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Day 17 (2011)


1:10 - We need a new perspective - A kingdom perspective is bigger than adversity - ➡ TODAY - Going to lay a foundation with some things I preach all the time (kingdom perspective). It’s going to be convicting. But I am going to pull it all together. It will protect you if you yield to it. And then we are going to take communion in light of that truth.

➡ 1:30 - REVIEW - Sacrament of Communion - Definition of covenant - all that is mine is yours and all that is yours is mine. What did Jesus hold back from us when He gave Himself? Extremely nothing. People misread Him constantly. You have to be really secure to be misread all the time and yet stay the same (love). It shows how much He knew who He was - to encounter what He did - and still reach the finish line of why He came. That impresses me. I want to take that so seriously that it does what it was intended to do, transform my life - fine tune my eye - get me to live from all the right places.

2:45 - Opening prayer - become what You’ve created us to be - protect us through this truth - keep us thinking clear

Gospel of Transformation

5:05 - The gospel brings drastic change - from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of His Son - Colossians 1:13 - He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love. And also 1 Peter 2:9 - out of darkness into His marvelous light. These point to drastic change in your life. You were under the power of darkness. Think about that. Jesus has delivered us from the power of darkness - conveyed us - transferred from one into the other. From darkness into the kingdom of the Son of His love. The Son is the revelation of love. We belonged to something - we were lifted up and out and separated from that - and now we belong to something else.

7:40 - Unfortunately, we don’t get what that transition means for us. The gospel says - we deny ourselves - we died - we’ve been bought with a price - we are not our own - delivered from darkness - called out of darkness. (1 Cor 6) So there is a GREAT CHANGE that has taken place.

8:20 - Sanctified - set apart with a purpose - with a holy calling. In the world but not of the world.

8:40 - God wants you to realize that a great change has taken place.

Change of Perspective

8:45 - We need to shift our perspective - From thinking that the gospel is here just to benefit us - Shift needed - Most of the preaching we have heard - the gospel for our sake. ➡ There is something that we want to shift today. The emphasis of our faith has been God FOR US.

9:45 - Because of our self-centered gospel mentality, disappointment and discouragement have crept in - There is disappointment, discouragement, despair. We’ve allowed them as normal for the Christian - based on our circumstances. And “Of course I feel that way because of…” - “Well, how would you feel if…” A lot of this is because we don’t understand the big picture and what we have become and who we are in the middle of it.

10:40 - We need a change of perspective - It's not just about us being blessed but us being the blessing we were designed to be - We need to make the shift. It’s not God for us. 1 Cor 8:5+ yet for us - Hear the distinction? We all are to understand this. And we for Him… Doesn’t just mean we are cheering for Him. Remember, to God we are the fragrance of Christ. We are the body of Christ. We are the revealing of Christ to the earth. We’re the manifestation of God and His glory when we are walking in Christ. Most of us were not taught this - blasphemous. Who grew up with Jesus (way up here) and us (way down here)? [Hand gestures]

Self-Centered Perspective - Kingdom Perspective

13:10 - God sees us as one with Him - redeemed to be sons - We are one with Him. He is the firstborn of many brethren. There is a connection now. We are one. God sees us for who Christ is - that’s His vision. That’s why He redeemed us - to get us back to the place of sonship and fill with the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead.

13:40 - But we see the gospel as being for our blessing - Our perspective is still self-centered - There’s been a difficulty with our mindset. It’s still all about us and our individual lives and how life is going - circumstances - health. Even though those things (circumstances) are so real, there’s a view / perspective that maintains a victory - a sense of strength in conscience - an enduring heart - that continues to walk through by faith, therefore to receive grace. Because once faith is subverted, that is trouble.

14:25 - Self-centered perspective will eventually show the enemy that we are vulnerable to his schemes through discouragement - You’ve done all you know to do and the sickness is still there. Sometimes the greatest use of faith is when you don’t understand and nothing makes sense. If you don’t have a good perspective on who you are as a Christian and why, you are going to slowly going to have the right to take that scenario personally, be hurt by it, ask questions that are not helpful, get yourself confused and reveal to the spirit realm that you are vulnerable. If one more thing, I am finished. Letting the spirit realm know that adversity is working. You’re cheering on the enemy because of a wrong perspective on your life.

17:10 - Kingdom perspective is a perspective of faith that rises above how I feel and what I am going through - It protects - There is a consistency in my life, through this view (perspective), even though I have been touched by a lot of adversity - the adversities have no voice - no impact - no power because of the one view - I’m not my own - I represent Him. So I can’t take this stuff personally. (Has no bearing on who I really am to God - my value to Him.)

18:00 - Faith is not about seeing what you can get from God - We have taught faith with the view that you have faith FOR YOUR OWN SAKE. We’re using our faith to secure a better life - to get through trouble. And when it doesn’t seem like it is working you take it personal (accepting that this speaks accurately of who I am and my value) and introspect (questioning what you have believed). You question yourself. This comes out of the view that you are applying this stuff for your own well being.

18:40 - We are here to shine who He is regardless of what we are going through - Our lives are to reveal Christ every day, no matter how hard you are being squeezed, no matter how much you do not understand. Integrity is always a given in the kingdom. Standing firm is always a given. Loyalty to Him is always a given. Commitment to the cause is always a given, unless we don’t understand the cause.

19:00 - A self-centered perspective eventually leads to disappointment and reveals vulnerability - We’ve gotten this idea that God is just sitting there to bless our day. We’ve taught it that way. Keeps people coming to church. Brings a lot of people in. BUT this teaching this causes a lot of confusion, pain, discouragement, disappointment.

19:30 - Discouragement - Disappointment - Confusion - Causes more questions about the gospel than answers. The normal Christian life seems to look like a roller coaster track - up and down (cycling).

19:50 - The kingdom perspective is a perspective of commitment and faith in the face of loss - There is a commitment you make to the gospel. David Hogan - 30 close friends killed in 30 years. It’s good to be able to see an example of an eye (perspective) that can see in such a way that even though there is loss and pain, you are alive and all the more motivated to move forward and win. But because our eye doesn’t see like that (perspective), it crushes us.

21:00 - Kingdom perspective involves understanding WHY you're a Christian - Your perspective is huge. Why you are in this thing (motive) is huge. We have to settle why we are in this thing. Do we just want to see miracles? Are we just excited about the supernatural? I don’t know what we are doing sometimes. But when life gets in your face and life gets real, we better know who we are and why. Not just who we are, but who we are and WHY. Because the why behind who you are is where you’ll find the grace.

War Against the Kingdom

21:40 - We aren’t just in an Ephesians 6 war with the devil...

21:50 - v.10 - Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. -  

22:00 - v.11 - Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. - Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

22:10 - v.12 - For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. -

People are not the enemy - but the spirit working through them - not against flesh and blood - People are not our problem. We are not fighting against people. It’s a spirit that is working through people - a spirit behind the scenes that has access - a spirit working through flesh and blood.

22:40 - There is a demonic war against the kingdom - And we should see our lives in that context - It's about the kingdom being here and advancing - It’s not just about you in the natural either - your flesh and blood. The gospel causes us to be the children of God - the representation of Christ - the power, authority of the name of Jesus. We receive that when we get born again, if we really understand. We haven’t stewarded that power, authority up to the level we could because we haven’t understood why we have it. We have it to war against the kingdom of darkness. You are in a demonic war against the kingdom. The war is not against you. It’s not flesh and blood. It’s a demonic war against Jesus and Jesus is in you. It’s a demonic war against the kingdom and the kingdom is in you. So you get the great privilege of being pulled out of the camp of the enemy of God through the blood of Jesus and conveyed into the kingdom of the Son of God and His love.

24:05 - Now, we are in a whole different fight. Before, everything you were saying and doing was contrary to truth, fighting against the kingdom of the very God who created you and you didn’t even know it. Every sinful action was not against people but the call of God, your destiny, your legacy. It’s a spiritual war.

24:45 - War against the kingdom - Overview - Understanding why we are redeemed - It all goes back to the beginning. You were made in God’s image for a purpose - for a reason - to reveal the glory of God - manifest who God is through your life because He made us that way.

25:05 - So what happened to mess that up? The enemy of God came to what was made in the image of God, deceived him - Adam followed Eve - and all that (the image of God in man) was lost. They became captured and subservient to that lie (the devil).

25:25 - War continues - Jesus came and bought us back. So it’s right back to the beginning now. But that SAME WAR is still going on.

25:40 - Authority - Adam was given the authority to subdue the earth. When he ate from the tree, he gave that up. He died concerning that connectivity with God.

26:30 - Recap: So God made man in His image. Satan wants that authority - that dominion. In Luke 4:5+ satan says, Bow and worship, and I will give you all these kingdoms and their glory for they have all been handed over to me.

27:00 - Demonic kingdoms - When Adam ate from the tree, the demonic realms (Eph. 6:12)... These demonic powers set up kingdoms all over the earth to defend against the kingdom of God. To defend against the kingdom of God, not to pick on you. They are not here to pick on you.

27:40 - That’s the trap we fall into when we get into trials. Who’s picking on me? Why are you picking on me? They are not picking on you. They are trying to quench / crush the kingdom and get you discouraged because you are the only one who has the authority to carry it. They're not fighting you. They are trying to kill and stop the kingdom.

28:00 - The enemy wants to stop God by stopping man - They cannot stop God. They hear God’s name and tremble. No sneak attack. But they are convinced that they CAN stop God in us. They have been doing it for a long time. They watch people sell out, and take life personal, get mad at each other, disloyal etc. They whispered into Eve and watched Adam follow Eve instead of God. They have been watching man nurture and feed the flesh ever since then. They’ve watched countless people say all the Christian things, do all the Christian things and then do the unthinkable - having a sell out price. They have watched it for generations. They are convinced at this point that they can’t stop God but that they can stop God in you. They are convinced that we don’t understand - they keep it foggy. They have us in a Charismatic party or some “bless me” mentality.

30:05 - Vision of the demonic celebration at the cross - the devil was played - his nature, kill, kill, kill - distress - Don’t worry, it’s not all that bad. We can’t stop God. But we know that we can stop man. Remember Adam? - we’ll just make it all about them - we’ll keep them divided and fighting.

37:10 - The enemy wants to rule from our souls - to influence how we think and feel and what we desire - Satan’s decree - Isaiah 14:13-15 - I will ascend to the highest place and I will be god. Fall of satan to the earth. But his decree still stands. He is believing that he can sit in the highest place of man - his mind. He’s believing he can set up camp in the soul of man - even if he goes to church. He could care less if man attends church. Going to church is not a threat. Sometimes satan likes us going to church. He loves to establish the stronghold of religion. He loves to keep the mind working like flesh - thinking for itself and not getting the big picture. That’s why the conflicting thoughts are relentless - old ways of thinking come back - things rise above the knowledge of God in your mind. To keep you from ever getting a revelation of truth and running free. He believes he will sit in the highest place (mind) and be god. Because he can't stop God.

39:00 - Eph 6 - This is not a war about flesh. It’s a demon war against the kingdom of God.

Kingdom Perspective - Soldier Mentality

39:25 - v.13 - Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. -

It's a war - We need to see it that way - Sounds like diligence - endurance - trials and testings - opportunities to give up. God is letting us know that it’s a fight but it’s not flesh and blood. It’s not against you. It’s trying to stop the kingdom in you.

40:15 - Disappointment - Taking adversity personally. When that happens it means that the focus is on us and that we are in it for ourselves. The church accommodates these feelings. I’d feel the same way. We call that being sensitive to one another. So we never change our perspective then. Let's make sure that we don't just do a sentimental patch job without conveying clear perspective.

41:45 - Kingdom perspective: You're a soldier - Fighting for a bigger cause than yourself - Jesus wants you to be sober, diligent, watchful - engaged in war - a soldier. It's all through the Bible. You are part of something.

42:10 - Illustration - Soldier in war for his nation. You are in a war not just for your own well being - your family - your children. Fighting for a bigger cause than your household. It’s not fun but he committed to fight for the nation. That’s what drives him. That’s what keeps him there. You could complain about a thousand things. Bigger picture than himself. You are fighting for a generation to come. Bigger than how they feel right now. Keep your heart focused on why you are there. There's integrity and honor in that.

45:15 - In regard to heaven, that's where "legacy" comes in. That's where true honor is. Jesus at the cross - He’s there because there is a way bigger picture. For the joy set before Him... bigger picture. Beating. Nails.

45:55 - You have to keep your heart good - Especially in adversity - Because there is a bigger picture - He said follow me. Take up your cross. Do you get an idea of what that might mean now? When things don’t make sense, when you are not feeling good - you’ve got to keep your heart good. (I commit to Him because there is a bigger picture than what I feel right now.) You’ve got to keep your perspective good. You can't take it personally - God’s failed, I’ve been praying that for weeks and it ain’t done nothing yet. You will get pummeled with that perspective and many people are. You’re revealing that you are only in this for what you can get from it instead of who you become through it.

46:40 - You are a soldier and you are fighting for a kingdom. Seeds are sown through integrity - just doing good - martyrs.

47:05 - 15 yr old Indonesian martyr - Martyr - Indonesia - 15 yr. - I don’t know if there is an Alah. All I know is that I am a soldier in the army of the Lord.

48:20 - Americans think, Where is the loving God in that? We're so full of opinion and attitude and don't even realize it. Our opionion means way too much to us. We'll be found as a very proud people if we don't change that. The reaction of our mind is: How could God allow that? How can I serve God if He can’t even keep my 15 yr old safe? We forget the bigger picture. For the joy set before Him… He despised the pain. It makes a statement when you go through something like that. God, put that kind of integrity in me.

50:15 - Martyr continued - Where is your Jesus now?

52:15 - We forget why we are in this. We get personally hurt and forget that it is a demon war against the kingdom. Why didn't God stop that?

52:30 - When you deny yourself, you can’t think that way. Even if you feel that way for a moment, you rebound because of truth. The feelings are real - loneliness, loss. All the more reason to dial in on who you are and what you are a part of.

53:00 - Martyr continued - pandemonium breaks out - blinded to us.

54:00 - If we don’t understand we are offended at God, for letting a 15 yr old die. If you could talk to that boy now there's not a chance he would trade for his earthly life.

55:00 - You’ve got to get close enough to God, through communion, to where this stuff is real to you.

Perspective of Integrity

55:05 - Kingdom perspective is a perspective of not loving your own life unto death - It means loving not your own life unto death. That’s how you overcome the evil one. Rev 12:11 Blood of the lamb, word of your testimony and loving not your own life. Accusations against your life day and night. The key to overcoming is loving not loving not your own life unto death.

56:30 - Most preach that we overcome by the blood and the word of our testimony... but leave out loving not our own lives. That's not an accident. But what makes the blood and the word of our testimony powerful is that a man loved not His own life unto death.

57:25 - What is the accusation day and night, that yes you do love your own life. I’ll prove it. I’ll hit you hard enough and you will cry, bow to me, back slide, get mad at God. Because you don’t understand. Your perspective is not clear. You're an American Christian. You’re in the gospel for your own sake. I’ll prove you love your own life. That's the accusation.

58:20 - If you don’t understand that the war is against the kingdom, you will think is against you.

➡ 58:30 - This is huge. I have seen a lot of people who were in mindsets and hurt and pain that were allowed through what we’re talking about this morning.

59:45 - Intimidation of believers - man cut in quarters - We are a pampered and blessed people.

101:30 - Now we have to go in vs. Use wisdom brother. What did that 15 yr old boy lose that day? What did he gain? Legacy. If we really believe what we say we believe. What did he lose? He gained beyond measure.

103:05 - Martyr continued - conclusion - persecutors cut off - impact on perpetrators.

104:30 - Kingdom perspective is a perspective of integrity - No matter the cost - truth of the gospel despite the cost - cause of the kingdom no matter what the cost - deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow me. That is where the power of God is found.

106:25 - If satan was kicked out of heaven, does God hear satan’s accusations? I think it is more metaphorical. I don’t believe he is up there every day with a list of all of our names and accusations.

Satan wants to subvert the kingdom by showing that we are not who we claim to be - Here is what it is. It is you and I saying one thing, being tested in all those things and then our life responding in certain ways. Satan is coming against the people of God to prove that we are not what we say we are. The adversity that is coming into our lives and our response - pass / fail - whether we fall apart or we stand strong. Every time we don’t stand strong, the accusation is there.

108:10 - You have to keep a clear kingdom perspective through trials - The kingdom of darkness trying to press against the kingdom of God. Matt. 11:12 - Since the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence but the violent men advance forcefully. The kingdom is within you. If it is a war against the kingdom, that is why it can feel like a war against you. But it is to stop the kingdom. You have to stay clear on this. Otherwise if you knew there would be terrible persecution against you or your loved ones would you become a Christian? In third world countries, people come into the kingdom knowing that it might cost them their lives. Americans come into the kingdom hearing all kinds of reasons to come in - lots of promises - Come to Jesus, He will fix your life and make it better. Then we have to deal with the paradox - Wait, God doesn’t bring us in the way I heard it preached. God brought us in at the cost of our life.

110:00 - Our perspective gets confused - Peter has a revelation of the Son of God. Then 3 verses later Jesus says, Get behind me satan. Because Peter was going with the wisdom of the world. He was sentimentally protecting Jesus. Peter didn’t want to lose Him. It was flesh. Jesus rebuked it as from the devil. We, sentimentally, do that stuff all the time. Peter was saying, “I love you for me. I can’t see life without you. Nobody is taking you from me.”

112:00 - Our view is confused - Instead of being at the cross being marked and ready to give their own lives because of the love they had received, but they were hiding from the Jews, crying for themselves.

➡ 114:00 - Kingdom perspective is a perspective of faith from knowing Him - This topic was on my heart this morning. Because if I understand this, if I can understand what it means to pick up my cross and follow Him and go through every injustice and every unfairness - especially the stuff where you have scriptural promises and yet it is not your physical reality - you better have faith. That is where faith is needed just to stand and not just look with your eyes and think with your mind. Faith says, I know God is good. I’m in this race for a cause. And I have no permission to be less than having integrity in who Christ is in me in the midst of all this. That might be the very key that releases the victory in some of these areas rather than the worrying, wondering. Because when you worry, wonder etc., you are subverting faith in the process.

115:00 - Trying to have faith” is not faith - It's not out of knowing Him - What you are saying is that you don’t have faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for but it works through love. How often do we question love because of the circumstance we are going through? If God loves me, how come… how can He let that happen… where is my job… why did my spouse leave… why did I lose my child... why is everything falling apart? It's rationally substantiated through human wisdom. It reveals that we have the perspective that this gospel is here to serve us. When you question His love, you are setting yourself up for another blow.

116:45 - Faith despite adversity - Father, it seems like there is chaos all around me. This car - Thank God, You are bigger than this car. You love me. You've always loved me. There is provision. Some how You will make a way - I don't even see a way out of this. That's why You are God. That's why You are the way maker. And I just appreciate Your love for me. I appreciate that You told me a long time ago to lay down my life. And You are going to reveal Your glory through all of this. And You are going to shine Christ through my life because that's why I'm on the earth. Thank You, God. I admit that this thing is trying to pull me and tug me at times, but I've got my eyes on You and who I am in You... And all of the sudden there is faith...

117:35 - You are releasing faith in all of these areas.

117:45 - Self-centered perspective must be changed - because it causes stumbling - This (self-centered gospel) mentality is so accepted that it has stumbled many good people. We are not waking up with evil intention. Yet we can have a wrong perspective and it messes us up. Yet our hearts want to do right. But we don’t understand (perspective). That mentality should be put to death. The ability to think that way should be totally stripped out of our lives when we come into the gospel if we understand clear.

Perspective on Loss

118:45 - Kingdom perspective is bigger than the loss we are going through - Casualties of war - part of war - we are sheep to the slaughter all day long - that’s what it looks like to the world. We have to get a grip and understand.

119:25 - Bigger view than current pain - Losing a child - I don’t have to have lost a child to be able to speak truth into that situation. A Christian has a bigger view.

120:00 - 10 yr old boy hit by car - Billy - graveside service - he is not in this box - mom in prison - please let me come and tell her - I’m not letting her go - how do you get past sense of loss? - It's so real.

124:00 - We are never to covet the gifts of God at the expense of God. Life is a blessing and privilege. “Why give me the child if you are going to take him from me?” There is a bigger picture because of the blood. It’s not about loss. It’s about gain. It’s about eternal life.

124:40 - What do I tell grieving people at funerals? He said, thankfulness.

126:00 - Moms realize when missing loved ones would have reached hallmark events - graduation, birthdays.

126:35 - Thankfulness in the midst of death of loved one - Father, I thank You that the most I can lose in this life is the temporal time that I could have had with Billy. But because of the blood of Jesus, You've given me the right to bring an eternal soul into this earth. And my boy is alive in You - because of You. And I honor You. And as much as my heart misses Him and I so want to squeeze that boy, I thank You that You have held him through Your blood. And I am going to run hard and fast and reach the finish line. And we will all be together forever in You. So thanks for the strength to run this race - to keep my eyes focused - to not be weary hearted or broken hearted because there is a bigger picture than missing Billy. You are Lord and I thank You for the gift of life...

127:30 - [Example of counseling loss] - sensitivity to loss. OK to remember. Handling loss. Thankfulness. God didn’t take your boy. He received your boy. Thankfulness saves the day.

130:10 - Kingdom perspective is centered in Jesus - That makes it sure and steady - Every day is the same - whether it’s triumph or tragedy. Because every day Jesus is Lord. Nothing has changed. We have to live beyond the flesh and not think for the natural.

130:35 - Don’t let this be too heavy, too militant. Deny yourself, take up your cross is militant enough. Die so you can really live with depth and substance. Because of the joy set before Him, Jesus went through what was necessary.

131:30 - Is there ever a war without casualties. There is a war without true casualties (Revelations) because those who are killed are beside the throne. Bigger picture. You live by faith. The faith - What does that mean? Keeping your perspective clear on who you are through Jesus and why in the face of everything that says the opposite. (Who I am in You and why You created me in the first place.)

132:50 - BREAK

Kingdom Perspective Protects

133:30 - Satan is looking for vulnerability - I gave you an example of thankfulness in a situation. Satan is sneaky. Don’t be unaware of his devices, his schemes. He tries to find vulnerability. He roams around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour - 1 Peter 5:8. He can’t devour just anybody. He’s looking for vulnerability.

134:30 - A perspective of faith protects you - A kingdom perspective - That rises above how you feel and what you are going through -Your faith covers your reality - not separate from your everyday life. Something bigger than how you feel and what you are going through - a higher perspective. So if you lose Billy, you have to have a faith to substantiate (sustain) your life, even in the midst of the pain of that loss.


135:20 - An example of kingdom perspective on insomnia - Turn the tables on the devil - Example of insomnia and the way most people think about it (self-centered perspective). The devil is waking me up. If God loves me why is the devil allowed to wake me up? Why doesn’t God let me sleep? It’s all about you. Turn the tables on the devil…

136:55 - Father, man I am awake right now - I would think that I should be sleeping, I've got to get up at six - but You are the Lord of my life and there is grace on me. Father I would like to pray right now... Or... Father, thanks for waking me up. Man, I just want to tell You that I love You and I worship You. And if there is anything wrong, right now, in the middle of the night, that you want me to pray about - if there is a family in need - I don't care if it is the four corners of the world - I am Yours. My life is Yours. Is there any...And the next thing you know you might be sleeping because there is grace on you, because there is faith all around your scenario.

138:10 - You’ve got to turn it into faith and grace - a kingdom perspective or you will be a sitting duck for the devil.

Feeling Sorry for Yourself

138:30 - An example of kingdom perspective on feeling sorry for yourself - is the track that satan usually tries to take. All you can think of is for yourself. Mordecai to Esther - think not of yourself. Why? Because the whole nation is in jeopardy. 3 day fast. Pointing to Christ. Fast - dying to yourself - for a bigger cause than how I feel. Maybe you were born for such a time as this. That sure beats every man for himself. Entering the king’s presence at, possibly, the cost of her life - doing it for the sake of the nation. One life for all. Greater love has no man than this - that a man lay down His life...

141:00 - Feeling sorry for yourself - is the biggest trap of your life. All about you. Some people wear how they feel on their sleeve, on purpose, to draw attention to themselves. They are reduced to the best that they can receive is your sympathy but it will never change them. They will come into a crowd and make sure everyone knows they aren’t doing well. They draw unhealthy, unprofitable attention. Until your perspective changes you won’t walk in life. Attention reaffirms the need for attention. It doesn’t mean they are evil, they are just misunderstanding.

Biblical Examples - Faith Lived Out

143:10 - Hebrews 11 - Patriarchs of the faith chapter. Inspiring chapter.

143:25 - Hebrews 12 - v.1 - Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, -

We are preceded by example after example of those who lived out a kingdom perspective kind of faith - Therefore - since we have all of these patriarchs of faith, to look at as examples, we can run this race. We can look at their lives and see how they ran and pattern our lives to follow them. It doesn’t mean that they are in an arena cheering you on in life. We are surrounded by testimony after testimony of people that loved not their own lives.

144:30 - Hebrews 11:32 - And what shall I more say? for the time would fail me to tell of Gedeon, and of Barak, and of Samson, and of Jephthae; of David also, and Samuel, and of the prophets: -

144:50 - Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego - would not change their stand  - no matter what they were faced with would not change their view of God (perspective). Satan is used to us changing our view when the heat gets hotter. When you take a stand and have even more trouble, that is when you find what you really believe. That’s where faith is found - when you have every reason not to believe, in the natural.

145:25 - Bartimaeus - would not change his plea - sitting by the road, blind. He believed in his heart that Jesus was the messiah. Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me. Jesus kept on walking. That might be enough in the natural to believe that He is not going to heal. The people tried to hush him. Bartimaeus had enough natural evidence to go quiet. Is faith found because you have a need? Faith is found when you see who He is and why - faith works through love. Faith has nothing to do with you having a need and the book having a promise. Bartimaeus is faced with every reason not to believe. And that’s where you can really find true faith. He yelled above all the yak yak - all the lies - all the reason not to believe. Faith was found when he had every reason to give up and not believe.

148:15 - Syrophoenician lady with child - persisted in belief - Lord have mercy. It’s not good to give the children's bread to the dogs. But even little dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the master’s table. I believe you are the Savior of all men and you love my daughter. When did Jesus acknowledge her faith? When she had every reason not to believe. When she had every reason to give up.

152:00 - Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego - were not swayed by the prospect of trial - no smell of smoke on them. God did not keep them from being thrown into the fire. But God kept them from the power of the fire - the stain - the mark - the effect. "What is your fire to us o, king? We don’t even have a need to answer you in this matter. Even if He doesn't save us from this fire, He is still God." What if every Christian would embrace that? What is this trial I’m going through? What does that have to do with carrying out the kingdom? I’m not taking this adversity personally - (not letting it change how I see things) - He is still the Lord.

153:05 - We wait for the outcome to bare our allegiance. The outcome determines the intensity of our allegiance. If it doesn’t go the right way for us, we have a million questions.

153:45 - The king was enraged - The king turns up the fire 7x. Common strategy of the enemy - turn up the heat. Often happens after intercession. That is the devil going, “Oh really, hot shot Christian. I hear what you say, but I don’t believe it’s who you are. I believe it is just a confession.”

155:00 - Anybody can grab what the Bible says and speak it in hopes of help, for any reason. But if it goes from bad to worse then you find out what motivates you and what you are really made of. And everything around you knows where the integrity of your life stands.

155:20 - Hebrews 11 - v.33-34 - Who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens.  -

Kingdom perspective is not about compromise - There is a lot of victory. There is a lot of adversity. Sometimes what seems like deliverance is wrapped around compromise. We will stop beating you if you stop living the way you live - just chill. That’s not deliverance that’s bondage to your enemy. I learned that through those witchcraft experiences. I wouldn’t trade those experiences because of what I learned. It taught me that what I am preaching is true. It gave me the privilege of not being sorry for myself, of not loving my own life, of walking in integrity - not fearing death.

158:00 - Conclusion of witchcraft story - Daughter say, "You never change."

159:25 - Taunting demon spirit in bathroom - stroke - confession - like dead - I’m fine. It’s just the devil. He is such a liar. I’m totally ok - That’s my God.

201:50 - Incomplete healing - leg - Things like that drive the mind bonkers. But I don’t let it. I don’t have one question. I have too many answers.

202:10 - relationship v. circumstances - If I start letting the status of my leg determine my communion / relationship with God, I’m backwards. My relationship with God always determines the status of my leg (my circumstances). I wouldn't trade that experience and what I gained through that experience for nothing.

202:45 - “I don’t think I could go through that.” That’s because we are thinking for ourselves.

202:55 - Every time the Devil touches me he takes a risk - Every time he touches us he takes a risk of perfecting us - a risk that I am going to come out of this a believer with a greater revelation of God. Do you know why he touches you (anyway), he believes you won’t. He believes you will fold. He believes the real you will come out like you are.

Faith in the midst of Trials

203:35 - v.35 - Women received their dead raised to life again: and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection: -

The evidence of faith is not perfect circumstances - No, it's about having a pure heart in the midst of trials - We say, “Brother, you wouldn’t be going through this stuff if you had some faith.” No, it was faith that took them through the bad times.

204:00 - Faith - We misunderstand faith. We think the evidence of faith is perfect circumstances. That’s deception. Faith has nothing to do with perfect circumstances. Faith has to do with a perfect heart in the midst of trials. The pure in heart… He said, I’ll be with you in time of trouble. He didn’t say I’ll keep you from trouble.

204:40 - Tribulation - He says, In the world you have tribulation, be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. John 16:33 Wait a minute, If you have overcome the world, why do I have tribulation? If I am in the world and not of it, why do I have tribulation? What kind of statement is this - Help, come on - get me out of here.

205:15 - You overcome trouble when you live from a kingdom-centered perspective - What’s he saying? You are in Me and live for a whole different reason now. You think a whole different way now. You look through a whole different eye now (perspective). And trouble doesn’t look the same even though trouble is the same. So what’s the "victory"? The change of platform from which I live (perspective). I used to live for me. Now I live for His glory. I used to live for me. Now I live for your sake. Do you hear the freedom in that?

207:00 - Kingdom perspective facilitates victory even in the midst of bad circumstances - You don’t lose perspective no matter what is happening. Was Jesus having a bad day on any day? Circumstantially - yes. In terms of perspective - no. In the face of adversity He accomplished even greater glory. And on His worst circumstantial day - when it looked like it was as bad as it could get, the greatest thing ever happened. The greater the pressure, the greater the triumph.

208:00 - Getting to the place where you don’t have bad days - It’s a surrendering, yielding, learning, growing thing. You can still get trapped - Oh my goodness. That was so selfish. Makes life miserable until you realize it and cut that thing away.

208:50 - Giving yourself to people keeps you free from you. You are just busy loving others.

209:35 - My joy comes from salvation not ducks being in a row - I can’t wait until I get to where you are at. What do you mean? It seems like you walking above life. Everything is just going great. I just can’t wait to get in that bubble. Thinking that God had put all my circumstantial ducks in a row. That because I had such great faith, that nothing ever went wrong and that is the reason I was joyful. They are associating their emotional disposition with the circumstances of their life instead of their salvation and the good news.

211:10 - I don’t just want Jesus incorporated. Not just, let Jesus into your heart. Give Him your heart - let Him breathe on it and stick it back in. We are giving Him our life.

213:45 - v.36-38 - And others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment: They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented; (Of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth. - not all “victory” - stoned, sawn in two, tempted, slain with the sword... - doesn’t sound like a happy day for your flesh.

214:40 - of whom the world was not worthy - You want that legacy.

214:50 - v.39 - And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: -

Faith didn't stop terrible things from happening but saw them through terrible things - Faith caused them to go through all those (terrible) things. Faith didn’t stop these things from happening. Faith caused them to go through unscathed in their spirit and soul. Faith took them through these things.

215:25 - v.40 - God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect. - under a new covenant, shouldn’t it be more intense.

215:50 - Let’s look back to v.13 - These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. -

Faith even sees you through death - You would think that if you had faith you wouldn’t die. They died in faith. Their faith cost them their life. They didn’t compromise. They were in the world but not of it. We preach, if you have stronger faith you won’t have to be in these situations.

218:10 - Imagining heaven - worshipping forever - 15 yr old’s legacy.

220:00 - Josh riding with Dan.

220:55 - strangers and pilgrims on the earth - transients

221:05 - v.14 - For they that say such things declare plainly that they seek a country. - They are saying this is not my world.

221:20 - v.15 - And truly, if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out, they might have had opportunity to have returned. -

Kingdom perspective does not involve turning back - Lot’s wife looked back; Israelites looked back to Egypt - there we had leeks and onions. Not true, God is with you - cloud by day, fire by night, mana, water from the rock. It doesn’t matter where you are. He is there. To return - If you start thinking for yourself - feeling sorry for yourself - lose sight of this thing you are in (war against the kingdom, not you) - you will take a step back.

222:30 - v.16 - But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city. -

222:40 - v.23-26 - By faith Moses, when he was born, was hid three months of his parents, because they saw he was a proper child; and they were not afraid of the king's commandment. By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter; Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season; Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt: for he had respect unto the recompence of the reward. - By faith Moses - when he became of age - refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter - choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than enjoy the passing pleasures of sin. Selfless living vs selfish living.

223:30 - v.27 - By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible. - not fearing the wrath of the king

223:45 - v.28,29 - Through faith he kept the passover, and the sprinkling of blood, lest he that destroyed the firstborn should touch them. By faith they passed through the Red sea as by dry land: which the Egyptians assaying to do were drowned. -

224:00 - Summary - Right perspective of faith - not to just receive healing - faith keeps you in the right perspective to keep you in the race for the right reason - takes you through to the finish line.

224:10 - When you say faith works through love, is that my love or God’s love? - His love for you. All of these verses show faith works by love. Because God has never lost sight of the true you and why He created you and who you have the privilege to be. Once we recognize that and get into agreement, it doesn’t matter what we have done, once you are ready to repent, God comes to live inside of you as if you have never been a part of another team. His love for you. It never failed. When we repent He is saying, I’m so glad you see. And He brings you in as if you never didn’t see.

Run Well

225:50 - Hebrews 12 - Run well - v.1 - Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, -

We are privileged to have Jesus to follow - We have so many examples to follow. So many people that ran this race. And now we have Jesus who ran in perfection. They just had a glimpse and ran. Now we see in full.

226:30 - We need to lay aside the weights of wrong perspective, mindsets, attitudes to run well - Wrap faith around adversity - Let us - corporate thing. Lay aside every weight - ➡ all these things we covered today are weights - wrong perspectives, feeling sorry for yourself, attitudes about insomnia, etc. You are actually putting weights on with wrong perspective - self-serving, self-centered stuff. Wrap faith around all of this stuff. (See it from a perspective of faith.)

227:10 - We need to endure adversity - with endurance - why? - Because there are trials, obstacles. Hebrews 10:34-35+ - because they know they have a better and enduring possession for them - need of endurance - why? Because you are going to go through stuff - and unfair things. Will of God - not just for a life of smooth circumstances.

Soldier Mentality

229:30 - 2 Timothy 2 - Soldier mentality - v.1,2 - Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also. - Don’t just preach sermons, live lives and impart that to others who are faithful so they can follow.

230:10 - v.3 - Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. - you must endure hardship - why? You are a good soldier, fighting for your nation. Hardship is guaranteed to try to shake you.

231:00 - v.4 - No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier. - no one engaged in warfare - The warfare is against the kingdom and the kingdom is in you. So sometimes it feels like the war is against you. It’s not a personal attack. He is just trying to stop the kingdom. He attacks people who have the privilege of fulfilling the kingdom.

➡ 232:10 - We need a clear perspective: We are engaged in war - This is bigger than our hardships - Don't be entangled with the affairs of this world - So we can really see if we are engaged in war or have some other perspective. If we are entangled in the affairs of this world, we don’t have a CLEAR VIEW (perspective) that we are engaged in warfare. And that is why we taught this all day. If you wake up understanding what you are in and have become a part of and you take honor in what you have become a part of… It’s like basic training - boot camp - after a while you begin to get in shape - you put on that uniform and realize that this is bigger than what I have been going through - you take healthy pride in the uniform and representing something - that all the work isn’t for nothing - and it is way bigger than how you feel.

233:35 - no one entangles - why? That he may please Him who enlisted Him as a soldier. Pleased - He can fulfil who He created you to be - legacy - destiny.

234:00 - Drawing back - (Heb. 10:38) If you draw back He is displeased in the sense that He can’t fulfil the reason He put you on the planet.

234:25 - Sacrament of Communion