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Day 35 (2011)


➡ 2:20 - TODAY - will be more word (Bible) based. NEXT WEEK - more training based - teaching in walking in these truths. But today I want to establish the truth. I want you to see how much the word says what we are saying - the kingdom - and healing. I want you to see the unlimited scriptures. No limitation and it is Jesus that said it all.

Open Our Understanding

3:50 - Luke 24 - Jesus just rose from the dead. The disciples are pretty freaked out. They weren’t expecting it. They were consumed by the fear of death. Behold my hands and feet.

4:35 - v.39 - Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.

4:50 - Our mediator has flesh and bones - A Man in heaven representing all men - I just wanted to show you one little thing here, but there is so much in the Bible. Why is He saying this? Why isn’t He a spirit. After He was raised from the dead He still had flesh and bones. Why is that important? Because He is still a Man. And He wants you to see that and know that. He is going up to the heavenly sanctuary as a Man, not a spirit, so that He can represent all men to the Father. So a Man, today, is in the holy place, with His blood on the mercy seat, sitting at the right hand of God representing all men. So He is our mediator.

6:15 - That’s why through Christ we can go to the Father.

6:25 - A Man in heaven, representing all men on earth. He is our High Priest. Perfect Man, holy blood, sitting on behalf of all men, making us complete. So all we have to do is come to Him by faith. The love of the Father is revealed to us through the Son.

6:50 - v.44-45 - And he said unto them, These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me. Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures,

Jesus opened their minds to understand - He did it for them, He will do it for us - This is all I wanted you to see. And He opened their understanding that they might understand the scriptures. Who wants that? If He did that for them, He will do it for us. I want that, so let’s pray that right now.

8:20 - Opening prayer - open our hearts (not just minds) to deep down understand.

Preach the Kingdom - Healing is Part of the Package

9:30 - Matthew 10:7 - And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. The kingdom of God is at hand. It’s in us. God’s not way out there, He’s here.

10:40 - God gave us responsibility to keep and subdue the earth - Why would you lay hands on the sick? God is God. He could just come and heal them. Because He made Adam in His image and told him to tend and keep the earth - subdue the earth. We’ve turned it into, “God, why did you allow? Where have you been?” - attitudes toward God. Not evil, we just haven’t been taught.

11:40 - “Dan, He is just talking to a small group of men.” No, look at chapter 28...

Authority was Taken Back - First Adam / Last Adam

12:00 - Matthew 28:18 - And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

Jesus sees us with His authority inside - What does the authority given to Jesus have to do with them? We are in Him and He is in us. We are one. We are the body of Christ. He is not seeing us apart from Him. Christ means anointing. So we are the embodiment of the anointing.

14:00 - Luke 4:6 - And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.

Jesus reclaimed the authority that was lost by Adam and Eve - He took back authority where Jesus was tempted by the devil, the devil said all these kingdoms I will give to you if you’ll bow down and worship me. For they have all been handed over to me and I can give them to anybody I want. Who handed all of that over to satan? Adam when he followed Eve and ate from the tree.

14:45 - Jesus came as the last Adam so that you could have the kingdom and be restored to what the first Adam had before the fall - So Jesus comes as the second / last Adam. You were born into the first Adam. The second Adam came that you could be born again. Everything you were born into, before you came to Christ, was the fall of man - mindset, everything - void of God. But the last Adam entitles you to the kingdom and reinstates you to the first Adam before the fall.

16:00 - The whole time we are bogged down in religion, the kingdom is inside of us.

16:45 - Recent miracles - Do you know why I could be involved in those miracles? Because of this one truth that was swept under the rug. First Adam / Second Adam. Good people who just don’t understand will fight this message. It’s what makes the good news good. If you are going to fight the good about the news, why preach the news.

18:20 - v.19 - Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: -

Jesus has all authority and we are going in His name - Jesus has poured Himself into these men for three years. He’s made these men one with Him through the cross. They took off - loved their own lives but Jesus didn’t change, didn’t give up on them. When He rose from the dead He went right to them. Instead of being down on them, the authority He has, He gave them. If all authority is given to Him and we are going in His name, what authority are we going in? All authority.

19:35 - What was happening was like the beginning all over again - The image of God inside man again - Reproduce - be fruitful and multiply - make disciples. This is the beginning (parallel to Genesis) - they are born again. This is like Genesis, when God brought Adam up out of the dirt.   And in Genesis 2:7, God breathed into Adam. The first Adam failed. John 20:22 - The last Adam breathed into man again - into us - as the Son of Man and Son of God. He repainted the picture from the beginning. What was lost - that breath - what was lost when man sinned, Jesus restored when He rose from the dead and breathed back into His guys. Once again, the life and Spirit of God can live inside of man. In the garden, God said to Adam, “Be fruitful and multiply.” What is He saying here? Be fruitful and multiply. Everything I have imparted to you, everything I have put inside of you, everything that I have given you, go make men the same.

21:15 - So this isn’t just about going to Sunday service and living a peaceful life. It’s about being fruitful and multiplying. It’s not about paying homage to God. It’s about manifesting the kingdom.

Pass the Baton

21:25 - v.20 - Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Teaching them to observe ALL that I commanded you - That includes healing the sick, raising the dead, etc. - Here is what I want you to see. It’s not limited to these 11 guys. “... teaching them to observe ALL - all things - everything - that I have commanded you. Which means this. If He is talking to Peter, James and John, He’s talking to me. Who grew up hearing, “Well that was for the disciples.” I don’t even know where we get that stuff. Teach the new disciples everything that I have commanded you. Whatever He taught Peter, James and John, they are to teach us to do the same. Are we sitting here today because they went and made disciples? Absolutely. So is he talking about us. Yes.

23:20 - Nothing has changed - He is with us just as He was with the apostles - And lo, I am with you always to the end of the age. Why did He say that? So that nobody could say that anything has changed. Nothing has changed (from when the apostles were healing).

23:45 - Bible studies teaching topics. Knowledge takes the place of knowing Him. You’ll just be intrigued by the Bible. Knowledge puffs you up. Love edifies.

24:10 -  Our purpose is to bear witness of His image - There is love in what Jesus is saying. He is saying, “I created you for a purpose to bear witness of my image. Even if you lost that through the fall. I took the fall and rose from the dead to get it (the image) back inside of you. Now, go do what you were created to do - bear witness of my image.

Heal THE Sick

25:00 - Mt. 10:7-8 - And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. -

The kingdom is here - Heal THE sick, raise THE dead, cleanse THE lepers, cast out demons - the kingdom is here - Then He immediately says, heal the sick. Why? Because it is all part of the kingdom. The expression of the kingdom is the restoration of man.

25: 20 - Heal THE sick. No modifiers - all sick. It’s a command. So in Matt 28 when Jesus tells them to teach all that He has commanded them, does this qualify?

26:00 - Cleanse THE lepers - all lepers qualify

26:15 - Raise THE dead - We are not supposed to fear death any more - Heb 2 - because we have everlasting life.

26:30 - Love not your own life - See a bigger picture than this life - Pour your life out - We covet this natural life so much because we can’t see bigger than it. So we incorporate Jesus into this life hoping that this life is better because this life is all we see. But this life is taking us into the one that’s to come and this life will speak forever on behalf of the King if we live it and leave a legacy. Or we will live it in fear and incorporate Jesus into this life in hopes that this life goes better instead of expend it for His name sake so you have a legacy when you get there. See the difference? One is all about Him. And the other is all about you. That’s the trap.

27:20 - Cast out demons - most of the time we act like they are not real.

27:30 - Freely give the kingdom - Why do we do this? What did we receive freely? The kingdom. In the kingdom is healing and the authority Jesus was talking about in Matt. 28. Freely give.

Look & See - The Kingdom of God is Now Evident

27:50 - Matthew 11 v.1 and reading - John the Baptist's disciples sent to Jesus

28:30 - John was asking a question for which he already knew the answer - Are you the coming One? Or do we look for another? This question always stumbled me coming from John. Why would John the Baptist ask this question? When John first saw Jesus at the Jordan River, he said, “Behold the lamb of God...” He made a public announcement. “...who takes away the sin of the world.” John declared that Jesus must increase and John decrease. “He’s the One the Father showed me but I didn’t know who He was, but when He came out of the water the Spirit came upon Him and remained upon Him and the Lord said, ‘the One the Spirit remains upon, He is the One.' He’s the One follow Him. Stop following me.”

29:35 - The circumstances of his life (prison) were challenging what John already knew - Did John have a revelation that Jesus is the one? Then why is he asking the question? Because John is in prison. When your life is being tried you question who God is. “If He is coming to open prison doors, why am I in prison? If He is really the Christ, why am I locked up - I should be free - I am the forerunner.” Jesus called John the greatest prophet of them all.

30:30 - Here he is with a revelation that Jesus is the Christ. Jesus is proclaiming that He is going to open prison doors and set people free. And now John, who was anointed to proclaim His coming, is in prison.

31:00 - We tend to question what we already know when we are going through trials - How many people have I heard say, “If He is so good, how come….? If God is so faithful then why am I...?” Countless times - that mentality.

31:20 - John is asking a question about something he already knows. But his life is raising the question. And you can tell by Jesus’ answer that I am not speculating that this is what happened.

31:30 - Jesus answers John with reference to what was happening - The kingdom of God was being expressed - When they said, “Are you the One that is to come or should we look for another?” Jesus said, “You go tell John the things you hear and see...” Now look at Jesus’ own affirmation of Him being the One and He says, “All authority is given to me, Go therefore…” He says, “You go preach saying the kingdom is here.” And do what? Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and cast out demons.

32:10 - When they asked Jesus, “Are you the One,”  here is what He testified. He didn’t say, “Yeah, I started a church. It’s really attended well. There is a lot of good things and our worship is awesome. Our cell groups are splitting and multiplying.” Look what He said, “The blind see, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised up and the poor have the gospel preached to them. And blessed is the man…” Here is how you find out why John asked the question. “ ...blessed is the man who is not offended because of me.” “Well, if you are so good, why am I in prison?” I am not saying that John had that serious of an attitude but he sure had enough question to ask it.

33:20 - Did John already know Jesus was the Christ? The Bible affirms that John was the one that knew. Now he is asking the question. It must be because of his circumstances. Jesus said, “Blessed is the man who has no cause to stumble because of Me.”

33:45 - Don't let the circumstances of life determine God - It keeps you from intimacy - Find Him through the Son - So, don’t let life dictate who He is. Let it be settled in your heart so that you can face life from that place. Or you are a circumstance away from falling away - being overwhelmed - questioning God. As soon as you question God, you can’t trust God. As soon as you can’t trust God, you can’t have intimacy with God.

34:10 - Some people say, “I just can’t do that.” The underlying issue is often unresolved questions to God. We are still accusing God without even realizing it. It’s not even intentional - just inadvertently because we still aren’t sure who God is. We are still trying to figure Him out and find Him through life. No, you find Him through His Son (in the word).

34:50 - Jesus' affirmed who He was to John by pointing to the way that God was flowing through His life - Isn’t it amazing John asked that question? Here is what I want you to see - Jesus’ answer was the way that God was flowing through His life: the blind receive sight, etc. Jesus brought up those things right away. That is how He affirmed who He was by the things that God was doing through His life and that authority. “And blessed is He who is not offended because of me.” So these are the things that Jesus is doing. When He says, “Go preach that the kingdom is here,” the first thing He says after that is, “Heal the sick…”  The kingdom is here so heal the sick. Do you hear the connection, the relationship? “All authority has been given to Me. Go therefore…” because I am in you. You can’t miss this.

Unlimited Promise - Nothing will be Impossible for You

36:00 - Matt 17:20 - And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. -

YOU will speak to the mountain - He is in you - We’ve already read the promise in Matt.17:20 - YOU will. You won’t pray to God, you will say to the mountain. Why? Because of this authority we are talking about. He is in us. We are His choice to carry the kingdom. He made us for that. It’s your created value. You are a house fit for a king. He made that possible. He wants to live inside of us.

37:00 - This message brings joy when you believe it - You see people differently because of the hope - It’s good to have some joy in your heart (because you believe what we are talking about). It’s not some fantasy place, you just see differently. You see hope for people. You see help for people. You see change, in your heart. You don’t read life (at) face value when you understand the gospel. Or you would just walk through an airport and cry because everybody seems lost at large. That’s not the way it is. You are drawn to them and you love them. You know that somebody has a seat beside you and they are going to be in a seat belt. They can’t get away. It’s just fun. They ask the dreaded question, “How are you?” And you have to tell them. Or they say, “Why were you in town?” That’s all you need. And Jesus loves them.

38:35 - Give them Jesus - Love them sincerely - No agenda - They are not a target. I’m not trying to “get them saved.” I think that’s where we went wrong. We miss love. And we miss the value of the person. And we fail to convey a sincere heart to them. We have an agenda. It seems right. It seems Christian. We are just trying to get them saved. But what about if we just give them Jesus and we love people. Our goal isn’t to get them “saved” but to give them Jesus - that they have a vital encounter with the living God. And they have to deal with that for the rest of their lives.

39:20 - Every meeting is a divine appointment because God dwells in us -  Lady balling in the jetway - walking for the first time in a long time - Jesus has always loved you. She just happened to run into someone who believed that. Because God lives in us. every appointment (every meeting) is divine. We complicate it. We mystify it. We limit the move of God in our lives because we are waiting for bells and whistles, thunder and lightning. Love just loves.

40:20 - Lady who was bone on bone in her knees - frustrated with church - I didn’t think God did that stuff. I thought that was just TV shows - out to walk in the isle - three steps and balling. People listening. Isn’t that amazing? Jesus loves you so much. It’s His good pleasure to give you the kingdom - and healing is part of the kingdom - just preaching to those around us.

43:40 - Growling - I’m not growling at people but at the mentalities that are not from Jesus.

43:50 - Jesus told the disciples to pass the baton - In Matt 17:20 - YOU will - He is talking to the disciples but in Matt. 28:20 He tells them to teach us everything He taught them. And lo, He is with us to the end of the age. So the next time I am flying, guess who is with me?

44:30 - Don't get sidetracked away from loving as you go - Worry and anxiety come from thinking of yourself - That sure beats worrying about my next flight and whether I am on time and being a wreck all the time. Then it is all about me. So what if my flight is delayed, it’s just somebody else to sit beside while I’m waiting.

45:10 - When the flights are messed up there is a lot of pandemonium, anger, agents behind the desk taking whuppings for stuff they don’t have control over - a thunderstorm. People are mad because you are smiling. “What are you smiling about?” “Really want to know?” People are mad because you are ok. It’s funny how you can get people’s minds off of the situation if you sit and start talking to folks.

46:00 - Nothing will be impossible for YOU - Matthew 17:20 - Who is going to say to the mountain? We are. It’s going to move. And this is the most incredible thing Jesus says in the NT for me - it touches me personally: “And nothing - NO THING - will be impossible for YOU.” Now just because that has not been our reality doesn’t mean that He didn’t say it and doesn’t mean it is not true.

46:50 - We have the opportunity to believe, receive and walk in it - He died on the cross telling us that we are worthy of His death. Do all people live that way? Is it (nevertheless) still true? Does God obviously love everyone? Does everyone receive His love and believe His love? Does He (nevertheless) still love? We are going to stand before God one day and find out that He is love. Does everybody believe it, receive it and walk in it? Is it (nevertheless) still true? So it does boil down to what we believe doesn’t it. The just live by faith. Life (circumstances in this life) makes sure that you have every opportunity not to believe. Yet Jesus said what He said… (nothing shall be impossible for you.)  

47:40 - Circumstances in life are set against us to quench the kingdom. He’s not even out to destroy you, he’s out to defeat God in you - the kingdom - your destiny - your purpose. Why do you think that you, in and of yourself, would be so important to the devil that he would be out to kill you. It’s because of the kingdom - your created value - your potential - your birthright - your heritage - your inheritance. That’s why you don’t take life personally. Take the kingdom personally. Because that’s what make you everlasting.

49:15 - The gospel is a brand new way of thinking and living. Be renewed in the spirit of your mind. Innermost part.

50:20 - Know who you are - See the big picture - And address the mountain - Matt 17:20 - faith is revealed in you saying - understanding with authority - not just crying out because you have a need. Faith is revealed in you saying - because you see it (the mountain) for what it is - you know who you are - you see the big plan and picture and will of God - and you address it.

51:00 - Know the will of God - Many of us grew up hearing that it was arrogant to claim that we could know the will of God - the will of God is a mystery. “Who can know the will of God?” When the Bible says, “Don’t be unwise but understand the will of the Lord.” Eph 5:17  Be renewed in your mind so that you can prove the will of God - Rom 12:2  The Bible reveals that Jesus’ life is the will of God revealed. So the will of God is found through Jesus’ life.

52:00 - Nothing will be impossible for you - He wants you to see that you are one with Him - Matt 17:20 - No thing will be impossible for YOU. I thought that was God’s job, nothing impossible for God. He said nothing will be impossible for YOU. Why is He telling this to His guys right now. Because He wants you on some power trip or thinking you are someone special? He wants you to see that you are one with Him. That He always sees you one with Him. And that who He is, is who He is in you. We are the body of Christ - the embodiment of Christ.

52:50 -  Satan’s strategy is to keep us from seeing who we really are - the body of Christ - No wonder the enemy keeps us in insecurity and identity issues. If you are struggling with insecurity, identity issues, low esteem, you are not even thinking body of Christ. You’re hoping somebody says something nice to you so you feel better about what you don’t feel. And yet you are carrying the kingdom and you are His people. That’s why identity crisis is so prevalent in people because satan’s strategy is just to keep us from seeing who we really are and get caught up in a whole bunch of other stuff - distractions. When you know who you are you can’t even be distracted. It does something to you.

Unlimited Promise - Whatsoever You Ask Believing You Shall Receive

54:00 - Matthew 21:21 - Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done. I know I said Matt 17:20 is my favorite verse but watch this...

v.22 - And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.  

Confidence comes through knowing the will of God - Believing, not needing. You have to have confidence in the will of God to even be able to believe. If you are asking God for something you are not sure is God’s will, you can’t have faith or confidence in your asking, you are just checking it out to see if it will work.

54:55 - Faith begins when the will of God is known. If you know the will of God, faith is an automatic. If you understand the love of God, faith flows through it. So if I have sickness in my body and I am understanding God’s love for me through the cross and I am understanding the kingdom is here - heal the sick - and I am understanding the correlation of redemption and restoration - God wants to redeem me, reconcile me, make me whole. I start understanding that God’s love is what rolled this ball in the first place - it begins to be easy to see myself whole and begin to receive His love and wholeness in that area when I am settled and sure in His love for me. Not letting the sickness question the love but letting the love crush the sickness.

55:40 - Continuing sickness leads us to question God's love - His love should already be established through His Son - What we do is “Well if He loves me why am I sick?” By that question you are revealing that you are letting the sickness define God instead of God defining the sickness. Why should we give sickness the voice to define God when God is already defined through His Son? He should already be defined. The sickness shouldn’t threaten His identity in your life.

56:15 - Participant comment - Participant ties what Dan is saying about questioning God because of lack of healing back to John the Baptist questioning from prison what John already knew about Jesus. Mt. 11:1+.

57:20 - We make it all about us - What God can do for us - Does God’s love get affirmed through Christ and His life? Or through the circumstances of your life? So why are we looking for love through the circumstances of our lives. Because we are self-centered, needs driven and incorporating God into our life instead of letting Him become our life. Oops. And at large, we have taught the gospel that way. What God can do for us instead of how He can make us more like Him. The gospel is all about God making us more like Him.

58:30 - And when circumstances go bad, we question God and reveal that we were in it for ourselves. No, God’s love should be established in our lives. We fight with Him, not against Him.

59:20 - We question when we should be standing firm to fight - When you have a trial come into your life and you start asking introspective questions - “How did this happen?” - “I wonder what door I opened?” - “Why is God allowing?” - that’s how 99% of people respond when they are in trial. When you are asking the questions, you should be fighting. When you are questioning, there is no shield or sword. You are actually backing up, when you should be waging a good fight of faith right now. The bottom line is that the trial is here. Don’t try to figure it all out, fight. We do an introspective question list instead of rising up and fighting.

100:20 - Fight the good fight of faith - “Well Dan, how am I supposed to respond?” You’ve got a shield that quenches every fiery dart - a sword. Rather than question those weapons and their validity and putting them away, why not get them out and use them?

100:40 - Fight by proclaiming life over the situation - Father, wow, I see what's going on. I'm not sure how this has even come about but I sure thank You that You love me and have given me wisdom. And God right now I proclaim life over this situation...

100:50 - Proclaim life over the situation. Why? Because you are assured He loves me. You are assured that He didn’t administrate this - because it’s not bringing life. But He can sure form me in it. He can sure seal me in a deeper revelation. But I have to keep my eyes on Him, not on introspective questions - throwing your identity away. You can’t even fight when you are in that place. You are being deceived into making it all about you again instead of who you are rising up and winning.

101:30 - The storm is here. What do I do now in God? That’s what our response should be. Not, “Why is this storm here?”

101:55 - v.22 - And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. -

Unlimited promise - Whatever - believing, not needing. This book and these promises are not just a method we apply to our lives to get the results we want - it’s a relationship of love - it’s a revealing of the Father in the Bible through the Son and you find you in here.

Unlimited Promise - Mountain, Be Removed!

102:40 - Mark 11:22 - And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God. We put our faith in a lot of things - people that are praying for us - our own faith - what we are saying as we pray. Your faith is in God - who He is - His will in the matter - His heart. Who God is is where faith comes from. And faith works through love.

103:40 - I am sure of God’s love towards me - Father, I am convinced that that You love me so much that You would send Your Son - that You would redeem me and reconcile me while I was yet an enemy, by wicked works in my mind, yet You made holy, blameless and above reproach. I was alienated. I was estranged. I had no hope. No covenant. No God. Yet You were there to Father me. And now I see and understand through the cross. You've captivated my heart. I am so sure of Your love towards me.

104:10 - Trials are not going to wreck me - We are in love - Trials are a platform to manifest Jesus - Anything that is coming at me has to come through the eye of that needle (He loves me and has done amazing things so that I can be with Him). So cancel fear and worry. I’m in love with God and God’s in love with me for the purpose of manifesting His image, manifesting His nature. Not just so that He takes care of me, so that everything goes my way and I am never inconvenienced. But so that I can bear witness of my Father. He’s in me and I’m in Him. He loves me and His will is towards me in the realm of life. So persecutions, trials, adversities are all to manifest Jesus through. It’s a great platform to manifest the truth of what is inside of you.

105:20 - Faith comes from God’s love - What gives me the confidence to see trials and adversity this way? His love. So faith comes from love.

105:45 - I don’t have all the answers but God is the same. Hold onto Him. And we are coming through.

106:10 - Don’t blame the person going through the trial - Help them to stand and fight - We put the blame on the person going through the trial. “The devil had to have a way in. You have to be doing something wrong or you wouldn’t be in that place.” Rather than - “Look man, we are together. I don’t know why this is happening but I can see one thing - it doesn’t have the fingerprint of God. No matter what opened the door, we can figure that out along the way but right now let’s stand and fight because we can win. Jesus loves you.”

107:20 - v.23 - For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Whoever - you have the privilege of stewarding this gospel or contesting it or being half way in and half way out. You can’t prove to me that I am taking this too far when I read this Bible.

Keep Growing in Healing

108:45 - Believers are seeing healing results and growing - Cynics don't see healings - People that fight against what I am preaching now and don’t understand, seem to live their whole lives and never see things change in the sick. People that preach what I am preaching, even though we don’t see everything change that we are going after are seeing a lot of stuff. There are babies alive today that shouldn’t be.

109:20 - Babies alive.

109:35 - Keep growing - Our experience is not Lord - Go after what Jesus said - When we don’t see everything we are going after change, the cynic rises up and says, “Hah, well why did they die.” But what about all the ones that are living and that we are growing and increasing. So if we are not seeing everything, did Jesus say we can? Do we scrap what Jesus said and let our experience be Lord? Or do we have integrity, trust what Jesus said and get greater revelation and see our experience change?

110:45 - Participant recounts John G. Lake story. Healing by hypnosis refuted.

112:35 - Recommends John G. Lake books.

112:45 - We are growing in healing - But if Jesus walks in all are instantly healed - Three instantly healed, one several days later, the other died. Some say, “Well what about the one who died.” Jesus is the standard and we are following Him. If Jesus walks in and prays for the five, what happens? All healed. So it proves we are growing. Our belief system is on the right track. We are seeing results and we are increasing. We’re not Jesus but we are the body of Christ becoming more like Him. Cynicism focuses on the one instead of rejoicing in the three. Not even the fourth, because if we don’t see it, we don’t believe it.

114:00 - We focus on instantaneous results - But many get better later - Stay in faith - We focus on instantaneous results and make faith hit/miss, win/lose. We make faith a point in time. That’s why there is so much pressure when people are being prayed for. It’s like all or nothing. And it’s deception. Many go on to be healed in a matter of days. They go to bed and they wake up healed. You bump into them later. See past the immediate time frame. Isn’t it amazing how our minds drift to the one who wasn’t healed instead of building on the three or four that are.

116:00 - Healings - a hundred in 30 seconds. I haven’t seen enough, but I’ve seen way too much to get into arguments.

117:40 - Five people awake from comas.

118:20 - I don’t like to tell too many of these stories because then everybody thinks I have to be the one to pray. The whole purpose of this school is to pour into you  - to multiply.

119:20 - Negative atmospheres do not dominate the kingdom of God - A negative atmosphere does not dominate the kingdom of God. Show me one atmosphere Jesus walked into and got suppressed. In Nazareth, they just didn’t bring the sick to Him because they thought He was crazy. A prophet has no honor in his home town. If you honor a prophet, you would bring people to him. Nobody to work with. They were familiar with Him. This is Mary’s boy. We watched Him grow up.

121:25 - We are still learning - Jesus had it all together - Jesus had no identity crisis, no insecurity, knew exactly who He was. We are still learning. We move in levels of what is available. The fact that we move in levels of it means that there is something out there available.

122:40 - Encouragement despite loss. The kingdom is within me.

124:00 - First sign of a believer is to lay hands on the sick - Humble yourself and pray for the sick - Why don’t we lay our hands on the sick? Because we are not sure what we believe.

126:00 - Conviction to lay hands on the sick - We make the level of the conviction rise above the pain of doing it. Why don’t we just do it? Later you will wonder why you were waiting.

126:25 - Inexperienced people praying in Colorado - God moving. Ohio.

127:25 - It was just ordinary, everyday people who were humbling their intellect and saying what if. Let’s just go see. Instead of saying, “Yeah but.”

128:30 - BREAK

Go Preach - Healing is Part of the Message

128:35 - Mark 16:15 - And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. From unbelief to repentance to go.

129:00 - Preaching in Ohio - whole congregation in unbelief - You guys don’t believe anything I’m saying - amazing things happened.

133:00 - Healing services at YCF - walker - threw the walker - fire of God - looked like she was shot - she’s fine. So that’s not your gimmick / method now.

136:40 - Punch this guy as hard as you can in the chest - result incredible.

138:10 - Lady - accident - pulled walker away - turn and run - don’t let first step deceive you.

139:30 - I haven’t seen enough, but I’ve seen way too much to change my mind.

139:50 - v.16 - He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

Salvation is more than just going to heaven - Sozo - saved. More about life now than everlasting life. We grew up thinking saved means I’m going to heaven. Saved, healed, delivered, protected, preserved, made whole, kept safe and sound.

141:25 - Don't get bogged down in condemnation - John 3:16 - For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. - It really is all about love. Everlasting life - life to come in Him.

142:52 - v.17 - For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. -

Jesus did not come to condemn - Don't receive condemnation - Just repent - God DID NOT send His Son into the world to condemn the world. So why would you EVER receive condemnation? God’s heart is not to condemn you. Why would you ever be condemned? Even if you did wrong and you know it, why is condemnation the route you take. Just let your heart repent.

143:20 - Repent - Communing - repentance Run to Father, not from Him.

143:50 - Healing is an important aspect of salvation - But that the world through Him might be sozoed (saved). Here is His intent - that the WORLD be saved, healed, delivered, protected, preserved, made whole and kept safe and sound. What’s the will of God? That the world be saved, healed… You can’t have the word sozo without healing. And we are fighting over the will of God to heal.

145:25 - God’s word trumps my experience in healing - What if I pray for 16 people and they all die? I still have to answer for the word that says that they can live. At what point does the 16 people dying trump the word of God in my heart? Am I going to pray for number 17? I’m just not going to tell him my statistics.

146:00 - Get in the game - Get a bat and swing - Nothing to lose by getting to the plate. If you don’t take an at bat, you’ll never have an average. If you don’t take an at bat, you’ll never get a hit. You can’t win a game from the bench. So why not get in the game. If you strike out, thank God you are at the plate. Get the bat and swing.

146:45 - Negativity - It’s the fall of man.

149:20 - Why pray for the sick, isn’t he just healed in heaven anyway? Big mental cop out. Is any among you sick? Pray now. Let’s give them the kingdom.

153:00 - Get militant - The gospel is militant. “Anyone enlisted… should no longer entangle themselves in the affairs of this life.” 2 Tim 2:4 Gives you a straight and narrow perspective.

154:00 - Word of knowledge - diabetes.

154:25 - Go after the miraculous - Reveal the glory of God - We’ve reduced the gift of the word of knowledge to just increased understanding. We’ve reduced healing to - one day in heaven or doctors. I am not against doctors. But there is a place for us to walk and see the glory of God revealed.

155:00 - Healing can happen despite existing issues - Some teach that you can’t heal a person until their other problems are taken care of. I disagree. I’ve seen it (healing first) way too many times. Despite bitterness. The people Jesus ministered to were all unsaved. Jesus healed all of the people who came to Him. Do you think any of them had issues? All did. Unforgiveness, unbelief, etc.

157:45 - Persist in love despite offense - Responses: Stop selling me your religion

158:00 - Don’t stop just because someone is offended. Sometimes they just need understanding. Then the devil would just make sure that everyone in front of you is offended and keep you quiet.

158:30 - Cashier - foot - frustrated.

Love is Not a Method

200:50 - Love is not a method - If I am just out doing power evangelism (as opposed to loving on people), then she is outside of the lines of my book. Everybody is an individual, unique and special. And God loves everyone. There is no textbook to love. Not robotic. You are not using the “line” (the same words) that worked on someone else - method.

201:50 - Resist your urge to turn a gift into a ministry - Running everybody through the same process - Follow the Holy Spirit - Wow, that was so effective, let’s turn that into a ministry. No, it is a gift of the Holy Spirit. You follow Him. You don’t ask Him to follow you. That was so effective, let’s just run everybody through the same process. But that gift was for a specific person.

202:30 - Counseling on phone call along with a pastor - After the call pastor asks: Where did you get that? I couldn’t repeat it. They got mad at me because I couldn’t repeat it. I want to write this down. I said, “right there is the difference. I don’t want to write it down because it is not a store bank of knowledge but a heart of love.” If I write it down I am going to try to give to Bobby what was spoken for Billy. Bobby doesn’t need what was spoken to Billy. Bobby needs what is spoken for Bobby. It just came out in the Spirit.

203:50 - Don't let your intellect drive your life - Let the Spirit lead - We live very intellectual. We’ve got to figure everything out. Not that intellectual is bad. But it shouldn’t get in the way. Your intellect is a gift, if it is handled correctly.

204:40 - Mark 16:17 - The ones that believe through the message (in addition to the disciples) are also going to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper, cast out demons.

205:10 - The enemy attacks the belief system - So if every promise is to the believer and you were God’s enemy, what would you try to scramble and get confused in the Christian’s life? His belief system. You would press hard to get the circumstances of their life to define what they believe - the unanswered prayers - the loved one dying. You would play on the intellect and the way that seems right to a man. You would get them to intellectualize everything, now that they have eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You would try to confuse and muddy the word of God.

Authority Over the Power of the Enemy

206:20 - Luke 10 - It’s cool that Jesus sent out 70 more, not just His disciples. He is pointing to the day when we can all walk like this. The seventy return with joy.

v.18 - And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

Jesus took back authority and gave authority to His disciples - This is what I want you to catch - satan is a cut off withering branch coming to nothing. Jesus took back the authority. The fact that Jesus gave authority to this 70 and to His 12 means that He is Lord. Even after satan deceived Eve and Adam followed Eve instead of God. And Adam handed over the authority to the devil, the earth is still the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. And Jesus is there and satan can’t stop Him.

207:25 - So whether Jesus saw satan fall when he rose up in pride or whether He saw him fall that day it doesn’t matter. He is fallen.

207:40 - Don't get distracted trying to defend doctrines of no consequence - If your personal belief doesn’t change the big picture, don’t fight over it. None of that has anything to do with who you are today - filled with the Spirit - and what God wants to do (through you). It’s deceiving us over why you are filled with the Holy Spirit. End times. You’ll spend your whole life trying to be right and you missed loving the world around you. Your knowledge puffed you up and love never edified.

209:00 - I saw satan fall like lightning. The key is he FELL like lightning.

209:10 - v.19 - Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Jesus gave them authority - He is giving them authority. I give you “power” - in greek the word that is often translated as authority.

209:30 - Satan isn’t a lion without teeth. If you don’t understand, he can kill you - he can bite hard.

210:00 - But here is the deal - You have authority over his power.

Overcome Through Changed Perspective

210:30 - Don't let your perspective be changed by adversity - Don't take adversity personally - Nothing shall hurt you - When you get hurt it means that something has gotten into your heart and changed the truth inside of you. I could lose a natural battle and not be hurt if I haven’t lost my perspective. Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. “Why am I going through this then?” That mentality is what is hurting you, not the trial.

211:00 - Is there trouble on the earth? Is there tribulation? Does the same storm come to the wise and the foolish? So is the storm going to reveal your hurt/destruction or the fact that your house didn’t budge. When does the house budge? When you change what you believe. When you take adversity personally. That’s when you are hurt by it.

211:30 - Lose nothing through adversity - Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego - Did they lose anything by being thrown into the fire? We make getting thrown into the fire (adversity) a big deal. That’s almost a loss to us - the fact that we were even in the fire. But they came out much better off. It never was about the fire. It was about what they believed. Satan uses fire to take you off of what you believe. You take the adversity personally, and you never grow in faith.

212:10 - He is Lord over the fire (adversity) - Was it ever about the fire? If it was about the fire Jesus would have put it out immediately. He let it burn and left His boys right in the center of it. Why? Because He is LORD over the fire. He doesn’t show respect to the fire. He is LORD over the fire.

212:30 - It’s not about the fire but knowing who you are in the middle of the fire because you know who God is. And then you will come through without the smell of smoke. And then the only way people know that you have been in a fire is because there is extreme passion in your heart. Because now your philosophy is your reality.

212:45 - Here we are running from fire and we should be running to God. Here we are using the gospel to get out of trouble. Trouble is not your problem. Your problem is failing to see truth in the midst of trouble.

213:00 - John 16:33 - These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

You overcome in times of trouble through a changed perspective - “If you have overcome the world, why do I have trouble?” In me you have peace. What has He changed? Your perspective - the why behind your life - the reason you wake up in the morning. (So I am not waking up for me, myself and I - I am waking up to manifest His image -  I am waking up for His name and for others.) And that’s what takes you through everything.

213:30 - I’m not asking for trouble, but I am not afraid of it.

Authority Over the Power of the Enemy (cont.)

213:50 - Luke 10 - v.19 - The devil is not God's subcontractor - Over all the power of the enemy - So don’t have a theology where Jesus subcontracts the devil. The church preaches that God uses the devil to do stuff that He wouldn’t do. “God is allowing the devil to…” No He put authority in you, gave you a shield to quench all of the fiery darts. This teaching is strategic by the enemy to get unbelief prevalent - so that we won’t be sure of God’s will to heal. We are reduced to praying from need instead of knowing our God.

215:00 - v.20 - Rejoice not in power but that we belong to Him - Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven. Nevertheless don’t let this be the reason you rejoice. You rejoice that you are returned home - that you are back in the kingdom - that you are Mine. That your names are written in heaven. Rejoice that you have been made right with God. The reason that this is possible is because you are sons and daughters like you were created to be.

215:30 - Don't draw your identity from ministry - That’s why you don’t draw your life from your ministry. Draw your life from Him, then you minister because you are full of life.

Pool of Bethsaida - Whoever / Whatever Healing Pool

215:55 - John 5:1 and reading - Pool at Bethsaida - They are under the law of sin and death - yearly atonement - a consciousness of sin - and a knowing that I am going to fail again and again and again. The law shows us that we need a savior. And in the middle of that God is still the healer. Legally speaking they have no right to be healed. They are guilty of sin and deserve to die.

217:45 - Whoever / whatever healing pool - Whoever stepped into the water first was healed of whatever. It is a whoever / whatever gospel. Mark 11 - Whoever says… whatever they say…

218:40 - Jesus’ question / man’s answer - Do you want to be made well? Jesus was trying to get the man to say, “I have NO ONE to help me.” Because that is exactly why Jesus is here. Let your heart get to the place where you say to Him, “I have no one but you - no one that could care for me like you, no one who can instruct me like you, no one who could love me like you.”

220:00 - Jesus’ response was a response of love - Jesus didn’t give the man a theology lesson and try to get him in agreement with His theology. Didn’t try to get him to deal with his issues - unforgiveness, bitterness, etc. Jesus didn’t even introduce Himself. Jesus’ love is way greater than all of that.

221:00 - “Oh yes you do have Someone to help you.” His love was like an unstoppable freight train. Immediate response - “Rise, take your bed and walk.” That’s all He said. And he was healed.

222:00 - Religion responds to healing on Sabbath - Not the right day. Who is this man - who is the culprit? Pharisees - bankrupt of love. They had 38 years to help the man into the pool first. They could have made it happen. That’s the fall of man - every man for himself.

223:55 - Here is my point - The man didn’t know who healed him.

224:00 - Objection to God’s will to heal all - what about the 5 porches that didn't get healed? - Some teach, “Be careful about praying for just anyone. Jesus was standing with 5 porches of sick and only healed the one. It’s not the will of God to heal all because what about the other 5 porches of sick.”

224:35 - Answer: Jesus withdrew because they wanted to make Him king - Jesus withdrew Himself from the pandemonium. They always want to make Him the natural king. When He is here to be our King in the Spirit. That is why He didn’t heal the 5 porches. What if 5 porches had cried out for mercy? Show me one person who cried out to Jesus that didn’t get something.

226:40 - The man could not have had faith. He didn’t even know Jesus’ name. He didn’t know what happened.

Heal First - Explain After

227:00 - Luke 10:9 - And heal the sick that are therein, and say unto them, The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.

Healing is part of the redemption of man - Healing was important to Jesus. It was the first thing that was out of His mouth when sending out disciples. Why? Because sickness is an effect of the fall. It is connected to sin. And Jesus is here to wipe it all away. THE sick. Reversed the order from Matt 10 - say then heal; heal then say the kingdom is here. In today’s society Luke 10 is much better - heal then say - because people have just enough religion to debate with you even though you are trying to bring them something good. They will try to talk you into why they should stay sick, even though they don’t want to stay sick.

229:30 - The mormons knock on door - senior elders - came to my Bible study - never came back.

233:40 - YOU heal the sick. He wants you to see that you are one with Him. When you touch, He heals. Where He is, there you will be. Even though He knows it’s His power, He is saying, “Go heal the sick.”

235:00 - Heal first - Explain later - If you heal them before you proclaim anything, they just might be like the man at the pool. So all the complications and hindrances to healing might be exaggerated, if the word of God is true. He told us to heal them, not do a background check. And when they are healed, that’s when their background can get ministered to. Healing first. In Luke He says to do the same thing that happened at the pool.

Unlimited Promise - Ask Whatever You Will and It Shall be Done

➡ 236:00 - We still have a lot of unlimited promises yet to go.

236:10 - John 15:7 - If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

Ask whatever - Abide - remain, dwell, live - keep your identity secure in Me and know who you are in Me. And my words live, dwell and remain in you. See how this is all about renewing your mind and keeping your identity clear? Jesus was rejected by men constantly yet had no insecurity or identity crisis - it’s because of His love - He knew who He was.

238:10 - His desires become your desires - How can God make a promise like that? Because when you live, dwell and abide in Him and He in you, your heart and His heart become one and the desires of your heart will come from Him and you’ll be in agreement with His will and you will see through compassion. You won’t be out of bounds.

238:10 - If you truly delight in the Lord - the beauty of who He is, He will give you the desires of your heart. He starts to rise up His desires in my heart. And my heart and His heart are one. So I am not using the Lord to get stuff. I am one with Him.

239:30 - My marriage to the Lord is already consummated. I’m in Him and He is in me. We are one.

240:00 - Closing prayer