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Day 4 (2011)

Righteousness leads into Intimacy

➡ 3:00 - Understanding that God sees you as righteous sets the stage for intimacy with God - We’re trying to get to a place where we can talk about intimacy and communion with the Lord. But we’ve been talking about righteousness and why you even have a right to approach Him. You won’t have a continual intimacy with the Lord if you don’t see how He sees you. That's why we have been where we have been this week.

3:25 - Opening prayer time - Just begin to thank Him that He loves you - He smiles on you - that while you were yet a sinner He sent the Son and your heart has no agreement with sin. I don't want sin. I want you God. And I thank you that you have delivered me. Open up your heart and begin to declare your salvation to the Lord. Thank Him for His personal love - that He knows you out of billions of people. He has wooed you. Grace has touched your heart to make you even want to care. And you have responded to Him. God I thank you that today I have found favor in your sight. The blood of Jesus speaks on my behalf. The Spirit of God lives in me. And I thank you Father that I am not self-conscious. I am Christ-conscious. I fix my eyes on you. It's going to be a great day because You are inside of me and You love me. Father thank you. Give me understanding. Continue to grow me into You - into Truth. Grow me, grow me, grow me God. Come and etch me, mold me and shape me to look just like my Daddy. Holy Spirit I yield to you and say "yes" to all that You want to do in and through my life. I am just saying a very simple "yes." Come and have your way and make Yourself known to me and through me and manifest Your great name Lord Jesus. Thank You. Father we submit ourselves to You in this class today. We ask for great grace to pour upon it - that understanding would come in all of our getting - that today we would get understanding. Let our lives be transformed because we were together today in Your presence. In Jesus name.

5:00 - Prayer should be intimate communion - Not just a Christian work - You are yielding and committing yourself to Him in prayer. Most people don’t pray intimately like that but for needs, things they need God to change and people. Your prayer life will change through intimacy. You'll find that you won't need to pray as long on stuff and things but that things will just come into alignment. God just does stuff. It's what's on the wall: But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Mt. 6:33) So you yield yourself to Him and accept His love and accept the identity He has given you and it says, "all of these things shall be added unto you." There is just a great flow of grace when you are walking in agreement with truth.

6:30 - Sometimes you can just think things and they come to pass. Because your heart and His heart are one. You are in tune, in touch with God.

6:50 - Otherwise prayer can just turn into works - where it is all about you and what you are saying, doing. And if things aren't happening, you are doing something wrong - "What am I not saying right?" - me, me, me. There has got to be something better than that out there. It's just knowing God.

How God sees Us - Righteous

➡ 7:30 - He sees you as holy, blameless and above reproach - Walk in this by faith - Recap of Colossians - Have you guys gotten something out of Colossians? Colossians says that you are holy, blameless and above reproach in His sight if you walk by faith. So... you are, if you believe it. How simple is that? So on God's end, He has no trouble seeing you through Christ and through the blood. And He says, how about you see what I see? You know this because... But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. (Rom 5:8)...

8:00 - Romans 5 - while you were yet a sinner… Romans 5,6,7,8 all one big letter. Read them together.

9:35 - Wear righteousness by faith - Background - He’s talking about righteousness being imputed to Abraham in Romans 4. In hope against hope.

10:00 - Romans 4 v.23 - Now it was not written for his sake alone, that it was imputed to him; - Even Abraham was accounted righteous because he believed. You are made righteous through Christ and His finished work. But what makes you righteous and know that you are righteous and wear that righteousness? Answer: When you believe. How simple is that? God’s calling you to believe - to wear that righteousness.

Live by Faith - Not Feelings

➡ 10:45 - Live by faith in God and what He says - Not by how you feel - Review - Faith keeps you from living sensual - by how you feel. You don’t always feel righteous. You don’t always see yourself like God sees you. Sometime you get caught up in flashbacks or an old mood. That's where you have to be the steward of your heart and life and you have to shake yourself out of that - deal with your perspective and mindset. Just because you have become a Christian, you’re not always going to have right motivation, right desire, right perspective.

11:30 - You are responsible to be a good steward of your heart - Walk by faith not by counterproductive feelings - No you have to work out your salvation with a reverence before God - Phil. 2:12. In the face of all of these counterproductive feelings you have to be the steward of your heart. You have to walk this thing out. If you look in the mirror and aren’t seeing what the gospel says you have to keep declaring truth until the negativity gets washed away.

12:20 - Let your faith be established - Your faith becomes your reality - With enough time these truths get settled in your heart. They become your reality. But I’ve spent a lot of time in my bedroom talking to what looked like the air - a lot of time living by faith - and my faith has become my reality. I'm not consciously thinking about faith. Your heart gets established. Your faith becomes your reality. So you are not waking up for 20 years trying to believe God's love for you. No, you started there but now it's just, "Duh, of course He loves me." Faith will take you there.

Receive Righteousness by Faith

13:40 - v.24 - But for us also, to whom it (righteousness) shall be imputed, if we believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead; -

You have to put on righteousness through faith - YOU have to receive it - The provision of righteousness has already been made through Jesus for you to be clean, holy and pure. But you only wear the robe of righteousness - you only manifest the benefits of what is freely given when you believe.

14:10 - Rom 5:17 - For if by one man's offence death reigned by one; much more they which RECEIVE abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.) -

How do you receive abundance of grace?

14:35 - What receiving looks like - Let me show you how you receive the abundance of His grace - Father, I thank You that You are so towards me. I thank You today that there is nothing that I lack. That everything that is necessary to mold me and shape me into Christ is in me and in my spirit. You are illuminating my understanding. You are even molding my emotions, my disposition, the eye I look through. Your grace is sufficient for me and what I am, I am by the grace of God. I say "yes" to You. I'm created to be a son and today I'll live like a son. And I thank You that I am in the family of God... That's how you receive grace. You are believing and you are receiving.

Transformation through Communion

15:10 - If you take time to establish communion with Him now, when trials come you won't be shaken - You'll manifest Him - Because you’ve taken time to believe and enter in… when you get thrown into a trial the gospel defends you and manifests Christ in that situation - Instead of running to the gospel in time of trial, hoping the gospel works. Bumping into the problem and turning to God. No, you turn to God and when you bump into the problem God defends you - without you trying to apply the sermon you just heard. No, the word becomes flesh and when you get into a trial the gospel responds through your life because you’ve been in communion with God.

16:30 - Crossroads Christianity - Years ago God said to me, "Dan, I don't want you living 'crossroads Christianity'." I don't know what that is. Sitting on my bed talking to Him...

16:50 - Take time to be alone with God - By faith enter in - Even when it doesn't feel like He is there - I’m either wasting my time or God is there. I’m banking on God is there. So I’m going to sit there and just be there. And even if it seems like He’s not there… guess what? ...the Word says, He’s there. He sees me, He’s going to reward me. If I seek Him, He’ll be there. If I draw near, He’s coming. If I seek, I’ll find. So I’m not going to let intellectual thinking take me from that place. "Yeah but brother, I’ve tried that and it doesn’t seem to work for me…" That's deception, you are living by feelings - subverting faith - and there’s no grace over your revelation.

17:45 - Spend so much time with Him that you see situations like He sees them - His way and only His way - Crossroads Christianity (continued) - many people see a fork in the road and have to decide which way to go. I don’t want you to see forks - I want you to become the word made flesh and there is no fork, just the way and I want you on the way. When you bump into adversity, if you know who you are in Him such that it becomes your reality, you’ll respond without (stop, look and listen) trying to apply the last sermon you heard pertaining to this trial. Like, "what do I do now?" Because the gospel rises up and responds through you - defends you - your perspective, your responses. Because you have spent time alone with Him - two have become one - and the word has become flesh. That’s what we're pursuing in communion and relationship with God. (Example: car wreck) I'm not taking a deep breath and trying to manifest Him. It’s who I am.

➡ 20:05 - By faith - Not by the flesh - There's a big difference. The other way you are trying to do this in the flesh - biting your lip. We are hurt, despairing, angry but putting on a Christian face. I don't even want any of those things in me because none of those things are in Him. So there has to be a place alone with Him where I get free from all of that stuff. And that is where we are headed with this whole communion thing.

Grace meets Faith to Transform

20:30 - Grace meets faith - Release faith, grace touches that faith and makes it real - No faith, no grace - Romans 5:17 - Anytime you release faith, grace comes. You’re saved by grace through faith - so salvation - the saving grace of God meets faith. When you release faith, grace meets you - no faith, no grace. But is it available? Yes. Faith and grace go together. They work hand in hand. So as you release faith, even in a change of life... Let me answer this question...

21:20 - How do you let go of self-centeredness and make the transition to actually living by faith?

21:40 - The only way... because any other way would be your strength, your ability - the best you can do - and it still won't be good enough. So let's just stop trying so hard.) The only way is through your communion and intimacy with God. You get alone with God…

22:00 - Surrender yourself and release your desire to Him - You get alone with God and acknowledge that... You know what Lord. I wasn't created for me. I wasn't created to live self-centered. I wasn't created to live emotionally driven and live sensual and moved by every whim and every thing and live by how it seems. And Father, I give myself to You. I'm a man of faith. I thank You Father. I surrender my life to You. I'm not here to live for myself. I'm here to live for You and Your great name and the world around me. And I give myself to You. And I thank You that Your grace is so abundantly upon me. You are the One that rules and reins in my heart. You are the one that orchestrates my emotions and redeems me from the fall of man. I am not a hurt, I am not a despairing, I am not a disappointed fellow. I am full of joy and full of life and my eye agrees with You. And I thank you that Your love rules in my heart...

22:50 - Transformation comes through communion - It doesn't come through the flesh - That’s how you kill self and resurrect Christ. It's in your communion. All I am doing is releasing my desire. Because I can’t make myself like God. But I can sure want to be like Him. If you try to become like God through your flesh - your strength, your effort - you’ll end up very discouraged - “I've tried that and it didn’t work for me.” Then you will have a flesh excuse to be where you are when it is really all a deception.

23:30 - Release your sincere desire to Him - Don't let feelings quench the faith that is met by grace - I release my desire (to be like Him) to Him. And that’s called faith. And we are saved by grace through faith - Eph. 2:8. So now that I am in faith, grace is in the room. This is what makes it faith because it is all supernatural. Sincere expression of desire - the pure in heart shall see God - pour out sincere desire (even knowing where I have been and what I have done) but understanding that I’m qualified and God is working in me making me like His Son. The Bible says that I am saved by grace through faith, so if I am in faith, grace has to be in the room.

25:00 - If you live sensual - living by the way you feel - you’ll continually pull the plug on faith and stop the work of grace.

25:20 - By faith build on what is good - Even struggles show that you care - You're alive - We've struggled way too much. But the fact that we struggle reveals that we do really care. That’s good news. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t struggle. So build on what’s good - even on the struggle. But stop struggling. It's faith and grace. Thank God for the capacity to struggle. It means that there is root in you - sincerity - purity. It means you care enough to struggle. There is something down inside of you crying out that wants change. And God can work with that. If God sent his Son while you were still a sinner, I bet He is not threatened by your struggle. When you didn't even care - lost and deceived, God had the ability to see beyond that. Now that you do care, I'm sure that He is bigger than your struggle.


27:00 - the abundance of grace - Way more than necessary. You have to receive the abundance of grace. You have to believe that God loves you - is for you - wants to get His hands on you and make a masterpiece.

27:30 - God is working on the inside of you to fashion His masterpiece - You're going to look like Him - I picture myself under a tarp with God as the master potter and the bedroom where He works secretly. One day He opens the door up with light shining out, removing the tarp and “TADA!” He reveals His masterpiece. That is better than beating yourself down - only seeing the worst in your life and just trying to get esteem from others. That's the rat race we talked about.

29:00 - No, see your potential - what you are becoming - it’s going to look like Him. He’s working on me. I’m a masterpiece of God. And in that secret place is where He does His finest work. Nobody sees the skill of His hand. But one day He will reveal His masterpiece.

30:00 - the gift - Open up His gift of righteousness and wear it - YOU have to put it on - v.17 - the gift - You have to open up a gift. How do you receive the blessing of a (gift) coat until you put it on? You don't just put it in the closet and never put it on. You have to put it on. You have to put on the gift of righteousness. What does that mean? You have to live that way - live free from sin-consciousness - live free from "Oh, dumb me. I'll never get it right." - live righteous-conscious. You’re the one who puts it on. And...

You are the only one who can take it off - God won't change His mind - And the devil can't take it off of you - And you are the only one who can take it off. God will never change His mind about giving you the coat. God will never change His mind despite your struggles.

33:15 - God's heart is for you to receive His gift - God is more like "Oh honey, Why are you wearing that when you look so beautiful in what I gave you? That is so not you. I know who you are. I know how beautiful you are. Just wear what I have given you."

33:25 - That's God the Father. That's why you get convictions when you know things aren't right. That's why you think twice when things aren't going smooth. God the Father's love is wooing you home. Because He knows who you are in the face of the little detour you have taken. And He knows how beautiful you are in Him.

33:45 - God is a wooer and a lover. He understands how people get deceived - get into wrong thinking and do things that they wish they hadn't. But here is the deal: God will never change His mind. He has judged you righteous. He knows your potential and destiny. That can never change. And we have the opportunity to put the coat on and walk through life with it on. And you are the only one who can take it off.

34:25 - The devil can’t take it off you. And God won’t take it off of you.

34:40 - You are the one who chooses what you believe - You will reign in life through the One - but you've got to believe it. You could let life have a louder voice and let life overwhelm you. But it’s still true and waiting for you. So what are you giving your heart, mind and eye to? What are you giving your faith too? To the way things feel and seem and appear. Or to the way that God proclaims it by the Spirit?

Sowing Seed & Correcting Others

35:40 - What do I do if I am not confident about how to share this amazing truth? Should I wait?

Sow seed, water seed but don't try to force the gospel onto people - This news is so good. Graham Cook says that the gospel hinges on fairy tale - it sounds too good to be true. Good news is good news and you should sow some seed. But be careful not to project - to push, to force the gospel on people. But at the same time look for opportunities to sow seed, water seed. Pray for opportunities.

37:00 - Be careful not to touch wrong - Sometimes when it looks like there is no opportunity to share, it becomes more of a prayer thing for a while. There’s not a right and wrong… more of a pure heart. Don't feel compelled to change your loved ones. And you are not going to find grace on that. We touch people wrong sometimes... in zeal, condescension, etc... and we don't even realize it.

38:00 - Hernia healed - Man with a hernia - healed - word of knowledge - When I see that kind of miracle happen, what do you do with me now?

40:20 - People tried to "correct" me regarding healing - When people started to get healed - "Now Dan, you’ve got to be careful. You know the devil can heal." Why? Because the devil was so freaked out and afraid that I would get a hold of this - I’m fresh, I’m young, I’m on fire, my heart is alive - and the devil wants to quench it and wrap religion over it. Get some people in his life who seem to have some wisdom and tone him down.

41:05 - I think I survived some of that. I am barely saved and I saw two miracles in two months. What do you do with me now? I'm ready, excited, pumped.

41:45 - Grace attends the pure motive of love when you correct and speak the truth to someone - re question: There’s no real right or wrong with it. Make sure your heart is pure and your motives clean in what you do. God graces pure motives. Grace attends pure motives. Love gives you great permission to be real. It doesn't have boundaries. There are no rules wrapped around love. Love doesn't understand seminary rules of do's and don'ts.

43:15 - If I use the exact same words, but with the wrong motive - just to set someone straight or the need to be right - and I would be in the wrong.

43:25 - Correcting children - Parenting children - motive of love. Your motive: because you could cry for them - because you see where this is taking them. Exact same words with wrong motives (frustration) can cause harm to your child. God attends truth and love. We speak the truth in love. When you speak the truth in love, God is on that.

44:10 - Correct others from love - Not from a need to be "right" - It’s not about being right. Being right doesn't make it (the way that you correct them) right. Sometimes you are too busy being "right" and setting people right. And forgetting the value of their life - forgetting love - forgetting that love is the motive to say anything in the first place. Don't speak because you know that someone is "wrong." Speak because you realize the value of their life and you love them. If love is not why you are speaking, don't speak.

45:10 - Don't correct out of pride - Pride in knowledge - We get proud and knowledge puffs us up. We read the word and say, "Well the word says this. And you shouldn't be doing that." We don't even love them. We are just setting them straight. We are proud in our own knowledge. And then we are just correcting everybody's words and sentences.

45:45 - Correcting others beliefs - gently, carefully - take time with them. Share why it is limiting or where it will lead. Be discerning - find a way.

46:45 - The value of having a good name - they will listen to correction. The more that people see Christ in your life, the more that they will be able to accept your words and where you are coming from.

47:30 - Correct for their sake - So that they run well - My only reason for talking to them is not to set them straight. It's not just because I have the Bible knowledge. It's because I know where that belief is going to lead them. And one day they are going to cry because of that and be limited because of that and the kingdom will be sold short because of that. So for their sake, with nobody around, I am just talking to them so that they will run well. That's actually selfless.

49:00 - Be discerning on how to correct - There is no text book - Discernment will help you know how to handle - some you save out of the fire, others with compassion - Jude 1:22. You know the difference by discernment. There’s no textbook. It's discernment.

49:15 - question cont. - The way we get rid of self-centeredness and grow in the things of the Spirit is through personal intimacy with God.

Putting off & Putting on

49:25 - How do you “put off” the old man and "put on" the new without getting into works?

Put off the old man by separating it from your identity as you commune with God - You separate it from your identity. Get alone with God and say, “I wasn’t created for this. This has nothing to do with who I am. I’m not a man of anger etc……

49:50 - Separate the "old man" from your identity - You get alone with God and say... I wasn't created for this. This has nothing to do with who I am. I'm not a man of anger and wrath of... (this or that) And I thank You Father that You created me for Your goodness, Your glory. I'm a man of Your love. Your heart is my heart. When I look through these eyes I see exactly what You see because we are One. And I know that grace empowers me to have Your vision. Father, I am not ashamed to be called Your son... When I talk like that, it makes me happy inside.

50:15 - Most people don’t pray/think that way. They just try to do better and be better - which shows their hearts are sincere and pure. God can work with that but in all our getting we need to get understanding.

50:30 - Be aware of how you are coming across - Avoid needless offense - Coming across the wrong way with people - overzealous. I was only 4 months saved. I was vulnerable to touching people wrong. My heart is on fire but not a lot of knowledge. Some people's hearts are not on fire but they have a lot of Christian knowledge. But I was experiencing miracles.

51:40 - Example: Touching someone wrong in counseling - Stress - Man with intestinal problem - stress - touching people the wrong way - didn’t mean wrong - overzealous - Christian for 22 yrs

54:30 - Hot in the warehouse - Too hot in the warehouse - 106 - on fast - glass of water - importance of mindset, the eye you see through

57:30 - Call to pastor - Said no 3 times to being a full time pastor

58:20 - Hot in the warehouse (cont.) - Better counseling - Lollipop - Warehouse continued… Sometimes you just make me so mad. You need to come back down to the earth with the rest of us. - I’m trying to invite her in. Tears. Hot, moody - now the environment is lord - permission to be everything the Lord is not. Sorry I hurt you. You didn’t hurt me. I saw your tears. Let me explain - two kids on playground - and I just found two lollipops. I opened one up and it was the best thing I ever tasted. And I tried to give you the other one and you said, “No, I don’t like that flavor.” They were the tears. Not because you hurt me. But because you don’t have the ears to hear - the glory of what I’m trying to share with you. And you won’t unwrap the lollipop and at least lick it. You just judged it by the cover.

104:00 - Offended by others - Natural knowledge says you have to be hurt when someone treats you wrong. The kingdom says there is no cause for offense in your brother when you become love. I'm way past being offended by you.

* * *

104:30 - Romans 4:25 - Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification. - He's not a dead philosophy or doctrine. He is a living Lord.

105:50 - Romans 5:1 - Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: -

Christianity is more than a prayer to go to heaven one day - No, the kingdom has come - here and now - justified through faith - prayer to go to heaven. We need to get a better grip. This thing is not about praying a prayer to go to heaven and get Jesus in your heart and then still feel the same way, live by the same motivations, produce the same fruits - but at least a bus is going to pick me up someday when the trumpet blows.

107:00 - No, it's: walk in a manner worthy of Him. It's: bear the fruit of righteousness. It's a whole lot bigger than waiting to go to heaven. Heaven has come back to us. The kingdom is where? Here. It's at hand. I'm looking at the kingdom of God right now. Jesus said, "Don't look here or there the kingdom is within you." So I am looking at the kingdom of God. And if we start seeing what He sees, we'll start to manifest that truth.

107:40 - He's looking at the kingdom in us and we are saying, "Who me?"

108:00 - We have peace with God - God cursed sin in the flesh. He has annulled the power and the voice and judgement of any sin that has ever been found - crushed the power of sin. He casts it in the sea of forgetfulness and will remember it no more. And He will call you out of the darkness into the light. If you see the gospel clearly it puts integrity in you - honor in you and desire in you for the things of God.

108:45 - The devil wants to keep you from seeing and receiving the love of God - He wants to substitute works and religion - This is why people struggle so much with receiving the love of God, because the devil knows that if people ever just see, accept, receive the first love of God, they will find out the beauty of who God is and they will find out who they are and they will manifest truth. Because if you love God you will keep His commandments. So why not get them to struggle with the love of God, get them into works, try to keep His commandments and fail, weigh themselves short and never see themselves as lovable even though He already does love them and get them to miss it. Let's get them into legalism, religion and works. Let's get them trapped just going to a church service and hoping they are saved. That's the devil.

Perspective on Trials

109:20 - v.2-3 - By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; -

Trials are the opportunity to stand firm and show that you are for real - Let Jesus come out - Paul jumps right into --> We’re all going to go through trials. And he is excited. He is building. We're for real. God rocks. And we are going to win. Trials don’t have the power to challenge your communion with God. Your relationship with God is already settled. And when your relationship with God is already settled, you have the power to triumph over circumstances.

111:20 - Tribulation is going to bring out the best in you. Tribulation gives you the opportunity and platform to stand and show that you're for real. Freak the devil out - every time he touches you Jesus comes out. He forms you in Christ. You want that process going on in your life. Every time he touches you, you manifest truth.

112:30 - The purpose behind trials - The devil can't defeat God - But he believes he can defeat God's purpose through man - The devil was played at the cross. When he kills Jesus he loses. Now many, many people will live. So, how can he defeat God? Only by getting us to fail to stand in truth, to fail to stand in agreement with God. He knows he can't defeat God personally but He believes he can defeat God and God's purpose in us. He has been messing with people since the garden. He knows that he can't knock Jesus off the throne but he believes he can get Jesus off the throne of your own soul.

113:40 - We glory in tribulation -

Be prepared for tribulation through right perspective - That's not a normal response to tribulation. It's usually tears and a phone call. If you can't see through a good eye that rejoices in truth and looks for the manifestation of Jesus, you have to see that there is still a self-centered, vein here - self-defending thing working in me. "Why me?" That's where you have to go back into that secret place and die to to that self-centered thing.

114:30 - Die to self-centeredness and stay dead - God, this is not the mindset I am created for. This is not productive. This is like a vulnerability. This is like a bulls eye over my spiritual life. Satan is trying to take advantage - an opportunity of a wrong perspective here. And I am not alive for me. It's not about what I am going through. It's about the truth of what You went through and who I am because of You. Thanks for building that in me and making it strong and fortify it God... And you stay in this place. When that stuff is exposed don't fall out and lose your identity and drag your lip on the ground for 3 days and say that you're a loser.

115:15 - Shake yourself out of feeling sorry for yourself - But if you get caught in that - wrong identity - feeling sorry for yourself - Once you realize that don't continue in it but shake out of feeling sorry for yourself - Father, I so thank You for the light in my life that exposes that for what it is. What a lie. I used to live that way all the time. God, You're sharpening me. You're pulling me out of this. I am changing. God I thank You that I am home... You ought to rejoice because you are free. There was a time that you lived that way and thought it was normal.

Righteousness (cont.)

115:50 - v.4,5 - And patience, experience; and experience, hope: And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us. - Hope does not disappoint because we are rooted and grounded in God's love.

116:15 - v.6 - For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. - Jesus did this because He saw our value, our destiny, our inheritance.

116:30 - v.7,8 - For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die. But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. -

117:10 - While we were yet sinners - at nature, at heart - driven by selfishness - that's all the human eye could see - but God saw something more in us.

117:45 - v.9 - Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him.

117:50 - Much more then, being now justified... - You are assumed by the writer now to be justified. It's already done.

You are justified - See and receive God's first love - justified! You are acquitted. It's over. You are innocent. Just a moment ago you were alienated and an enemy by the wicked works of your minds (Col 1:21) and now because He rose from the dead you are holy, blameless and above reproach (Col. 1:22). The blood is amazing. You have to believe that first because that will shake you into transformation. That’s what puts integrity in you. That’s what it means to receive the first love of God. Knowing that the way you were, God saw better in you - more about you - deeper in you.

118:55 - That's the first love of God. God didn’t judge the book (us) by its cover (sin). We were doing all of those things. And He said, "That is not who you are. I know who you are. I've known you from the beginning. And I know what I created you for. Son go pay the price. I'm bringing them home."

119:35 - Fear of judgement - we shall be saved from wrath through him - That means judgement. Perfect love casts out all fear.  People fear torment and condemnation. The only reason that condemnation can live is that we are not perfected in love. He did not send His Son to condemn the world… but that through Him the world might be saved - saved, healed, delivered, protected, preserved, made whole, kept safe and sound.

120:30 - BREAK

120:40 - See yourself as righteous - Anything else is deception - If we confess our sins… - 1 John 1:9 - If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. - He cleanses us of all unrighteousness. If He cleanses us of all unrighteousness what’s left? Righteousness. So all that you can be through Christ and His mercy is... righteous. If you see yourself any other way it is deception. Especially considering the fact that you care...

121:10 - Don't get bogged down in self-condemnation - Pure-hearted people struggle most with this - Some of the purest people live under the most condemnation - secret turmoil, suffering. They are constantly criticizing themselves. They feel like they don’t live up to their love for God - nit picking. It's a trap from hell. The devil is taking advantage of a pure heart. The purest hearts care so much, that it can be a detriment to them in that sense. Find a healthy place between your care and your receiving love and mercy. Don’t look at your life under the law but under grace.

122:00 - We are not looking for a way to sin and get away with it - Is that giving you permission to sin? Of course not. You’re not even thinking sin in the first place. You have to see your life under grace. The people who care like that aren’t looking for permission to live loose. I'm not afraid to preach righteousness because I haven’t found a way to sin and get away with it, I’ve found a way to be free from sin.

122:25 - Preaching righteousness is not the same as giving a green light to sin - It puts integrity into you - Pastors can be afraid to preach righteousness because they think it’s giving a green light to sin. No, it puts integrity back into you. If I can see the goodness of God, it leads me to change (Rom. 2:4). It’s the goodness of God that leads men to change. Mercy triumphs over judgement - James 2:13. Love covers a multitude of sin - 1 Peter 4:8. So, it’s not hell and brimstone messages that change your life. That just puts an unhealthy fear in you - that I’m always in trouble - that God is watching my every move - ready to take me out.

123:20 - People don't need to be perfect before we pray for their healing - People take their healed bodies and use them for sin. But God knew before He healed them that they would do that and He still healed them. People don’t have to be perfect before we pray for them. We put something in them to call them home. They remember the goodness of God - the times of mercy. Why because you put light in dark places and the light shines in the dark. If we don't minister to them because they are living a life of sin, then we have put nothing in them to call them home.

124:45 - God's goodness leads us to change - We didn't initiate change - Not one of us changed first. We were alienated by wicked works in your mind - Col. 1:21. You were yet a sinner... Not one of us changed first. We just heeded the wooing of the Spirit of God based on the seeds that have been sown in us along the way. You don't even realize the seeds that have been sown in you along the way. And God caused them to grow.

Objection to Righteous Identity - 1 John 1:8 - Continually Righteous

125:15 - If we are righteous and commit a sin do we become unrighteous?

125:55 - 1 John 1:9-10 - If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. - v.10 - If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us - If we confess our sins.... Previous verse taken out of context.

126:30 - 1 John 1:8 - In a service pastor said - that’s exactly what I was just thinking. That rebuttal could hinder him from hearing anything else I have to say.

126:55 - One of the biggest questions when righteousness is preached. One liners.

128:00 - v.9 - It's talking about your born again experience - I don’t see this verse as just something to fall back on every time I sin. That’s how it’s preached. It’s talking about your born again experience (the whole passage - when you first came to faith - your need for a Savior) and walking in the light.

128:25 - Once you’re righteous, you are righteous - But sin is not made into a trivial issue - Once you're righteous, you are righteous. Now if you do sin. You don’t ever identify with unrighteousness after you are born again. You identify with the mercy of God, the blood and forgiveness. If you are sincere about that it will put integrity in you. So that sin doesn't just become a trivial issue. That's what pastors are afraid of... to teach this is such a way where people become complacent about sin - oh, whatever, God will just forgive me. God will just love me. Pastors are afraid of that.

129:00 - I believe totally differently. I believe the goodness of God causes change in my life. It's the good news that causes change.

129:25 - Let’s read it… v.5 - This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. - These are the words of God. We grew up - gods unto ourselves - valuing our own opinions. I don't want to be wise in my own opinion. God is light. And where does He live? In us.

Counseling - Apparent Sin

131:00 - v.6 - If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:  -

We are deceived if we say we are born again and yet we walk in darkness - If we’re saying that we know Him - that we’ve been born again - and yet we still walk in darkness… He’s not talking about a stumbling into sin. He’s talking about walking and living in the darkness - willful disobedience - "God knows my heart - stop judging me."

131:40 - Judging - People cop out saying, "Don't judge me." - When you can see that something is true, it's not judging - "Judging" means to presume upon - to look and weigh and make a decision and judge without knowing. Counseling young couples where lines are definitely being crossed. If I know something to be true, then it’s not judging. To then say, "Don’t judge" me is a cop out. It reveals that they have no sense of repentance. That changes the way you handle things.

133:00 - Counsel to unveil value - Christianity is not a matter of rules and a straight jacket - You still love them but you need to give them truth and understanding on why this is detrimental to their lives and relationship and the church. It's not legalism - do's and don’ts - a straight jacket - instead of giving the "why" behind it. Put them in the position of being convicted so that they would have to cross that line willfully. To draw the best out in them. Share the beauty of.... So they will still have the desires, but unless they have understanding of the value of the thing, they won’t have the grace to keep from the desire. Otherwise Christianity becomes a straight jacket. No, in all your getting get understanding. The understanding of thing puts the value of the thing in you.

134:00 - Pornography magazine

134:20 - Now I see it for what it is - I change because of what I see and understand - it loses it's luster and makes me cry. Is there a draw or attraction any more? No, because I see it for what it really is. I see it for what it really produces. Something has been revealed. It's fantasy and selfishness. It's me, myself and I. It's confusion, lost identity and dishonor. I change because of what I see and understand.

135:30 - You don't just tell two young people, "You aren't supposed to do that." This is a good place to answer this question...

135:30 - Do you remove someone from ministry until they repent of a known sin? There is no textbook answer for every situation - you have to learn discernment and let love be your motive.

137:05 - Don't judge based on hearsay - Gossip - Be careful not to rely on hearsay (vs.the facts). Find out directly from the person. How do you know that to be true? [Extended discussion of gossip and the contamination of gossip.] It's a trap from hell and it's huge in the church and it's got to stop.

139:00 - Hearsay about Dan - lady accuses Dan of hypocrisy.

142:30 - (back to the question…) I get people alone where they are not threatened and I tell them what I’m concerned about - and give them every opportunity to come clean and confess without settling a belief in my heart. I'm not grilling them as if I believe the accusation. [Example of such a conversation.]

144:15 - Don't judge based on appearances - Presumption - Judgement - on circumstantial evidence / hearsay. Just be careful - don’t presume. There could be alternative explanations. Inquire - example conversations. Love people enough to ask people and talk to them.

147:00 - (back to the question…) If they are not coming clean - I won’t judge them on it. But if I know, then it becomes a friendship issue. "Help me understand this. I want to believe you." [Example conversations.]

149:00 - Pulling the plug on ministry - I rarely pull the plug on ministry. When you pull the plug on ministry… it can be very damaging to the person. All that is left is an awareness of how things have fallen apart - I'm lost - I'm backslidden. It seems to have a nasty effect. Every situation is different. But if I’m working with them and they are making progress, I don’t have any problem with them flowing in some sort of level of ministry if they are making forward progress that way.

150:20 - If they deny wrongdoing. Then I believe them and trust that Holy Spirit will convict.

150:45 - Whatever you do, do it for the person’s sake and the sake of the whole. As pastor you are covering the heart of the whole but not at the expense of a person. Restoring - don’t remember him for what he did - see him for who he has become through Christ. When you see brokenness and repentance and you are encouraging them behind the scenes it's not necessary to lose a step in ministry. The body doesn't stumble. The body doesn't get that into their heads and can never hear another message.

152:00 - If there is confession and tears - repentance, brokeness - that's what I build on.

152:50 - Love covers a multitude of sin - 1 Peter 4:8. That doesn't mean it accepts and allows. Behind the scenes I am doing everything I can do to restore value, integrity and get Holy Spirit back in the flow of their life to where they are free from this thing.

153:10 - The object is to restore - And separate them from what they did to who they are. We see people for what they have done. And that makes it who they are. And they have our trust broken forever and we can never trust them again. And now because they have failed, they are never redeemable because we never forget. Thank God He didn't see us like that. I wonder why we see others like that?

Objection to Righteous Identity - 1 John 1:8 - Continually Righteous (cont.)

154:15 - recap of v.6 - If we walk in darkness it reveals that we don't really know Him. Willful sin.

154:45 - Love is our barometer - 1 John 4:7-8 - says your love is your barometer of knowing Him. If you love, it's because you know Him. If you don’t love, you just don’t know Him. You just know about Him. If you know Him, you'll love, because He is love. That means that the purpose of knowing Him is to become like Him - not to just enjoy His heaven - but to enjoy who He is from the inside out.

155:45 - v.7 - But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. -

He cleans us from ALL sin - DONE - If we come clean - get out of ourSELVES - come out of darkness into the light - purifies us from ALL sin. Done. Righteous. I'm not dual natured. I'm not driven by sin. I am not "always going to sin / Thank God He forgives me." A lot of the church believes that. It's not true. The word tells you it's not true.

156:40 - v.8 - If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. -

If we say we have no need for cleansing we are deceived - if we say we have no sin... - You were just cleansed of all sin in v.7. He's not turning around and telling you to confess that you always have it. What is he saying? If you say you have no need for this in your life - the cleansing through the blood. If you say you have no need to be born again. "What do you mean sin? I’m a pretty good fellow. I'm already walking in the light. I'm not as bad as people are." (works) If you are saying you have no need for a Savior... no need to be cleansed... you are deceived and the truth is not in you.

157:25 - Salvation is not by works - There are people trying to be saved through works. Trying to be pretty good. They go to church. There are denominations where Christianity is reduced to trying to be pretty good people and God is going to let me into heaven because I do pretty good.

157:50 - v.9 - If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. -

This verse refers to being born again - if we confess our sins… This refers to the born again experience. Not talking about if we stumble.

158:20 - If you stumble - Don't even lose a step in relationship - Father, I thank you that that is not who I am and who I'm created to be. God, and the light in my life exposed that. That is not me and I have no desire in my life to be willful or selfish and touch somebody in a self righteous place. God, thank You for illuminating me with truth and understanding, for forgiving me and washing me of all sin. And I thank You that I stay clean in your sight. I am mature and wiser and sharper because You love me and Father me. Thank you for the truth that is making me free... So in the midst of a stumble I never lose a step in relationship. I actually grow and increase because His goodness keeps me changed. I’m walking out and working out my salvation and above all reverencing God - Phil. 2:12.

159:35 - If I see anything less than Him in my life, I step out of it and say, Father, that is so not who I am in you. I never sacrifice my identity.

159:45 - This verse refers to being born again - a whole new life - faithful and just to forgive us our sins - He’s not talking about in the next hour. He’s talking about if you recognize your need for a Savior and that you’ve lived in a selfish, sinful manner, He is faithful and just to cleanse you. You come out of the darkness into the light. And you walk in Him as He is in the light because His blood has cleansed you. And it introduces you into family and now you have fellowship with one another. He’s actually preaching righteousness and your born again experience.

200:20 - Let His goodness keep you continually righteous - Don't run and hide - cleanse us from all unrighteousness - Once you are cleansed of all unrighteousness guess what you FOREVER ARE... Righteous. If you let your identity be ruled by a sin you commit after you are saved, you are deceived. You’ll be condemned in your own mind. You won’t face God. You’ll hide from God and put fig leaves on. You’ll be the product of your sin instead of embracing Him and letting His goodness keep you transformed. You have to see yourself as continually righteous in Christ. When are you ever unrighteous? When you fail to live by faith and receive His love. And even then you will live in a consciousness that seems unrighteous but through Christ you are still made right in the sight of God.

201:20 - He didn't just die for our sins. He died for the sins of the whole world. People just don’t realize it.

201:35 - v.10 - Verse 10 clarifies verse 8 - He's talking about your born again experience - If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us. - He clarifies and strengthens v. 7&8. If we say that we have not sinned… i.e. We have no need of the blood… that’s what makes us deceived. We all have to recognize our need for His blood.

201:55 - Who knows that I have made a couple of mistakes since I've been born again? Who knows that I'm not a condemned man? Who knows that I've stayed righteous that whole time and have received the Fathers love through it all? And it's what made me love Him even more because of His mercy and all of that good stuff about Him?

202:30 - 2:1 - My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous:  -

Verse 2:1 says "that you may not sin" - So it must be possible not to live bogged down in sin - Why is he writing this? So we don’t sin. So he’s certainly not saying that you’re always going to sin three verses before. The whole reason he’s writing is that you don’t sin.

203:15 - One-liners can be very damaging. The devil uses that one liner to make preachers afraid to preach righteousness and freedom from sin. Now we can’t preach truth and be set free. So do religious duty - we pay homage to God instead of becoming like God.

204:40 - Verse 2:1 says "and if you sin" - not "and when you sin" - Sin is not inevitable - He doesn’t even want you thinking sin. He erases sin-consciousness, sin-mentality, sin-identity in this whole chapter. And we reduce it to saying we always have to sin.

205:00 - and if anyone sins… we have an advocate Jesus Christ the Righteous - not - condemned forever. Jesus is righteous. And if I am in Him and He is in me, and I’m in the body of Christ, I must be righteous too. If there is light in Him and no darkness and He’s in me, there must be light in me.

206:25 - We are righteous because He says so - John 15:3 - you are clean because of the word I have spoken to you - You are clean because I have spoken. Why? Because He is truth. If He spoke it it’s true. If He says, "I love you." You are loved. If He says, "I forgive you." You are forgiven. If He says, "You are righteous." You are righteous. ... but in these last days God has spoken through His Son.

207:20 - So we seek first His kingdom (which is in us) and His righteousness (Mt. 6:33) and now the door is open for all these other things to be added. Everything necessary to fulfill His will and manifest His glory. That doesn't just mean full vats and barns and every wish and want fulfilled. It means everything necessary to do what you are on the planet for.

207:55 - v.2 - And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world. - And He, himself - that's why you have to keep your eyes on Him. That's why He is the big deal.

208:15 - Sins of the whole world - That’s why unbelievers can be healed right now. That's why those who are not born again can be healed. Because there is mercy crying out for them. And God will grant them that mercy so that His goodness can bring them to change. Many who do not believe are healed. Technically all whom Jesus healed were not born again. Jesus healed prolifically and not one of them was born again.

209:45 - Be encouraged by God's work in Peter - Peter stumbled but he was not cast aside - Peter - denied Jesus - still loved his own life but had a revelation that Jesus was the Christ. Jesus prays for Him even though He knew what Peter was going to do. Satan has a strategy to uproot everything Jesus has sowed into Peter.

210:30 - Be encouraged - Jesus mediates for you daily - Jesus makes intercession for you daily. He advocates for you before the Father every moment of every day. To Peter - I have prayed for you - when you return, strengthen your brethren.

212:20 - And look what God did through Peter. He kept growing. Peter kept growing up into Him in all things. Because Gods love never fails. He had some hard lessons under his belt. God saw him for what Jesus did, not what Peter did. And that brought Peter into that expression of change.

213:25 - Traveling with Todd - snoring loud - woke up and went for run with Holy Spirit

217:00 - Never uses alarm clock

220:30 - Let God become real through intimate communion - NEXT WEEK - Fellowship and communion with God / Intimacy with God and what that looks like. How important it is to get to know Him and build God reality in your own life - and how you get there by faith - and how faith becomes your reality - and how it’s such an encouraging journey - and how many stumbling blocks come into your soul and how ways of thinking try to pull the plug on that beautiful process of growing up in Him. Intellect and natural reasoning pulls the plug if we allow it. But you can live by faith and faith can become your reality. I personally believe that what we’re lacking at large in the body of Christ is God reality and God reality changes everything. You don’t struggle with the same stuff when God becomes real. Certain desires pass away in the light of Him. Effortless - it's the joy of knowing Him.

222:00 - Just focus on Jesus - Instead of on not messing up - The church focuses on not eating from the tree. No, if you’re walking with Him in the cool of the day, you’re not eating from the tree. We’re trying not to eat the tree - not to follow the voice. No, just walk with Jesus. This thing is simple.

227:35 - Closing prayer - Father, we thank you, for your amazing love. Thank you for the identity we receive through Christ. And thank you that this word is true. It's the word of righteousness. Thank you that that is who we have become through your sacrifice. Build in us understanding. Let the lights come on. Thank you for what you are doing in us. In Jesus' name.