Phrases that Pastor Dan Mohler has used and what they might mean:

(Many of these phrases are infrequently used or are only used in teachings from years ago.)

30 day money back guarantee / 60 day see if you like me Christians - trying out faith for a limited time to see if it "works"  -  as opposed to deciding to live by faith regardless of outcomes. 
All that is Yours is mine - especially in the sense that Jesus held nothing back but gave everything for us.
Analogy - [unexpected usage] - a made up theological explanation that seems to fit our experience of life and makes us feel better but which does so apart from truth. Example: "Sometimes we get so troubled in our heart that we make up analogies to comfort ourselves in our trouble but it's at the cost of truth." Encounter Weekend - 4 @19:45. Try just substituting "explanation" or "illustration".
Analytical - [unexpected usage] - the tendency of fallen man to make something that is actually simple into something that is overly complicated, overly technical - overthinking. The tendency of fallen man to listen to a voice that counters what God says. The ability to talk yourself out of Him. See 2 Cor. 11:3@12:11
Armor of God - dressed in the finished work of Christ - everything that He made possible through His life, death and resurrection. See "Finished work of Christ"
At the cost of  - at the expense of... in the sense of diminishing, damaging or cutting off. Examples: "at the cost of truth", "at the cost of who God is", "at the cost of another."
Bawl - to cry hard. Example - "I bawled and bawled..." I cried and cried...
Bedroom - secret place of prayer - where no one else is present - where there is no ulterior motive of trying to impress any one else.
Become love / Become the word / Become mercy (etc.) - transformation through union and communion to look more like Him. Your thinking, feelings, desires, motives, reactions, how you hear and how you see line up better and better with who God is. And the God breathed truths that you are exchanging with the Father become solidified in you heart by His supernatural power as your reality. It's not your works - your ingenuity or effort engineering the word into your life; engineering love into your life. It's an inner transformation by God's power that happens in the secret place. Example: "I don't receive mercy just to receive mercy. I receive mercy to be so touched by the beauty of His mercy that I become a merciful man."
Become what He paid for - God paid an extreme price, through His Son on the cross, to get me back to who He created me to be - to be back in union and communion with Him - to be back looking like Him - to be back to love. Since He paid such an extravagant price I ought to step into what He paid to provide. I ought to give "my life" back to Him and be born again.
Believe - fully convinced, fully persuaded - to be firmly established in my heart on what is true.

Beneficial gospel - the gospel is not all about what God can do for me - green stop lights, convenient parking places, fat 401ks, full vats and barns, etc. It's not all about how God can make the circumstances of my life good.

Bible - “This book was never written to be reduced to a book of principles that you quote to get answers… It’s an introduction into co-union and communion with the living God. This is a book that allows you to partake of His divine nature and become one with Him. It’s all about knowing Him not applying Him.” 9-15-12 Dan Mohler [0:47]

Birthright - a privilege of relationship available to me after being born again.

Bite your lip - striving in my own ability, strength, ingenuity, effort to do something. As in "bite your lip and try harder."

Body of Christ - the embodiment of the anointing of God. (Think - Christ, the  anointed One.)  - We are the body of Christ and the body gives expression to Who is inside - Dan Mohler (:35)

Born again - new life through Jesus Christ - not just praying a prayer to go to heaven but a transformed life - not just the forgiveness of sins but the change and redemption of everything that I was created to be - man becoming who he was created to be - paid for through the blood - alive again towards God - thinking brand new, being brand new, changed from the inside out - when God takes me out of Adam and places me into Christ. “I die to myself to become love.” (2:03) Restoration of union and communion with God.

Calculated - strong focus, strong sense of purpose, strong direction, strength and focus for going after a purpose.

Calling - see "Your calling."

Camp in that - spend time in that, stay for a while - not just intellectually understanding an idea but communing it to the Father so that it becomes real in my life. Example - "We need to camp in God's love for us."

Camp / river / stream - a separate movement - a separate group - a separate branch; separate because of theological differences that may in fact be insignificant to heaven.

Character & integrity - sticking with what I know to be true come hell or high water - regardless of what's happening around me or to me.

Charades - a guessing game (Example - "He is not playing charades." There is no guessing game involved - no guessing involved.)

Christ - the anointed One with the ability to anoint.

Christ in you, the hope of glory - a reference to Col. 1:27 - the hope of looking like Him (love) - manifesting who He is through my life - and that's only possible because He lives in me and through me. "The only hope of manifesting God is the Christ that's in you." DM - Identity Crash Course @26:12

Christian - little Christ-like one.

Christianity - Christ-likeness through knowing Him (as opposed to just being a member of a church or declaring a doctrinal belief or praying a certain prayer). "It's not about going to heaven when you die. It's about heaven coming back into you (transformation - newness of life). It's about you walking in the light as He is in the light. It's about you making peace and showing mercy and walking in love."  Freedom Christian Center 1 @10:30.

Communion with God - intimate relationship with God. Intimate, personal conversation, meditation and exchange with God. Expressing your heart to God. By faith pursuing Him, and receiving grace, by which I realize He is real and in me and loves me. 

Comparing ourselves among ourselves - comparing my experiences or abilities to other believers and often ending up discouraged, thinking "Boy, I have a long way to go" instead of thinking "I have something to grow into - there is more for me to grow into." Weighing yourself against another such that it exposes what is not a reality in your life.

Contact point of faith - tangible item or action used to reiterate belief -  a way of expressing faith in an unseen truth. Receiving the sacrament of communion like wedding vows to reiterate the reality of the covenant I am in and being one with Him - Water baptism to reiterate dying to live - Opening the door and saying "I am here" to reiterate that I believe He is here and I am meeting with Him. I can relate to those things.

Conviction - shining light upon - when the lights come on - not condemning, but a calling to truth.

Covenant relationship - all that is mine is yours; and all that is yours is mine - two becoming one.

Cover - protection. Example: "prayer covering."

Coveting - letting my affection for any of the gifts God has given me - loved ones or possessions or achievements or even my own life - rise higher than my affection for and devotion to the Giver of those gifts.

Created FOR the image of God - (Why does Dan say "FOR the image of God" instead of "IN the image of God" most of the time?) - We're not only created IN the image and likeness of God but He created us FOR the purpose of making Himself known to a broken world through us. We're created to manifest Him. We're created to house His Spirit and manifest Him.

Created identity - who God created me to be. I was created for the image of God.

Created value - who I was created to be - what man was originally created to be - God's intention for man - what man was like when he was in mint condition - man’s original condition, state of being, situation, status - the image of God (love); sons and daughters, children of the King; on the same family plane, inheritance, genetics; innocence. Created condition.

Cross a line - to offend by violating an established boundary.

Crossroads Christianity - Example - "I don't want you living crossroads Christianity." - not just trying to apply biblical truth when you reach a fork in the road of life, but being so thoroughly transformed by communion with Jesus that you don't even see the fork but only see the true way - you only see like He sees. "The salvation of your soul is a big deal. It's you getting so free from yourself that you're free from everyone and everything and you're secure in Christ. So even when trauma happens... you don't have to stop, look and listen and apply teachings you heard on the topic. You've become one with Him. You are not moved or shaken by stuff. You respond and live in the Spirit all the time and there is nofork in the road. You don't have to stop, look and listen. That's crossroads Christianity. No, you don't see a crossroad. You see the way. It's not about you. It's about Christ in you and through you. You get so established in that through relationship - through knowing Him, and it will change your whole life." - School of Healing, Session 3 - KHOP San Diego @17:20

Cycling - Living from the ups and downs of your FEELings instead of from a steady faith in truth. - trying, in my own strength, to live better failing disappointment trying harder, in my own strength, to live better failing disappointment, etc. Feelings of closeness to God, then feelings of being far away, asking for prayers to feel close to God again, then three weeks later needing to ask again, etc; feelings of freedom, then feelings of being bound; feelings of peace and then unrest. Going from happy, to sad, to happy, to sad based on what others are saying about me or how the circumstances of life are going or how I am FEELing. 

Debriefing - reviewing, analyzing, judging our ministerial techniques and experience so that we can improve the "effectiveness" of our outreach techniques for next time (as opposed to just sticking with Jesus' simple plan: loving sincerely, sowing seed, watering and trusting God for the increase.)

Decide you - see "determine you".

Deny yourself - lay aside your rights. (How do you still have rights if you died?) @2:20:10

Determine you - To let something tell you how you are doing or who you are. Example: "Why do you let that determine you when their name is not Jesus?"  

Destiny - what God intends for my future - what God intends for me to accomplish by His grace - who God intends for me to become by His grace - the restoration of His image in me.

devil - “a cut off, withering branch coming to nothing.” - probably a reference to John 15:6

Dictate you - see "determine you".

Died to sin - "...What was He (Jesus) saying?... 'So be free from your sins.' So we are not going to live sin-conscious any more. We died to sin, once for all. That's doesn't mean just the act of sin, it's the mentality of sin..." Establish Your Heart [40:35].

Do to be vs. Be to do - doing “Christian” deeds to show that I am a “Christian” (doing to be), rather than receiving God’s love and letting what I do be the result of who I have become through knowing Him (being to do).

Don't let where they are not, decide where you are - Don't let the words, actions or opinions of someone who doesn't yet get  what you understand wreck or interfere with your ability to shine who He is.

Driven - motivated.

Ducks in a row - the circumstances of life are lined up just the way that they should be.

Ear - how I  interpret what I hear. See "Hearing with a negative ear" and "Hearing with a wrong ear."

Effects of sin - effects of sin in the physical body - sickness, disease, scars, loss of mental ability, etc. (Example: "His body was given to remove the effects of sin.")

Entering in - Entering into communion with God - genuine, heart to heart exchange with God. Example: "These are the little things that keep you from entering in."

Establish - to understand a truth, believe it, commune it with God and embrace the reality that grace brings - so that it becomes real in your life. Example: "It's so important to establish who you are and why."

Eternal life - being in union and communion with the One who is eternal. I’m alive in the One who is eternal.

Everyday purpose - the practical purpose of why you are on the planet in the first place - to love - to look like Him - to express Him to a broken world.

Excuse for sin -  a way of avoiding the consequences, the ramifications of sin. Example: "That is not an excuse for sin."

Experiment - learning as you go - trying different things out along the way and seeing how they go - trial and error. (Example: "then at best life is an experiment" - learning about life as you go by trying out different things and seeing how they go - As opposed to learning life from Jesus - He is THE way, THE truth, THE life.)

Expose your sin - Example: "The cross doesn't expose your sin. It removes your sin." - point out your sin. @2:03:15

Exalted His word above His name - Ps. 138:2 - “I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy loving-kindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.”

Eye - perspective. When the eye is healthy you are seeing through truth - seeing people and situations like God sees them.

Eye of the needle - having to do with narrowness - the narrowness of a standard, the narrowness of a perspective, the narrowness of a way of thinking - Example "the eye of the needle of His life lived" - having a perspective that is drawn only from Jesus and His life lived - no other explanations, no other excuses, nothing other than what I see in His life. "Eye of the needle of" - seeing from the perspective of... 

Face value - based on the immediate, here and now, no hope for change, outward appearances. (Examples - "living face value" - living by how things outwardly appear v. living by faith in Truth. "seeing life face value" - seeing life for how it looks here and now.)

Faith - 1) a perspective you live from - "Faith is a view on life that's bigger than every tragedy, trial, misunderstanding and injustice. Faith is you living from Heaven's view of why we're here and where it's all taking us. And you don't know how to look any where else." (:25) - embracing, holding to, standing firm in that new perspective, that stunning realization of how God really sees us - such that what I have "seen" changes the way that I live. 2) The spontaneous trust response that arises out of a continuing love relationship with God, when God’s heart and will for a situation is known; the position, the readiness, the preparedness of my heart to receive what Christ has already accomplished, already paid for; a knowing in your heart. "We're not trying to have faith. Faith is the spontaneous result of knowing Him. The more I know Him and understand His compassion and His heart and His motive in sending the Son, faith is an automatic thing. It works through love. Faith doesn't come because I have a pressing need. That's called fear and despairation. Faith comes because I have been with Him." Dan Mohler - School of Healing, Session 1 - KHOP San Diego @6:38  {personal note}

Faith, As a point in time - Eg. "Don't turn faith into a point in time." - Faith is about more than immediate change. Faith doesn't quit, give up or back down just because what was prayed for didn't happen immediately.

Faith, The - standing firm in, walking in the identity/purpose that I was created for and to which I've been restored through the blood of Jesus. “Who He is towards us and who we are because of Him - that’s 'the faith of the gospel’. It’s your identity through the risen Christ.” 2010 Kingdom Living School W2S8 [69:20]. 

False humility - the mindset that to talk ourselves down is to exalt God, when God's heart is to lift us up and restore us. See "humility."

Familiar spirit - an evil spirit - associated with a familiar past attitude or activity that used to own me, drive me, eat my lunch.

Fighting a battle that He's already won - fighting a battle against sin - trying not to sin.

Finished work of Christ - 1) everything Jesus completed for me - to make possible the restoration of the image of God in me - for me to become love. Everything He accomplished through His life, death and resurrection. More detail here. 2) also used in reference to the believer - the actual fulfillment of what Jesus did for us - the fulfillment of why He did it - that we should become love - that we should look like our heavenly Father again. "Take the gospel so personal that you become the finished work of Christ." - "Overcomers" audio recording @21:00. "That's the finished work of Christ - when a man becomes love." @57:00 of the same recording.

First love - God's demonstrated love for me - through the cross - through the love of believers - that I can see and respond to. “No man loves me [God] first except that he sees my first love and you are the expression of my love.” As a believer it involves, loving others as God loves them as opposed to trying to “set them straight” so that they can first  be lovable.

Flashback - the memory of something that I wish that I never did - a memory of something that used to own me - past sin, past fears, etc. - something that used to eat my lunch - something that wants me to give up on my true identity and believe "That's still who I am."

Flesh - doing it by the…; doing it in the… - in my own ability, strength, ingenuity, strength, effort - outside of grace.

Foxes that spoil the fruit - a reference to Song of Solomon 2:15 - little thoughts that creep in and keep us from receiving His love personally and keep us from having the truth of His love become established in our hearts as revelation as opposed to just theoretical head knowledge. Example of a fox: "Well, He died for us, not just for me."

Foundational - important to have right from the start - important to have right out of the gate. 

Free from me / free from you / free to love you - I’m not living for me anymore.  I’ve given all to Him. In Him I have found the love and identity that I was desperately seeking.  And because that need is completely fulfilled through Him, I no longer depend on your affirmation. Now I am free to love you as God intended - without selfish ulterior motives.

Free from sin - " can absolutely live free from sin. I'm saying... not that you live in perfection and never commit a sin. Live free from it's identity, the detriment, the stain, and the effects [it's memory, it's desire, it's pull]. And if your heart is pure and you stumble into something, guess what you will do, you will run to God like a son..." Dan Mohler @4:18 "...What was He (Jesus) saying?... 'So be free from your sins.' So we are not going to live sin-conscious any more. We died to sin, once for all. That's doesn't mean just the act of sin, it's the mentality of sin..." "Establish Your Heart" recording 40:35.

From your heart - not superficially, religiously but with earnestness, genuineness. Examples: "Do everything from your heart" and "Learn to live from your heart."

Fullness - Room for nothing else. In regard to Eph. 3:19.

Get understanding - when a truth, a principle becomes yours - becomes real your life. "You get understanding through being face to face... through getting close to Him... through conveying and communing to Him personally... when nobody else is around... That's when it become your reality." HCSKL 2010 Day 47 @23:20

Get your name written in a book - a reference to the Book of Life as mentioned in the Bible - see Rev. 3:5 etc. Example: "We've reduced it (salvation) to saying a prayer to get our name in a book."

Gifting - special ability given (e.g. healing) vs. "believer priesthood" - any believer healing through what is believed.

Glory of God - any manifest, made seen attribute of God - the nature of God expressed. "And you are the glory of the Lord revealed when you yield to this gospel." - audio recording "Overcoming" @17:50.

God allowed it - the mentality that even if God didn't directly orchestrate an event, He didn't intervene to stop it either so it must be God's will. And if everything is God's will, we should just accept the circumstances of our lives and not bother with standing in faith to see change.

God can trust His own heart with anything - When God forms His heart in you, He can trust how you will react with any information/gifts He gives you because He knows that you will handle the situation with His heart. It's like He is giving it to Himself.

God loves me vs. Being loved by God - A theological statement which is always correct vs. the experience of being loved by God personally.

God reality - when God becomes real to me - where He doesn't seem far away.

Good fight of faith - remembering who I am in the face of the enemy’s lies - keeping my perspective clear in the midst of adversity - remaining secure, fully convinced of my God-given identity, value and purpose and everything that God has done for me through Christ. Maintaining the identity I have received through Christ. "...believing this truth in the face of every challenge."

Gospel - the beautiful truth of who God is, how He sees us and what He has done for us.

Grace - more than just unmerited favor - God's transforming power - God’s supernatural power working in me to do what I cannot do for myself - to make me look more like Him - “the etching tool of God” - the Holy Spirit working inside me - what makes Him tangible, real, experienced - quote - It's the grace of God that changes us from within. Supernatural enablement. "Grace apart from transformation is perversion because the whole purpose of grace is to transform you." Dan Mohler: Exposing the Sin Conscious Mind @31:36. (See also "There's no grace on that.")

Grey out - to grow distant from God through violation of conscience; to lose the confidence, the boldness to have intimate communion with God because of violation of conscience and condemnation; to be discouraged, depressed; to feel bad (as opposed to a relationship with God that remains vibrant, vivid, alive and full of color). Feeling like you can't face God because you have violated what your conscience has clearly told you. Christians living with no power, no joy, no impact. "You can't live in the light and in the dark. That's the grey zone. That makes grey. Too many Christians are greyed out. They have no power. They have no joy - no impact." - from audio recording "Righteousness" @ 73:20.

Grey zone - "a place of compromise."

Grid for it - a mindset, an intellectual framework for understanding a problem that accommodates the problem happening in the future.  (Example - "You have a grid for loss." You embrace an explanation for the loss that accommodates more loss in your life.) See "landing strip"

Growing up into Him - growing in likeness to the Lord Jesus. (Eph. 4:15)

Guard your heart - see "Steward of my own heart".

Guilt, condemnation and shame - three major tools of the devil. Guilt - an internal confession that I'm not forgiven. Condemnation - an internal confession that my life is worthy to be judged - "Oh you dummy, look what you did. Now you deserve that. You'll never get it right. I just feel so bad, how can I pray now. I'm just such a loser." Shame - and internal confession that that's still who I am.

Hearing in a wrong ear - taking a comment the wrong way, with a bad attitude.

Hearing with a negative ear - hearing where I am not, instead of hearing what I can grow into. "Oh man, I've sure  got a long way to go" instead of  "I've got somewhere to grow to."

Heart - your spirit (not emotions or feelings), your relationship with God, the reality of God in your life. Example - "You want to live from your heart."

Heart cry - deep seated, sincere desire for change. "If your heart is crying out, that's the real you." HCSKL 2010 Day 17 @1:42:00

Heaven back inside of you - to restore man back to what he was created to be so he could do what he was created to do - restoration of God's image in man. Example - "Jesus didn't come just to take you to heaven someday. He came to get heaven back inside of you."

He came as a man - an emphasis on Jesus being fully human. And because He is fully human, we can follow Him. [Notetaker's note]

He didn't come as God - In the sense that He emptied Himself - Philippians 2:6-7He was God, but didn't come AS God - looking like God - in the form of God. - see also "He came as a man." [Notetaker's Note]

He said, she said - fighting for rights - argument that arises out of standing up for your "rights" - cold, calloused argument with no grace involved - "I'm right. You're wrong." - an attitude of self-defending, self-justifying - argument. @1:29:07

He's the answer of a brand new life - As used..."Somehow we preach a prayer to go to heaven when He is the answer of a brand new life." The primary purpose in Jesus coming was not to help me survive this life until He could take me to heaven some day, but to give me a brand new life - a transformed life.

Hit/miss - Win/lose mentality - false belief that if I don’t see immediate change (healing) - that no change has occurred or that it won’t change later. (…as opposed to remaining in faith regardless of the apparent outcome.) Faith is for more than just a point in time. You continue in faith.

Home-schooled in the wrong home - trained in the twisted wisdom of this world - "the way that seems right to man" - by the Father’s enemy.

Hope of glory - the hope of making God seen and known - manifesting God - the hope of people seeing God through me - the seeing of God’s movement - the Christ in me flowing out of me because I’m releasing faith that’s working through love - Col 1:27.

Human wisdom, human thinking - see “way that seems right to a man.”

Humility - Pride resists - "Oh, you shouldn't have." Humility receives - "Thank you, thank you." 

Hurt - what happens when you allow adversity or people's words to get into your heart and change your perspective of what is true. Example - "Why are you so hurt?"

Hypocrisy - play-acting; pretending to be something I’m not. For example: saying you want to change but not really wanting change. Saying one thing and meaning another.

Hypo-spiritual - [unexpected usage] - It seems like Dan uses this to mean --> overly spiritual, excessively spiritual. (As opposed to hypo - lower than.)

Identity (true) - who God sees me to be. Who I am because of what Christ did for me.

Identity crisis -man’s post-fall struggle to answer the questions, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” - insecurity.

If He came as God, we couldn't follow Him - If He came in the form of God, without emptying Himself, there is no way we could follow Him. (see Philippians 2:6-7) - see note on "He came as a man."

If the root is good, the fruit is good - if you are living from a pure motive of love, the fruit of your life will be good.

Image of God - what God “looks” like - not physically but in terms of character and attributes - who He is - what He is like - most importantly love; as children would naturally look like (bear the image of) their father. His heart - His personhood - His wisdom - HCSKL 2010 Day 45.

I'm not being rude - I'm not trying to insult you.

I'm not sin waiting to happen - It's not inevitable that I'm going to sin.

Incorporating Jesus - living according to my own human wisdom, natural knowledge but trying to add Jesus in to get help, blessing and a ticket to heaven; a Christian confession without transformation.

Integral - [unexpected usage] - used as an adjectival form of integrity - pursuing the cause of the kingdom, no matter what the personal cost. Honest - Example: "If you are integral with your own heart..." - If you are honest with your own heart...

Integrity - a mindset lived of: the cause of the kingdom, no matter what the personal cost. 

Intercession - praying the heart of God back to God.

Introspect - to turn your attention inward - to self-examine, to self-judge, to self-question.

Justified - just as if I never sinned.

Kingdom of God - “the function of the King right here on the earth - the King’s domain - the way God’s flowing and moving and what’s in heaven, on the earth.” - quote (story of Nicodemus) - the way God thinks, functions, flows, moves - in the Person of Holy Spirit - the mindset, the power but most importantly the heart of God - tw(:44) (:17)

The kingdom of God is Him and everything He has provided for His heart, His will, His nature to be fully expressed and embraced and established on the earth.

Background - God commissioned governance for the earth when He said to Adam and Eve - "fill the earth and subdue it." They would fill the earth with His wonderful image and thereby subdue it. But the fall destroyed the image of God in man. So God has been about the business of bringing things back into order for His governance of the earth - winning man's heart and bringing him back into condition to be who he was created to be (sons and daughters) so that man could do what he was commissioned to do (fill the earth with God's likeness and thereby subdue it.) 

So what is the kingdom? The kingdom of God is where God is King. It's HIM and His wonderful provision - EVERYTHING that God has provided for His good and beautiful governance (His heart & will, His Kingship, His order, His "normal," His pattern, His leadership, His nature) to be fully expressed and embraced and established on the earth - every provision that is now in place (the witness of Scripture, the finished work of Christ, the blood on the mercy seat speaking better things, Jesus at the right hand mediating, the gift of the Holy Spirit, the name above every name, the precious promises, a new covenant of the body and the blood, the gifts of the Spirit) and everything that is coming into place (the image of God being restored in man - men being born again, being baptized, dying to the old and all things made new, their minds being renewed, receiving the love of God and becoming that love, being empowered and stepping into their purpose and commission, stepping into the victory of Jesus who succeeded where Adam failed - the Church coming alive and growing up into Him in all things). It's about people seeing the beauty of who He is and willingly and gladly submitting their hearts to the expression of who He is through their lives. It's about His will being done on earth as it is in heaven - what's held in high regard in heaven flourishing on the earth and what's held in contempt in heaven being crushed on the earth.

[We grew up thinking that the works of Jesus were "miracles." But really they are the restoration of the "normal" order of things - just like heaven - the setting of things on earth into the normal order of heaven. So in one sense the kingdom of God has to do with setting things into order. God is setting man back into order - to be who God created man to be - sons and daughters. And God is setting man back into order to do what He was created to do - Man was created in the image of God to fill the earth and subdue it. So the coming of the kingdom and the kingdom within is everything that God has done and is doing to bring His order (love) to the earth through man. It's the advancement of God's order on the earth through the restoration of the function and flow of God through man.]

Knowledge puffs you up - knowledge makes you feel like somebody you are not walking as. W2S8 @ 68:35

Landing strip - an acceptance for something - the position, the readiness, the preparedness of my heart to receive. So if, “faith released is the landing strip of God’s grace” then faith released puts my heart into position, readiness, preparedness to receive God’s grace. See also "Take away the landing strip."

Left turn kid - a child that has made unwise choices in life. A wayward child.

Legacy - the influence of my life lived, that speaks for eternity and brings honor to God.

Letting things matter more that don't matter most - letting how the circumstances of life are going or how people are treating you out weigh the truth and good news of who you were created and redeemed to be and the truth of what you were created and redeemed to do. Letting the trivial things of life outweigh the eternal things of life.

Letting where they are not, determine you - see "Why are you letting where they are not..." below.

Lie - the self-centered, inward-twisted, god-unto-himself existence we fell into when Adam sinned and was cut off from his source of love - it's a lie because, although it seems "normal," it is not at all what we were created for. It's not at all the "normal" of heaven. Examples: "born into a lie", "taught by a lie", "get the lie off of you." Quote: "So the biggest lie on the planet isn't the workings of the devil. It's men living for themselves when they were created for God's image." - Dan Mohler: The Finished Work of Christ @1:50:23

Life speaking louder than truth - allowing the circumstance of life or how other people treat me to carry more weight than what God has said about my identity, value and purpose.

Live through Him - reference to 1 John 4:9 - because of Him. Everything about your new life is all because Christ came - all received because Christ came - your whole identity, your destiny, purpose, motivation, value etc. We're not living FOR God. We are living because He came for us. [Notetaker thinks of this as living FROM God. We're not living to gain God's approval. We are already approved. We have the privilege of living from the life, joy, love, compassion, etc. that we have received and becoming those things to a broken world around us.]

[In reference to the 1 John 4:9 phrase "that we might live through him"] - "...'that we might live through him...' not for Him... through Him. That means through the Son of God you find who you are. You find your identity. You find your purpose. You find your place. So, it's not just God for us. It's God in us and through us. It's a big deal. That's a big difference." From Dan Mohler audio recording entitled "DM@Wheeling WV(2-25-11)" at the 2:00 mark, formerly available on Neck Ministries web site. See also HCSKL Day 37 @16:44.

Living at the expense of another - me first; my needs first, regardless of what it costs you. The opposite of laying down my life for another.

Living sensual - living by how I feel; living by how it seems to me (vs. living by faith in Truth, regardless of how I feel or how it seems.) Thinking that I've got to feel good to be doing good. Believing that I am what I feel.

Living up and down - see "cycling"

Low identity - an identity that is much less than what God says about me.

Make a tree good - realizing that I have already been made a good tree - believing what Christ has already accomplished for me - that I am righteous in His sight, that I have access to the Father, that He has filled me with His Spirit, etc. - now I’m free to live the life of a good tree without awkwardly striving to produce good fruit. (Being to do; not doing to be.)   

Making something matter more that doesn't matter most - see "Letting things matter more that don't matter most"

Mark - a lasting, identifying sign, scarring. Examples: "mark of sin," "... this is marking you."

Mercy of God - …gives you a chance when you deserve none and have no hope.

Ministry crazed - an over reliance on the ministry of others along with an under reliance on standing firm in faith on truth.

Misnomer - inaccurate, misrepresentation.

Mixed drink - a mixing of the world's wisdom with the true gospel.

Motive - has to do with the purity of the heart you are living from. The "why" behind your life - why you are doing what you are doing. (Is it from the pure motive of love? If the root is good (living from a pure motive of love), the fruit will be good.)

Mountain / valley - The idea that we get worn down (valley) and then we go to church to get filled up again (mountain).

Multiple choice - more than one view point (as opposed to THE way - His word and His perspective).

Natural thinking - see “way that seems right to a man”

Natural - of or relating to the realm we live in after the fall, what we grew up in, our common, accepted experience. Examples: natural knowledge, natural reality, natural concern.

Nobody owes me anything - especially in the sense that I am not looking for affection, attention, affirmation, respect, etc. from others. Everything I need (to look more like Him) is being richly provided by my Father. 

Not letting things matter more than what matters most - not letting the circumstances of life overwhelm the truth of who I am in Him and who He is in me.

One of millions - In regard to sexual relations, a man can (and often will) function with any of a number of available women (one of millions) just because those women have the right body parts to make men feel the way that they want to feel but a young woman should be looking for the fellow who sees and treats her as THE one in millions (i.e. that she is incredibly special and worthy of being treated as such.)

One, Three in - (Trinity) - you can't separate them in terms of will, heart, character, disposition, purpose, etc. - in complete agreement.

One with Him - Dan Mohler (1:03)

Only as good as things are going - I'm only doing as well as the circumstances of life are treating me. 

Only doing as good as you doing me and seeing me - If I'm looking to you for validation of my worth / my identity, then I'm dependent on you - how you treat me - what you say about me - what you think of me.

Original value - see “created value.”

Overcomer - a reference to John 16:33 - one who trusts God through good times and what seems like defeat BECAUSE they now see from a different perspective - a perspective of truth - the way God sees the situation. (So I'm not an overcomer because I don't have any more problems, I just see those problems differently - I live toward the problems from a different perspective.)

Permission slip to be less than Jesus - a reason, a rationalization, an excuse to think, feel, want, behave in a manner that is less than what love would do. 

Perspective - the way you see life, circumstances, people etc.

Personal - see "take it personal."

Pick up your cross - see "take up your cross".

Planing out - leveling off - no longer moving higher. No longer pushing through the lie. Limiting your own growth.

Plastic - fake, insincere, going through the motions for appearance sake, just to save face.

Playing charades - not making you guess for the correct answers.

Positional - theological, doctrinal - as in "That is the position that I take." vs. walking in the reality of a matter. Example: Speaking of being one with God - walking in the reality of Him in you - "God forbid that that should just become positional." (HCSKL 2010 Day 14 6:20+) As in "that's the theological position that I defend" vs. that's the reality of my life.

Pottered by circumstances - allowing the circumstances of life to shape what I believe about who I am - to tell me my value and how I'm doing.

Pride - the need to be right.

Projecting - pushing my convictions onto others. Preaching to a specific problem from the pulpit because of what you know about individuals within the congregation. Pressing others in matters where you sense conviction in your own heart but where God may not be speaking that into their heart. Taking an individual situation and trying to bring it to a group for which it may not be designed. Holding others to the standard that God is building individually for your heart. "I've fasted for 40 days. Have you fasted for 40 days? You ought to do it." Implying something about someone else's heart by comparing to what is happening in your life or heart.  - Trying to fix things from the pulpit because of foreknowledge of a problem in the congregation.

Pure in heart - having right motives.

Purpose - the fulfillment, the walking out of my identity.

Que sera, sera - see "whatever will be, will be"

Rat race - man’s desperate post-fall search to find love, attention, reputation, esteem, identity - his struggle to fit in and not be out, to be cool and not weird - intensified by extreme self-consciousness.

Reading someone's mail - prophetically speaking out what only God could know about a person's life.

Redeem - to purchase back and put back into original position - original condition.

Religion - paying homage to God but not allowing His grace to transform me; appearing to be right with God - walking in the form of godliness (but without the change of heart) but denying the power of godliness (a holy life) - form without substance or power. Just going through the motions without any heart.

Repentance - a change of thinking, a change of perspective, which by God’s grace, leads to a change of heart and changed living. “I wish I’d never done that. That’s so not who I am.”  "It's seeing what you didn't see. It's wanting what you didn't want. It's yielding to what you wouldn't yield to." HCSKL 2010 Day 17 @1:48:25  "It's a duh, what was I thinking moment" which may or may not include some boohooing.

Replace lies with truth - not just in a mental, academic, intellectual sense but also through exchanging that truth to the Father in communion, allowing Holy Spirit to breathe on that truth and make it your reality. His grace meets the faith that you are expressing about that truth and solidifies that truth not just in your head but also in your heart. It becomes real to you.

Rhetorical - not spoken from the heart - spoken just because it's the Christian thing to say.

Riding a gift - deriving my sense of value from my functioning in a spiritual gift instead being founded in a relationship of love with God (through which I come to know my value as a son or daughter). 

Right  - 1) [noun] a sense of what I am justly due - which I inherited from Adam through the fall. What you give up when you deny yourself. Example: "When you die to self you give up your rights." 2) [adjective] A position of morally superiority - a position from which to judge or condescend because I am correct and you are not. Example - "I don't have a need to be right in your life."

Right to be right - feeling justly entitled to remain in a position of moral superiority over you because I am correct and you are not. Example: "Some people just want to reserve a right to be right."

Right to have a right - retaining rights that were inherited from Adam because of the fall, instead of completely giving up those rights - denying myself, taking up my cross and following Jesus. Example: "...reserving a right to have a right."

Righteous conscious - the awareness that God sees me as righteous - that I've been made righteous. Rejoicing in what He accomplished - that He succeeded - that He gave me great grace - that He made me stand before Him - that it was His good pleasure to give me the kingdom - that my days of striving to achieve righteousness are over. (vs. sin-conscious)

Righteous judgment - how God sees a person for who they truly are - a child of God - created for His image - worth the blood of Jesus - with all of the potential to be restored to that image regardless of where they have been and what they have done. See "Establish Your Heart" recording @ 36:00. Once you are saved - It's not just that He sees you as righteous. You ARE righteous. Why? Because He said so.

Righteousness - 1) right in the sight of God - as if I've never sinned; my privilege to stand before God without any sense of guilt, condemnation or shame knowing that I am loved and accepted. @1:28:40 Example: "righteous before God" 2) Looking like my Father - manifesting the Father - Example: "Your goal is not to be 'right' but to be 'righteous' - HCSKL 2010 Day 24 @ 109.

Righteousness - Living Right & Wrong vs. Living Righteous - @58:18 thru 1:02:14.

Righteousness, works of… - any manifestation or expression of His nature, character or attributes. @1:29:05

Rightness - the high minded, pretentious position of being in the "right" (i.e. morally correct, morally superior) with no sense of grace offered to the person in the "wrong" - forgetting their value - forgetting love - just setting them straight and showcasing their wrong. "I'm right and you are wrong." 

River - see "camp / river / stream"

Rolling balls - purposely setting up circumstances to test us. With regard to bad things happening --> "He's not rolling balls across the street and patting kids heinies, "Go chase the ball" and [then] sending the car." @39:12

Rooted and grounded - settled, established in the truth of God's love for us, as demonstrated in what God did for us through His Son.

Salvation of the soul - redemption of mind and emotions back to original created state - "to where your mind is functioning and working like it did in the garden before sin, before the stranger's voice - when you were one with God and just agreeing with who He is and what He said... a place of peace and rest and clarity and soundness - no fear - no worry - because you are in Him and He's in you." - (1:51) Getting your mind restored back to truth - delivered from the effects of the fall. "The salvation of your soul is a big deal. It's you getting so free from yourself that you're free from everyone and everything and you're secure in Christ. So even when trauma happens... you don't have to stop, look and listen and apply teachings you heard on the topic. You've become one with Him. You are not moved or shaken by stuff. You respond and live in the Spirit all the time and there is no fork in the road. You don't have to stop, look and listen. That's crossroads Christianity. No, you don't see a crossroad. You see the way. It's not about you. It's about Christ in you and through you. You get so established in that through relationship - through knowing Him, and it will change your whole life." - School of Healing, Session 3 - KHOP San Diego @17:20.

Sanctify - to set apart for a purpose. (Not just set apart waiting to go to heaven one day but set apart for a purpose - to shine who He is to a broken world - right now.)

Saved - Usually thought of as “going to heaven.” But the Greek word “sozo” (σώζω) which is translated “saved” has broader meaning - saved, healed, delivered, protected, preserved, made whole and kept safe and sound - nothing missing - nothing broken.

Secret place - a private place of prayer - a reference to Mt. 6:6.

Seed form - see "The kingdom is seed form"

Self-consciousness - the unhealthy and continual self-awareness, self-assessment, self-judgment, self-criticism, self-condemnation that has plagued man ever since the fall - where the love, fulfillment and identity he once enjoyed through close connection with God, instead becomes a desperate need for: affection, attention, affirmation, acceptance, esteem, validation, identity through people and circumstances - as he struggles to fit in and not be out, to be cool and not weird. "What are people going to think?"

Self-motivated - motivated by selfishness.

Selling out cheap - to give up on my true identity because to believe something lesser about me is easier, less costly - it doesn't require me to exercise faith. 

Sell out - to come into agreement with what the devil is suggesting.

Sell out my identity - to embrace any identity that is less than how God sees me. Embracing what my feelings or experiences seem to say about me over the truth of who I am in Him. Thinking that what I experience or feel is who I am.

Sell short - to give up and leave an aspiration unfulfilled.

Sensual, sensuality - “belonging to the natural or physical; unspiritual. It is living in the domain of the five senses; concerned with this life only… lust, illicit desire, unclean practices… It can’t see past today. It can’t embrace eternal truth because it doesn’t have a bigger picture than right now and me, myself and I.” - Dan Mohler - 2010 Kingdom Living School W7S26B [53:00]

Sensual living - see "Living sensual"

Sentimental - something that sounds like love but which is actually rooted in self-centeredness / selfishness.

Shine - walking in the image of God - walking in love - living in the Spirit and manifesting God.

Sin against me produce sin in me - allowing sin committed against me to provoke in me a reaction or response that is less than love - less than what I see in Christ's life - anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, revenge, hate, etc.

Sin-conscious - an unhealthy, demeaning, continual mindset of over awareness and focus on what’s wrong with me - how I missed God and failed.  Very aware of every little mistake - thinking you are constantly missing it. (vs. righteous-conscious) (a reference to Heb. 10:2) Mindset of expecting to sin.

Sin(ner) identity - the demeaning mentality that who I am is still just a sinner - I'm a sinner and I always will be a sinner - a sinner saved by grace - "Well, you know we are not perfect. We are always going to sin, brother. We are always sinning. We are probably sinning while we are breathing. It's good that God considers us - the little worms that we are." That it is inevitably who I am. No, the Bible teaches not just the remission of sin but transformation of identity.

Sin mentality - see "sin identity."

Sinner saved by grace - the idea that even after I am saved, I am still basically a sinner and always will be a sinner.

Single eye - it only sees one way - seeing with a clear, pure, true perspective; seeing life from God’s perspective - His eyes; honed in on truth; not a broad view but narrow; looking through truth; fine tuned to truth; looking through Him. Letting your outlook be informed by Jesus and His life lived and nothing else - not experience - not human reasoning - not natural knowledge. (Matt. 6:22 & Luke 11:34)

Soul - intellect, emotions and will; I think - I feel - I want. 

Spinning - the mind's frantic attempt to make sense of a situation - to reconcile what is actually happening to what it thought should happen - to what it thought was true - through rational thinking and rational questions.  (Example - "Your mind is spinning.") "I wonder why the boy is still seizing? I wonder why he didn't get healed? It doesn't look like anything is changing. I wonder what we are doing wrong? If Jesus were here he would be healed by now."

Squeezed -  pressure felt when adversity hits. (Example - "getting squeezed")

Start where He finished - fully accepting what Jesus accomplished on my behalf and then moving forward to live out the life of sonship that Jesus died to make possible for me.

Steward of my own heart - I have responsibility for what I hold onto in my heart - for how I respond - for what I believe - for what I align my heart with - for my motives - sincerity.

Stream - see "camp / river / stream"

Stronghold - 1) in the negative sense - a lie of the enemy that fosters wrong thinking and becomes entrenched as wrong believing. Pound it with truth until it breaks. 2) in the positive sense - a stronghold of truth - a truth that has become a solid reality in your life through communion. "You camp in that truth until it becomes a stronghold."

Studying a fallen man - looking to mankind after the fall as defining what "normal" is, instead of looking to Jesus and His life lived to see what man was originally designed to be.

Submit to God - submit to the truth. (God is truth.)

Survival kit - "I just want to make it to the end" mentality. 

Survival mode - living with a survival of the fittest mentality. “I’ll do whatever it takes to survive regardless of what it costs you.”

Take away the landing strip - change your understanding. Take away the wrong believing that facilitates / accommodates the problem happening in the future. (see also "grid for it")

Take it personal vs. Don't take it personal - Take it personal - Take it to heart. Examples - "You want to take the gospel personal." / "Take His love personal." - See it as more intimate, more personal, more especially meant for you - so that you really take it to heart and fall more deeply in love with Him.   Don't take it personal - Don't take it to heart. Don't let it change what you believe and get you discouraged and out of faith.  (Remember, no faith means no grace.) Examples - "Don't take life personal." / "Don't take adversity personal." / "Don't take the sickness personal." - means change the way you see the problem so that you won't take it to heart - as an indication from God about your value - and let it get you discouraged and out of faith. 

Take up your cross - take up a willingness to go through the injustices of life and everything that life throws at you without being changed by those things because I am seeing those situations through His eyes.

Tango - fight, argue. Example: ""It takes two to tango. It takes one to make peace."  - It takes two people to have a fight but it only takes one willing person to make peace.

Taught by the fall of man - brought up and trained in the thinking brought about by the fall of man, where self-centeredness, self-consciousness and lies are the norm.

The kingdom is seed form - refers to: in faith depositing a truth into someone's life, knowing that seed of truth will give Holy Spirit something good to work with and eventually bring to fruition.

The why behind your life determines your life - why you do what you do heavily influences your life in God. And that is because the pure in heart (pure motives  - pure "why") see and come to know God and knowing God is eternal life.

Therefore - When interpreting scripture read "therefore" as... "In light of what I just said..."

There's no grace on that - There is no supernatural enablement behind that. Grace empowers God's will. So when you are walking outside of His will, life seems tough because "there's no grace on that."

Thinking for yourself - thinking to protect my interests - thinking of myself first - me first - selfishness. (as opposed to describing someone who thinks independently to arrive at a conclusion.)

Through Him - see "Live through Him"

Transformation - where God’s grace changes me back to look like Him - most importantly love.

Troubleshooting - negative self-evaluation; negative “take” on my situation; finding the problems and forgetting the answer; highlighting the problem; finding, believing, seeing, picking out, focusing on the worst in me.

Touch people wrong - 1) to cause offense or a negative impression. Not a literal "touching" but leaving a negative impression of the gospel or causing offense because of the way I interacted with someone. Example - "When you speak that way you touch people wrong..." 2) inappropriate physical touching, exploitation. Example ~ What does it matter that my family member touched me wrong as a child, now that Christ came?

Twisted - perverted, distorted, turned from, at odds with the original created state.

Twisted perspective - an outlook on life, inherited through the fall, where man’s created purpose of selflessly loving others became twisted into a life of selfishness, self-centeredness and desperately needing love.

Understanding, (Get) - understanding of the heart, revelation, seeing a truth personally and intimately - when a truth becomes yours - more of a matter of the heart than a matter of the mind. "You get understanding through being face to face... through getting close to Him... through conveying and communing to Him personally... when nobody else is around... That's when it become your reality." HCSKL 2010 Day 47 @23:20

Unveiled - unfettered, unimpeded intimacy with God; no barrier - a reference to the veil between a bride and her groom. - eg. "living unveiled" - living in uninterrupted, unfettered union and communion with God.

Up and down - living encouraged and then discouraged, encouraged and then discouraged... Living by how you feel as opposed to living steadily by faith in truth.

Violate your conscience and shipwreck your faith - going against what I know to be right causes me not to want to / be able to approach Him in faith - the kind of faith that is met by grace - the kind of grace that is the only thing that can transform me - the only thing that can make God real to me. You won't be able to live by faith, please God and release the kingdom.

Teaching on boldness and confidence and access to approach the Father through faith in the Son - "If my heart doesn't condemn me, 1 John says, I have confidence before God. That's why you want to just give it all up for Jesus. Because that little thing that you hold to is what pricks your conscience and violates your heart - that little thing that you are already hearing back here, that you know is not God and you you're still going there anyway. That's what comes in and cuts away at your confidence. And then your heart starts condemning you. And then you don't know whether God even hears you, let alone whether you have what you ask for. That's why the pure in heart see God." - Audio recording "The Fence" [26:30]

Want to - a willingness - a sincere desire for change.  Example: "... I release the 'want to' of my heart to God..."

Way that seems right to a man - human wisdom / human thinking / human logic that appears trustworthy from man’s twisted perspective but which ultimately leads to death/destruction. A logical, reasonable way that we think that justifies doubt and unbelief (Proverbs 14:12 & 16:25). The stranger’s voice, the voice that Eve listened to - subtle and seductive.

Weighing yourself for where you are not - negative comparison to another - seeing myself, judging myself, condemning myself for not having reached what I see in another's life. As opposed to realizing and being thankful for what I CAN pursue and grow into.

Weighing yourself short - seeing yourself, judging yourself to be less than who God sees you to be.

Well that was Jesus - meaning: "Well that was God" - a cop out phrase implying that it's impossible to follow Jesus.

Whatever will be, will be - the mentality that God orchestrates events on the earth - that everything that happens on the earth must be God's will - that God allowed it, so we should just accept our lives as is and not bother with standing in faith to see change. "Que sera, sera"

Why are you letting where they aren't determine where you are? (and similar phrases - Why are you letting what they don't see decide you? etc.) - Why are you allowing someone who doesn't see the truth that you are seeing hinder your pursuit of that truth - hinder your shining? They just don't see it yet. Don't let that stop you from moving forward in that truth.

Why behind your life - see "Motive." see also "The why behind your life determines your life"

Wisdom - the ability to use knowledge rightly. HCSKL 2010 Day 48 @2:22:44

Wiser and sharper - I am going to be diligent in that area where I stumbled. I am going to watch and stand guard. I am going to be sober, alert and awake in Christ. HCSKL 2011 Day 7 @204:40 Example: Thank you for making me wiser and sharper.

Wonder if...  - A phrase that introduces an idea for consideration - an idea that you will likely find to be true once you consider it. Akin to "Consider this..." or "Think about this..." or "What if..." (For note taking purposes, try the sentence without the "Wonder if" and it should just read as a true statement. Or try "What would happen if")

Work out your salvation with fear and trembling - Phil. 2:12 - just means to continue in the faith - to stay in right identity - to stay in touch with the truth that made you free - (not making you free but made you free).  HCSKL 2010 Day 47 @ 1:12:30 "You are not walking on eggshells... You 'work your salvation out' with reverence unto God. You awe Him. You reverence Him. He is amazing. He dominates your life because He is so awesome. You wake up and you revere Him. Then who He is overtakes who you are and the Spirit of God begins to live your life and you are being led by the Spirit - by the wisdom of God - by the mind of the Lord." HCSKL 2010 Day 14 @1:30:00  

Wreck - being spiritually / emotionally overwhelmed in a good way by the Holy Spirit. Examples: "The church was a wreck." "Wreck him, God."

Writing a negative resume - accumulating a mental list of things that I have done poorly, resulting in a detrimentally negative mindset toward myself.

Yak, yak - the annoying chatter of the devil that tries to make you feel disqualified, condemned, cut off. 

Yeah, but… - human thinking, reasoning, excuses, rationalization that resists faith in the truth and thereby hinders the grace that changes my life. It contradicts truth, based on life's experiences. (The stranger’s voice doing what he did to Eve - trying to subvert God’s voice.)

Yes & No gospel - Gospel message that lacks firm conviction of the reliability of what God says - indecisive - “maybe God will, maybe God won’t” / “maybe He wants to, maybe He doesn’t.”

Yes & Amen Gospel - Gospel message of firm faith that every promise is true in Him regardless of our experience - 2 Cor. 1:17-20. (1:12) "He's the 'yes'. And we're the 'so be it'. Why?... Because we walk out these promises." @1:30:20

You can't fly higher than your motives - 1) You can only live as close to God as the purity of your motives take you. The pure in heart shall see (and know) God. 2) If your action is motivated by self-interest it won't come under the multiplication of God's grace or blessing.

You can't rise above your motives - You can't live any closer to God than the purity of your motives will allow. The pure in heart shall see (and know) God. Wrong motives limit how close you can live to God because it's the pure in heart who see God. You are never going to look like Him if you are not close to Him - i.e. if it's not Him living through you.

You fail to see who you are because of Me - You are failing to see who you are now that Jesus has come to the earth and paid the price for your complete redemption.

Your calling - to be with Him - Mark 3:13 -  HCSKL 2010 Day 47 1:21:40 - My calling is to be with Him (and people may just get ministered to through the overflow of me having been alone with Him.)

Your yesterday will be your tomorrow - Your human experience is going to keep repeating itself.

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