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Encounter Weekend 2019:

Session 1 - Righteousness / Freedom from Sin

Building Champions Men's Conference 2018:

Session 1 - Champions & Rivals

Champions & Rivals  My Story can be a Rival  A Champion's Mindset of Faith  Feelings can be a Rival  Your Purpose - To Shine  Become What He Paid For - Become Love  Live by Faith - Not by Feelings  Psychology  Ministry to Feelings vs. Ministry of Truth  Pursue God Reality through Relationship  Stop Justifying Rivals  The Rival of Low Self-Esteem

Session 2 - Rivals (mentalities) that would keep you from shining and the perspectives that overcome them.

Recap: Champions & Rivals  Guardian of Your Heart  Intimate Relationship  Vengeance  Condemnation  Fallen Emotions - Salvation of the Soul  Bear Fruit - Subdue Rivals   Be Encouraged in His Goodness  Marriage Advice - Sexuality  Teaching  Closing Exhortations: Know Him - Become Love  Rivals Identified

Session 3 - Become the champion He paid for. Overcome all rivals through His love.

True Worship  Champions Overcome All Rivals  Rivals Would Keep You from Shining  Champion - Motivated by Love  Grace Meets Faith to Transform  Clear Conscience  Believe Who He Sees You to Be  Eph. 3 - God's Purpose  John 9 - Accountability & Judgement  Distracting Doctrine - Stick to Everyday Purpose  Grace to Challenge Others in Love  Evangelism of a Transformed Life  Communing the Word - Eph. 1 

Christ for the Nations 2018:

Lecture 1 - Freedom from Neediness.

Freedom from Neediness  Transformation  Gen. 1 - Made in God's Image - God is Love  Love  Transformed back to Love  Identity through Christ  Grace  Cover the Earth with His Glory  The Image Lost  Perspective of Truth - Truth brings Freedom  Hurt wants a Voice in How We are Doing  Fallen Emotions  Love & Gifts

Lecture 2 - Freedom from Neediness (cont.)

Learn from Jesus & the Life He Lived  We Need Change - Old Perspective vs. New  Needy No More  New Reactions  Ministering from a Healthy Place - New Thinking Required  Freedom from Neediness  John 20 - Jesus wasn't Hurt & Didn't Change His Mind  Minister from a Healthy Place - Relationship with Him  Gifting to Equip the Body  Eph. 4 - The Gospel Calls Us to Become Love - To Look Like Him

Lecture 3 - Transformation by grace through faith.

Recap: Redeemed to Shine  Commune with God  Interference from the Enemy  Feelings of Condemnation  Healing Prayer  Col. 3 - Putting Off & Putting On in Prayer  Water Baptism  Sexuality  Run Well

School of Healing - KHOP San Diego 2015:

Session 1 - Know Him - Live from the Heart.

Knowing Him Changes Your Life  Self-Centered vs. Transforming Gospel  Healing is for More than Just Your Body - Body, Soul & Spirit  Freedom from Neediness  Identity Issues  Reject the Wisdom of the World - Freedom from Sin  Technology  See Yourself & Others through His Eyes  Live from the Heart - Intimacy with God  Empowerment for Loving Others  Your Life Speaks

Session 2 - Freedom to shine.

Prayer from Faith  Free from Me - Free from You - Free to Love You  Freedom from Sin & Sin Consciousness  Discerning the Lies - A Twist on the Sovereignty of God  Mad at God  Vulnerability & Fear  Afflictions & The War Against the Kingdom

Session 3 - Get established in identity and purpose through relationship so that ministry flows from a healthy place.

Fallen Thinking & Feeling - Salvation of the Soul  Living by Feelings - Ministry to Feelings  Live in Communion  Ministry from a Solid Foundation  No Need to Fall Apart - Losing Productivity  Be Founded in Relationship - Gifts Flow through Relationship  Questions  Paul's Thorn / Rejection at Nazareth  Healing in the Midst of Unbelief  Eph. 4 - Transformation

Session 4A - Mt. 17 - Don't concoct doctrine to explain a lack of healing. Stick with Jesus & His life lived.

Mt. 17 - When Healing Doesn't Happen  John the Baptist in Prison - Circumstances Shaking Belief  Passing the Baton of Healing  Look to Jesus to Know God's Will - Not Your Experience  Why Couldn't We Cast It Out?  Unshakable in the Storm

Session 4B - John 5 - Jesus is the WHOEVER, WHATEVER, stirred water for today.

Cynicism - Stay Humble & Teachable  John 5 - Pool of Bethsaida  The Old Covenant Points to Jesus  The New Unbreakable Covenant  Not Defined by Life  Becoming Love  Why I'm Alive  Spiritual Gifts - Not for Identity but for Multiplication  WHOEVER was Made Well of WHATEVER  Ready for Healing

Session 5 - Stepping out to sincerely love people and pray for the sick. 

Keep it Simple  What if Nothing Happens?  Prayer - Where Healing Can't be Checked  Prayer - Where Healing Can be Checked  Partial Response  No Change  Know Him

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