If we waited for war, we would lose for sure.

214:10 - Is that like guarding your heart? You are already built up? - I don't even have to guard my heart in this area. It's an established precept. But there is a guard your heart with truth of course. If you get tempted... We all have the ability to think things negative - think things contrary to truth even though our hearts are sincere... So guarding your heart is keeping your heart in agreement with truth and not letting any "rightness" come in to give you permission to be less than who He is.

214:45 - But in this situation I didn't have to do a conscious protect your heart thing because you get established in truth.

214:55 - [Guarding your heart example scenario]

215:35 - Headaches (cont.) - Leaning over the sink... Wife sympathetic... How long is this going to go on? I can't stand watching you in pain. ...It’s not about how long is this going to go on. It’s about who I am - and that not being able to change. That’s what wins. My life is not my own and you just can’t hurt me - touch me. When I said that the headache broke. Satan was trying to get me off of that. This thing is working to make me untouchable.

217:15 - Pain isn't the issue - God is refining something - Not about the pain - God is refining something, growing, perfecting something in me. I come out with a greater revelation as through fire, precious gold that is proved and tested to the praise and glory of Jesus. What if the trial is perfecting something. And God is watching me do what He has put me in position to do and come out with a greater revelation than I ever had before.

218:00 - Headaches (cont.) - When I said that... Don't you realize? This whole thing makes me untouchable. It's not about me being touched. It makes me untouchable. Started to preach truth.

218:35 - That’s why I preach with passion. I’ve been through fire. It's not philosophy or theory. It's what I have become. I’ve lived it. And I've tasted and seen that He’s so good.

219:00 - It doesn't matter that my head was hurting. Who cares? It took me to a great place. Is that giving permission for me to be pummeled? No. It's not making big what's not big. It's not letting get so big what's not really the issue. The pain wasn’t the issue. What it was going after was the issue. What it is trying to uproot is the issue.

219:50 - Get militant - But if we are so self-loving and self-serving, the pain matters so much. But it isn't about the pain. It's about the principle of the thing and what this pain is after and what you have no permission to get from me because it came from Him and I am going to hold on - even if I die - I can't die. You've got to get that militant. And that's not afraid. And it's never about your pain. It's about your heart.

220:00 - Responding to witchcraft - thought I was going to die. I was so not even moved by that. Kim, Dan is so stubborn that he is going to lay on this floor and die before he will get help. I knew it was witchcraft. I don't need 911. Spiritual pride? This is the devil. Jesus is Lord. We're going to win It’s not always pretty but you come out with a greater revelation. Don’t believe the lie. When Holy Spirit speaks to you it’s good to say out loud what He said. I will not believe the lie. Fire in belly. Preaching. Crystal waterfall.

233:25 - Every adversity tries to pull you off the truth of who you are - Let adversity thrust you to God - Every assault to your life - is saying this is not who you are - you’ll never be who you say you are - the gospel’s not true. Every adversity is suggesting something that is contrary to truth and it’s believing that you will take it personally and bite the bait through lack of knowledge. But every assault, by God, is designed to take you to a higher place and be more like Christ than you’ve ever been in your life.

233:45 - So trouble is not your trouble. He said, "I’ll be with him in time of trouble." It didn't say, "I'll keep him from trouble." What's changing just because my head is hurting? Is the stone still rolled away? Is Christ still mediating? Is the Spirit of God still in me? Then that’s my battle point. And if I let those things change who I am, I won't walk in the glory of what He has accomplished. That's why the just live by faith - Rom. 1:17.

➡ 234:25 - Get established in God's love - Don't be shaken - And if you don't settle first... See how this all ties up right at quitting time... If you don't rejoice in the fact and get established in the fact that you've been reconciled, you'll let all of theses things question whether that reconciliation really is. So be rooted and grounded in love so that you can never change your mind come hell or high water. So whether I see that crystal waterfall (220:00) or not, it's still flowing.

235:10 - Crystal river - I found it in my Bible it's a crystal river - Rev. 22:1+. There are trees along it whose leaves never wither - healing of the nations. They must be us. It flows from the threshold of the temple. And guess who the temple of God is now. Us. Guess where the river flows from. Out of our belly. Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water - John 7:38. It's the Spirit of God.

Equipping the Body - Growing up into Him

➡ 236:10 - Romans 6 - We didn't read any of that. The word doesn't change. If He doesn't change why do we change - with every wind and trial? In fact...Let me read this real quick...

236:45 - Ephesians 4 - v.11 - And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; - Why? So we build a conference around them to minister to us. I'm not against conferences but they have to have a purpose of equipping - not just ministry.

237:05 - v.12 - For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: - So these gifts are in the body for the building up of the body for who she is till we all... 237:15 - v.13 - Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ: - Unity of faith - Till we see through the same eye and understand these things.

237:35 - v.14 - That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; - Carried about by things - mindsets, winds of doctrine, etc. Up and down is not the Christian life. The day of the righteous grows brighter and brighter - Prov. 4:18. We grow from faith to faith - Rom. 1:17. And glory to glory - 2 Cor. 3:18. We ascend into Him. We grow up into Him in all things - Eph. 4:15. Up and down is not the normal Christian life.

238:20 - Some people preach to protect their hurts or heritage. And they are trying to get the whole world to agree with what they have been through.

239:00 - v.15 - But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: - Speak the truth in love - not "rightness" - not just to be right.

239:20 - I’m not imparting just doctrine. I'm giving you what is a revelation to me.

239:45 - Guard your heart - Another aspect - Watch your motive. Purity. Make sure you are doing things with a good motive. Not just doing the Christian thing.

240:00 - Because I am praying from revelation of truth it carries a grace and anointing and revelation that releases something in the one you are praying for - something that they hadn't seen before and changes everything.

240:40 - We grow up in all things into Him and that's why we are in this school.

241:45 - Closing prayer - Participant.