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Day 38 (2011)


1:00 - Opening prayer

➡ 2:20 - We want to talk about carrying the baton that has been passed to us. Let me give you a few scriptures and then talk about us going.

Preaching the Kingdom & Healing

3:00 - Matthew 9:35 - And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.

3:15 - Jesus taught AND healed - It wasn’t just a teaching ministry. It seems like healing is there all the time. People say, “why do you talk about healing so much. It’s not all about healing. People need to get saved.” And I say, “Man, you need to take that up with Jesus because He seems pretty serious about healing the sick.”

4:25 - He taught that the kingdom of God is here - Teaching and preaching the gospel of what? The kingdom. Not salvation - He’s not trying to get men to pray a prayer to go to heaven. He is teaching that the kingdom of God is here - the gospel of the kingdom.

4:35 - John the Baptist said repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. It’s near.

4:45 - Kingdom of God - the King’s domain - everything that God is and the way He flows and functions. It’s all encompassed in the kingdom - God’s will - God’s desire. He has put all of that in us through Christ. And all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me. Well, where was that - remember Luke 4 - Satan tempts Jesus - it was all delivered to me. Now Jesus is raised from the dead and has the keys of hell and the grave - death. And He is making a triumphant statement, All authority has been given to me in heaven and where? On earth. And immediately after this triumphant statement is, “Go therefore…” Why? Because He is making us one with Him and His authority is now our authority in His name - we’re His people - we are the body of Christ. Since all authority has been given to me, go therefore. He is saying you are already in and you ought to know that. We’re together. I’m in you and you’re in me.

6:00 - We are one with Him - Instances in the Bible where Jesus is proclaimed, exalted for who He is and then immediately we are addressed in the next sentence - Eph 1; Phil 2:12. He is making the correlation that we are one with Him. That we are the body of Christ - that we represent Him and that all that He is. He is in us. That’s why He does that. He wants us to see that and accept that.

7:10 - Gospel of the kingdom v. prayer to go to heaven - The devil is afraid of this truth. He doesn’t want the gospel of the kingdom on the earth. He actually doesn’t mind us telling other people, “Hey, just accept Jesus into your heart. Pray this prayer and then go have them live the same - same frustrations - same mindsets - same attitudes. That doesn’t change the world. I don’t even know where we got that. Just praying a prayer to ask Jesus into your heart and then you will be in this book of life. And people walk away with no understanding of: follow me, pick up your cross, deny yourself, be renewed in the spirit of your mind or put off the old man, put on the new. You don’t talk about that stuff. You just pray a prayer to go to heaven and it is all over the earth. This country is consumed with that mentality.

8:10 - Jesus went around preaching the gospel of the kingdom. He never says pray this prayer. He says, This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to every nation.

8:25 - Pray a prayer mentality - It’s doctrinal. We are trying to change people’s minds, get them to agree and pray a prayer. And most of the time there is no demonstration of anything. There is no thought of healing every sickness and every disease among the people.

9:00 - v.36 - But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd. - The good shepherd was here - healing, teaching, preaching - doing what good shepherds do.

9:40 - Here’s the good news. In the very next chapter He calls His disciples. (We get to participate.)

9:50 - v.37,38 - Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest. - The harvest is plentiful but the laborer are few.

10:00 - Jesus is leading, so live like He lived - Healing included - Jesus is saying follow me. He is modeling a life - showing us the kingdom. And right on the heels of showing us - look at these crowds they have no one to help them - no one to shepherd them. The harvest is plentiful, the laborers few. Pray the Lord of the harvest send out laborers. Where do we get the idea that if we go out in Jesus’ name we live less than Jesus live (as in without healing) and less than what He ministered. How can we rightly represent Jesus? He doesn’t just want people to know about Him. He wants our lives restored. He wants the kingdom on the earth. We probably ought to stick with the way Jesus ministered.

Power Given to Cast Out Demons

11:00 - Matthew 10 - v.1 - And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.

Jesus called the disciples - and He calls you too - You’re the roster of heaven - the best He’s got. And He is cool with that. He wants you to be cool with that too. He’s not looking past you. He’s looking at you. The gospel is for WHOEVER will come. You’re a whoever.

12:40 - Satan is not without power but we are not to fear him - steals, kills, destroys. He is not just an intimidator - not just all smoke - not a toothless lion. But you are not to fear him. You are to know who you are and not give him any place and not be unaware of his devices. Don’t let him get inside your head. The reason he wants to get into your head is that he wants to get into your heart.

13:30 - Jesus gave them authority - over unclean spirits. Isn’t that amazing, Jesus hadn’t even shed His blood or raised from the dead yet. He’s God’s mercy, love and forgiveness on the earth - God’s heart manifested. He’s God’s heart towards man.

14:20 - Devil is powerless to stop God - Now He is walking on the earth and the devil can’t stop Him. The devil is so freaked out by Jesus. He is powerless against Jesus. God is going to wrap him in chains and throw him in everlasting fire and there is nothing he can do about it. Do you see how defeated he is where God is concerned?

15:00 - Instead of being under the authority of the devil, man is given authority to cast out demons - We better make sure he is defeated where we are concerned because God is in us. Jesus gave His guys authority and the first thing was over the devil - over unclean spirits. Why? Because when man sinned, he got thumped and under the foot of the devil. He is under the authority of the devil. And we were born into the nature of the enemy - born to a task master - bound to serve him - just because of what happened at the fall - not because you chose it. You were his slaves. He puppeteered us through life. Every time you express anger, jealousy, deceit - you modeled him - you were just like him your whole life.

16:00 - Now here is Jesus coming into the middle of that scene, pulls out some guys and gives them authority and told them to go bust the chops of that same one - satan. That’s intense. One minute they are being led like puppets - just leading them through life by their nature - by their attitudes - by their mindsets - by the power of the devil. Now Jesus is there and giving them authority to thump the very one who was controlling them.

16:50 - Cast out demons - First on the list - The born again experience is pretty cool. You’re a believer now. And the first sign that follows you is that you cast out devils. It’s the first thing on the list. And we are still spooked by devils. Oooh, it manifested.

17:20 - Demons manifested around Jesus - They always manifested around Jesus. They were afraid, that’s why they manifested. They are squirmy wormy at that point. Why do we manifest (fear) when they manifest?

18:00 - Things started manifesting as truth was being preached. Tried to be a big distraction.

19:00 - Exercise authority - Don't try to intimidate them out - sometimes when we are casting out we try to intimidate rather than exercise authority. Yelling at the devil. Authority can talk soft if it wants to.

19:20 - Casting out (continued) - discernment - spoke softly - you so want Him honey - she didn’t even know what happened - suicidal.

20:50 - When you speak from the reality of your life it carries authority - There is authority even in the clear preaching of the word. It’s not about becoming a preacher or small group leader. It’s about becoming that word and living that word so that when you speak it comes out of your reality, not your knowledge. As it comes out of your reality, it automatically carries an authority.

21:20 - Pastor at rehab house said to me - You are not just speaking the word. When you speak it has the power to touch hearts and change things. I can hear the authority in it. I said it's because I am living this thing. That’s the only way you should preach.

21:55 - Become the word - Some people have a need to preach because it makes them feel like they have arrived. They study and try to come up with a good sermon. No, become the message. Carry the message. To where all of the sudden you are put on the spot but you are not on the spot because there is a message alive inside of you. It’s because something has become real.

Send Them Where? - Stick to What Jesus Did

23:20 - When you cast out demons, where do you send them? Can we send them to torment? - You have the authority to cast them out. That’s what the Bible says.

24:30 - Demons fear the coming day of torment - These spirits live in constant fear. They are denial artists. They like to get people liking them. Because if they can suppress the kingdom - keep you from knowing who you are, it keeps them as if their time is not coming. They feel in control. They are subduing. The more Jesus is manifested, the more they are in the face of the day of torment - the more they are aware of how defeated they are.

25:40 - Where to send them? - Just cast them out - I have friends that get into telling them where to go but they don’t have scripture to back them up. That makes me nervous. Just cast them out. And our minds go, “Out where?” Just cast them out. Get out.

26:00 - You say, yeah but they are just going to get into somebody else. Well then cast them out of that person when the time comes. That’s why we are the church. That’s why the earth should be filled with God’s glory. That’s why we ought to be taking this sober and running the race and living like the people of God.

26:30 - I’m not in agreement with telling spirits where to go.

26:45 - Jesus sending evil spirits into the pigs - We know you are not going to let us stay here because you love people. How about the pigs? He’s not making a plea bargain with the devils. The pigs are forbidden, unclean, outside the law. It’s kind of like, “Send us where we belong.”

28:00 - Extremes in exorcism - Let's stick to what Jesus did - To answer the question, some people have taken it to the extreme and get spooky and starry eyed and entertain all kinds of stuff. Let’s just take what Jesus gave us and not add to it. Don’t cast devils into pigs. Don’t hold conversations with them. Just cast them out. Just love the people.

The Power of Love

28:30 - There is an authority in love - demons can't stand love - I’ve hugged people and loved people and had devils come out. There is just an authority in Jesus - loving people. Don’t get on a power trip. It’s loving people.

29:20 - There is an authority in love. They can’t stay in (an atmosphere of) love. Isn’t that what man originally fell from in the garden - the realm of love? Jesus comes and totally loves the people, no agenda (ulterior motive), no strings attached, not an ounce of sin in His heart, not an ounce of pretense. He is just walking and devils are freaking out.

30:00 - Experiences of casting out through love - Interesting experiences just out talking to people sincerely, in love. And sometimes things happen. And you reach out and touch and reassure of Jesus’ love. You are not attacking the devil. It’s the same as casting them out. They can’t stay in that place. Once the person goes, “Oh my God, what just happened to me? I felt like I was going to throw up.” How do you feel right now? I feel ok! Now you have total access. You pour into their heart. You speak truth. You don’t make a big fuss - that was the devil. You get them clean, swept and occupied with truth. Get them filled up with truth.

31:10 - Don't over-complicate deliverance - There is so much controversy with this casting out devils thing. Jesus didn’t make it that complicated. Jesus said cast them out. Mark 16 - first sign following believers - cast out demons. He didn’t write a chapter and break it all down.

31:40 - Slave girl follows Paul around - Acts 16:16+ - Paul turned and said, “Come out of her.” If you wanted to you could make that complicated and write a book. We need to stop being so book crazed. Some exorcism books are way out of the bounds of what we have (Jesus’ teaching). Making tunnels and sending spirits through tunnels to the abyss.

32:50 - Deliverance - tunnels - I just don’t have time for that.

33:35 - It's about becoming love - Not about methods of deliverance - Do you understand that it is about becoming love, not strategies and tactics and methodology. Who has tried all of the things that the Bible says about deliverance with little success? So we do all of the things that people say we are “supposed to do” and it seems they hardly ever work. That’s because the goal of our instruction is love. It’s not a method. And we are not moving in fear. And we are not just trying the Bible. And it’s not just what we are called to do. Love is who we are called to be and through who we are, we can do a lot of things. Even casting out of devils has to come from love.

34:30 - David Hogan - his 4 yr old boy ripped on by demonic spirits - You know how you do all the things you are taught to do and it never works?

34:50 - Casting out demons is not about applying knowledge - It's not a method - Oh my goodness, he’s so right. Not that it never worked, but in many cases. Devils manifest and we panic. We are trying to apply our knowledge to the situation. (Our heads are trying to take over what only our hearts can do.) Trying to apply knowledge instead of getting in relationship with Jesus and letting the knowledge become reality in your life - by communing it back to Him - and being in a position for grace to mold you. Next thing you know we have 1,2,3 and the next time we are faced with it we just try to apply the sermon we heard on that topic, instead of become that in our life. ➡ And we spent 2 weeks at the beginning of this school talking about stuff like that.

35:50 - Hogan (continued) - the demon would come and go - it seemed like there was nothing we could do to stop it - not going into detail because you Americans will make a fad out of it because you are searching. You are chasing manifestations. What you are looking for is in Jesus. Deafness. Staying in relationship is vital. Witchdoctor confrontation. These things come at a cost. Militancy. Burger King people - have it your way.

42:50 - He sought Jesus and didn’t fall apart - that is my point in telling that story. He didn’t consult a book on demonology, He sought Jesus. You can do all of the right things, from the wrong places. You can get on an authority trip. You can make methods be your God. You can have faith in your faith. But you have to have faith in God. You have to know Him.

43:30 - Manifestations - tried screaming at it - it shook me at first - God moved it out of the room but not because I was screaming at it.

45:10 - Deliverance is a matter of the heart not head - Deliverance comes from understanding God loves us - God’s love for her. We have to build that, grow in that. Or you are a panicked man trying to apply the principles you’ve been taught. And the more you apply them and they are not working, the more questions spin. It’s happened to all of us.

46:20 - If you are not established in love and don’t know the Lord you are freaked out by demons.

46:25 - (Revisiting) Women worshipping Jesus - one manifests - living in infidelity - The presence of Jesus began to flush it out and the critter sprung - They are freaked out by the presence of Jesus.

Discernment in Deliverance - Walk by the Spirit

47:40 - Demons try to distract you from finding them. Woman slain in the Spirit? No, that’s a devil trying to play possum - it’s trying to get by unnoticed - touched her and she manifested - discernment.

48:45 - Lady wanted baptism of the Holy Spirit - up front she got afraid - acting weird - In Jesus name, Holy Spirit come - collapsed on floor speaking in tongues - God said tell that thing to hush, it’s not my Spirit.

49:45 - Discernment in deliverance - God will show you things to help - It’s not that I am super spiritual. I am in the position of authority. And God just helps us. If you are not sincere - if you are just trying to impress people, you might not have that discernment. Love entitles you to all of that discernment - God’s love for people. Sometimes He will intervene through wrong motives just to save people. So walk clean, live in the Lord and we move in authority. This is all discernment.

50:35 - Lady (continued) - You hush in Jesus name - silent - I heard witchcraft - tarot cards. I helped her to understand what she had done. Would you change it if you could go back? Devil tries to impress - she levitates - she slammed on the floor like a seesaw - It’s authority - 12 yr old son .

➡ 53:25 - Yesterday we made sure that the OT couldn’t challenge the NT in the way of healing.

53:40 - Lady (continued) - son tapped me - Can you pray for me like that? He was saying, I know something is wrong with me - fits of rage - This spirit came upon him through all of this - spirit of murder has marked him for destruction - God didn’t explain it and I don’t need to know.

57:20 - Many people in penitentiaries can’t even relate to the crimes they have committed. They don’t even know what happened that night.

58:00 - Lady (continued) - son: I feel all better now.

58:30 - Live by the Spirit - It's not living by a textbook - It was discernment. It’s living by the Spirit. It’s not a technique. It’s as you go. As you go preach the kingdom. As you go things pop up. Every situation is totally unique. People are unique. We are textbook people. The gospel is not like that - living by the Spirit is not like that, not living by a textbook. It is not 1,2,3, it’s discernment. We would rather it be 1, 2, 3. It’s discernment, being genuine, walking in love.

59:32 - When things don’t change - Stick with truth and don't budge - we don’t know how to stay with truth, if we aren’t careful. We grab for straws. We try to find what is going to work. Instead of sticking with truth and taking what we have from Him and staying there and refusing to budge.

100:20 - A spirit in the house and touching my kids - I saw it - they don’t expect you to see them.

102:25 - Kingdom ministry is not a textbook thing. You need discernment. You need to walk by the Spirit. There are no rules in this thing. Just live sanctified, don’t be unaware of his devices, give him no place.

Violated Conscience Subverts Authority

102:40 - Give the devil no place - Christians get their consciences violated - they don’t receive mercy and love - they start living in levels of condemnation. We preach stuff we are not living. We open up access. And then the water is muddy when we need to minister authority in the kingdom. And then we turn around and say where are you God? We did this, it should work.

103:00 - Keep a clean conscience - A violated conscience subverts authority - Jesus is clean. You are clean through His blood. Stay clean - by staying in His presence and giving no place to the devil. As you do that you walk in discernment. As you do that, your conscience comes into agreement with the authority on your life. If your conscience has a little reverb in it, your authority is shattered because the conscience reverb isn't’ assured of authority because you are wondering. For the lack of a clear conscience men shipwreck their faith. So now they are praying and their conscience is telling them that God might not be able to move through them because… and it subverts authority.

103:45 - Restore your conscience quickly - and don't look back -Your conscience is amazingly important. Protect it, keep it. And if you violate it, get it restored quickly in the love of God. The fact that you want it restored means that you qualify. The fact that you care means let it be restored. God loves you. Now you are wiser, sharper. Don’t go there again. Live in the light as He is in the light. And let it be done and never look back, never revisit.

104:45 - The fact that you talk about it, think about it means that you haven’t received mercy and love, haven’t forgiven yourself. And now your conscience is still vibrating. And yet the kingdom is inside of you and all authority is inside of you. But you can’t manifest it because you are still vibrating. He is still saying, Go therefore. And you are saying, who me, but I can’t because of… At best you will get reduced to trying to apply principles. You’ll get reduced from relationship to methods.

105:50 - See yourself in Him - Jesus had zero identity crisis. Zero insecurity. He had no need for men to bear witness of Him. He knew who He was. So He was in the perfect position to love. And the perfect position to move in total authority. And He wants us to see ourselves in Him and through Him so we can follow Him.

The Power of Love (Cont.)

106:20 - Participant’s comments - kids at camp manifesting while preaching the pure love of God.

110:15 - Sing a song over her - curled up in a ball - not a method. It worked for Dan, it ought to work for me. It’s not works. It’s a relationship. It’s receiving His love continually in the face of anything and everything.

111:25 - John G. Lake - openly talked against doctors - statistics. Chapter title - Do Christians have the right to pray “if it be thy will”? Blows that out of the water.

113:00 - John G. Lake - We have to do something quickly - They say I am going to die. “Die if you must but don’t let go of God.”

114:20 - Boy with broken neck. Unbelief because of what we see. Visuals. Man in coma 6 months.

116:20 - With regard to demons - I want to teach walk in love. Live by the Spirit.

116:40 - Summary of participants experience - A year ago he got shaken because a demon spoke to him from a manifesting young person during one of his youth camp services. He ran to get help and they dealt with it. But he was trying to do everything he was ever taught. This year he was ministering truth very clearly. Things are manifesting because of the level of truth. Because that level of truth is there, the authority, the impartation and all that is real in him, it’s now just a natural response in the Holy Ghost. And these things have to submit.

117:40 - Boy (continued) - his father’s prayers were answered. Answers like that shouldn’t even surprise us.

118:50 - There are testimonies that David Hogan won’t share in America because he says people don’t even believe the things he does share. He’s not trying to stumble people. Decapitated pastors in body bags. All they know to do is pray. What we are seeing is overpowering what we say we believe. But we know God raises the dead. Closed the bags. Body bags came alive.

120:40 - Visuals - eyegate - what you see is above where you have grown. Many of us have not seen a lot in the way of healing. But we have seen a lot in the way of natural destruction. There are times I know my eyes have so gotten in the way.

122:10 - Love is more powerful than the enemy - Fewer crazier things happening - manifestations - when you are moving in love. Love is unstoppable. A lot of times it goes crazy because we are moved by that - we are intimidated - it gets empowered by how we react - trying a bunch of tactics. When love is the most amazing thing on the earth.

122:45 - Love doesn’t have to take them through an alignment of things. When the girl manifested to me. Holy Spirit told me to sing this song and it was the girl’s favorite song. As I am singing the song, her heart is melting. Inside she is going, I want to come home. I’m so sorry. It is like she becomes teflon in the spirit and the demon slips right off of her. All of the sudden she becomes nonstick because of repentance.

124:00 - Authority comes through grace not works - Some books teach that if you walk in greater holiness you will walk in greater authority. And there is obviously a scriptural principle there. But that is backwards. You are not trying to be holy to gain authority. You are receiving God’s love, wearing His righteousness, His grace towards you, it’s changing your life and authority is found in that place. It’s grace, not works. It’s not I am going to try to live holy to walk in more authority. No, I am accepting my righteousness. I am a son. I’m staying in the presence of God. And as I wear my righteousness I produce fruit to holiness and authority is just found in that place - it’s spontaneous.

124:35 - It’s like how faith works through love. We are trying to have faith, proving that we don’t. Faith is the spontaneous result of knowing Him.

Generational Curses

126:00 - Generational curses - Your bloodline has changed - We have made a monster out of generational curses. And we fear them, honor them, worship them. And we just need to change bloodlines and understand that the blessing comes to  a thousand generations. There is nothing my forefathers could have done that can touch me now. Nothing - don’t even bother me with it. That’s deception. It invokes fear. And it’s a mess.

126:40 - Schizophrenia in family line. So it’s obvious there is a curse there. It’s not that we are denying they are real - of course curses are real. You can see the alcoholism through the family. But when one turns to righteousness, he is blessed to a thousand generations. We don’t ever preach that part. We preach the curse to the third and fourth generation as if Jesus hadn’t come and shed His blood. It’s the same thing as yesterday in class. The OT in the face of the NT. It’s just wrong thinking to think that because my forefathers did this and this, I am doomed to suffer - this thing is going to track me because they opened the door. What if Jesus slammed the door in his face and I believe that.

Have No Grid For Being Slimed

127:45 - Slimed mentality - Don't have a grid for being slimed - This stuff has power according to what you believe or don’t believe. If you believe that if someone touches you, what’s in them can get on you, you are going to live in intimidation and fear and you are going to watch over your shoulders. If you don’t believe that and have a grid for that and are established in truth, and it’s not just a hollow confession, but you realize that you are not vulnerable... Jesus didn’t seem to be bothered by everyone touching Him. Christians have this slimed mentality. If it matters what others are into, how could you ever go into the darkness - how could you ever go ye therefore.

128:40 - Non-Christian work environment - Jesus needs you to shine where you are - That’s why Christians are praying for Christian atmospheres and Christian work places. That’s the number one prayer requests for pastors - change my work environment and get me around Christians. No, Jesus wants you where you are at. I won’t pray that. Self-serving little prayer. You just want to surround yourself with Christians. “But I don’t like the way they talk.” Then grow in the Lord. You’re supposed to love people, not run from them, not save yourself, come down from the cross. No, carry your cross.

129:45 - Slimed - Prayer request - slimed at hair and nail salon.  People say, “It happens Dan.” People get slimed because there is vulnerability in the heart of the people. Your belief is what empowers it. You live by faith.

130:25 - Flip it - believe that what is in you gets into them - What if you believe when someone touches you, the power of God, the illumination of the Spirit is going to flow into them.

130:50 - Lady and man trying to infiltrate church through home groups - doctrine sneaking into home groups like poison - lady praying in tongues holding Dan’s wrist - she was praying that I would come into agreement with this, not block this - I felt the power of God shoot out of me - she spazzed out, screaming and fell on floor - I was targeted as the authority - I didn’t even know what was going on - Holy Spirit stepped in and slammed that thing.

134:00 - I don’t have a grid for being contaminated.

134:55 - Story (continued) - Small group leader called because this lady and man were coming. I showed up unannounced. They were supposed to be sharing. I interrupted and exposed the twist. The doctrine: if you don’t repent immediately, or unknown sin in your life, you are going to hell. But they had become the very thing they were preaching against.

137:45 - BREAK

Books on Deliverance?

138:30 - We have enough info to get the job done - So keep it simple - Cast out demons - Jesus seems to believe He gave us enough to go on. So don’t get hung up asking questions that you just have to have the answers to. Stay simple. Just cast out the demons. And don’t worry about what happens to the demons when the pigs drown themselves.

139:45 - Books on deliverance - I am not a fan - I was struggling in teaching on casting out demons. I’m not trying to come against what people are trying to do. I am not a fan of a lot of books on exorcism. A lot of books are not written by God, we are just a book society. Everybody says, the Lord led me to write a book. Time will tell how many books are written by the Lord. One book will completely contradict another just creating more controversy.

141:00 - Write a book? - The book is already written - People ask me every week, why haven’t you written a book? You need to write a book. God is not saying write a book. It’s already written. There are so many books saying so many different things. People are major book readers and they get confused because they let so many lines of thought into their soul. Why not just get alone with Jesus and ask Holy Spirit to unfold truth in your heart.

141:50 - Read a book - Sometimes He will put a book on your heart or tell you to stop reading a book - If He tells you to read a book - really puts it on your heart... That’s happened about 5-6 times in 16 years. Sometimes He doesn’t want me to read a book that I start to read - intercession. Why? He doesn’t want me to get knowledge and try to apply it. He wanted me to seek Him on the topic (intercession). He wanted to teach and train me. It built confidence in me that I can be trained and taught by Him. Just get alone and let God teach you.

143:00 - Thanks for teaching me God - Father, thank You that this Bible is life. Truth is my best friend. Holy Spirit, You open the eyes and hearts of men to write this stuff. There was blood shed to get this into my hands. It's amazing, through the whole dark ages, through the whole nine yard of history, that this book is in my hands and You saw fit to get it to me. God, I honor this. There were so many things that could have been written that if they were written one by one that Jesus did, yet You saw fit to record them in this book. Come and father me. Open up my understanding. Thank You that as I read this book that I begin to see and know truth.

144:00 - We often want the easy path to truth so we grab a book - Search out truth by Holy Spirit - We tend to just grab a book on the subject we are interested in. Probably because we think the work is already done - the easy way.  But I like finding treasure in God’s word by the teaching of Holy Spirit - searching out truth.

144:20 - Ask Jesus for understanding in an area - Why put yourself through changing opinions with each book? We don’t have to. Ask Jesus that stuff. Just seek Him. It’s called relationship.

145:00 - Invitations to churches - Don’t ask me if you should go. You have a yes unless you hear no. Don’t ask questions about the church. It doesn’t matter how many are there.

* * *

145:20 - We have a green light to pray for the sick - Unless He says no - It’s a yes and amen gospel. I’m going to pray for the sick unless I hear no. You’ll rarely hear no from the Lord. Because He loves people. Most of the times when you think you hear no, it’s because you are self-conscious. You want to approach them but you don’t. You say, the Lord is not leading me. No you are talking yourself out of it most of the time.

146:00 - 2 times when the Lord said no. One in NY being too aggressive approaching a lady in a parking lot. Had to do with culture and fear. Happened again on my way out. Holy Spirit didn’t explain just stop.

No Compromise

148:30 - Luke 11 - Jesus was casting out a mute demon. Crowd marveled. Some speculated, It’s got to be by the devil that He is doing this. They were trying to find something wrong with what is right. Others sought a sign from heaven…

149:40 - v.17 - But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth.

Never live in compromise - This verse has bigger significance than what you might hear at first. Divided - If He says don’t eat from the tree and you eat it anyway, your conscience gets messed up. If you don’t get that straight through mercy it brings desolation.

150:30 - There is no fellowship between light and darkness - between Jesus and the devil. He is saying never live in compromise. You’re sanctified. That doesn’t mean you’ll never make a mistake. But live out of the purity of your heart. Live true to your conscience.

151:00 - No one can serve 2 masters. He’ll be devoted to one and despise the other. See that as an individual.

Lies Building Strongholds - Replace Lies with Truth

151:30 - v.18,19,20 - If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand? because ye say that I cast out devils through Beelzebub. And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your sons cast them out? therefore shall they be your judges .But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you. - He didn’t even say He cast them out by the hand of God but by the finger of God. The devil is thumped.

152:50 - Your faith is in the finished work of Christ - Not methods - One of the risks in ministry is putting our faith in methods of ministry instead of the finished work of Christ. It creates a mess. It wraps around the identity of the ministers. It’s the finger of God that should be at work.

153:30 - Lies are trying to build strongholds - Replace lies with truth - The trauma and pain of life - feeling rejected - is not just trauma and pain, there are lies attached to the pain to constrain the person and build strongholds in their life. Somewhere along the way we started believing that we needed to start coming against the spirit of pain and minister to people instead of teach them how none of that is the truth about who they are. It’s the fall of man - it’s the suggestion of life - the lie that you are rejected - trying to reproduce itself like a cancer into your soul and that’s not you at all.

155:10 - It's a truth issue, not a ministry to feelings issue - A lot of areas of ministry, especially casting out demons, it’s at the cost of truth. We minister instead of instilling truth. If you look at it there is no strong ministry of truth. It’s a ministry to make people feel better. The devil can just back off and the person say I feel so good. You feel good? Yay, praise God! No truth, nothing to take the place of of the devil. Just leaving them hanging out to dry living by their feeling. Three hours later they are not feeling so good. Then what?

156:00 - That’s like cleaning and sweeping a house but it not being occupied. It’s still empty.

The Strong Man - His Palace - His Goods - His Armor

156:25 - v.21 - When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace: But when a stronger than he shall come upon him, and overcome him, he taketh from him all his armour wherein he trusted, and divideth his spoils. -

157:00 - The strong man gets his strength from us believing his lie - crush the lie with truth - We are so busy relating the strongman to the devil when what makes him strong is the lie. Is the devil strong or is it the lie that strengthens him? The lie. So what’s the strongman, the devil or the lie? The lie. We’re chasing the devil. (We should be crushing the lie.)

157:50 - Guess what’s stronger than the strong man. You say, Well he is talking about the devil and Jesus. He’s talking about lies and truth. Continue in the truth and the truth will make you free. He doesn’t say continue in ministry, ministry will make you free. Truth is stronger than a lie.

158:35 - As you minister the truth and expose the lie…

158:45 - We tend to strengthen the lie - Don't make much of what you are going through - Make much of Jesus - We don’t realize how much we make of the trauma. We have to tell everybody the detail of how we feel and what we are going through. And the whole time we are doing it we don’t realize how much we are making of it (strengthening the lie). No, you make much of Jesus (Truth). Make much of Him in the face of your adversity.

159:00 - We’ve got to get that spirit of rejection off of you. It’s not a spirit of rejection. It’s a lie that’s allowing them to be rejected. It’s not a spirit named rejection. It’s a lie that allows them to believe that. We are like, spirit of this and spirit of that… it’s lies.

159:45 - The palace doesn’t belong to the strongman.  His goods - He’s talking about people. He is guarding people. His good are in peace - As long as the lie is in place, everything he is desiring is in full operation - at peace. But when a stronger comes - when one starts speaking truth, devils start to manifest. Why? Because a stronger One came. And all of the sudden the palace isn’t at peace anymore. Light is exposing darkness. And the thing that is holding them captive (the lie) is being broken and shattered and cut away. It’s not a come out of them devil, it’s a ministry of truth. The Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Truth. You will know the truth and the truth will make you free.

201:15 - People defend ministry techniques because what they are doing has become who they are - I spent about 5 years interviewing, talking to people and talking to ministers. I’ve seen people hold up moments of freedom when they are suffering and hurting. They exalt moments when they felt the glory and yet they are still crying themselves to sleep two years later when they are telling the testimony of how many people are being helped. I saw hundreds of situations like that. And then people who are going that route feel defensive because it has become who they are. And you are threatening who they are when you are touching what they are doing. Because what they are doing is who they are. It makes it very difficult to address this stuff. We are taking a long road and accomplishing little, when truth is our best friend.

202:50 - We are ministers of truth - not ministers to feelings - Jesus is THE truth. Full of grace and truth. Be renewed in the spirit of your mind. Study to show yourself approved. The word of God is upheld even above God’s name. And we have turned into ministers. We should be truth bearers. We should be giving people truth, not so much trying to cast the devil out of people. (As truth is conveyed, the devil slides off because there are no more foot and hand holds.) Expose the lie that empowers. Show them who they are in Christ and what Jesus did for them. We are ministers of truth.

204:00 - Don't chase after manifestations of the Holy Spirit - Pursue truth - Manifestations are a dime a dozen. If you are looking for them they will show up everywhere. And it doesn’t mean they are God. You can open a door so wide that anything comes through and goes peekaboo. And you think because they are manifesting, Jesus is moving. You might be out of bounds - enticing things. Be very careful chasing after manifestations. Heaven is not impressed with manifestations. Heaven is impressed with truth. We follow Holy Spirit and He is the Spirit of Truth.

205:10 - The strongman is the lie - So who is the strongman? The devil or the lie? The lie. What empowers the devil? The lie (The deception in your life - feeling rejected when He has accepted you).

205:35 - The strongman’s goods are the lies that come with him - What are the strongman’s goods? Everything that comes with him - hopelessness, suicide, depression, rejection, despair, “I deserve this”, “I made my bed I’ll sleep in it.” “Yeah, but I knew better.” I’ve heard that a thousand times. Yeah, but you are sorry now, stop. You thought you knew better but you sure know better now. Sounds like you grew. We hold ourselves to judgement and condemnation and Jesus is saying, go free, go free. And we are trying to come up with a reason why we should be staying bound. Just continue in the truth and truth will make them free. There is nothing else - no other answer. Or I could minister to their feelings and try to get them to feel better and teach them if they feel good they are doing good.

207:50 - If I sow a seed of truth, God says it will grow. And if I don’t sow, there is nothing to grow.

208:45 - Jesus didn’t get discouraged. We are sitting here because of it.

209:25 - Don't bother to debrief - stick with truth and keep pounding at the lie - Weighing our results - We debrief. And try to come up with another way (besides truth). “Yeah but if what you were doing was right wouldn’t they be free by now?” What are you talking about? When did this turn into a method?

210:00 - Pound any rock in the way with the sledgehammer of truth. We try to find some other tool - something that works better. Your word is a hammer - able to break the heart of stone. Give them what He has already said - His word.

Living at Odds with Kingdom Purpose

211:30 - v.23 - He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth. -

Don't let your life be lived contrary to the kingdom in which you say you believe - That is not a condemning or legalistic statement. It’s a paradox. You can be free from the intent of wickedness, you can come to church faithfully, fail to encounter, receive and walk in truth and let your mind be renewed through the word and live contrary to the purpose of God and actually work against the kingdom you want to belong to. There are people that see their need for a Savior, call Him their Savior but don’t allow truth to impart integrity, understanding, honor, diligence, faith in them, separate themselves from the old sinful nature and live contrary to His purposes and actually let their life work against Him instead of being a minister - just constantly needing ministry. Let me show you...

213:15 - For example, we chase devils - Generational curses - When we should be preaching truth - We are chasing devils and we need to be preaching truth. The devil loves when you chase Him. It empowers him. He loves when you believe all of this generational curse stuff. He loves when we explain lack of healing with some generational curse explanation and send them away feeling under a curse. The people are living under a curse in their minds. There is a block. The block is your failure to receive His love and mercy and forgiveness. Just come home now. You are just failing to believe that you can come home.

215:10 - Nothing can keep you from Him when you want Him. It just deception, feelings, emotions. It’s the only things the devil has to play with. So now we are ministering to people’s feelings and emotions - impressions, memories, sensations, flashbacks and none of those things are grounded in truth. And we are chasing those things and they are staying one step ahead of us. They develop to be strongmen because they are lies. They just need to be overcome by truth.

216:00 - Jesus didn't minister to people's feelings like we do - The things we do to get people healed on the inside and delivered and free from demons you can’t even find in the life of Jesus - the methods. He didn’t minister that way ever. It was the finger of God. And everybody is qualified to be free.

216:45 - Healing comes with love - Because we walk in low levels of love we try to compensate with methods -  I’m not saying some of this stuff hasn’t worked. We go through a whole question list. Who do you see Jesus doing that to ever? It’s because His love is greater than all of that. And all of that will work out in the wash, once the love comes. But because we walk in very low (levels of) love, we are trying to compensate with other stuff (methods) - very low power because of that.

217:15 - Blame shifting to the person in trouble - So we tend to put it on the people in trouble - so if they do this, confess this and do this they can be ok. Which means that if we don’t get them to the place of freedom, they are the ones responsible for their bondage and now they are even a little more condemned in their heart. It’s truth that makes us free.

217:50 - Stick to what the Bible says - The Bible is plain and clear. The Bible doesn’t say the stuff we say. “Well you just can’t receive God’s love because you were never loved.” None of us were ever loved. The best day we were loved, there was still a selfish slant to it. We still have the ability to disappoint people around us. On the days we did wrong, we knew it immediately (because we were told so). On the days we did right, it was just expected.

218:45 - Hindrances to intimacy - We have so many reasons why we can’t seek Him. And there is not one good one except a lack of faith. Unbelief is the only thing that can keep you from intimacy. The door is wide open. The high priest is sitting on your behalf saying, “Come on in.” The only thing that is keeping you from going in is you - period.

219:20 - Replace lies with truth - “Yeah but…” Every one of those yeah buts is the lie. So what’s the answer? To pray so that they get free enough - so that they get confident enough - to walk into the presence of God? Or to chop up the lies and keep teaching truth and keep pouring true identity into people.

All Things Pertaining to Life & Godliness

219:40 - 2 Peter 1 and reading - v.3 - According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue: - He has given us all thing that pertain to life and godliness.

220:10 - v.4 - Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. Precious promises - assuring that who He is comes to live and dwell inside of us - that I am lacking no good thing - that the heart and nature and life of God is on the inside of me. And if He loves, I can love. The promises assure that I become one with Him - that I partake of His divine nature. Lust - selfish desires, self-seeking living.

220:45 - v.5 - And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; -

We are restored back to life - Not just a prayer to go to heaven but I am putting off the old man and I am putting on the new. I am putting off the degenerated and being regenerated, re-fathered, revived and coming to life again, the way God intended me to be from the beginning. I am being restored back to life. So I am called out of darkness into Him.

221:00 - For this very reason - this is my motivation. Because I understand who I am and why. It actually teaches me to defend against the lie. I am not just living for heaven some day. I am living sanctified, called into the light, living in love, giving no place to the devil. I am not a house divided. I am going to stand and stand therefore. It puts diligence and integrity into you when you understand why you are a Christian.

222:00 - You are transformed - You are not just rescued. You are transformed. Purpose has changed. Perspective has changed. Identity has changed. It’s brand new life. Old things are going. Behold all things are new and they all pertain to life and godliness. For what reason? The fact that we have received all of these things - precious promises and the guarantee of partaking of His divine nature. That’s a big deal. Who knows that you have to believe that, not FEEL that. God forbid that we keep ministering to each other’s feelings and we start teaching faith.

223:00 - It's not about your feelings - It's about living from the truth - Stop telling me your feelings. Your feelings are irrelevant to me. When I am alone with you I will talk to you like that, if that is the strongman. And we will overcome him if you stay in a place of wanting change.

223:30 - Marriage counseling - Die to self, be born again. Are you Christians because you are not acting or talking like Christians? You seem like you both need to be born again. Love allows me to do that. It’s the greatest truth they can hear to get them sober. So they aren’t just religious. Holding a spouse to Christian principles but not becoming those principles themselves.

224:00 - You are either going to be Christian when I counsel you or you are going to get saved or I can’t help you. It’s not he said, she said, it’s Christlikeness.

224:30 - Bickering - it’s the strongman that is keeping you that way - and you’ll never find the right one, because your eyes are fixed on you. And the best day of your life is when you become love and can see clear for once. If everybody owes you something to be ok, you’ll never be ok. There will always be a reason - 10 things may be wrong, but there will always be that one thing that is wrong. And there will always be a reason to be less than who you are in Him. And man is still determining your life instead of the Spirit of God on the inside.

226:00 - That’s where you find out if you are really ready to die or if you are just employing a Christian confession.

226:15 - Dying to the old - My life is Yours. Let grace overtake me. I don't want to hurt another day of my life because of this stuff. I don't want to live my own life. I don't want to love my own life. Teach me great Holy Spirit what it means to not love my own life...

227:00 - UnChristian language, speech - that’s the evidence of the strongman trying to win the palace (that person).

227:10 - Back to v.1,2 - Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ, to them that have obtained like precious faith with us through the righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ: Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord, -

Receive how God sees you - What gives me my motivation? I have been made right in the sight of God. I was lost, now found. I was dead, now alive. I was unlovely and now I am so loveable. Where did faith come from? The righteousness of God through Jesus. So faith is working through the love. For God so loved the world, He sent Jesus to make the world clean and righteous. That’s where faith comes from. So if you aren’t receiving righteousness, that’s why you are struggling with faith. If you’re still condemned or guilty or you see yourself less than how He sees you through the cross, no wonder you are struggling with faith, because faith comes through receiving what God says about you through His Son - period.

228:35 - v.5 - Don't wallow in excuses for seeing yourself less than how He see you - Don’t give your soul to excuses. Yeah but brother you don’t understand. You are saying that my circumstance is greater than the word and what it is telling me.

229:10 - virtue - high moral value, excellence of character.

229:28 - v.6,7,8 - And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness; And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity. For if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You are in the world but not of it - You are realizing what you have become - These are all the fruits… You are realizing I’m in the world but not of the world. I am in the light. I am a man of God. I have no room for this, no time for this. I give it no place. All of the sudden, in your process of relationship and faith, holiness rises up in your life and these are the fruits and responses of it.

230:00 - Satan comes and pressures you. You aren’t dead to yourself. You still love yourself. You’re still a complainer. You will still grow weary in well doing. I’ll press you and find out what you are made of.

230:20 - Godliness - because when I don’t cave to pressure, my true colors are shining. The devil’s provocation reveals the true me.

231:00 - v.9 - But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins.

You are either in or out - righteous or unrighteous - He rules His kingdom from the place of righteousness. Everything hinges on righteousness or unrighteousness. You are going to be one or the other in your mind and a house divided can’t stand. You are either right with God or you are not. You are either in or out. Why not put Him on and say yay I’m in - not hold yourself to perfection but live from purity. Because if you live from purity, God will align your life.

231:40 - If you stumble - Run to Him - be free from sin-consciousness - And if you stumble, run to Him. But let Him love you. Let Him cleanse you continually in your conscience. Let the blood sprinkle you clean from an evil conscience. And stand and be His child.

232:00 - If you are not living this way, the Bible doesn’t say it’s for all these other reasons. It says it’s because you are still dealing with sin-consciousness. I honor the Bible over what we think. If you honor what you think you’ll come up with excuses and the word has given you your answers. And you’ll be a "yeah but" Christian and sell yourself cheap. You have forgotten you are sons.

232:50 - v.10 - Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall: -

Be diligent to stand in this truth - It will keep you from falling - Be diligent to stand in this truth and don’t let anything move you away because that’s the strongman in another camp. If you give yourself to this truth you will never stumble. - Blasphemy! Everybody stumbles. - It’s not talking about making mistakes. It’s talking about going backwards. Losing your identity for a month. You’ll never stumble. I am going to go after that.

234:40 - v.11,12 - For so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though ye know them, and be established in the present truth. -

Peter repeats the message to remind the hearers - This is the reason for preaching the same message over and over. I’m not going to be negligent to remind you of these things. I’m not going to grab for straws - shift - plan As, Bs, Cs. I will not grow weary because I’m not doing it for me. I’m doing it for His kingdom and for you. And I will reap a reward if I don’t give up. He is writing to a church that is already established and walking in what he is writing. He repeats the message so that they never go out of bounds or off that road.

236:50 - v.13,14 - Yea, I think it meet, as long as I am in this tabernacle, to stir you up by putting you in remembrance; Knowing that shortly I must put off this my tabernacle, even as our Lord Jesus Christ hath shewed me. - I’m not going to be here much longer. So while I am here, I am going to do my best to make sure that you know this.

237:10 - v.15 - Moreover I will endeavour that ye may be able after my decease to have these things always in remembrance. Peter did a pretty good job. I’m reading this to you 2000 years later. God honored his heart. Peter was crucified upside down. His wife was crucified before him. And the whole time that she was being crucified he was yelling, “Remember Christ dear.” Not, “Oh my God, my wife - why are you letting this happen God? Where is your protection?”

239:25 - Closing prayer - build the stronghold of God in us - like David in the stronghold