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Day 31 (2011)


➡ 1:10 - I’m going to talk today, in light of yesterday, to establish the will of God to heal based on the word.

1:40 - Opening prayer

Blaming God - God Orchestrated or Allowed It

➡ 3:00 - Job discussion recap - I talked about Job yesterday and ran out of time. I was looking at Job in light of New Testament truth. We looked at Job in terms of the Old Testament and the law of sin and death. Does the devil need permission to touch you? We started talking about the phrase “God allowed it.” We are in a new covenant, a New Testament through Christ Jesus.

➡ 4:00 - So here’s my point, what does it matter about the book of Job? Except you glean from it how not to react in trial - how to have integrity - don’t take trials personally - love not your own life unto death. Don’t be a friend like Job’s friends - people are still saying the same things today. We have friends like that today.

4:35 - Jesus is the truth about God - but we still put blame God - These things written for our admonition. Written to show you the way it was - not the way it is today. We are in a New Testament - a new and living way. People quote OT scriptures - But in these last days God has spoken to us by His Son. Jesus is the truth made flesh - made manifest.

5:20 - “Why did God let that happen?” The whole focus is on God. Jesus comes and exposes the problem - unbelief, man’s fear and worry, the devil and his job description - and He makes it clear that He is the giver of life and life abundantly. And we are still wondering why God took somebody.

6:15 - Satan loves to get your attention onto God and off of him - and make your argument with the Lord when (in actuality) you have authority to stand in faith - to rebuke, bind, loose. To pray and believe and receive - how many thing? - all things - whatever you ask in prayer believing. You can’t find a limitation in that. Matt 21:22 It doesn't say, Unless of course, if God sovereignly chooses not to do it. Of course you have to be in Him - surrendered and submitted.

7:20 - Unanswered prayer - You want to pray with the right heart - Two times where you don’t receive what you are praying for - 1) when faith isn’t there and 2) when it is "ask amiss your own lust and desire" - James 4:3. So I don’t want to pray because I am desperate, driven by need, selfish, because I am worried and concerned and fearful. I want to pray because I am in love with God and in covenant with God and my heart is bursting with faith because I see who He is - I see His nature, character, will. And it’s easy to pray in that place because I know who He is in this situation.

8:10 - When we constantly ask questions, we reveal to everyone that we really don’t know God. But we have a lot of needs, so we pray a lot.

8:20 - Just because you prayed doesn’t mean you had faith. People pray for a million reasons that may not have anything to do with faith.

9:20 - Jesus is the truth about God - I’m excited that Jesus came as the word, and lived (life) - because that’s the truth. Jesus’ life lived on the earth is the word made manifest. I find God through Jesus - through the life of Jesus. I can’t see God unless I look through the life of Jesus. I'll come up with something (else unless I look to Jesus).

10:10 - We have responsibility - But we blame God instead living up to that responsibility - We grow up thinking that God is orchestrating all circumstances, when He put the earth and the authority of His name in the hands of men. He told us to go ye therefore - to go in the power of His name. In Matt. 28:18 it says that all authority was given to Him, yet He told us in Luke 10:19, I give you that authority. Now go in it.

10:55 - We have this idea that everything is divinely ordained by God. Teaching anything else is taught to be heresy. That teaching takes the privilege of faith off of you - diligence and discipleship. Then what ever will be, will be and you are not even motivated to seek God for deeper revelation because God is going to do whatever He wants. And when adversity comes, you are confused about the goodness of God and it makes it difficult to be close to God.

11:30 - Get the knowledge - Don't reject it like Israel did - If the Bible says that we are destroyed by the lack of knowledge and that He gives the knowledge and yet Israel rejected that knowledge (Hosea 4:6), we have to make sure that we don’t reject it. The Bible says that it didn’t profit them because they didn’t mix it with faith. The will of God was that they receive the knowledge and live by faith.

12:00 - Not everything that happens is the will of God - God isn't orchestrating everything - The will of God is that everyone be born again. Is everyone born again? Oops, it’s the will of God.

12:10 - It’s the will of God that every man is filled with the knowledge of truth - 1 Timothy 2:4. Is everybody filled with the knowledge of truth? Oops, it’s the will of God.

12:25 - God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked but that they might come to repentance - Ezek. 33:11. Does everybody repent? Oops. So maybe God isn’t orchestrating everything that happens.

13:00 - If God orchestrates everything, how could there be a judgement?

13:10 - We have just gone along with what we were taught but if you get in the Bible you will find out differently. Satan is freaked out over the finished work of Christ. Satan is afraid that you will figure out what he already knows - who you have become - that you will figure it out.

14:00 - A lot of that stuff comes from Romans 9 - But if you really read these scriptures like… Does the scripture say that God just chose Pharaoh for destruction or does He know what Pharaoh is going to do. God is omniscient. So God knows that a man will harden his heart. So God raised Pharaoh up because God knows he won’t repent. He has someone in that position to not repent. Do you think that He creates Pharaoh for destruction from the beginning or does Pharaoh set his heart in a hard place against God? The Bible says, whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Whoever.

14:50 - It says that some vessels are made for honor and some for dishonor, however the latter can be changed.

15:00 - God doesn’t have favorites but He plays favorites. He will move through whom He can as they are available.

15:40 - The sovereignty of God - That’s all part of the sovereignty of God. Read Romans 9 in the context of the other chapters and you can understand what He is saying.

16:10 - Jacob and Esau

17:00 - God doesn’t just zap people and make them the way they are. That would be creating them for hell. No, He’s wooing hearts to Himself.

17:15 - Cain and Abel

Objections to Healing - Justifying our Experience

19:00 - We make contentious objections to God's will to heal all instead of living up to our privilege and responsibility - We build doctrine around one paragraph when we have the whole word of God that reveals truth. People know the little scriptural arguments - contentious and cynical.

19:20 - Objection - Trophas and wine for Timothy - Jesus is the revelation not Paul. In Philippians Paul cried out, “Oh that I may know Him” - Phil. 3:10. I thought Paul did know Him. Why is he crying out for more. Because he was leaving Trophas along the road on the way to Miletus (2 Tim. 4:20) and his mind is spinning and he’s saying, “God, I need you more.” So that he doesn’t have to tell Timothy to drink wine because Timothy is already healed.

20:45 - Paul is not the standard - Only follow me as I follow Christ. If we build doctrine on Paul’s failures, we are going to be deceived and miss Christ’s success.

21:30 - Paul’s thorn, Trophas, Timothy’s belly - objections to the belief that it’s God’s will that ALL should be healed. They pull those three things out when we have a whole gospel of hope and faith.

21:50 - Objection - What about Job? Well, what about Jesus? - Jesus sets the record straight - This is my beloved Son. Hear Him. Transfiguration. Moses and Elijah were pointing to Jesus - just listen to Him. He’s here, so just follow Jesus now.

22:30 - God has spoken by a Son - This is affirmed in Hebrews 1:1,2 - but in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son. God set the record straight through His Son. Is He speaking apart from His Son? So let’s not say what about Job. Let’s say, “What about Jesus.”

23:05 - Even if God gave a permission slip to the devil to hammer Job, it’s got to be different now anyway because Christ has come.

23:25 - We blame shift everything onto God - We shirk our privilege and responsibility - So why are we blaming everything that happens on God instead of growing up into Him in all things - being good stewards of the great grace of the gospel?

23:40 - The objections we make are an out (a shirking of responsibility) for us. Contentious objections - probably need to be born again.

25:00 - All promises are yes and amen. We covered this yesterday. Forgives all of your sins and heals all of your diseases.

25:25 - Objection - Man at the pool of Bethsaida - Pool with stirred water. Jesus is the stirred water. Objection: Jesus went to the pool - why didn’t He heal all? He only healed one and there were five porches. Show me one person that cried out His name that didn’t get healed. Why are you carrying your mat on the sabbath? The man who healed me - he didn’t even know His name - said to me… The world is bankrupt of love. Why do you think that Jesus went up to that man? Because he was the victim of a loveless scenario. It was every man for himself regardless of who had been there the longest. I have no one to help me. I’m all alone. Jesus didn’t ask for donations or blow a trumpet and introduce Himself, He just helped the guy.

29:35 - The help is inside of us. We can take a hand (“Give me your hand”) and things can change because we understand the heart and will of God through the life of Jesus Christ.

29:50 - “Well, He only healed one.” Jesus had withdrawn because of the crowds. Hysteria. The man couldn’t even get His name. Jesus withdrew himself because of the crowd. Jesus, on occasion had to slip away because they wanted to make Him king.

* * *

31:30 - Unbelief in others can’t stop healing - Some teach that Jesus had to lead the blind man out of the city to get away from the unbelief. Unbelief can’t stop healing. The crowd didn’t believe before Lazarus was raised from the dead. He takes him out of the city to avoid the hoopla of them wanting to make Him a natural king because they didn’t understand.

32:15 - They wanted Jesus to be their natural king - People thought He would be their natural king. And when they realized that He was not pursuing that - they want it now - their expectations were dashed. Entry into Jerusalem / trial and crucifixion. They were mad because they didn’t get what they wanted. Failed expectations.

33:00 - People mad at God. Disappointed they didn’t get what they wanted. God failed them.

Death, Sickness - Not Our Lot

33:30 - Death from sickness is not our lot - Pastor once says, “Why pursue all of this healing because you’ve got to die of something.” Where does it say that you have to die of sickness or that your body has to fail? Why can’t you run your course and go to sleep like the Bible says. Just because that is man’s experience that’s how we think it should be. Now you can't pray for the sick because you've got to die of something?

35:10 - Think from God’s perspective. He just paid an enormous price to get sickness out of us and now He has to subcontract those things so we can die? When He came to give us life and told us to raise the dead?

35:40 - I’m not trying to belittle people but the mindset - the thought pattern. To smash it so that you never embrace it again. What do you mean that you have to die of something. You are opening yourself up for infirmity.

36:00 - Degeneration as we age? No, not after Jesus has come - “Yeah brother, but I’m not getting any younger.” You are in the kingdom, what does that mean? What is 60 in the kingdom? In eternity? Your body is running it’s course, but where does it say that it has to break down and be filled with disease now that Christ has come? Why can’t it carry you to the finish line and carry out all of the will of God and then rest in Him?

36:50 - Expecting sickness and degeneration - We expect things as we age. So we don’t really have the faith to combat them. We pray because a condition is miserable. But we are expecting that to be our condition because of our age. So there is no faith and aggression to be healed because it’s everybody’s experience. I’m going to be a living epistle on this topic. My knees are not going to wear out.

37:40 - It's not what Adam was before the fall - We get this through the fall. We experience the effects of the fall and believe it’s our created value. That was not what Adam was before the fall. You are not selling that to me. Mail - You are now over 40.

39:00 - It’s faith. It’s not presumption. It’s not praying from fear. I’m not trying to say the right things to get the right things. It’s about understanding that it is about 1st Adam / 2nd Adam. The 2nd Adam got us back before the 1st Adam made a big mistake. Keep it that simple.

Praying with Faith for Healing

39:40 - Need driven prayer - We pray from need rather than faith. We’re just trying to get help rather than see His love and His will for us.

40:20 - Knee blows out while running right after someone told Dan that he shouldn’t be running so much or else his knee would blow out.

42:15 - If I would tell you some of my testimonies they would freak you out. I’m not afraid. It’s never about my well being. It’s about knowing Him. It’s not a method. It’s not something I tried. It’s something I believed.

44:00 - Kidney stone.

46:00 - We think it’s about not having adversity. But it’s about knowing Him in the adversity.

46:30 - Kidney stone (continued) - prayer for healing before surgery - surgery appointment - God healed me - Thank you Lord, no claw - You don’t realize the effect you are having on people - living as a man without a stone - Trip to Montana - taking back the identity of a man with a stone - a what if - I was already settled - pills.

110:00 - Traveling with Todd - disciplining his bladder.

111:00 - Kidney stone (continued) - blood in urine - felt like he sinned - threw away pills.

114:50 - Find faith before the crisis - You find faith in His love - you find revelation in the gospel and when crisis hits the revelation responds. If you try to find faith in the crisis you are probably a step behind.

115:15 - Standing in faith at someone else’s cost - pride.

115:45 - Kidney stone (continued) - threw pills away - peeing everywhere - check it out.

123:40 - Know the will of God - to find faith - If you don’t understand the will of God, you can’t have faith like that. You are still trying to zero in on truth. What if you understand the will of God? Eph 5:17 - Do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is. Rom 12:2 - Do not be conformed to the way of the world - it’s ideas, mindsets, rationale - but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Why do you need your mind renewed? So you can prove the good, acceptable, perfect will of God. We are supposed to prove it - know that we know that we know. Every question answered through Christ Jesus.

125:40 - Throwing away those pills was not a faith strategy - but I know that I know. People will hear that and then will try to apply that to their situation - make it a method.

126:25 - BREAK
Get Established in the Will of God to Heal

➡ 127:29 - In this hour I really want to establish something. We got onto the healing thing yesterday. Understanding the will of God is huge. It’s important to believe that Jesus came for a purpose, paid a price for a purpose. He came to remove sin and the effects of sin. If sickness and disease came through the fall of man and Jesus took the fall so that we could get back up, why would we think that God uses these very same things to teach us, to build character and all that kind of stuff. I couldn’t disagree more. I don’t want to argue about it. I want to be so sure in my mind so that I can have faith and believe the heart and nature of God in a situation. If I believe for one minute that God subcontracts out the devil or uses the things He paid to remove, then my faith is subverted - I’m in limbo - I don’t know whether I am coming or going in a situation. Is this sickness God or the devil?

128:25 - The "thief" is false teaching - And every false teaching is from the devil - Jesus said, The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy - John 10:10. And then a contrast… The thief we think of as the devil but it’s actually false teaching. And every false teaching comes from the devil. The purpose of false teaching is to steal, kill and destroy - the finished work of Christ - the purpose of the covenant - the joy that is in your heart - the hope of salvation.

129:35 - In order to have faith you need to know the will of God - When you don’t know the will of God, you can’t have faith. You can’t set your confidence in a thing because you are not sure how God stands. So you’re reduced to praying a fingers crossed prayer, hoping it works.

130:00 - Heretic! - Pastor really mad at me. His mother had died of cancer. He took it so personally. He was hearing what I was saying was his mom didn’t have faith.

130:30 - Maybe we just don’t have understanding. Maybe we are good people but we are being destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Maybe we are giving permission for things, because of our theology, that could be changed.

131:00 - 2 Babies - Open vision in kitchen. Hand of God rescuing 2 babies in NICU. If my theology was that God takes people - ordains death, I would have said, Take heart mom, your babies are in the hand of God as if the hand is going to go back up into heaven. That’s how I would have interpreted and prophesied the vision.

132:00 - Babies - one of the babies had no lungs - They were going to unhook respirator - Baby breathed - she lived (continued)

134:20 - We shift blame onto God - when we were given the privilege and responsibility of His kingdom - We’re putting it (all of the blame) on God and God has given us the kingdom. (We have stewardship - responsibility.) We are putting it all on God, as the sovereign, divine, orchestrating being that He is. He made us in His image and gave us the kingdom to subdue the earth. He gave us the stewardship of the earth and told us to subdue. And in being subdued we find fault with God.

135:10 - Hebrews 11 - v.1 - Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. -

Faith depends on knowing the will of God - substance - realization, tangibility. How can I have a realization - the tangibility - of my hope without knowing God’s nature and His will in the situation? When you are sick, you hope to be healed. When somebody is dying you hope they live. But how can I have the tangibility of that hope, if I don’t understand the will of God in the matter? How can I be settled and know that I know that I know, if I don’t know God’s will?

136:15 - Heretic! (cont.) - A pastor said You’re a heretic! It’s people like you who are hurting the body of Christ. He is hurt by the loss of his mother. Met him years later jogging. When you take life so personal it keeps your ears from hearing what the Spirit of God is saying. What God is saying, you are interpreting through your pain. I hate you.

141:10 - We defend the doctrines that protect us from pain - Living hurt - is a terrible place. Whenever someone else says something that challenges the doctrine that protects you, you are like a cat in the corner. And you will try to kill that challenge. Denominations. We come up with belief systems that heal our wounds but there is no real healing. And there is no increase in power so we are always going to have the same results that reinforce our belief systems. The results are causing the beliefs but the beliefs are causing the results.

Prayer of Faith

143:00 - Faith is the substance of things hoped for - The reason I told this story - Heretic! (cont.) - “Don’t you have altar calls and pray for the sick?” “Of course we do, the Bible says pray for the sick and anoint them with oil.” “That’s not all the Bible says. Who is getting healed?” “That’s irrelevant! What matters is that we obey and anoint them with oil.” “It’s not the anointing with oil. It’s the prayer of faith that saves the sick.” James 5:14,15

144:45 - If my experience is not like Jesus’, I can still be growing. But if I embrace contrary beliefs, I am stopped from growing. I’ve got a ceiling over my head.

145:00 - James 5 - Prayer of Faith - v.14-15 - Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. - anyone - no exclusions - concerning sovereignty or the will of God.

146:00 - "If it be Your will" prayers are not prayers of faith - Know His will - People say let’s pray to see if it is the will of God to heal you. If He heals you it is His will. If He doesn’t, it isn’t His will. But when you pray, it’s the big if - there can’t be faith. Is there ever faith? We are supposed to know the will of God. When you pray if it be your will prayers you are showing that you don’t have a clue as to what God wants to do.

147:00 - Some say that it is irreverent to even presume that you could know the will of God. Blasphemy. But the mystery of God’s will has been revealed - Christ has revealed who God is. He caused light to shine in the darkness.

147:25 - Heretic! (continued) - “Who is getting healed?” “That’s irrelevant.” “No it’s not irrelevant  because the Bible says the prayer of faith will save the sick. So what I’m getting from you is that people are not getting healed. But sir, I am telling of all the people getting healed. You are calling me a liar, but if I am not lying, a lot of people are getting healed. So here is what you are telling me: God is sending people to your altar that it’s not the will of God to heal. And He is sending people to our altar that it is the will of God to heal. Or is the difference the prayer of faith? You are praying, 'if it be your will.' I believe I ought to know His will and in the authority of His name pray and move mountains.” I know this - people that embrace what I am preaching see a whole lot more miraculous healings than anybody I know who doesn’t. We have to make the connection. People who pray if it be your will rarely see healings. And then that begins to be their doctrine - that experience.

149:30 - We exalt "suffering in grace" because we have been ineffective in ending the suffering - Talking to another pastor, “I think it’s cool when that stuff happens but I think it is far out weighed by people who learn to suffer in grace.” And the reason he said that is because there are people in his family who are suffering and they call it suffering in grace - not losing integrity and character. When was character up for grabs? Why does it take sickness to produce character. We are supposed to have it already.

Anointing with Oil

150:10 - Is anointing people with oil a kind of “work”?

Anointing with oil is a contact point of faith - The power flows through believing - You can turn anything into works. Anointing with oil is a contact point of faith, symbolic of the Holy Spirit upon you. I don’t use oil all the time, but sometimes. The power is in what you believe. It shouldn’t just be a ritual. Is it the anointing of oil or the prayer of faith that saves the sick? So what is most important? Can you pray the prayer of faith without the oil? Yes.

152:00 - Is any among you sick? - can’t make it to the meetings? - shut ins? Elder - not talking about the office of elder - but an older, maturing one in the Lord.

153:00 - If it wasn’t the will of God to heal, why is He asking the question. Why does He care if anybody is sick? Because I don’t want anybody sick. If anybody is sick, speak up so that we can take care of this thing. Why else would God be asking?

154:30 - Let him ask - there is power in asking.

154:40 - "Confessing sickness" - How else are you going to ask for prayer? - “Well, I don’t want to confess/claim it brother. I don’t want to speak it out of my mouth.” - a sickness that they have. Just because you say what you are going through doesn’t mean that you are laying claim to it as your identity. How could you ever ask for prayer if you can’t mention what you are going through?

157:00 - We are deceived into not asking. You have not because you ask not… Ask and it shall be given unto you…

157:35 - Can you talk about the symbol of anointing with oil? Any time you talk about oil and the anointing with oil it symbolizes the presence of the Lord, the outpouring of God’s Spirit, the flow of God’s life. You live by faith and the oil is just a contact point for you to release your heart in the fact of the presence of the Lord is upon that person. You can use vegetable oil. If healing came through oil alone we wouldn’t have to pray the prayer of faith - we wouldn’t need faith.

200:00 - Water baptism is a contact point of faith - contact point of faith to outwardly express what took place on the inside. We can act out dying and living with sincerity and grace will come on that.

200:15 - The sacrament of communion is a contact point of faith - He gives us the bread and the cup to remember His death until He comes - to pick the bread up and literally connect with the body of Christ and everything it accomplished. And the wine - the blood of the new covenant. The oil is the same thing - a contact point of faith.

Faith & Healing

200:50 - v.15 - And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. - and the prayer of faith WILL save the sick and the Lord WILL raise him up.

201:20 - The evidence of faith is the mountain moving - Is the evidence of faith in believing or receiving? Receiving reveals believing. What reveals faith, speaking to the mountain or the mountain moving? The mountain moving is the evidence of faith.

201:40 - There is a connection between healing and forgiveness - It's the body and the blood - And if he has committed sins he will be forgiven. That’s an amazing thing. God says, “If I healed him, you know I already forgave him.” If you are healed it is the same grace. It’s the body and the blood.

202:10 - Example - The paralytic - Take heart son, your sins are forgiven. Jesus flips it the other way around from in James. Murmuring. Why do you guys debate and bicker and think evil things in your hearts? What is easier to say, your sins are forgiven or to say rise and walk? But to show you that the Son of man has the power to forgive sin, get up and walk. What was He saying? Forgiveness is healing. Healing, (goes with) forgiveness.

202:40 - It's not praying the scriptures that heals the sick - It's believing - And we’ve made it complicated when we haven’t seen everybody healed when we prayed. I wonder if we have been more busy praying than believing? We’ve learned how to pray - how to pray the scriptures. It’s not praying the scriptures that moves the mountain. It’s believing. You have to be humble to hear what I am preaching.

204:00 - Settle on the will of God to heal - He is willing - The leper - How can I believe if I don’t know His will? “Lord, I know that you can heal me if you will.” I am willing. The question was not COULD He, but WOULD He. Most people believe that He can and will confess that. The question is will He? I am willing. That should answer the question forever. If He said that to the leper, why is He saying no to you? They are trying to figure out His will. I know you can but are you willing? You are healing everybody else but what about me? Now that we have Jesus’ instruction - we are not supposed to just throw a fleece out - If it’s Your will… like the leper. We are supposed to know He is willing. The will of God is already revealed through Christ. It should be settled.

205:40 - We got off course on healing somewhere back in the past - And settled for protecting ourselves - But somewhere along the line we got off course. Somebody didn’t get healed. And then somebody else didn’t get healed. And then we started to create all this other stuff (other doctrines). Then we split into denominations. And now we fight over this stuff instead of pursue God. We defend our losses instead of seeking Him. We’re protecting ourselves.

206:20 - Hebrews 11 - v.1 - Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. -

Faith depends on knowing the will of God - evidence - confidence, title deed. How can I have tangible evidence in a situation if I don’t know God’s will in the matter? It’s impossible. We know what to pray. But do we know what to believe? We’re reduced to trying to get a "breakthrough" instead of realizing the stone is already rolled away. You have to settle in your heart the will of God.

Charged to Preach the Kingdom & Heal

➡ 207:10 - Let's look at some scriptures showing the will of God to heal - So now I’m going to show you some scriptures (on the will of God to heal) that there is just no way around.

207:20 - James 5:14,15 - Is anyone among you sick? If it wasn’t the will of God to heal, why is he asking if anyone is sick?

207:35 - Matthew 10:7 - And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. - The devil is freaked out that we are going to understand and walk in this.

208:20 - Healing stories from Colorado Power and Love.

208:50 - The kingdom of God is at hand - Preach saying the kingdom of God is at hand. Kingdom of God - the King’s domain - how God functions - the realm of God - how God works and moves. At hand - within reach - it is here - within you. Christ - the anointed one with the ability to anoint. Body of Christ - We are the embodiment of God’s anointing - power - savior - kingdom. It’s here.

210:35 - “Can I see your hand?” The kingdom in us flows through us into people. That’s why we lay hands on the sick and don’t cry out to God out there because God’s in here. Go preach saying God lives in men.

211:00 - Man and lady on street - word of knowledge - diabetes - How did you know? - Jesus, He lives inside of me and He has made my heart like His. I see you through His love. Let me see your hand. It’s fun.

213:00 - Where is the kingdom? You are looking at it. We’ve been raised to think that is blasphemy.

213:20 - The kingdom of God is still here - Jesus never retracted it - You tell me what has changed the will of God since He said this. Tell me where you find that He retracted this. Just because it is not your reality (the kingdom of God flowing in healing through you) doesn’t mean it’s not God’s will. Just because you haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean it’s not true. And we’re letting human wisdom talk us out of God’s word.

213:50 - Have faith even in times of chaos - This is where you find out if you really honor Him. When nothing measures up and makes sense and you honor what He said above what is going on around you. And you press in and pay the price of your own life - your own feelings - your own emotions - your own reputation until you find Him. And you refuse to be offended or discouraged because that points to self-centeredness and self-focus. At what point do we humble ourselves and say your word is true - period.

215:00 - v.8 - Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. -

Jesus associates healing to the kingdom - Heal all - What’s the next thing out of His mouth after He says the kingdom of God is at hand?  Heal THE sick.

215:35 - Why are you going to the doctor if sickness is God’s will (His tool to build character)? Just stay sick then.

216:00 - We go through needless pain - the kingdom is here - We go through so much pain because of what we believe. I don’t go through that pain because of what I believe. It drives me to Him more. I don’t go through discouragement. I go through tears for a loss. I cry for mothers that cry because their baby didn’t live. But if I take that to heart, I have no courage to take another baby and pray. “I can’t handle this” - when He has ordained me to be in the middle of that - to be selfless. Who am I not to pray for the sick when He has put His kingdom in me, even if 20 die in a row.

218:10 - God is defined through Jesus - Not my experience - My experience should never have the right to define Him. He has already defined Himself through His life and experience and He’s the One I am following. I’m not deciding Him along the way, I’m following Him.

218:40 - The devil is freaked out by the gospel. He is so afraid of our potential. He is sure that he can keep us fighting over this stuff and hurt and bruised and dull in our hearing, so that we pay homage to God instead of manifesting the kingdom like He said.

219:20 - Heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead - be honest, we still fear death in many cases.

219:35 - You have received the kingdom - Now give it - Freely you have received… What did you receive? The kingdom and in the kingdom is healing, power, liberty, redemption, righteousness. The kingdom of God is not meat or drink but righteousness, joy, peace in the Holy Spirit. How do we muddy that up. It’s not up for debate. It’s just time to keep growing. It’s time to get alone and seek Him.

Epileptic Boy - Why Couldn't We Cast It Out

220:40 - Mt. 17 - Epileptic Boy - Why couldn’t we heal the boy? It’s because of what you fail to see. Jesus called it unbelief.

221:25 - Young man - Man healed 10 ft. away - Atheist, I don’t believe - You’re kidding me. That’s pitiful. That has to be the weakest stand on the planet. How easy it is to say I just don’t believe anything. It takes a little bit of honor and integrity and faith to believe something. I was insulting his belief. - I guess it is kind of foolish, isn’t it. - You’re not called to be foolish but that is foolish. He went home to seek the Lord.

222:35 - Freely you have received - What have you received? The kingdom. What do you give? The kingdom. What’s in the kingdom? Healing, restoration.

222:50 - Epileptic Boy - Matt 17:19+ - Then came the disciples to Jesus apart, and said, Why could not we cast him out? And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. - Why couldn’t we cast it out? Because of your unbelief. He is not being mean. He’s saying, “It’s because of what you fail to see.” Epilepsy is a visual thing - a seizure. If he was healed he would have stopped seizing. So he obviously never stopped seizing. What happens when you start praying and the visual doesn’t change? What goes into immediate action? Your mind. Jesus is healing right and left - the world couldn’t contain the written account. Now they pray and the boy is still seizing. What do you think is going on in their heads? “I wonder why it is not working now?” Questions that go through your mind when you pray for the sick. “If Jesus were here he would be healed by now. I wonder what we are doing wrong.” And the whole time their prayers are coming from that place. It’s perverted thinking, corrupted thinking, self-conscious, human reasoning stuff that came through the fall, through Adam.

225:00 - Salvation of the soul - We need the redemption of our minds and emotions - That’s why we need the salvation of our soul. Your spirit is saved but there is a salvation of your soul that is very necessary. It’s the redemption of your mind - gets you back into truth. The only way you reach this is by not backing up but continuing in the faith in the face of adversity and conflict. Taught in two places in the Bible.

225:30 - YOU will speak to the mountain - Epileptic Boy (continued) - Jesus was saying you are corrupt in your mind, thinking from the fall of man. But I say to you… If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain… What will you do? Say to this mountain. You are not crying out to God. You are not in despair or fear. You are carrying the kingdom. You are the body of Christ. You have faith. You recognize the mountain. How do you recognize the mountain? Because light has exposed that it is not the will of God. If you are questioning whether it is the will of God, it may not be a mountain. It may be an obstacle that God put there.

226:50 - If you have faith… you can say to the mountain, “Move” and it will say “Yes, sir.” And nothing will be impossible for you.

228:15 - Nothing will be impossible - Nothing means nothing. Doesn’t say unless God ordained it.

228:40 - However - this kind - this kind of unbelief, this kind of not seeing, corrupt thinking won’t come out of your life unless you continue to stay encouraged and move forward in the place of prayer and seeking God in prayer and fasting. To where you see Him and become one with Him and see through Him and make sense of things.

Unlimited Promises - Whoever - Whatever

229:20 - Mark 11:22-24 - And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them-

Jesus makes an unlimited promise - Have faith in God. It doesn’t say have faith in your faith. It doesn’t say have faith in in your prayer. How do you have faith in God if you don’t know who God is? For whosoever says believing shall have whatsoever they ask. Whosoever / whatsoever - show me a limitation there.

230:00 - Matthew 21:21-22 - Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done. And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. -

Jesus makes another unlimited promise - All things whatever you ask in prayer believing - not needing - shall be yours.

230:30 - We try to get more and more people praying. We elevate the problem. The Bible says if two touch agreeing on anything they ask according to God’s will - it’s done.

231:00 - "Chastening of the Lord" - God doesn't break legs when people get off track - He loves us - correction of the Lord. Would you chop off fingers if a child touched something? No, that would be child abuse. Why do you think that God is breaking legs if somebody is off track? We make God a child abuser in our theology so that people can’t receive His love. It’s a demonic trap on the earth - to paint a wrong picture of God so that people are confused and can’t approach God because He is the one that broke my leg. He’s the one that put me in that wreck, to get my attention. He can get your attention through a wreck, but He didn’t take His little finger and flip your car. Sometimes we are reaping what we have sown. Sometimes grace pulls back and let’s us face the reality of our hearts and life. There is correcting. Heb 12 - persecution and sin against you. Sometimes God lets that take place and lets you walk out character. But don’t you believe that God uses the things that He paid to get off of you through Christ to turn around and put them back on you to teach you a lesson.

233:20 - Closing prayer