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Day 15 (2011)


0:50 - Opening Prayer - thank you for life

➡ 6:30 - REVIEW: Earlier in these classes we talked about 1 John 1 - and spoke on not identifying with sin but identifying with righteousness - how in the church we grew up thinking we’re in fellowship with sin - that sin is always the way of our life - that even if we are not aware of it we are probably always sinning.

7:10 - We talked about, “If we say we have no sin…” v.8

Fellowship with God

7:15 - 1 John 1 - MAIN IDEA of the passage: He’s calling us into the same fellowship he enjoys.

7:45 - v.1 - That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life; - John is saying, we were there.

8:00 - v.2 - (For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;) - we’ve seen, bear witness and declare to you. Jesus being manifested.

8:20 - v.3 - That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ. -

The door is wide open for us to have the same kind of relationship with God that John had - This is HUGE - that you also may have fellowship with us. What’s he doing? He’s calling you into relationship with God - into the reality of God. He’s saying this because the door is open for us to have the same thing.

9:10 - We can have what they had - Theology that says, “Well, that was for the apostles.” You can’t be an apostle because they all saw the Lord. We didn’t see the Lord. He’s saying we’ve seen Him.... declaring this to you so you can have what we have. We can have a relationship as if we’ve seen Him too. So don’t let anyone limit you in knowing God.

10:00 - Don't let anyone talk you out of this privilege of knowing God - Steward your heart - Protect your beliefs - Let no one take you captive… Col. 2:8 See to it that no one robs you… Col. 2:18 - human wisdom. “You need to slow down buddy and find some balance.” The enemy is working to keep the gospel suppressed.

11:30 - Don’t limit yourself by disbelief to anything less than what He has provided - Putting everything on God. Sovereignty of God. Whatever will be will be. Wrong, deceived. There is an authority in the name of Jesus - power in His name. He said I give you authority - I give you power over all power (Luke 10:19). Eph 1:22-23 says, we are the body of Christ - the fullness of Him that filleth all in all.

Stepping out to Love People & Release the Kingdom

➡ 12:00 - TODAY - It's not just about the pursuit of the supernatural - It's about becoming love - The reason I am talking about what I am talking about today is that you can’t go on a tangent and go on a power surge in search. We take on the heart of God - the nature of God - the eyes of God. And then we begin to manifest Him more. (Becoming Love) In this school we are not just going to teach on the supernatural - in the sense of out of the gate just trying to walk in the power of God.

12:45 - Many just want to see miracles and pursue supernatural stuff. It’s like we are putting dynamite in little kids hands. And they don’t know the Father and the Father’s love and they get offended and hurt and things begin to motivate them that are not even the Spirit of God. And now they still have this dynamite.

13:10 - You can get aware of a gift and function in it and not have your heart formed in Christ.

13:45 - We are following Jesus - We already have a green light from Jesus to pray for the sick - I do what I see my Father doing. John 5:19 I only speak my Father’s words John 12:49 You want to be led by the Spirit but at the same time you want to be careful that you don’t limit the working of the Spirit because of these phrases. When Jesus tells us to do something, that is the Father telling us to do it. We don’t need the Holy Spirit to express those words again. Jesus is the Father revealed. We already have a green light.

14:15 - You absolutely do not need the leading of the Spirit of God to approach a sick person and love on them. You already have that word through Jesus. And the word is spirit and life. However Holy Spirit will direct you as you go. The Holy Spirit may highlight someone. The door is open to love people. It’s rare that the Holy Spirit will say no.

15:05 - I don't feel led - Usually when people say, "I don’t feel lead" it’s usually self-consciousness, insecurity, uncertainty and our feelings and emotions speaking. It’s not God saying, “I paid the price for their redemption but don’t love them now.” It’s usually us talking ourselves out of it because we are unsure.

15:35 - There are times Holy Spirit will lead you in things - show you things and that is cool. But anytime you have a commandment from the Lord, anything you see in the life of Jesus He said to follow is already a given. You have the leading of the word. The Spirit and the word are one. [Convictions to love on people]

17:15 - It’s your privilege to love on who you want to.

17:30 - I didn’t feel led. When you are out in public and God gives you information (word of knowledge), we reduce it to praying from the car because we are more comfortable doing that. It’s easier.

18:00 - Go ye therefor... We don't like getting out of comfort zone.

19:00 - The people you pray for may not be ready to be born again, but they are long ready to be sincerely loved and are ground to be sown into from the time they were born. The seeds have been waiting to get into their heart. And you are the one - the sower sows the word.

19:20 - Just love people - There is no pressure in loving people - You can't fail - You are not under any pressure when you love on people. You don’t have any other goal than to love them. We think we’ve got to accomplish something and get a response. When you carry that goal, you feel like you can fail. So Christians with good heart and perspective are setup to fail instead of just freely love. So then we don’t step out for fear of failure. Your heart wants to love but you never step out because of the stronghold of lies around this. It's because we've set up goals. Sometimes we preach too much of a highlight reel from the pulpit. And we miss the beauty of a small thing.

20:30 - We think that if we go into Walmart and everybody is not shaking in the fire of God and everybody is healed, we think that we haven’t arrived. We get a picture so high that we don’t appreciate the seemingly smaller things that God is doing through the sowing of our lives into people.

21:00 - We are sowing seed - Knowing that it will grow - We miss the beauty of seemingly small things - sowing a seed and knowing it’s going to grow. Mark 4:26+ - The kingdom of God is as if a man sowed a seed. But when it is sown it grows.

21:45 - Don't compare yourself to others and get discouraged - Be encouraged - We feel like we are not where we should be. That’s why a lot of people are not encouraged. We forget to see the beauty, faith and love in every way that you can touch people. We should be so encouraged. He loves us. The Spirit of God lives in us. He is waiting to show mercy through us to people.

22:25 - Satan can’t stop the mercy of God, so he tries to stop us from showing it. So satan gets us trapped in legalizm, judgement, self-centered living, hurt and unforgiveness and offense. God wants to show mercy through His people. It's a humbling thing when someone truly gives you that kind of love.

23:45 - Love with no strings attached - There’s no strings attached. Many won’t believe it because nothing is that free. Sometimes it's not until you walk away that people realize you didn’t have a hidden agenda. When they realize that there is nothing in it for you, it changes everything. When you walk away and they realize that there was no strings, it changes everything. If we are so analytical, trying to figure it out mentally, we are going to miss living out of the heart. Giving people the kingdom.

24:50 - The life of Jesus is the will of God. The things that He commissioned us to are the leading of the Spirit. You don’t need a specific voice of Holy Spirit to tell you what to do in loving people. Don’t limit your love to specific leading.

26:25 - It's a joyful thing to love others - to release the kingdom - It’s the greatest joy of your life when you heart starts drawing toward people and you step that way and love somebody. Exhilarating, fun. It’s not because you are drawing identity from that but because you have found your identity. It’s the expression of what God is sculpting in you. It’s the outpouring of what He is forming in you - love. It's called love.

27:05 - One of the first people I prayed for in public - post office - lady with arthritis - compassion rose up automatically - sense of concern for her - I believe that that can change - not robotic.

29:00 - You are loving people - releasing the kingdom - opening the doorway to the possibilities of God every time you step out past yourself. Embrace that and be excited. Don't talk yourself out of that.

29:20 - The reason people have such a mind battle in this area is because it is such a threat. Demonic strategy to quench what was accomplished through Christ - to get us to just pay homage to God instead of to live like Him. It's called religion - a form of godliness but denying the power.

29:50 - Stepping out to love is worship - “Your life lived in Christ, in agreement with the nature of God is the highest worship you will ever walk in. The highest worship and glory and honor towards God is when your life is formed in love and you are manifesting it in the world you live in.” It’s greater than the most incredible song you’ve heard sung. It’s the highest form of worship there is a life surrendered and consecrated, given and walking in love. It’s a constant daily worship unto God. Giving Him glory with a life surrendered and a life lived in His image. It’s a total honor to God. It’s a total exalting of who He is with the manifestation of your life.

30:50 - Post office (cont.)

31:00 - You can’t be moved by compulsion. I need to be doing this. But why wouldn’t I want to (step out). If you don’t feel the need to step out…

31:15 - Desire to step out - Father would You just touch me my heart in this area because when I hear this it's like, "Whatever" and I don't feel like... And I hear You are love. And I know Jesus, You've done all of these mighty things. Man, work that in me. Put that in me. Father me. If You want that compassion rising up in me, hear I am - here is my heart...

31:35 - Make yourself available - Give yourself to Him - Grace will change you - If you make yourself available you may be amazed how things will change in your life. Instead of just trying to figure it all out and do it all. Just get alone with Him and give yourself to Him. Let faith come out of you and let grace change you. You get in agreement. You say “yes” and God makes you that “yes”. It is that simple.

32:00 - Post office cont. - compassion arises.

32:40 - Praying for the sick is not a method composed of steps - It's you just being the best you - I don’t teach steps (for example - 7 steps to healing)  - on purpose - because we would take them. (We would make them a method.) No, it’s you being the best you, in Christ - who you are growing to be in Him.

33:00 - Post office cont. - people get weirded out - silent - (parking).

38:40 - Don’t let your ministry produce identity. Let your identity produce ministry. Don’t draw identity through what you are doing. Draw identity from His love for you and let that release in ministry.

39:00 - Post office cont. - Jesus touches - so exciting

39:25 - The best feeling on earth. Because you are right in the middle of Jesus loving them. You're in the middle of what you were created to do.

39:55 - Post office cont. - worshiping in parking lot - skipping - Drawing too much identity from this? - No, you feel this way because you are walking in what you were created for - This is why I (Dan) am here. I’m here to love people.

42:20 - We are on the earth to look like our Father - That includes bringing healing - People that don’t have their heart in that place don’t understand my excitement. They judge and want me to find balance. You are too late for me. That experience sealed me in a truth. I’m on the earth to love you like God loves me. I’m on the earth for the Spirit of God to flow through me and bring help, deliverance, comfort, healing, encouragement, even healthy good correction, light into people’s lives. I'm not here just to have a good day. I’m on the earth that in the midst of life I look like my Father.

43:30 - I’m living from His heart. My motives are pure. The “whys” are clean. So that everything I am doing has grace on it and prospers.

44:10 - We are Christians to love - Gifts flow through love -The reason we are Christians is to love. It’s not to go to heaven. It’s not to move in gifts. We are Christians to love. Gifts will flow through love. God can tell Himself anything. So get your heart in agreement with His heart. Get in the secret place and yield yourself to Him...

Yielding To Him - Communion

44:30 - Yield yourself to Him - His grace will change you - If you get in a secret place and you continue to yield your heart to Him, He will sculpt your heart and you’ll start feeling and thinking like Him and looking through His eyes. Why? Because you really, really want to. It’s that simple. If it were more than that it wouldn’t be grace.

45:15 - Obstacles to yielding - sell out price, rights reserved, lack of understanding - Why wouldn’t we put our heart in that place? It’s either - we have sell out prices and lines that people can cross and we still reserve certain rights and we say one thing but mean another - or it’s lack of understanding. Why wouldn’t I want to live from His heart when I see this? Maybe I want to live with some other heart. I'm still holding onto something that came through the fall.

46:30 - Yield through time alone with Him - The only way I can live this way and be sincere is through relationship / communion.

46:40 - I am yours - I am going to pass a whole lot of people today. I thank You that I see them through your eyes. I reserve no rights. My life is Yours. It's in You and You're in me and I am so privileged. Thank You, that You, the God of the universe would be my Father and I could be Your son. I've got the keys to the car. I've got life in front of me. You've given me the world. Thank You. I'm going to go take a drive in Your car. (There is a mindset there.) And I am not a hurt, touchy, offended man. I thank You that people could never possibly be my enemy... You just sometimes need to affirm that stuff in prayer to keep your heart free.

47:30 - Keep your heart free through communion. Otherwise natural wisdom sneaks in. You'll draw a line and stop living the kingdom because of stuff - stop thinking kingdom thoughts - stop loving with kingdom love.

48:00 - You can’t just get this by reading “How to live the Christian life” - I have never bitten my lip to live Christian. That’s works. No, get on your knees alone with Him. Or you are going to throw yourself into works. It's not how to live the Christian life but how to be a son, walk in love - follow Jesus. So get alone.

48:45 - Reading the word - Martha & Mary - Jesus, how You did that was amazing. Martha and Mary - it almost looked like they were accusing You - like it was Your fault Lazarus was dead. But You didn't seem pressured by that. You weren't taken back by that. You were moved with compassion. Even when the people were crying and You groaned... - You weren't crying because Lazarus was dead. You were crying because people are so fallen. But instead of judging them, instead of getting hurt, instead of taking their life personal, You just raised the dead. Not because You were under pressure to but because You love... That's the way I pray.

50:00 - The twistedness of man did not change Jesus' love - Let Him transform you - Jesus knew that the motives of men were twisted. And it still didn’t change love. Knowing all that stuff has nothing to do with who He is and how He responds. If we had that kind of knowledge of men's motives, how would we handle it? Jesus knew their intent and it doesn't change love. [Man with withered hand] I want to live like that - free. That's what motivates me to get alone and pray. I want Him to make me like Him.

52:15 - I don't just want what He can do FOR me. I want Him to make me like Him. I don’t want to be changed by a room full of twisted motives and still feel the value of those Pharisees - to where I will take a nail for them. It’s transformation. Strip me of everything the flesh and the fall taught me.

53:45 - Be like Jesus - Love like He loves - (Man with the withered hand) You are absolutely amazing Jesus. Nothing moves You but love. You love people. I have to be that. If I'm not that, what am I doing?... You get that serious in your heart because that closes the door to all other compromise.

54:00 - Close the door to all compromise - I'm done living for me - If I’m not like you what am I doing? Close the door to all other compromise. Get that serious in your heart. Make me that or why should I live? I’m done living for me.

54:50 - Others - You are an avenue of expression of what He has created me for.

Created for Love - Redeemed to Love

55:00 - Adam & Eve - Love needed a way to multiply - Adam in His image. There is none comparable to you. There is nowhere for who you are to flow. So out of the fullness of love, purity, God in man He brings forth a woman. He didn’t reach in because he was alone but because he was a manifestation of love needing to happen. Eve. Now love can be given and received and multiplied. Two became one. Love is why we are alive. You’ve got to look before they ate from the tree to find who you are. We try to find who we are through what is happening in life. No look before the tree.

57:35 - Jesus is the last Adam.

58:15 - One command - Don’t eat from the tree. You were created for my image. You weren’t created for the knowledge of good and evil. You were created for innocence. [God wasn't angry beyond love]

58:45 - Adam and Eve fell - But God still saw them for who He made them to be - They ate from the tree. God looks down and sees what they have done and God still sees them for who He made them to be. In God’s heart nothing changes - same destiny, same potential - to the tune of the death of His own Son. My Son is going to have to die. You’re going to have to come back to life. And you will walk in everything that you were created for. My grace triumphs. I rise above death. I never change. That's our God. It's the resurrection of truth again on the earth and in our hearts.

101:00 - It is so fun living in what He created us for - in agreement with Him. We're created to have passion and be alive.

102:20 - Put away the old - There is no mix of the old and new - He did not teach us the way we grew up. So who did? So when we see that, why would we want any hint of that in our lives. So you die to live. You put away the old so you can step into the new. There is no integration or mix of the two.

103:00 - Settle in your heart today that you are not a Christian for any other reason than to be brought back to who He is inside.

103:25 - Jesus said, If you clean the inside of the cup (the motives, the inside), the outside is a given.

104:00 - Student's mother - can’t have babies - 6 weeks later pregnant. The manifestation of the working of God's love through us.

106:20 - Why was the tree in the garden in the first place? Don’t anybody stumble over creation stuff. Why did He put the tree there? He just set them up to fall. - He shows us who He is. He wants relationship. He did not make us to be robots. And the goodness of God leads men to repentance. A lot of stuff out there on these questions. We're thinking a little too deep on some of that stuff. We value our opinions so much. The analytical side of human life scares me. I don’t need to go there. I don’t need to know who created God. How could God just be? That’s what makes Him God. Leave them alone and say, You are amazing. I can’t wrap my mind around You. Good, You are God. Because if I can wrap my mind around it, it's not God.

108:50 - That tree is still in the garden of my life right now. It’s that choice every day. That voice, that Eve heard - it’s whispering every day. And guess what our response is - we follow Him. Every day you are challenged with things of the flesh. Every day you are challenged with things in your emotions and feelings. Every day you are faced with the choice to live from your heart toward God or live from your flesh toward earth. Gal 5 - Every day the flesh opposes the spirit. This is where the integrity of the gospel is restored. I could give in to the flesh but I can’t. I don't need a fiery angel to keep me from doing wrong. He wants you to live out of your heart. Instead of restraining you. God wants you to get that “want to” to do the flesh out of you. It's a yielding thing.

Clay Yields to the Potter

112:00 - He wants you to willingly yield - Potter & clay - He wants you to see the beauty and yield to the Potter. He is the One with the skill and He wants you to yield. The only question is, Is the clay ready? The vision isn't the issue. It's there. The desire to make the masterpiece isn't the issue. Today is the day. The only question: Is the clay yielding - moldable - shapable - pliable. If you feel willfulness in you... that's where communion comes in...

114:10 - Yield to the Potter - Father, who am I to even... it feels like there are some things that are trying to grab and pull... absolutely not. I am Your's. I am Your's. I am Your's great potter, mold me. Great potter shape me. Make me everything You have designed me to do. I don't reserve a right for anything less than Your image or more. I'm Yours...

114:30 - Take time to commune - Using music to commune. (Kim Walker Smith - I am Yours) Turn off all of your technology. Get quiet enough to become His. OR you can talk Christian, have Christian music playing in the background, Christian - bumper sticker, ringtone, screensaver and never make contact with God. But you sure look Christian. Give yourself to Him.

116:00 - Be the clay - Adam before the tree - Father I am Yours. I yield to You. Make me the masterpiece You created me to be. Holy Spirit, if there is anything in me keeping me (from that), then show it to me because that thing is as good as dead. I don't want anything restraining my life... Now you've got to be serious when you pray that prayer. I know that I have the potential of Your image and it is my desire to manifest You. It is my desire to be in agreement with You. And what Adam was before he ate from the tree, I've got my eyes fixed on that, that's the prize. That's the secret place. That's the accomplished work of Christ - walking with a free heart - walking in communion with You with an unveiled face - unashamed - Father and son - through the cool of the day, walking through life together - forever one. I'm Yours. I'm absolutely Yours. I reserve no rights...

* * *

118:00 - Feelings are fun - But you don't live by them - I don’t live by feelings but the feelings of my life are indescribable - emotional roller coaster - laugh / cry - stern / gentle - all channeled in truth - all through the Holy Spirit. And I am not afraid of that. I don't live by feelings. I live by truth. And in that I have the most amazing emotional ride (roller coaster). I just get back in line and go again. Not old, stale, dry.

119:00 - Hershey Park - roller coaster - we know what to expect and that is why we are in position

120:35 - 1 John 1 - v.3 - That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ. - John is calling you into the very same thing He enjoys - unrestricted - unlimited.

Objection to Righteous Identity

121:20 - rest of the chapter - not going to read the rest of the chapter - but he is talking about God being light and no darkness. He’s in you. So we are going to walk in Him and live in Him. If we get born again - we have new life - fellowship with Him. Confessing sin. Even if we stumble…

(People object to freedom from sin based on an out of context understanding of 1 John 1 v. 8)

v.9 - If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. -

These verses are talking about being born again - Our need for a Savior - Not life in Christ - Not a catch net verse because God knows we are going to sin all the time. That’s how it is taught. No, verse 9 is how you get right with God (born again). You face the fact that you have need of a Savior, you’ve fallen short of the glory of God, you confess, you accept His blood, sacrifice, you get born again, have fellowship with one another and begin to walk in the light as He is in the light.

122:10 - v.10 - If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us. - Restates and clarifies v.8.

v.8 - If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. - no need of a Savior - no need of His blood. That is confirmed in the next verse…

122:20 - 1 John 2 - v.1 - My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous: -

We are not destined to sin - But IF we sin... - I write these things so you may not sin -  Not writing this saying you are always going to sin and if you say you are not, you are in denial. And then saying you don’t sin, but you are always going to. No, he is calling you into righteousness and into change of heart and life. Come out of the darkness into the light and walk in the light. He’s talking about the born again experience and entering into sanctification.

123:15 - Sanctification - Purpose is always attached - a separation unto holiness with purpose. Not just set apart - that is waiting to go to heaven - that’s just being wheat and not tare - more than you just waiting for that day. You're called out of darkness... Why? SO THAT you can walk in the light. There is always purpose attached to sanctification.

124:00 - but IF you sin - Don’t lose your identity. You care and you didn’t want to sin, oops. Not this attitude: It’s a wonder you put up with me. Prone to miss it me. He’s not keeping a checklist. He doesn’t tolerate you, He loves you. He’s longing for you to see and become. Some people start to exclude themselves by demeaning themselves. They put God in the position of how they feel about themselves but God does not feel that way.

* * *

126:00 - v.2 - And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world. -

A price has been paid for all - Anyone can receive healing - This is why the sinner can be healed. Because there is mercy for his life through the blood. The blood is speaking on behalf of the whole world. Everybody doesn't have to jump through hoops to receive that love. You are the minister of that mercy. Give love like He gave love.

127:20 - v.3 - And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. -

The barometer of knowing God is your love - He’s talking about the expression of love. If we love Him, we’ll keep His commandments. Talking about an intimate revelation and knowledge of Him - relationship. 1 John 4:7-8 - song. The barometer of knowing God is your love. We’ve been on a search to build knowledge OF God. But God says the intimate revelation, knowledge of God is revealed by your love. I have the privilege of being possessed by His heart. He’s going to make me like Him, if I want to be.

130:15 - Not living under the law but walking in the heart of the law. I’m free with regard to the law - I’m free in those areas. If you walk in love you fulfill the law.

➡ 131:00 - AFTER THE BREAK: We are going to pick up - we are going to talk about becoming love a little more today.

131:15 - BREAK

132:00 - Love has a strong side - It doesn't just overlook things - Even in love there may be need for a setting in order. Ministry of truth. Love doesn’t mean you just overlook everything. Love has a very strong side to it.

➡ 132:15 - We will get into this love thing. That is kind of where we are headed. We are just scratching the surface.

God Speaks Through Love Relationship

132:30 - Hear God speak clearly through love - Pursue love - God speaking about specific things - and how we dismiss those promptings. I speak to my kids every day but they pass it off as a good thought.

135:10 - Prophetic gift - God will give an impression about someone walking by. Bob Hazlett teaches approach with “You are the kind of person that…” and just believe that God is going to give you the rest. The stuff that happens is amazing. How do you know that? Bob believes that God has something to say. But you’ve got to put yourself in that position.

136:25 - Sometimes God is locking you in to a person beforehand and other times you have the privilege just to approach anyone and love and encourage them.

137:20 - If you are in a love relationship with God, His love is going to birth these things in your hearing because they will be heard by love.

137:45 - If you are just trying to live spiritual - and not pursuing love, you’ll have more of a war in your mind. Is that God or is that me? Walking in love is walking in the heart of God.

138:10 - Working in warehouse - God speaks, pick that up - tons of persecution - for working to hard - we don't want to live that way.

139:20 - Bridge near my house - trash - God spoke, you have been aware of this for a week. Do something about it - the natural comes before the spiritual - I had an impression of over and over.

143:40 - God speaks to us more than we realize.

Insecurity & Thirst for Affirmation

144:05 - 1 John 2

144:20 - v.4 - He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. -

Keep your speech in line with the God reality of your life - Don't proclaim spiritual things just to be affirmed - Liar - Insecurity in your life will cause you to say things that that you know down in your heart aren’t your reality. Insecurity will give you the capacity to say things like, “I know the Lord.” (...when you know deep down it’s not the truth.) There are people who proclaim spiritual things. You don’t need to proclaim spiritual things to get people to affirm you. There are people who talk about all of their manifestation, spiritual journeys, dreams, visions etc. That doesn’t mean that people are not having them. But they are trying to proclaim spiritual things because they don’t feel spiritual. Liar - It means, there are people who have a need to proclaim something apart from being something. When you are being something there is no need to proclaim it. Why do I need to say I know the Lord if I live that way. You should see the love - the flow of my life. I don’t need to proclaim something, I need to become something.

146:15 - I love you - catch net. I don’t need to say “I love you” if I live “I love you.” But because we don’t live “I love you” we try to affirm “I love you” with speech.

Walking in Created Purpose

146:50 - v.5,6 - But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him. He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked. -

When who God is naturally flows through your life - You know you are on the right track - by this we know - identity, true security - when I am walking in the same way He walked. I’m walking out God without trying to follow a list of Christian do’s and don’ts.

147:20 - Don't hide from light so that you can delay obedience - Truth is your best friend - Willful ignorance - Some folks don’t like to read the word because it shows them what they are not. Willful ignorance is a serious sin. Purposing to not know because change will be needed, so you don’t want to know. I’m not ready for change. That’s conviction of sin. Younger folks think, I’ve got a life to live. Maybe later. Older folks think, I wish I had listened. Why was I such a knucklehead?

149:05 - It's a joy and honor to live out your created purpose - When you live in your created value and purpose, there is nothing greater. There is nothing like something running the way it was meant to run. Well oiled machine. Classic car. Running like a champ. Performing in its created purpose.

150:00 - Our lives have purpose. Using the example of a shoe. Identity: Shoe. We know what its purpose is. We know what it was made for. But there it sits. It’s not until I put it on, it supports my foot and I walk in it over stones… Until I put it on, it doesn’t fulfill the purpose of a shoe. It is not flowing in what it’s here for - not flowing in its identity. Your life has purpose. No one would ever get blessed unless the shoe is worn. Purpose isn’t fulfilled until what was created functions how it was designed to function - functions according to its identity.

151:40 - Keyboard - Dan prays to play the keyboard - sounded like he could play - intercessors - that doesn’t make them gullible. They are believing that God can do anything.

155:50 - Until you play a keyboard it is really not a keyboard. Until I put the shoe on it is not a shoe. What purpose did it serve (if it was never used)? What does it matter that it was created? Purpose is huge.

Insecurity Driving Thirst for Affirmation

156:30 - v.4 - He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. -

Affirming yourself to others reveals an inner insecurity - Let your life speak - Don’t have a need to bear witness of something before your life bears witness of it. Insecurity will do that. People affirm themselves.

156:35 - Lady called - offense - gossip - cut her off - you are hurting - I’ve been in the throne room every day! (while angry) - no transformation.

159:00 - Love cares about people. It’s not mushy.

159:05 - "Prophetic" lady - In a service - pick up Todd and drive 7.5 hours home - I need to get out and leave quickly - people want to express thanks - lady intercepts on the way out - this is very important from the Lord, I’m one of the prophetic ones - starry eyed - great need - something twisted - God took me into the heavenlies while you were preaching because when I was three…She’s hiding behind spiritual language. She loves that the church believes she is prophetic. It feeds her. Because she thinks she is pathetic. - Stops, says, You don’t believe me, do you? - You are a very hurting lady trying to find yourself. You don’t need a vision you are already His girl.

207:00 - Address the insecurity with truth because of their value - Help them see their value clearly - Most of the time leadership is already aware of the problem but are not strong enough to address the situation. They are afraid to hurt them. The person is already hurting. It’s a lie not to touch the hurting, afraid that you’ll hurt them. The key is you don’t touch them because they’re a mess - twisted - out there. You do it because they are full of value and Jesus loves them and it is not the truth about who they are. Separate the whacked part because that is not them.

208:12 - Dummy - Doing a dumb thing doesn’t make you a dummy. It’s a lie. Separate that from who they are.

208:35 - If I see me clear, through relationship with the Father, I will see you clear. Then I can love my neighbor as myself.

209:00 - Receive and become God's love - Be free of the need for affirmation from men - Do you see how important this is? To get formed and molded in love - to know the love of God - to understand righteousness - to let Him love and forgive you - and to see yourself strictly and completely through Him - and not let any other thing determine who you are except for Him - that way men can encourage you - edify you - speak into your life but nobody can take what only He gives.

209:20 - If you see God's value for you - You can see it for others too - If I can understand that for me, no matter what your circumstances look like (sin), I can still see the same about you. You’ve still got the same value. Nothing has changed. God is greater.

210:00 - Our Perspective - So God’s intention is that that perspective become our perspective.

210:20 - There is nobody on the earth that truly has relationship with God without loving others / becoming love.

Hurt can Twist Motives

210:30 - On an island with Jesus - You are not on an island by yourself with Jesus. People who say they are it’s because they are hurt by humanity.

210:45 - Be careful not to carry unhealthy affections driven by hurt and pain - Pets - Treating pets better than people. A lot of times people will surround themselves with pets because they know that the pets will never hurt them. They have been so hurt by people that they turn to pets. Pets provide the love - never corrects me - just loves me. Searching for perfect love. But people are supposed to get that love from God with the understanding that it’s not just about being perfectly loved, it’s about becoming perfect love. The deception is you are hurting. The desire for love is amplified by the hurt.

212:30 - Infidelity - Hurt in marriage - I need this for me because I am not getting what I need. Self-interest. The infatuation is fueled by the hurt in the marriage. Totally needs driven. Has nothing to do with loving the new person. It’s about what you can get from them because there is deficit from your marriage.

213:50 - Hurt produces twisted motivations - People are hurt by people. They can’t trust people. They surround themselves with what feels safe. (Pets etc.) When you are living in hurt it raises an unrealistic and unnatural and untrue affection in your life. You are needs driven and it will reroute it (love) somewhere else. Everything has false motivation when you are living hurt.

214:35 - Die to self - Become invulnerable to being hurt by life because you are vulnerable to Him - If you become love, and become selfless - die to yourself, you can never be rerouted again. You are not vulnerable to life because you have made yourself vulnerable to Him. And now you are in the world and not of it. And you can finally be a blessing instead of needing to be blessed. It’s the whole goal of the gospel - to get us in this place.

215:30 - Children - Unhealthy, unnatural affection for the kids arising from hurt in marriage - the child almost becomes the soul mate. It’s all a form of survival. It all derives from the way that seems right to a man - every man for himself.

216:00 - Be careful not to carry unhealthy affections driven by hurt and pain.

216:10 - Praying to go to mission field - Twisted motive - Praying to go to the mission field - frustration - USA not hungry for God - going there because of hurt. So Dan, You’ll lay your life down for the hungry? My Son laid His life down for those who despised Him. - Get your heart like His heart. Jesus went through this every day and it didn’t change love. False motivation.

220:00 - Without God Fathering me, I would mess up today trying to use my wisdom.

220:25 - Ministries that are motivated from pain instead of calling.

221:00 - Integrity of Heidi Baker

221:20 - Conversation with Randy Clark - where have you been internationally? - I don’t want my heart to get hard toward America. Randy - I understand. He loves His people in America. Miracles abroad projects back here. It judges back here.

223:15 - You start judging people because they aren't excited. You think they have to feel what you feel. Maybe I should forget America... I'll go to Africa. God's work abroad can project back here. But the same things can happen here.

* * *

224:00 - We depend on Holy Spirit's guidance - Why am I hearing that stuff in my bedroom instead of walking off into the lie? Why does He intervene to keep me from walking off into a lie? Because I have spent countless hours telling Him that my life is Yours. I have more confidence in your ability to keep me than me being deceived. I can’t be my own keeper. I’ll steward my heart. But you are the One who rules me.

225:10 - Reliance on Him to keep me - My life is Yours. I have more confidence in Your ability to keep me than me being deceived. I can't be my own keeper. I'll steward my own heart and keep it according to Your word, but You are the One who lives my life through me. It's Your grace that rules me. God, father me. If You have to kick me in the butt, kick me in the butt because You love me but keep me on course and don't let me take one step to the side. My life is Yours...

225:45 - We don't need to build the kingdom - We release the one that is already here - If you have more of a need to build a kingdom than to minister a kingdom that is already built you will make a lot of those mistakes. We are not building a kingdom. We are ministering one that is already built. “MY ministry” - I probably ought to chill and get closer to Jesus. It is not about your ministry. It’s about manifesting Him - living Him. Everything you have is grace.

227:00 - Militant mindset - A kingdom mindset is no nonsense, no compromise - David Hogan - full of commitment and discipline and loyalty to the truth - militant mindset - no nonsense. I’m militant with the devil. There’s no compromise in my heart. There is a place for that. It's called surrender. So that you have unveiled communion.

228:20 - Compromise is not worth it. Trying to find your way back to Him.

228:45 - Don’t let anyone else keep you from Him.

Victim Mentality

229:20 - Being emotionally abused is not part of a kingdom mindset - I'm not to put my trust in you - It’s impossible to emotionally abuse me. Emotional abuse is not a thing in the kingdom or God is so trashed He needs ministry. How many times have we broken promises. He would be a basket case, not even listening to our prayers. You can only be emotionally abused when you’re allowing your life and identity to depend on people. Impossible - I know who I am. So why do I have a problem if you don’t know who I am or you don’t know who you are? I am what He says I am and I am established in that. And now I can love you. We need affirmation from others because we haven’t received it from God.

231:00 - We think that the people closest to us can hurt us the most. My wife can’t touch this. She can add to it but not detract. I thought love didn’t take account of a suffered wrong. So do we love or do we need? You put more trust, expectation / demand on them. They owe you certain things. I’m not to put my trust in you. I’m supposed to live trustworthy.

233:30 - We need to stop giving people permission to be devastated - Making people a "victim" when it's their partner who is in trouble - If a spouse cheats - our reaction, understood by the church, is to be totally broken / devastated. I thought we had a covenant. They did the unthinkable. We often surround the offended and “victimize them.” Give them permission to be devastated because of the atrocity of the violation. All the feelings are justified because everyone else would feel the same way. What we miss is that nothing has changed in Christ. They don’t have a problem. Their covenant partner is in trouble. All we can think is, “How could you do that to me and the children?” instead of “What has happened to you?” then we become the living product of their darkness and pain. Put it in the perspective of love, truth, kingdom.

236:00 - Loving others is a privilege not a need. When sin abounds grace abounds more. So why when sin abounds do we collapse? And justify the collapse because of the magnitude of the sin.

238:00 - common response - We run to the aggrieved party expecting them to be crushed - affirming their reasons to be crushed - calling it sensitivity and compassion. If he came to me - “Who are you crying for? I feel like right now we should be crying for the other person. You have no problem.”

239:20 - Victim - permission to be a victim - You'll feel sorry for yourself. You’ll never be formed in love. It's flesh.

240:30 - In these situations the way we react and treat the aggrieved party is how we live. That's why the church has...

241:10 - Support groups - identifies you for former pain - everybody goes and relates to one another’s story - lick each other's wounds and no one is ever healed. Take the titles off of support groups. Becomes a label, an identity. Don’t label yourself as anything but in Christ.

243:30 - Closing prayer