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Day 19 (2011)


Faith & Healing

4:15 - We don't walk by sight (visuals) in healing - We walk by faith - [Participant's prayer not answered yet] Faith is not hit / miss; win / lose. Not plug in / pull out. We let immediate visual feedback determine the truth of the situation. There’s a line you cross from faith to sensual living. “It’s not working. Nothing’s happening.” You are walking by sight then. And faith isn’t like that at all.

5:30 - Visuals - something you can see - What happens when you don’t see anything change? You can’t shift and change the Bible. You can’t change the heart and will of God. And you can’t let your own faith shift and change.

➡ 6:00 - A large part of this class will be on healing, moving in the kingdom and the power of God and seeing what He accomplished through Christ manifested. But it is hard to go there and come back.

6:45 - It's not what you pray that brings healing but what you believe - Keep your prayers simple - We are supposed to raise the dead and here we are still fearing death. It’s the power of the Name of Jesus and the finished work of Christ. It’s life through Jesus. It’s not what you pray. It’s what you believe. It’s always about what you believe.

8:20 - Praying for the dead - people were coming from all different angles - they all wanted to try thier thing - But it should be simple - Life in the name of Jesus. It's not what you say but what you believe.

9:25 - Stay away from the complicated. “In Jesus name, come back, live. Holy Spirit come. Thank you, Father.” Stay there.

9:45 - Communing - praying for participants going out to pray for resurrection

➡ 10:50 - REVIEW - couple of days ago preached something that was pretty passionate. Talked about - you can’t take things personal - It’s a demonic war against the kingdom. You now represent the kingdom. God has put His kingdom inside of you. If you take adversity personal, you are going to get weary, discouraged - you can be like a cat in the corner if you are not careful - defensive, protective. That's not normal for the kingdom.

12:00 - Hebrews 12 -

13:00 - v.1 - Many who went before us were examples of integrity, faith, surrender - Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, - cloud of witnesses - not just cheering us on - These are lives to follow - examples of integrity, faith, surrender - who loved not their own life unto death. Be encouraged by them.

Established in the Will of God to Heal

13:40 - v.2 - Jesus is our Model - the greatest Example of them all - Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. - goes right into Jesus - the clearest example of them all

14:50 - Picture of 2 babies on fridge - there's no way they should be alive - one without lungs - when they pulled the plug, she breathed.

17:10 - "If it be your will" prayers are not faith - We need to know the will of God to heal - “If it be your will” prayer - You are revealing that you don’t know His will. And you can’t possibly have faith in your heart without understanding the will of God. Faith - the evidence of what I haven’t seen. Faith is what comes up and out of hope. Faith is the outcropping of hope. Faith is the substance, the realization of my hope. So faith is not unfounded, unwarranted - a fingers crossed “I hope so,” “I hope he does it.”

18:45 - Romans 12:2 - And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. -

We're to live a transformed life and discern the will of God - transformed thinking, feeling, and desires - Don’t be conformed to the way the world flows and functions but be transformed. That is what the gospel is all about. We are in the world but not of it. We were all trained by the world - fear, anger, frustration, self-centeredness, jealousy, pride. We were all born into Adam and we must be born again. You are the steward of your heart. You need to decide what is coming with you from yesterday and what is cut off. You have to decide if your mindset is going to be the same as it always was or are all things new. God has brought the truth in Jesus. As we continue in it we will become free.

20:25 - Yeah buts - that’s the old way - don’t kill me - human reasoning, human opinion, rationalization. Questions contradicting truth based on your life’s experiences. Jesus heals - "Yeah but, not everybody gets healed." You tell Jesus that. You can say it to us because we are still growing up in Him. But you tell Jesus that. The only reason we say that is because it is accommodated by our experience. Jesus says, Come up here. Paul said I haven't apprehended.

21:35 - Objection: Not everyone is healed, look at Paul's life - Paul is not the standard, Jesus is - We make Paul a standard. But Paul says, “O, that I may know Him.” (Phil 3:10 -That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;) - Road to Miletus. Wine for Timothy’s belly. I’m not seeing it every time. I need more of You.

22:00 - "Not everyone gets healed" is a ceiling statement - You won't see more - Taught by experience - If you say, “yeah but not everybody gets healed,” you’ve just topped out and you’ll never pursue faith in God. You’ve stopped advancing forcefully. You’ve stopped pushing through the lie. And you’ll see way fewer healings - if you let experience start teaching you.

22:30 - Don't get discouraged if healing doesn't happen right away - I’ve watched people do it, they step out in faith (to pray for the sick) and they are zealous and God is doing things. And all of the sudden they bump into what feels like a wall. And then they bump into someone dying. And now they spin in their mind and the zeal that was in their heart is confusion in their mind. And now they settle on a belief based on their assessment. And they will tone down and cool off. Years will go by and they won’t have that glory and testimony flowing anymore.

23:00 - “face reality” - reality is found in the Bible. I have to face reality. Don’t have a grid for any reality other than our reality in Christ.

24:00 - God’s will is revealed through Jesus and we are called to know it - Romans 12:2 - ...transformed by the renewing of my mind, so I can prove the will of God. God’s will is good and perfect. We make it complicated. Christian living is not complicated - waking up rejoicing you’re a son because the blood is speaking better things and you are free, righteous.

25:30 - We’re called to know the will of God - minds renewed - old things are no longer - old mindsets - things that we thought were wisdom. So that we can prove the will of God - whether that is through the word of God, the life of Christ, the expression of our faith...

25:50 - We are called to know the will of God.

26:00 - Objection: You can’t know the will of God - A strategy of the enemy - Some believe that you can’t know the will of God. "Who can know the will of God?" That is not an accident. There is a strategy on the earth working to suppress truth. And man’s pride and human wisdom feeds right into it and we get sucked along and puppeteered. A strategy to quench the power of the name of Jesus. Get them deceived and fighting over doctrine.

27:00 - Know the will of God - The Bible says that we are to know the will of God yet we teach that no one can know the will of God. Eph. 5:17 - Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. - Don’t be unwise but understand the will of the Lord.

27:45 - "You can't know the will of God" - It is the same voice that spoke to Eve in the garden - We’re being deceived. I see that there is a strategy on the earth - a voice saying, “Well, did God really say…?” It’s the same voice that spoke to Eve. Example: These signs follow those that believe. “Yeah but, not everybody is going to be healed.” It’s the same voice. It’s the way that seems right to a man but it produces no life. So why have the Spirit of God - the sword? Why have His name to speak? Why pray to move a mountain, if it is ordained not to move? Why does God tell you to move them? You are embracing a theology that says God made the mountain and set it in front of you.

29:35 - How do you respond when someone says, “Yeah, but not everyone gets healed?” - Well, I know why you are saying that, and with all due respect, the only reason you are saying that is because of your experience. But the Bible says we are to teach and train until we grow up into Him in all things - that we are to follow Jesus. The Bible says that the things He did we’ll do also if we believe. But when you say that: “But everybody is not…” - that’s an absolute expression of uncertainty and unbelief. But yet what is waiting for the believer is following Jesus.

31:00 - These signs follow those that believe...Mark 16:17,18  If you believe in me, the things I do, you will do.John 14:12  As the Father sent me, I send you.John 20:21  I give you authority over all power…Luke 10:19  And we are still unsure of the will of God.

31:42 - Praying from great need - fingers crossed prayer - So (because we don’t know the will of God) when we pray, we pray from great need. Not because we have an answer. We’re trying to incorporate God and His great promises into our need hoping it works and bails out our loved one. Most of the time it's a fingers crossed prayer without a revelation of God’s will in the matter.

32:10 - What is the will of God (on healing) and how do you find it?

32:50 - Heb 1:1,2 - ...He has spoken through His Son…

33:15 - Transfiguration - law and the prophets - Peter wants to build tabernacles for all three. God says, This is my beloved Son, hear Him. Luke 9:35

33:50 - Col. 1:15 - ...the visible image of the invisible God.

34:00 - Heb 10:5-7 - ...a body You have prepared for Me… I have come to do thy will, O God.

34:10 - John 14:9 - ...when you’ve seen Me, you’ve seen the Father.

34:20 - John 1:18 - No one has ever seen the Father, the only Son...He has made Him known.

34:40 - Jesus is the will of God revealed - The debate should be over - The life of Jesus is God’s will revealed. He's God in the flesh. He’s the word of God with a body.

Jesus is Our Model

35:10 - Jesus is our Model - He said, "Follow Me" - His life on the earth is so precious to us. Because He modeled a life we were created for or He would have never said, “Follow Me.”

35:30 - We are being lied to - our human reasoning and wisdom is selling us short if we don’t humble ourselves, repent and change the way we think. We are a bunch of know it alls. But we know nothing because we haven't followed Him as our model. We debate too much, when Jesus has already said, “I am the truth.” - John 14:6. The debate should be over. He is Truth in a body.

36:10 - [Gap in the video]

36:40 - We are paying a cost for not embracing Jesus as the will of God revealed - Some people say, "It's ok if they go. We know where they'll be." So you put down your sword and shield. People dying early - before destiny, legacy - Jesus says raise the dead - steal, kill, destroy. We're not just supposed to say, "Oh well."

37:00 - Loss to death - If there is a death you need to be able not to take it personally. There is no loss in Him. So we don't grieve as those with no hope. Because we see the bigger picture and everlasting life.

37:25 - Death of a child - never rebelled. That doesn't mean that you don't contest on behalf of your child.

37:15 - Abortion - sin - done in fear - self-preservation - I can't deal with this - Adoption is a lot better option - Look how much bigger God is than abortion. Where sin abounds, grace abounds more. We're called to embrace the privilege of life - to bring people forth in destiny - to nurture that destiny and let it take place. Satan wants to thrust people into guilt, condemnation and shame. But he has thrust millions of little children into eternity forever. How many of those kids might have never considered Jesus or might have gone against the kingdom? I'm not preaching for abortion but that God is magnificent.

40:20 - Miscarriages -

40:40 - Don't be intimidated by appearances - Visuals - Past losses motivate aggression - man withering away - The reason I am so bold is I’m in fear that he is dying because the last two people that looked like this died. I’m intimidated.

41:30 - Picture Jesus in the situation - He brings healing every time - Can you picture Jesus praying for the sick and nothing happening? Then you ought to get that picture for yourself because He lives in you. You are the body of Christ. The kingdom is in you.

42:00 - When we get straightened out on the inside we can see healing results like Jesus saw - When Jesus prays for the sick - His motivation: love - no fear - no drivenness from past loss - total security and identity - total understanding of the will of the Father. And what happens every time? Life. And we write it off because we have been hurt (by experience/loss) so bad. Yet the Bible says that He is in us and we are one - that we are the fullness of Him that fills all in all.

Faith Despite Continuing Symptoms

42:45 - How do you keep your focus (faith) when you continue to experience symptoms? These things are a paradox. I don’t understand them. Sometimes you pray for someone and you don’t see change. The trouble is, that gets in your head and we try to explain what we are troubled by instead of just pursuing truth.

43:30 - What I always encourage people to see... It's good that you said that your sickness of 15 years doesn't identify you. What identifies you is God's love for you.

43:45 - Be motivated by the answer to prayer, not the problem - So you wake up in the morning and you know that you feel a real pain. The heart will go, “Argh. Here we go again.” And then we pray. Our whole motive in prayer is motivated by the problem. It’s what is wrong (symptoms) that motivates. And now we are doing the prayer thing. You can reduce yourself to religion, desperation.

45:15 - Insomnia - You wake up in the middle of the night and you believe it is insomnia. And you believe it’s the devil. God forbid that you mumble and grumble in your bed and say, “Oh no, here I am at 3 a.m. and I’ve got to get up at 6 a.m. and I’ve only got three hours left. I should be sleeping now. Work is going to be like hell tomorrow. God, you better intervene!” What is that? That is you saying, me, myself and I and “God where are you? Please take care of me. The devil’s picking on me.” And the devil will say, “Yes, I am” - POW! That's all about you...

45:30 - Communing - after waking in the night - Father, I so thank You for Your love in my life...

45:50 - Respond in faith - Believe His goodness in the situation - Not frustration at the problem - Flip it - Intercede, pray, get up on purpose and actually act like you believe that God woke you up. If the devil is waking you up and you act like God woke you up and you are rejoicing and interceding for the nations, the devil is probably not going to wake you up. But if you are miserable, struggle, grumpy - you are reduced from love to need. "God, where is the grace on my life. God, I need you." You are letting the spiritual realm know that it is still all about you. You're living from the wrong places. You're still a sitting duck. So, flip it.

47:00 - It's not about denying symptoms and calling that faith - Ask for prayer - So when you are still experiencing symptoms - it’s not about denial and calling that faith. What is “faith” about that? “Well, I can’t confess it brother.” The Bible says, “Is any among you sick…Let them ask for prayer.” Well, I don’t want to say it because I don’t want to claim it.” Where did we get that? That's not faith.

48:05 - Understand that your symptoms are not who you are - “It’s not who I am. It’s not who I am called to be. Pray for me and get this thing off of me.” [Example of how to respond when you're not feeling good] How are you ever going to ask for prayer if you are in denial? You have not because you ask not. - James 4:2  Ask and it shall be given… Matt. 7:7  If two or more agree… Matt. 18:19  How can we agree if we don’t talk? We've gotten into a weird place with denial. Why is it so hard to ask? “Yeah, my head feels like it is about to crack open. But it is so not the will of God. He loves me. Pray with me.” That’s faith.

49:45 - Denial ends up being a method that you are applying to get a result - No, you are in relationship - “I’m great, praise the Lord.” After about three days your mind is spinning because it’s not working. You're using that as a method. You are in a love relationship. You’re not applying the gospel and hoping it works.

50:20 - Overemphasis on applying knowledge leads to disappointment - We’re trying to get all this knowledge and apply it to get breakthroughs and get God to move on our behalf. And it is really all about being in love.

50:40 - So when you still have symptoms…

50:50 - Faith despite symptoms - Father, I so thank You for Your love for me. God, I so appreciate the job I am about to go to and the body You have blessed me with. And I call it whole. And I thank You for the grace over my life. God, I worship You and thank You for Jesus. Thank You that I am righteous in Your sight today...

51:10 - Pain is not the motivation for relationship but love is - You are in relationship, not because you are in pain, but because you are in love. And because you are in love, grace starts overtaking the symptoms. The pain is not why I am going to God. I’m going to God because He is amazing and I find myself in Him. So that should never stop.

51:30 - Don't get bogged down questioning God’s love because of symptoms - We're growing - People question God’s love because of the symptoms - question their access to God. “What am I doing wrong? I must be doing something wrong or I would be healed by now." Maybe we are just growing and learning.

Questioning God's Willingness to Heal

52:10 - Questions on healing last year - Difficulties in 2010 class. Same questions on healing over and over after every class because our experience has become so powerful. It's like we couldn't hear. The word is way more powerful. It reveals that we are living out of our heads instead of our hearts - that we are trying to believe with our heads instead of our hearts.

➡ 53:00 - Reason I am doing this school: I believe there is potential for transformation - not to impress you. So this healing thing, we are probably going to wind up getting on it because we are on it now.

53:30 - Healing paradox - I know He loves me but I still have symptoms - The topic of healing is so important to cover because of this paradox - I know He loves me but I still have symptoms. The brothers (sincere, Spirit-filled men) have prayed and yet there are still physical symptoms. That drives our minds bananas. Not in the way of questioning. I believe I have settled truth in my heart. But I don’t like that paradox.

54:30 - Questioning - I get intense. It is the question I want to decapitate. “If this great man of God got sick, and everyone was praying, how can you tell me that that wasn’t the will of God?” That question never stops being asked because it makes rational sense and our human minds accept it. But if you get Jesus to touch that man (that’s what we are trying to do) and what happens? Undoubtedly healed. Well, we better make the association that Jesus is in us and we are the body of Christ.

55:30 - That’s what we are trying to do right? Get Jesus to touch the person. The trouble is we are touching in the ways we were taught.

56:20 - Participant's comment on intense pain in the night. Learning to do what is being taught in this class.

57:50 - There is a war against the kingdom - To stop the kingdom - Not just you personally - What does it mean to not love your life unto death? What does it mean to deny yourself? What does that look like in life? We want to realize that it’s a demonic war against the kingdom and that the kingdom is in us. It’s not against you, satan is trying to stop the kingdom - the finished work of Christ. He hates every human being. He’s mad.

58:35 - You’ve just got to be careful because you draw attention to yourself in some of those mindsets. The last thing you want to carry into your faith life is a victim mentality. You will feel sorry for yourself and satan will pummel you.

100:00 - headaches for two weeks - questions - How long are you supposed to do this? - The enemy believes he has access to anybody, I just don’t believe he has access to me. And right as I was taking the thing blew off of me.

102:45 - Could provoke questions.

* * *

106:00 - Faith sees afflictions in the greater context of eternity - 1 Peter 1 - v.3-5 - Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you, Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. -

107:00 - v.6 - In this you rejoice…- Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations: - rejoicing in something way greater - bigger picture. Though now for a little while - just a little while. 15 yrs, but a little while in eternity. Your life doesn’t even show up on the timeline of eternity. But your life speaks for eternity in honor of the King (legacy). Paul uses the phrase, “brief moments of light affliction” 2 Cor. 4:17  Faith sees afflictions in the context of eternity.

108:30 - Don’t give up on healing just because of a bigger picture - It’s not telling you to give up. “If we lose them, we know where they will be.” Don’t write people off - even while praying for them.

109:00 - "Well, God showed me they were going to die in a vision." God gave you a promise and said if you have faith you could move a mountain. God is not subverting your ability to pray in faith. That's your own emotion speaking - right out of your soul.

110:00 - Prophetic words on healing should not be needed - His word is enough - Prophesying on healing - "The Lord says, "I will heal." Why do we freak out and rejoice at this? Because we are discouraged. We're on the run. No prophecy necessary - because God has spoken through Jesus. We have His word already. We put a lot of stock in prophetic words about a person who needs healing. It reveals that we aren’t grounded in the word - drawing our encouragement from prophesy instead of what Jesus has already said. You can't find anything different in the life of Jesus. And He said, "Follow Me."

112:20 - When Jesus is talking in this book, He's talking to me and you. You can take it for you or you can lay it down. I'm going after it. The people who believe what I'm preaching are seeing much more happening than those who do not believe it. Belief is connected to the power of God.

113:20 - Interpretation of vision rooted in belief system - the way you think. (Bad belief system ---> bad interpretation ---> bad declaration) Declaration to let go instead of fight.

114:05 - Cyclone around the bed - I have given you my heart - one - He put Himself in me. Visions can be totally overwhelming.

117:00 - Lukewarm - Hypocrisy - Asking about lukewarm - lukewarm is hypocrisy - I’d rather you be cold than lukewarm because if you are cold I can set you on fire - you chose a middle ground and there is no such ground - mediocracy, stagnancy - good for nothing - good for no one. There are more people suffering eternal damnation due to the sin of hypocrisy than any other thing. The hypocrite and those deceived fail to come to Me. Dan, don’t ever play the hypocrite! - very intense. He was working sincerity, commitment, discipline in me. Grace was fashioning me because I don’t want to be a hypocrite. It came through hours and hours of seeking Him. When you seek Him you will find Him. But you got to be in that place - pure in heart. You get up off the floor changed.

123:30 - BREAK

We Can be Like Him

124:45 - 1 Peter 1 - v.3-5 - (see above) - holding on - kept by the power of God through salvation - ready to be revealed - incorruptibility - eternity. It’s like when John says in that day we don’t know what we shall be but we know that we will be like Him. - 1 John 3:2  

125:05 - We can be like Him - We can pursue that now, to be as much like Him as grace permits - love - power. If I see Him like He is, I’ll be like Him. As He is, so are we in this world. - 1 John 4:17  If love is the power of God - If it’s love that it’s all about and God has told us to become love and to love just like Jesus loved - and if God loved us this way we ought to love one another - and if love is where the power flows and we can walk in love, then we can walk in that power. You can’t show me one scripture that limits the Christian from the authority of the name of Jesus and the expression of the will of God.

125:50 - We sell grace short - But we throw our experiences, our losses, our heartbreak and our pain back and forth at each other - guaranteeing us to remain in the same scenario - not getting past our feelings and never living by the Spirit.

126:20 - v.6 - suffer various trials - Why didn’t God intervene? Stop the trial - protect me? Why did God allow?

126:40 - if need be - interesting phrase

127:25 - Reject the “God allowed it” mentality - probably the most subverting, dangerous, stopping the power of God, stopping faith in your heart phrase in the church, phrase that you can give yourself to.

127:45 - Get the knowledge, stop the destruction - The Bible says that we are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. And when I give you the knowledge you reject it. - Hosea 4:6&7  If people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge is it the will of God that destruction is happening? Or is it the lack of knowledge that is allowing it? But we have embraced God allowing it. So… get the knowledge and stop destruction. Is the destruction the will of God? No. It’s the lack of knowledge. And God’s given us the knowledge and my people reject it.

128:50 - What’s the knowledge? The word becoming a Man and dwelling among us. He came to His own and His own received Him not. The world was made through Him, but the people didn’t recognize Him. Why? Because they were so lost in the lie.

129:20 - There is a blindness on man - A blindness to truth - Truth came and dwelt among us - stood in front of us and we said, “Who are you? What are you talking about? Yeah, but…” And the lie was so prominent (ingrained) in them, after 3 years of demonstrating and manifesting the truth they, finally killed Him - to get rid of Him because He didn’t fit into the lie. He models truth for 3 years and the best that the fallen earth could do was to crucify Him.

At Lazarus' Tomb

130:20 - Lazarus - John 11 -

Truth was standing right in front of them - Life was standing in front of them - And all they could see was death - He was not the epitome of truth. Jesus is the Truth. “I’m glad we weren’t there to rescue him because now you will see the glory of God. Let’s go get him up.”

131:00 - Fear of death - Desperation - In Christ we should be free of these - The disciples were afraid Jesus would be killed - it’s always about death for man. Man, apart from Christ, is under the fear of death. Unfortunately in Christ we are still under the fear of death because we don’t understand Christ. Hebrews says that He is the end of the fear of death. - Heb. 2:15  You were held captive your whole life to the fear of death.

131:55 - The last time they were there they tried to kill Jesus.

132:15 - Thomas had the integrity of dying with Him. The raise him from the dead part went totally over their heads.

132:50 - Martha - Lord, if you had be here, my brother would not have died. Hear the sting in that? How many are still saying that today? Where were you? When the crisis is that close, you feel like you are the only one that needs attention.

133:40 - People’s desperate phone messages - if you care at all, please call. Desperation. Their crisis is the only thing they can see.

134:20 - Martha - vulnerable - questioning - If He cares, why isn’t He here? Thinking for self. Jesus tries to pull her into faith.

135:40 - Jesus tried to pull them into faith, "I am the resurrection." - The resurrection is here in flesh and blood.

136:00 - Mary - Lord if you had been here my brother would not have died. Feeling the same as Martha.

136:30 - Jewish people - couldn’t He have kept this man from dying? Who’s fault is it now? LIFE is standing in front of them. Life itself - in a body - the author and giver of life. Life was standing in front of them and all they could see was death.

137:15 - Instead of praying because of the trouble - Pray because the answer has been revealed through intimate relationship - That happens to us all the time. Most of the time we pray only because there is trouble. Not because there is a revelation of the answer. It’s just the Christian response to trouble. That is virtually a zero. We reduce relationship to a method. We’ve got a bunch of promises and now we are set up for disappointment because something doesn’t happen. We’ve got a million questions. And after a few of those you don’t even know if you want to try any more.

138:30 - Jesus groans because of man's inability to see what should be obvious - Jesus "wept" - groans - this man opened the eyes… sentimental “You would think He could have come…” Jesus groans - vexed - indignant toward - He’s face to face with the fall of man, when man was created for the image of God. He is standing there and they cannot see Him. Not one person.

139:50 - Jesus wept - People say, “See Jesus was sensitive, He cried for them.” Why would you cry for Lazarus (and the people) if you are about to get him up in a minute? Jesus isn’t crying because Lazarus is dead. Jesus can’t see death. He’s weeping at just how lost man is in darkness. Light itself is standing there yet darkness dominates their souls. Truth is standing there and lies are dominating. Life is standing there and death is reigning. And they are His people, made in His image. And nothing looks alike right now. And He groans inside.

140:45 - Take me to where you have laid him. Why? Because I need to put an end to this. Let me just make a point here. (They still miss the point when He raises Lazarus from the dead. Now it’s “Wow, Jesus!” Instead of seeing that that is our calling, our destiny - to walk like real sons.)

141:15 - We still miss the point saying, "Well, that was Jesus - No, we were designed to walk as sons also - “Well, that was Jesus.” - We still miss the point in the new covenant church. He’s firstborn among many brethren. - Rom 8:29  We’re predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son. As God sent me, I send you. John 20:21  The things I do, you’ll do, if you believe. John 14:12 And there are a bunch more just like those.

141:40 - There was only one believer at Lazarus' tomb - Unbelief did not stand in the way - Roll away the stone. No one agreeing with Him in faith. One in Christ is a majority. Unbelief has no power to stop the revelation of God and His will. We have so complicated (praying for the sick) that we have many reasons why it might not happen instead of being established in why it will.

142:20 - And God mercifully works, ever through our willingness to step out - Do you think Jesus is rolling dice here? And saying, “God, I hope this works or I’m going to look mighty foolish right now.” When Lazarus rose from the dead do you think Jesus thought, “Oh my God, it worked?” That’s what all of us would do no matter how much we say we believe. It just means that God’s mercy is working with our willingness. God’s mercy is working with our willingness our obedience. God’s mercy is amazing.

143:10 - Jesus was blowing away their old perspective - This is what you are to look like - By now he stinks. 4 days - after 3 days the Jews believed that the spirit left the body. So it’s not an accident that this is day 4. He is going to thoroughly blow their mind. Martha, didn’t I tell you that you would see the glory of God, if you would just believe? What was He saying? Martha, your mind is so in the way right now and you’re still thinking physical, death and stinking. You are about to see the glory of God through what I see and believe. And better yet, you’ll see it in your life, if you believe and follow me. He wasn’t asking Martha to get on board so that He could do it.

144:40 - Lazarus, come forth! - What you see me do, you are called to, through faith. You will see (in your life) what you are about to see, if you could just believe.

145:00 - Obstacles to faith - We live from how we feel, think and desire instead of by the Spirit - But there are so many things in the way, aren’t there? We’ve learned to live soulically, sentimentally, emotionally. We give so much power to our emotions and human reasoning. We value our opinions so much it’s ridiculous. We ought to value Jesus and His life.

145:30 - Voice of the flesh - your unrenewed flesh and soul has a voice. It shouts loudly when you are growing spiritually - when you are in a place to express spirituality - screams to cut off truth. It’s a war against the kingdom, not you - trying to quench the finished work of Christ.

147:05 - We need not stay susceptible to that blindness, that unbelief - Hold fast to His word - His life lived - Life was standing in front of them and all they could see was the problem. The answer was three feet in front of them and the problem seemed way bigger. Does that happen to us? Does it have to? Not according to the word. So just because it happens, let’s not change the truth of what’s available.

147:30 - The word is not changed by my healing statistics. 0 for 16 - Are you going to hold His word above your thinking? Or do you raise your feelings and opinions above His word and rewrite the book and make it say something different? Look to Jesus’ life. That's where you find out how proud or humble you are.

148:20 - Jesus reveals God - experience does not - One of our biggest mistakes: trying to find who God is by looking at how our lives are going. You find God through Jesus and His life lived. That’s who God is, Jesus’ life lived.

148:45 - Books on healing - We write books on why men are not healed based on our experience. Jesus didn't have that book in His back pocket. Books can be helpful in getting obstacles and unbelief out of our lives. But we can’t make it about the faith of the one being prayed for - it’s about us giving Jesus to others. The sign follows the believer.

The Prayer of Faith

149:45 - Prayer of faith - If you don’t set your heart on the will of God for the situation, how are you going to pray the prayer of faith?

150:20 - The ball for healing is in our court - He gave us the kingdom and the name - Is any among you sick? Why would He tell you to ask for the elders if it’s not His will to heal you? Why would He send you on a wild goose chase? We put (the ball in God’s court) when He already sent His Son. He’s put the kingdom in us and given us the name of Jesus. Study, show yourselves approved. Not love our own life. Surrender and die so we can rightly manifest Him.

151:20 - Prayer of faith - We represent the heart of God towards the person and He is in us - What heals the sick, the fact that we anointed with oil or that we understood the will of the Lord? We represent the heart and love of God toward the person. Not because we are afraid, striving, trying to affirm spirituality but because Christ has come and He’s in us. Shall save the sick - period.

152:05 - Prayer of faith is not works - The work is done - It’s not a works thing. The work is finished. It is finished. It’s not what you pray but what you believe about the finished work of Christ - what He has done.

152:35 - Does the devil scheme to make us think we have faith when we really don’t? It happens all the time. We think that because we prayed it’s faith. No, we prayed because we are scared, because we have trouble, because the Bible says pray, because we have a promise - but that doesn’t mean we have faith.

153:40 - The evidence of faith is the mountain moving - Matt 17:20 - if you have faith you will say to the mountain move… Not beg God but YOU will say to the mountain, "Move" and the mountain will move. And NOTHING will be impossible for you. Is faith revealed in speaking to the mountain or the mountain moving. The mountain moving is the evidence of faith. We are speaking at a lot of mountains. Receiving (the mountain moving) is believing.

155:00 - Well, you didn't get it because you didn't have faith. Self-centered statement. But where was the faith of the one praying?

If the Mountain Doesn't Move

155:45 - Objection: “I prayed and believed. You can’t tell me I didn’t have faith.” - Humble yourself, seek God - Well then God lied and His word isn’t true. When the mountain doesn’t move, find a place of humility and say, “God, I don’t know what is going on. I feel like I am believing but you said that the mountain moves… Cause me to take a step forward in faith.” Stop assuming faith if you don’t see the change. Now you are dictating truth.

156:10 - If the mountain does not move - God, I don't know what is going on. I feel like I am believing. It seems like I am believing but You said that mountain moves. And I ask You to work in me Your glory and take me a step farther in faith. Cause me to see like You see Jesus. Put Your eyes in me. Put Your heart in me because these things have to change... Stop assuming faith.. (that you had faith)

156:45 - If the mountain doesn't move - Don't resort to other explanations (other than unbelief) - If you insist that you believed then you have to come up with some other explanation as to why they weren’t healed.

157:45 - Faith - isn’t something you try. It’s something you live. “We tried that.”

158:10 - When I don’t see something happen - It drives me right back to the prayer closet because I know His word is true. I’m not going to change my mind.

159:15 - Could you comment on the man who says to Jesus, “help my unbelief.” - Mark 9:24

159:50 - Mark 9 / Matt. 17 - need to read both to get the full story. When people preach from Mark 9 they say that only devils come out by fasting and prayer. But Matt. 17 indicates that unbelief comes out - the ability to live in the flesh comes out.

200:15 - Authority - first sign of a believer.

200:50 - The kingdom of God is here to be revealed Now - The enemy tries to mess with you before you get rooted and grounded. Because if you ever see what they know, it’s over. Adversity is trying to stop your potential. Stop the revealing of God’s glory.

201:15 - They fear Jesus. They are damned forever and they know it. And if you and I know it we will see that NOW. Let’s stop selling cheap. He is Lord. Every knee. Judgement is coming. The kingdom of God is here - within you. We've been lied to but the truth still remains. Shake off the lies.

203:40 - If we don’t understand what I am crying out, then we are just waiting for a bus to pick us up for heaven. Nothing will change.

Unlimited Promise - Whoever - Whatever

204:00 - Mark 11 - v.22 - And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God. - have faith in God - His love for you

205:00 - We put faith in so many things - techniques, sermons, methods, your church, etc.

205:30 - v.23 - For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. -

Jesus makes an unlimited promise - whoever - whatever - whoever - open to all - no limitation.

205:50 - Impartation v. seeking God - Impartation is real but it's not a shortcut to relationship.

206:45 - Nothing comes without a cost - hungry, seeking, selfless. If you don’t live that way something is going to encroach and you are going to have a mix of the two (kingdom of God and the way that seems right to a man).

207:40 - Does not doubt in his heart - get past the soul, the flesh, past failures and things that didn’t happen. You see it for the way it is.

208:30 - Revelation - Thank you for your time in the word.

209:45 - But believes  - believes what he says - out of our heart the mouth speaks - we speak out of belief. Not because we are in fear or desperation. We see the will of God in the matter and it gives us the right to pray. The will of God inspires our faith, initiates our prayer.

210:50 - Will have whatever he says - It sounds like receiving is believing, not praying. (Receiving is the evidence of believing.) So if you are not getting the answer, stay humble and run to God. Don't get intellectual and draw conclusions in an attempt to save face or defend myself. We make up explanations to comfort us when the mountain doesn't move.

211:35 - False comfort - We try to come up with explanations to comfort when our prayer is not effective. But truth is where freedom is.

212:00 - v.24 - Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. - believe that you have received them - You continue to stand in faith.

213:00 - Motivation for healing - Love - Minister to people from a motivation of love. Love for people.

215:40 - “It will be a sign to the doctors, nurses etc.” The whole reason He heals is because He loves that person. Faith works through love.

216:10 - Faith arises out of knowing God - Faith is revealed when you see God’s nature and through God’s nature you understand His will and where the will of God is seen faith arises. It’s the spontaneous result of knowing God. It’s not something you are trying to have. It’s something that flows out of knowing Him.

➡ 219:15 - Receiving love to be able to give love

➡ 219:50 - The whole first two weeks of school got consumed with that one topic right there. Realize love so we become love. It’s all about love. It’s all about love being a motivation. It’s all about you receiving His love so that you can love one another as yourself and it comes from a healthy motivation. There’s no fear in that.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

220:15 - Is it necessary to be baptized in the Holy Spirit to pray effectively for the sick? Baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. An awareness of Christ in me. If we ask He is coming. There is a place to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. If we ask. He is coming. We receive Him by faith.

222:30 - Stories of baptisms in the Holy Spirit. One tried to hold in tongues. One was intellectual - received by faith with no feelings. Little girl - I just want Him. Different experiences.

227:30 - Prophetic song.