Small Group Study

Explore Pastor Dan's messages with your small group. Each study consists of 3 ~six minute video segments from a talk by Pastor Dan as well as discussion questions related to each of the segments. Watch a video segment together and then discuss that segment using the questions provided. Then watch another video segment and discuss that segment... and so on.

Your weekly small group could spend a whole year growing in the gospel with Pastor Dan. (Detailed Description)

You might start with a "Gospel Study" at your first meeting. And then choose a "Follow-On Study" for your next meeting. Work your way through the "Follow-On Studies" mixing in the remainder of the "Gospel Studies" as you go. 

Gospel Studies - Explore Dan's free ranging, gospel-in-a-nutshell type teachings with your small group.

1. - Gospel Message from: Vista Assembly (Part 4 of 6)

2. - Gospel Message from: Presence OC Church

3. - Gospel Message from: Gateway Family Church

4. - Gospel Message from: Eden Prairie Assembly

Follow-On Studies - Explore a more focused aspect of the gospel.

(There is no particular sequence to these studies.)

Note: The old "Intro Series" has been replaced with the studies above because the old format was just too complicated. If for some reason you need the old Intro Series, it's located here.