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Day 11 (2011)


Confession Sheets

0:30 - Let confession sheets springboard you into communion with the Lord - See those truths through relationship - They’re not bad, just impersonal. Why would I talk about Him when I can talk to Him. That one little switch can change a whole lot.

1:05 - How come this didn’t happen? I was confessing it for weeks. It became method / works. If I can confess it long enough God will do it. You don’t have to throw away your confession sheets. Turn them into communion with the Lord.

1:40 - Confession sheet into communion - faith - "I will not talk of fear but will believe and say, 'For God has not given us a Spirit of fear but of power, love and of sound mind.'" etc. -

2:28 - You think that what you are doing and saying is what you think is making the difference instead of who He is. Who He is is what makes the difference. Who He is bears witness with your heart through what He says.

2:45 - What I'm saying... There is a truth here that we need to see through relationship. Don't read a confession sheet without making personal contact.

3:25 - Confession sheet into communion - provision - Father, I so thank You, I know that things seem tight and I know that it would be the temptation to be stretched on this. I so thank you that I don't ever have to fear. God I know that you are making a way. I know that thing that I just applied for is coming through, I just know it. I just believe that you are showing me favor. And even if it is not through that avenue, I will not be lacking in this because You love me and You've made a way and I'm not going to wring my hands, lose sleep. My trust is in You. You're amazing. You're my Father and I love You and appreciate You.

5:05 - It doesn’t do me any good to say all the right things and be all the opposite things - and then just be scared to death. It’s not just a confession. It’s a belief. Romans 10 says, With the heart a man believes and with his mouth he makes confession unto salvation. It’s a belief. And out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Don’t throw confession sheets away. Let them springboard you into communion.

6:05 - Confession sheet into communion - boldness - Father I thank You that You wrote Your word and You told me that You are greater. There is no need for fear. It doesn't matter who touches me, who bumps against me, who rubs against me in a crowd. Father, You have made me to be love and love dominates and rules. You have come and filled me with Your very Spirit. I'm not looking over my shoulder. I am looking up. You've been my Help and You have come. Father, I just thank You and love You and I appreciate that You have put strength and boldness in my life. And thank You that it's not presumption. It's boldness. It's a knowing that You are with me and You're in me. And if You're for me, who could ever be against me? Father I just stand here, with nobody looking, raise my hands to You and worship You because You are my God and You're my Father... That's communion.

7:15 - Don’t just say scriptures about Him when you can talk to Him.

God Reality

7:30 - God reality comes through communion - We want God to be more real in our lives. He’s here - he’s real. It's our heart cry. It comes through communion with Him.

8:05 - Meditating on scripture - Guidance - Father, I thank You that You are really the One who leads me and guides me. You give me impressions in my heart. I rejoice in You. You give me the desires of my heart. And even if I would step out, You are the One that adjusts me and guides me. Even if it seems like I have a good idea and I am not clearly hearing You, I believe You'll work all things together for the good because my heart is not to be presumptuous - to be my own man - my own source - my own wisdom. God, I surrender to You. And I give You my life and I thank You that the things that I do are led by You...

9:10 - You’ve either lost your mind and you’re wasting your time or God is real. I like it that way (definitive).

9:20 - Quoting scripture on a subject doesn't bring the reality of that scripture - Relationship brings the reality - Quoting scripture on fear - but fearing all the time. Perfect love casts out fear - not quoting that you shouldn’t be afraid. When people quote something for a while and then begin to realize that it is not their reality it does something to them in their heart and mind (not good). The gospel is greater than that. Receive His love.

10:10 - False accusations - No fear - Law enforcement comes to the house - false accusations by five teenagers and adult - interrogation - my life is not my own - this is not our story, You are our story. False accusations didn't bring fear. That's because of perspective.

16:45 - The gospel is designed to change your perspective - the way you think and live. Otherwise satan will take cheap shots at you and keep you distracted and riding the waves your whole life. And you are just using the gospel to get by instead of manifest Christ. All reduced to YOU and everything going good for you.

17:40 - Not the end of the world if I go to jail. Joseph went to jail. He was innocent. Grace was with him. In most cases our lives become a soap opera if that stuff happens to us.

18:40 - False accusations (cont.) - The officers never came back and told me anything. Most people would be mad because it cost them so much - that would be eating their lunch until they heard back. Bumped into them 3 months later. I had actually forgotten until I saw them. Private prayer.

21:30 - Defending yourself - When you try to defend yourself, you make them judge your defense. I won’t give them permission to judge your defense. I won't be a cat in a corner - defending myself. Jesus didn't defend - didn't say a word.

22:40 - Establish yourself in relationship before crisis arises - So that in the crisis, God is real - If all I have is confession and not intimacy with God, that situation (where officers come to your house) rises way above where I have grown in Him.

22:50 - Life is real and words are real and they hit you right in the face. They become bigger than what you have established with God and that’s why we fail - to where your natural reality supersedes where you have grown in truth.

23:15 - Become the word - Manifest Him - That’s why I talk so much about communion - so that God becomes real. I don’t have to pull a book out and start quoting scripture. I’ve become the scripture. Jesus was the word. He said follow me. There is a grace on us to become the word - alive and manifesting - living epistle seen and read by men.

25:00 - Confession sheet proclamation [examples] Make it a personal expression.

25:50 - Fasting - What the flesh says when it is not fed: "Hello. We used to be buds. Don’t you love me anymore?” Habit hunger. Sinful habits are like habit hunger. They come by occasionally and see if you are still interested...

Flashbacks & Temptations

26:20 - Old sin comes back to check on you - It's on the outside trying to get back in - Sins that were habits - Come back and check on you now and then. It doesn’t really matter where it is coming from. It’s not God and it’s not your heart. So you have to take a stand on that. How do you do that? Every time that thought occured to me...

26:55 - I was a totally different man before I was saved - sin issues, lust issues.

27:10 - Driving through town - checking out the gal sights

30:00 - Thankful that the old man is dead - that I’m new - Father, I thank You my heart is not to sin. I love You with everything I am. My heart is to live in honor and integrity and I thank You for the privilege of life and the value of life and that You, Lord God, are teaching me the integrity of life...

30:35 - Pumping gas - blonde hair - I just don’t want to look - I’m so clean!

34:00 - The best time to do that is when you're all alone. That's when you're you. When nobody is with you. Integrity.

34:30 - Be your own best friend that way. I don't need you to hold me accountable. My heart in integrity keeps me straight. I pray this all the time: It is not my heart to sin. Why? Because you have things that try to pull and tug on you.

35:25 - Temptation to sin - It's not you - It's on the outside trying to get back in - Let it drive you to God - Things pull and tug on you. It’s not my heart to sin. If something is harassing you, don’t take credit for it and think that it is YOU. The fact that you are hurting / distressed tells me that it is NOT you. It’s trying to buy out your identity and get you to sell cheap (come into agreement). So what do you do? You cast down every thought and imagination that rises above the knowledge of God. You flip that thing and declare who YOU are. And keep yourself separated from that thing.

36:25 - If it bothers you, it is not coming out of you - Don't accept it as who you are - Once you start asking for prayer, what you’re saying is, “This is me and I have a problem.” Yet your tears are real and you are bothered by it. So is it really you? If it bothers you, it’s not coming out of you. ← One of the best truths Holy Spirit taught me early on. Once I let that be me, I’m a different tree with permission to bear different fruit. And then, what do you expect? This is me. I got this issues. Identity is huge. Satan is after every man's identity. He’s wants you not sure of who you are. I live out of the strength of what I call a pure heart. The best I know, I’m doing what I know is right.

38:05 - Let your conscience be your friend - Force the flesh to hush - Be a friend to your conscience. Force the flesh to hush. That’s not legalism. That’s integrity and sincerity. And that will birth a reality of God in your life. There is a place for you to suffer in the flesh to cease from sins. If you cave, you grey out your conscience and wreck your soul. Then you can’t have intimacy with God because you see yourself for what you’ve done instead of what He has done.

39:00 - This stuff is important to take time to talk about because this is the everyday walking out of your life. Where I want to start is: I want to live free. And look in the mirror and smile. I want to have a good conscience. I want to know that when I talk to Him we have true intimacy. That there  is a true faith working through love. Clear and clean, not because I’m under the law but because I understand His goodness and it’s changed my life forever.

Meditating in the Word

39:40 - Benefit of a clean conscience - The reason many people don’t engage intimately. They pray because we have needs and we have a prayer life based on what we need God to do, the people we need Him to bless, to heal. A lot of people don’t have intimacy with God where they are receiving His love and that’s because of these violations of conscience - grey spots in our conscience - we don’t think too good of ourselves. There’s a boldness when you are clean in your conscience to have fellowship with Him. Because you understand that He loves you.

40:30 - He doesn't just plant us. He tends us. (yesterday) That's intimate and real.

41:20 - Meditate in the word day and night - Develop an awareness of His continual presence - not talking about 24/7 Bible reading but developing a consciousness in truth - in the word.

41:40 - Jesus (and His life lived) is the wisdom of God for us - 1 Cor. 1:30 - Christ Jesus has become the wisdom of God for us. Christ Jesus and His life lived is the wisdom of God for us. If you’re not thinking through Christ it’s not the wisdom of God. It’s just the way that seems right to a man - common knowledge - common sense. I don’t want the way that is common to man. I want the wisdom of God. Jesus is that wisdom.

43:00 - Meditating in the word of God is your face to face encounter with God - Reading the word to know God instead of just reading it because it’s the Christian thing to do. It’s a face to face encounter with Him. You wanting to know Him. That Holy Spirit will illuminate. To rework the way you think. Not just history book, not just knowledge.

44:30 - Thanking God for His word - and opening it to me - using song - Holy Spirit, thank You, you inspired inspired men to write this and all of the cost and the price, even the blood. This (Bible) is amazing. You, in the year 2011, have made sure that I have Your word in my hands. And God You watch over Your word to perform it - You keep Your word. Heaven and earth is passing away but Your word is going to remain forever. This is a big deal that I am holding this right now. Thank You - it's Your love to me. It's the truth about You. It's the truth about me. Holy Spirit, when I am reading this I am asking You to illuminate me. I am asking You to reveal the Father to me - reveal the truth about my own life. Cause me to see. Let my eyes open wide. I want to know You. Singing your prayer...

46:20 - When God brings a verse to my mind I just flip there. I’m being taken there most of the time by Holy Spirit.

46:00 - Meditating in the word - Example - Colossians 1 - speak out loud or not - there is no right technique - don’t let it get routine, methodical.

48:30 - Dan’s color code. Gives old Bibles away. Starts on a new one.

49:25 - First Bible given - acted like I didn’t hear the Lord - felt like stolen goods - happens 2nd time - I’m the one who missed out.

59:00 - Meditating in the word - Example - Colossians 1 - LONG LENGTH

Born Again

112:00 - When Dan got saved - supernatural change of heart - causes love for wife

116:00 - Grace meets faith and brings supernatural transformation - If God can cause me to love my wife supernaturally, He can totally transform our lives. It’s supernatural. It’s you just wanting it and believing that you’re worthy of it and that He’s willing and saying, “Yes!” and keeping your “yes” sincere and staying in a place of faith so that grace can etch, sculpt, shape your life.

116:35 - Apart from grace it’s impossible to not be frustrated. A lot of people don’t believe it’s possible, so they don’t release faith and don’t receive grace.

116:50 - It’s possible to live without offense. Looking through love. Your brother can never cause you to stumble if you love him.

118:00 - Being born again is an example of grace meeting faith bringing supernatural transformation - Repent - Remission of sin - Born again. Times of refreshing from the Lord. There is change - transformation. I see what I was, real clear - I don’t want that any more - I look up and say, “I want You and who You are.” Saved by grace through faith. He fashions your heart to love. It's that basic.

120:10 - “If you can love me and forgive me of all that, I will live for you.” - He has been waiting for that my whole life. Who He is came inside of me.

121:30 - “This is pitiful. I don’t want it. If there is something else, I have to have it.” / He says, “Cool.” I died to me - to live to Him. When I thought of my wife 30 minutes later, I felt love for her. How did that happen? Die to yourself, become love. That was supernatural - grace working through faith.

122:40 - That’s conversion - We went from love to self (The fall of man). And now we go from self to love through Jesus. We get back to what we were in the beginning and everything in the middle gets washed away as if we never were there. If we’re not careful we carry all that we acquired in the middle into the new. What about you just die. Call old things dead. Put off the old. New creation. Who He is came into me - nature - heart.

123:45 - Called my wife - hung up - arriving home - in the bedroom praying - woke up praying in tongues - living like a devil for 13 yrs, now you’re praying like some holy man, I don’t think so - reconciliation. That's not even the man you married. I have made him a brand new man.

142:45 - Flashbacks - something is forgiven and the picture, the memory comes back later. [Example of casting down] Fight the good fight of faith.

143:30 - Wife would think that she was talking to the old man - flashback - "That man is dead. He can never hurt you again. He’s dead."

144:45 - Not threatened by her having a flashback. Does that change who you are? Does that change your position in Christ? Does it change your confidence before God? Then why not just love her with truth.

145:10 - Meditating in the word is a central avenue of intimacy with the Lord - By which grace meets faith and brings transformation without striving - If you don’t learn to read your Bible intimately with the Lord, and take these things to heart, you’ll try in your own strength (as opposed to grace) to fulfill things spoken in scripture about you. How do you fulfill? By having a pure heart before Him. And having intimacy with Him. And giving Him your whole life when nobody is looking. And telling Him it’s your will to love like He loves and see humanity like He see them.

146:00 - I surrender - Father, it's my will to love like you love - to see humanity like you see humanity. And the very way You forgave me, I forgive. Father, I have no rights but one, to look like You and be like You. I have surrendered myself. I'm not alive for me. I'm alive for Your glory. And I thank You Father, that You live vibrantly in me and who You are is manifesting through my life... That's prayer.

146:15 - Grace comes on that and you grow.

146:45 - BREAK

Meditating in the Word

149:00 - Meditating in the word - When God shows you something, pray it back to Him and release faith - Camp there - You don’t have to jump in and start praying all the time. But the more that you commune, the more your heart comes alive when you are reading. When you understand something, pray it back to the Lord - get personal with it.

149:50 - Who has been reading the word and something just got big. That is something that God is saying. You want to camp there. You want to let that be formed in you. You want to release faith and pray. And maybe not read a whole bunch more right now. Just let that come alive.

150:15 - God speaks through His word - When He opens your understanding to His word He is speaking to you - Respond to Him - Some people get bored reading the Bible. We don’t understand what we are doing. We are communing with the Lord. I want to know Him.

150:30 - Holy Spirit will give you understanding if you ask Him. And take the little bit you think you are understanding and begin to pray it back to Him - and watch it grow.

151:00 - Holy Spirit teaches me about the sacrament of communion. The more often that I would do it, the bigger it got. More analogies. More parallels. Scriptures would rise up out of the blue. You knew it was the Lord speaking. Giving myself to this in faith and it is coming alive in me. An experience like that sure beats confessing the word.

152:00 - Commune back to Him a new understanding - Father I just thank You right now, I so see that I am under the protection and covering of Jesus Christ. You have loved me when I was yet a sinner. You have crushed the law of sin and death. I am in the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus... and pray whatever comes alive in you.

152:30 - Left pastoring and was working - 90 day probation - flu - trainer had the flu - shared about Jesus - nobody wanted me on their team - expression of God’s love to the world - flu symptoms show up - I was working hard confessing it - Psalms 103 - Love on Jesus - This isn’t something I have to work for - You love me - Fixed my eyes on Him and His heart toward me.

204:00 - Standing in what you have just proclaimed. Motive can get whacked and it becomes all about you. When it should all go back to, “You really love me.”

205:00 - Bob Hazlett story - new age - he was interceding - Samurai tongues - Holy Spirit says, What are you doing? I’m in warfare. No - You’re looking silly and making yourself tired. You are just wearing yourself out Bob.

Spiritual Warfare

206:15 - Is there a time for spiritual warfare? Not if you think it has to do with what you are doing. If it has to do with what you do to get the breakthrough, you’ve crossed the line.

207:15 - Commanding devils to leave - whole house felt weird. Kids coughing. Wife unsettled. I don't need to understand the technicalities of this. I'm a relationship guy, not a technical guy. Darkness is trying to encroach on your house. I don't need to understand why or how. All I know is that God said that this wasn't light. And I know that I'm called to the light. This is what I did...

208:50 - Standing in the face of darkness - Father, I thank You my home is blessed. Darkness has no place here. There is light in You and no darkness in You and You are in us. And I just bless my home. And I thank You Father, for my wife and my children... instant change. So I don't need the 4 hour sermon on the demonic and the doorway... I don't need all of that. That's technical. It gets crazy. And then people witch hunt their whole lives. I just see that...

209:30 - Spiritual warfare can be a distraction from relationship - It's all about relationship - It's not a method / works thing - Spiritual warfare can take people on a wild goose chase and it distracts them from knowing Him. That goose chase becomes their ministry - their Identity. It just gets weird.

210:00 - It’s more relationship. I want to speak and that thing says, “Whoops, wrong house.” Why can't it be that simple? With relationship it can be simple. Without relationship it's more of a warfare / works thing - “What do I do now?” Now I have to get all my spiritual ducks in a row. And say all the right things and get the equation right.

210:20 - Healing is a relationship thing - A finished work of Christ thing - Not a method / works thing - We do the same thing with healing… If nothing is happening, we try harder. Hey, let me take a shot. Can I just do this. It has a spiritual sound to it but it shifts into works. Seems right to us but has nothing to do with His finished work. If we can just get everything right, it can happen… No, He got everything right. It’s not what you do. It’s what He did and what you believe about what He did. In all these areas (Healing, casting out demons, etc.). Especially where the demonic is concerned because...

211:35 - The devil loves to be the center of your attention - Keep your eyes on Jesus - He is the One who brings change - The devil loves when you pay attention to him - fix your eyes on him. He would love to get some quality time from you today. I don’t even think about him. If he shows up, you deal with him. But you don’t dwell on him. You’re not looking for the devil. We’re looking unto Jesus.

212:30 - Heb. 2:8&9 - not everything in subjection yet - but we see Jesus. What do we usually see? What’s not in subjection. What’s not happening. What isn’t working. And that makes our minds spin. Why? And what can we do about it? We keep our eyes on Jesus because that’s what is going to change what is not submitting.

213:00 - Sometimes you will need to address the devil - With authority - Out of relationship, identity and the big picture - You’re not on a witch hunt. Is the devil real? Yes. Are there times when you need to deal with him? Yes. It comes out of the authority of knowing Him, knowing who you are. It comes out of love and relationship. You begin to see who you are in Him. So when you are speaking at the devil it’s not just because you have a problem - or are afraid - or that you need him to leave. It’s because you know who you are and you see who he is in that light. And there is a proper authority...

213:50 - First demonic experience gathering of ladies to worship - woman manifests - the devil loves a big reaction - people get devil conscious - Oh no Jesus is here - Laughing, Here we go again - sing this song.

236:15 - Demonic spirit walks into the bedroom as Dan is reading John G. Lake book - don’t get bogged down with technical details - the devil, by standing there, gave me a greater revelation of my salvation - not vulnerable - Devil is a snake in the grass - usually not playing peekaboo - Now I know I won’t lose my leg because you are a liar - blindness - dead leg the next morning. That's where you find out if you have a Christian confession or a revelation that takes us through the trial.

244:00 - Give the devil no place - Devils hurl threats at the children of God. Devils believe that you will empower them - focus on them - worship them - with your fear. They want to become your life - your resume of temptations and trials. They believe they can overtake your language and ultimately your life. Liars. They are freaked out by Jesus. The enemy is not a toothless lion. He has teeth and can bite if you are in a position to be bit. Respect (not honor) him, in terms of what he can do, but give him no place. Jesus is Lord.

245:20 - Closing prayer