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Day 34 (2011)


0:50 - Cataract healings. Smashed nose. Prayed. Getting ready to head to the hospital. Nose looks completely better.

3:40 - People make faith a pressure thing. Either you are failing or succeeding. No, we’re in relationship with God and we’re in love. You are not under that kind of pressure. If you are under that kind of pressure, you have a misunderstood view of your relationship with God.

4:10 - Prayer for healing - cataract

➡ 5:30 - YESTERDAY - We talked about a lot of the little incidences of healing in the Bible. Be careful to look at the life of Jesus when you talk about healing. If you don’t look at the life of Jesus you are going to get confused and make mistakes. Because our lives and His life don’t look alike in that area. We are growing.

6:00 - A lot of people preach through their lack of answers, pain etc. “I don’t know why God didn’t heal.” “We don’t know why God doesn’t always heal.” Creates confusion because He is actually yes and amen.

➡ 7:00 - Healing scriptures - I just want you to see how many scriptures there are. We’ve already seen Mark 11, Matt. 17, Matt 21 - talks about what you believe - receiving what you believe - speaking to the mountain. There are no parentheses on those promises - unless God sovereignly chooses not to move - unless it is not God’s will. Don’t you put them there. We’ve got to watch what we say on healing.

Jesus is the Revealed Will of God to Heal

8:00 - Jesus' life is the revealed will of God to heal - In the area of healing we let our experience dictate our theology instead of Jesus’ life. Jesus’ life is the truth about God’s will to heal. It has to be. He's the will of God revealed. He’s the visible image of the invisible God (Col. 1:15). When you see Him, you’ve already seen the Father (John 14:9). He is the express image of His person and the outwearing of His brightness (Heb 1:3). No one has seen the Father at any time, but the only begotten, in the bosom of the Father has declared Him to us (John 1:18).

Healing is Part of the Kingdom & the Kingdom is Here

9:00 - Healing opens people to the gospel message - Healing is a needed aspect of our lives. It’s a good form of seed to sow. People open up after healing. It’s like the period (exclamation point) behind Jesus loves you! It’s the power of God revealed in their life.

10:00 - The kingdom is here - You ought to let It touch somebody - Matt. 10:7 - As you go, preach saying: The kingdom of God is at hand. It’s here.

10:15 - Luke 17:21 - The kingdom of God is within you. That’s why your identity is important. That’s why you’ve got to stop letting feelings and life and people lie to you and let your identity be found through Christ.

10:30 - Realization that He chose me. He desires me. I’m a pleasure to Him. It’s good to live gushie.

12:00 - Matt. 10:7 - near you, is here, has drawn near. The kingdom is in me. Within reach. If it is that close it probably ought to touch somebody - to come out and get on somebody. It would be a shame if it didn't get on somebody.

13:40 - Identity is so important - Realize that you carry the kingdom now - You have to know who you are because of Him. Because the kingdom of God is here - within you. It’s here whether you realize it or not. The Spirit of God is inside you regardless of whether you realize what that means. He’s there. Many people don’t believe in a lot of stuff - tongues, healing etc. - but Holy Spirit is still there. Don’t just discover that after this life is over. Know that you carry the kingdom now.

15:10 - David Hogan testimony - paralyzed lady - The kingdom has come near - Really? Where is it? - You’re looking at it. Now that is identity. (Why identity is important - Knowing who you are facilitates the kingdom flowing through you.)

16:00 - Healing is just part of the kingdom - Matt. 10:7 - The kingdom is here. And right on the heels of that - heal the sick. Why heal the sick? Because it’s in the kingdom. It’s simple. The only reason we don’t let it be simple is that we pray for people and sometimes it doesn’t happen. Then our minds go bonkers and we value our intellect and answers instead of His word.

16:50 - Heal THE sick - ALL - Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers - Is it the will of God to heal the sick? He just told us. Heal THE sick. All. The sick I lead you to? THE sick. Lepers - anyone that ever has leprosy. Raise THE dead - Christian and non-Christian. We are still fearing death. We are still thinking God is taking us (taking us out of this world - death) but He is telling us to raise the dead. “I don’t know why God took them.” He receives you, He doesn’t take you.

18:45 - Is there a hell? Yes, absolutely. Jesus taught it. I don’t talk about it because the goodness of God leads men to repentance. The goodness of God is what saved my life. That’s what I talk about. God’s mercy captivated my heart.

Doctors & Medicines

20:30 - Are you against going to the doctor? I’m not against going to the doctor. Have faith in all you do. Pain - cost of growing in revelation. I’m just going to believe you. Release faith instead of accommodating pain. I address stuff. He paid an amazing price for me.

22:30 - Headache.

23:30 - Pain and pain meds - Stay in faith even when you take pain meds - With no pain med you are getting to know God better. Trusting in covenant. Growing deeper in love. Don’t take pain meds apart from faith.

23:50 - Stay in faith when you take meds - God, I am taking this - I've been standing out here in faith for about 45 minutes and it's really hurting and I have to go to work. I'm just going to take this but I thank You that You love me. Don't get discouraged. Don't turn it into a method.

24:00 -“Well I tried to pray but it just didn’t work so I took.” Stay away from that language. That’s impersonal. Sounds like magic. Jesus’ name is not synonymous to abracadabra. We’re not looking for a rabbit out of a hat.

Returning or Continuing Sickness

24:40 - How do you deal with a sickness that comes back? The same way as any other sickness. I’ve only seen that scenario in Christians. It seems like there is an attack on the revelation of the word. Rarely do I find that that happens from ministry on the street. I see it happen more in Christians. It shows me that we are in a war - that the enemy doesn’t want you to get a revelation of God’s love. If you had a stronghold in your life, physically, and you begin to get a breakthrough, He will let you rejoice and tell the story. Then he will poke you, hoping your soul fails - start loving your own life - feeling sorry - “Oh, not this again! God, I thought I was healed.” Then you are telling the devil, this is squeezing me. No, take a strong stand and never back off.

26:30 - Take a strong stand - Your love for me is sure. Thank You that You have already delivered me. Jesus, You paid an amazing price. And I am settled this is not Your will, God. In the authority of Jesus name get out of my body. I resist you. I don't accept you... and never back off of that.

27:00 - Don't accept continuing sickness - Chronic illness - starts to wear on you. Don’t come into agreement with the wearing down and give yourself permission to wear down. Truth is still truth. Wrong thinking, wrong believing, wrong confessing - taking a short-term situation and turning it into a longer-term situation. Quoting the word but discouraged in your heart - Why isn’t this working?

29:00 - Sharp demonic attacks - most of my personal situations have been short-term rather than chronic illnesses. Crafty - demons trying to sound like Holy Spirit. It’s not about the pain - it’s about winning.

30:45 - Reasoning and whispering of demon - at conclusion of painful situation. Church is not ready for that kind of attack. We value our comfort. I kept my eyes on Jesus, who went through hell. Climbing up the stairs like a slug. Daughter wrecked. You don’t change.

Pain & Discomfort

34:00 - Participant testimony - Intense, constant back pain.

35:35 - Stay in faith despite the pain - Love not your own life - When the pain gets to that level, most people fold to weakness, they love their own life. “Jesus paid the price - Why am I going through this? Why doesn’t God heal me?” And all of their responses have to do with them getting free and getting blessed - has nothing to do with integrity, selflessness, honor of the gospel, loving not your own life. We are not sending that message to the enemy. We usually just want to be healed. We’re sending the message, “When you touch me, it hurts. I am tired of going through this.”

36:40 - Satan comes to mess with your faith. He doesn’t want you established in faith. He doesn’t want the consummation of faith.

36:50 -  Going through trials - We looked at 1 Peter 1 - if need be going through trials.

37:20 - (Continued) God, help us prepare for battle. I don’t know if we are prepared for warfare. I don’t know if we understand this kind of warfare. I was realizing that there are a lot of smaller scale things in our lives that had people discouraged and almost backslidden.

38:00 - Participant’s experience - Comfort is more distracting than discomfort. Comfort distracts. We seek comfort more than the communion. We think that we have to have comfort before we can have communion.

39:30 - Fasting is not a popular topic because we value our comfort.

39:50 - We are a comfort-centered people - It makes it easy for the enemy to mess with us - If comfort is motivating your life, you make it easy for the enemy to disrupt your life. When he does, you are in trouble - your ducks are not in a row - so you can’t be ok. We are a very pampered people. Forced heat to forced air - regulation of temperature and if it’s not that way, people are not ok. We’ve got ourselves set up (to be monkeyed with.)

40:30 - Fritztown fire hall - ridiculously hot in the summer - no air.

42:40 - We are a pampered people. If all the enemy has to do is put you in discomfort and wreck you - you are probably in trouble.

43:05 - Getting through a trial - Don't focus on your discomfort but who He is in the midst of the trial - What you are saying when you complain is “I am really struggling.” Make what you are going through nothing because of what Jesus went through. That doesn’t entitle me to suffering. That’s not giving the devil permission for a cheap shot - “Because Jesus went to the cross, I have to suffer too.” No, I mean I am not going to balk at the pain I am in because I am looking at Jesus. I am not going to love my own life. In the face of a trial, you are not taking your trial personal to the point where it subverts your faith and gets you to turn inward.

44:15 - It’s not about the pain I am going through. It’s about standing in Christ - standing militantly in the truth - trusting His great love and not questioning a thing about God because it is already established in my heart - and knowing that the devil is subject to being crushed by the gospel.

44:35 - What is more important? Our focus is usually how we are feeling and what we are going through - not who Jesus is in the midst of it all.

44:45 - Paul shows us contentment - How else could Paul be content in anything he is in? Paul said he is content in any situation. Hungry / filled; plenty / want. Nothing changes who God is in me.

Demon Associated Infirmity

45:45 - Could you comment on witchcraft? All sickness is rooted in the fall of man. And I believe the source of it is certainly not God. If I fall down the stairs and break my leg, I don’t believe that is demonic. It’s an accident - an injury. There are other things that have the smell of and are rooted in infirmity - spirit induced - diseases and sicknesses.

46:20 - My physical ailment was obviously the result of witchcraft because of the circumstances that were going on. The Lord showed me in my prayer.

46:45 - When I know something is demonically rooted… I am a pretty hard guy to get to the doctor to begin with. I am not against doctors. I’m just all about faith and I want to see Jesus so much that I just stand as long as I can stand even if I feel like I am going to die. That’s just me. I’m not telling you to do that. If I know it’s a demonic thing, I am even less likely to visit the doctor.

47:45 - Witchcraft - evil presence came into my bedroom and made himself known - I’m not afraid. There was someone coming to services involved in voodoo. I am glad they are here - they can hear the gospel.

49:40 - I don’t know why it can touch me. But now is not the time to introspect, now is the time to fight.

50:00 - Witchcraft (continued) - I’ve come to put sickness in your leg. Now the fight is on. Maybe I’ll give you a stroke. Leg dead for 11 days.

57:30 - The spirit of infirmity - movement of pain - pray for a certain pain and then it moves. "You move, you lose." When it moves, it exposes that it is a demonic spirit that is assigned to bring affliction.

57:50 - The spirit of infirmity attaches to events like car accidents - where people were told a prognosis - “You are going to be…” I have seen spirits of infirmity attached to the natural knowledge of certain injuries - to just seal their fate. They are hidden there - like a little rabbit in the grass. The person is expecting to be this way because of the prognosis. The spirit is there to insure that the injury is as bad as it can be - that it never gets better. Just tell them to leave - cast them out. “Leave the body in Jesus name.”

* * *

59:15 - You are letting natural knowledge trump the gospel. It’s not that we are denying the injury. It’s about love and mercy and we’re not against the doctors.

59:45 - Hospital - 18 year old girl - kidneys shut down - Would you go pray? It would be good if you could pray.

101:30 - Giving blood.

103:10 - Kidney (continued) - kidney tech crying.

106:10 - What do you do when someone continues to speak acceptance of sickness? Pull people into accountability and show them what they are doing. The love of God wants to impart understanding. I honestly don’t believe you have to bring understanding first. Get them help first. Let’s give them the kingdom. Get access to their heart. God’s mercy is way greater than what that person speaks in ignorance. The key is that you don’t let any of that change your faith - the love of God for the person - the will of God to restore them. Then minister to their mind - their words - to think right - to speak right - to live with a right view. Ninety percent of my time with a person is spent trying to get them on page with truth.

108:00 - Is it right to tell people that they were already healed 2,000 years ago? To deny sickness? There is a truth to what you are saying. But be careful that you are not giving people methods. You don’t want to Bible thump people - quoting scripture at them with no compassion for them, no understanding of what they are going through - you’re just giving them the word. There is a truth that the price to be healed was already accomplished. I believe that wholeheartedly.

109:30 - This causes problems when you want to pray for the sick because they don’t want to tell you what they are going through because they are “already healed.” The Bible says, Is any among you sick? Let them ask for prayer.

It's not a Technique - It's Faith Working through Love

110:50 - When healing is not immediate stay in a place of faith and love - Praying for the sick is all about relationship. It’s not a technique. It’s not just a doctrine. It’s a relationship of love. If healing is not immediate, you are still walking in a place of love, trusting God. The fact that this sickness has not moved is not a reflection of whether you love me.

111:05 - God, I am trusting You. Your love for me is already sealed because Jesus died on the cross. The fact that this hasn't moved and left my body has no reflection on whether You love me or not. You love me because Jesus came. And Father, I receive Your grace and strength into my life right now and Father I thank You that the price was paid for my restoration. And God, You love me so much, it's amazing. Body, you be healed and come into alignment... and you go to bed believing that grace is at work.

111:35 - Believing v. confessing - It’s an active relationship not just a confession. I am big on believing v. confessing. The word “believe” is in every one of the unlimited promises we read. “Confession” is not. It’s impossible to have belief without a healthy confession. But you can have a confession without a belief. Some people teach: the more you confess, the more you’ll believe.” I am not a proponent of that.

112:15 - I teach: look at the gospel - look at Jesus - look at the finished work - trust that grace is raising faith in your heart - and you begin to give yourself to the fact that He loves you - faith works through love - He paid the price for me - He is so for me. And let belief rise up out of your heart because out of your heart your mouth speaks.

112:30 - We have a lot of people walking on egg shell to say the right thing because they are believing all the wrong things. So they are scared of what is coming out of their mouth because at any moment what they really believe could slip out. Get belief in your heart and then what you say will be in agreement.

113:45 - Witchcraft (continued) - raise my arms (works) When you know you are hearing God, it’s a good thing to say (out loud) what He is saying. I will not believe the lie. Crystal waterfall. Preached Jesus. No compromise.

125:00 - Don't follow in the mistakes of the book of Job - Why did God preserve this writing? So that you understand, so that you don’t follow the same mistakes - that you see the goodness of God and the will of God. 30+ chapters are an expression of emotion and mindsets all fueled by the trauma and the trial - believing the whole time that God is the one that is causing the trauma. It’s all the things we say today. And yet God straightened it all out in the end. We have been calling Him the thief for generations. Job didn’t even have good theology and yet God intervened and healed. It’s a mercy and grace thing.

127:30 - Witchcraft (continued) - go to the hospital - See Dan, you weren’t too proud to come. White coats surrounded me.

134:25 - BREAK

We're in a War & The Enemy is a Jerk

137:10 - Why does a good person go through hard times? We are in a war. There are spiritual things going on. It’s never a works thing. It’s always a grace and mercy thing anyway. The only reason we are protected is because of the blood and name of Jesus, not because we’ve been good men or women.

138:30 - It’s not works. You are not earning because of your integrity. We are not healed because of our works. We are healed because of the blood and body of Jesus. Don’t take the sickness personal.

139:30 - We are growing in our understanding of an area to walk in greater way of victory, of protection.

139:40 - Diabetes - everyday reality. Often there is a mad push for a healing, then run out of gas. “Oh, well. It didn’t work.” We are praying not because we have a need but because we are in relationship.

141:30 - It's not a self-serving gospel - Using the gospel to get what I want. That’s not what the gospel is for. The gospel is so that we can enter back into right relationship with God and be His kids. And in that place there is redemption that can come into my body.

143:00 - Sickness is used strategically by the enemy - Stay in faith - Sometimes it seems like the most precious people that you have met go through the most serious physical things. Do you think that’s a coincidence?

145:00 - Maybe we just need more understanding. Some people accept things. Maybe we are being taken advantage of. We are being destroyed for a lack of knowledge. How can we live by faith if we don't know what to put our faith in? Let your heart be established in truth even in time of affliction.

147:30 - Don't contest faith all the time - thoughts of the mind. Giving up internally with thoughts. We get in trouble when we run our minds too much. We value our opinions too much.

148:30 - Stay in faith. And grow from that place. Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. And in everything give thanks.

149:50 - We listen to the enemy too much and let our minds lead us - You can get into trouble when you run your mind too much. We inherited that analytical ability from the fall. When Eve listened to the devil LONG ENOUGH, what the devil was saying made sense. When she first answered, she was right on track. Then she kept listening. What was forbidden became good. She listened to a voice long enough and made rational sense out of it.

151:20 - Example of mind running too much. Now our mindset has a louder voice than Jesus’ words and we’re in deep trouble.

We're Mad at God - But He has Already Equipped Us

152:30 - We blame shift to God but we are the ones who carry the kingdom - Who carries the kingdom? Then why are we having so many conversations with God as if He is somehow sovereignly responsible. That proves that we don’t understand that He gave us the baton. He put the ball in our hands. We aren’t established in that revelation. We make it about God all the time. “God, why didn’t you heal? Where are you? When are you going to move?” Introspecting.

154:00 - We get mad at God over sickness but He has already given us provisions for fighting - Seeing a loved one suffer. Difficult. Mad at God. Why are you letting him suffer? Instead of fighting the good fight, they are turning and accusing God when He gave us the weapons of warfare that we are to be growing in.

155:30 - I put armor on you. Stand and fight.

156:50 - Paul and Silas in prison. Could have been mad at God. "You would think You could watch our backs."

157:20 - Maybe God is waiting on us to see what we will do with all of the provisions that He has made for us to stand and fight.

158:00 - Moses and authority

158:30 - Vision when going through trial - looking down through the clouds - arms crossed - not intervening - “So what are you going to do?” Don’t look to me. I put Myself in you. I gave you the authority, the power.

200:20 - Ephesians 4 - v.11-13 - And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ: -

The gifting in the body of Christ is to equip for ministry - not to build a conference around and minister to the need of the people. The gifts are to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. We come to be equipped, to go. Local body. It’s bigger than Sunday morning.

203:00 - purpose of the gifting - until we all come to the unity of the faith - Why? Because we are not there. And the knowledge of the Son of God - I have zero interest in covering Bible topics in a Bible study. I want to know the Son of God so He is in me, flowing through me. To a perfect man - to the measure of the stature of the fullness of the anointing. If we were already there, that would not have been written - there would be no gifting in the church. We’re always growing. So we are growing to walk in the fullness of the anointing of God. Jesus walked in that. The reason we train and equip is to walk in the full measure of Christ. Pursue that.

205:40 - v.14 - That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; -

Subdue the analytical mind - Winds of doctrine - no longer tossed to and fro - tossed by every wind of doctrine. Where do the winds of doctrines come from? Analytical minds. Human intellect. Human reasoning. Human psychology. We start thinking long enough that we believe our thoughts because they so make sense - they so seem right to man. The more you think, the more you value your opinion.

207:00 - Full measure - We will know that we are in the “full measure” - when our lives look like Jesus’ life - when we touch and they get healed - when we speak and it happens.

207:50 - Gifting v. faith - Cultivate faith - Don't lean too much on gifting - when God comes upon you and puts you in a position that you wouldn’t be in if He didn’t come upon you. You have a faith that wouldn’t have been there if He didn’t gift you. We tend to lean on gifting instead of cultivating faith. We limit the miraculous to when God moves in gifts

208:30 - Jesus healed out of identity and revelation - Did Jesus move in gifting or revelation? He moved in every gift in the Bible because they were all in Holy Spirit. And He is one with Him. Jesus moved out of identity and revelation. He’s the word made flesh.

208:50 - We are moving in revelation - thanking God for the gifts along the way. But if I rely on the gifting - they don’t seem to come at the degree of the need around us. Not called to rely on gifting but to walk by faith and walk in a revelation of Christ.

209:30 - A healing gift can get inundated - When there is a healing gifting, the need is so great that the gifting gets flooded and stormed. And all the while Jesus is Lord and He’s in us. Relying on gifting teaches us to go to a certain place at a certain time.

210:00 - Benny Hinn service

Growing Up into Him

211:00 - v.15 - But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: -

Speak the truth in love - not just to be right or push an agenda - There is a difference between speaking the truth in love and speaking because you are right. Make sure you are speaking in love - caring for the heart of the whole and not just pushing issues. It is easy to get hurt and get on a tangent. People use the authority of a pulpit to push agendas and issues - “platforming.” When you are behind a pulpit you say what God is saying and you love the people. You have to be a steward of your own heart in that because nobody knows your heart but you.

212:30 - I don't want to be shown peoples motivations - I don’t want the Lord to show me people’s motivations unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you start telling them what is motivating them, you better not be wrong. It will make you presumptuous. You’ll be in judgement.

213:00 - We are growing up into Him - That's what the gifts and teaching are for - to help us grow - Speaking the truth in love. Why? So we may grow up. Why? Because we need to. Would He write this if we are already grown? Would He provide the gifts and the teaching and the anointing if we are already grown? In all things into Him who is the head and He is Christ.

We're Waiting on Him to Change the Way We Feel

He's Waiting on Us to Walk by Faith Regardless of How We Feel

213:40 - Colossians 2 - v.6 - As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: - You received Him in faith so continue in faith - We received Jesus by faith. Continue believing. Even if you have a dramatic experience at salvation, you would still need to continue in faith unless He would give you that experience every day. We lean on feelings too much.

214:40 - Feeling are fun but don't rely on them - YCF service - fun feelings - when the main speaker left we were depressed but God was there - sensation of vibration in arms, hands - it’s grace - God moved - starting to hurt - prays -  sensation gone - 3 seconds later unbelief hits - how dependent we are on feelings - preaching on faith - altar call, waiting on a feeling - so that you minister unlimited - even if I don’t feel Him, He is still there.

231:00 - God is more than willing to heal - He is waiting on us - Most of us know He can heal. What stumbles us is: is He willing? We need to know that He can and is willing. And He can do it through our spirit. It’s to the glory of God through us. We are waiting on God and He is waiting on us to understand who we are.

231:20 - v.7 - Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving. - as you have received Him, so walk in Him - We received by faith. Rooted and built up in Him established in the faith as you have been taught. Abounding in it with thanksgiving - not complaining.

232:20 - v.8 - Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. - Beware…lest anybody sell you into a mindset / belief / identity / prognosis that doesn’t come from / agree with Christ. The way that seems right to man.

233:10 - v.9 - For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. - In Him dwells All the fullness of who God is.

233:30 - v.10 - And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power: - And YOU are complete in Him who is the head of all principality and power.

233:45 - v.11 - In whom also ye are circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, in putting off the body of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ: - Circumcision without hands

234:10 - v.12 - Buried with him in baptism, wherein also ye are risen with him through the faith of the operation of God, who hath raised him from the dead. - Through faith

234:20 - v.13-14 - And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses; Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross; -

235:00 - Reaping what you sowed and even things you didn’t sow.

235:10 - Continue in faith - complete, and one with Him - You need to see yourself complete in Him. Christ rules. Your mind flows through Christ. Don’t think anything apart from or outside of Christ. You are one in Him. You started in faith. He authored your faith. Keep your eyes on Him. He will finish your faith.

235:30 - v.15 - And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it. - He disarmed any legal right for the enemy to just come and crush us. “Well, why am I going through this?” I don’t totally know why. But let’s get back to who you are and why and camp there. Let’s build a stronghold of truth in your life. The storm is not after you but after what is built, the kingdom in you.

239:00 - Participant’s comments on harassment of the enemy.

242:00 - Closing prayer - tomorrow you gave us the kingdom