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Day 3 (2011)

New Perspective

0:30 - Loving on next door neighbor - widow - trees in gutter.

1:30 - New perspective on life, fear, trials - Let's receive the love of God and thank Him for being so good and that we are all alive. You really are alive - whether you feel like it or not. You're alive forever. You're never going to die. Get that into your heart. Ask Holy Spirit to make that real. There is nothing to fear. Life is fun. Every challenge has the opportunity and privilege of manifesting Christ and leaving a legacy of faith and trust in Him. Every adversity you will ever face carries with it the privilege of living by faith and leaving a legacy glorifying Christ. Or it's just about you and you're in trouble and "Help me, Jesus!"

2:30 - Jesus is our everything - life, truth - Your life is in Him - flows through Him. He's our everything. Without Him, you would have no idea of the truth about your life. Jesus is the Truth. The Jesus is the truth - about life, about the Father, about you. Nothing was made that was not made through Him. He came to His own but His own knew Him not and received Him not. But He came to His own - us.

3:05 - Opening prayer - Father, we just love you. We thank you this is true. Let revelation come to our hearts. Let your great grace manifest in us and through us. Father you love me. Thank you. Open up the eyes of my understanding - my heart. Cause me to see and know you more. I yield myself to you as best as I understand. The best I know how I say, "My life is yours." The "want to" of my heart says, "Yes" to you. And I thank you that grace is sufficient for me. You are molding and shaping me. You are changing my "eyes." You are turning my heart. You are fashioning me in Your image and I thank you for your grace working in my life. I'm not troubleshooting. I'm not fault-finding. I'm not criticizing myself today. I'm thanking you that you are doing a work in me today to manifest Your Son. You're glorifying your name through my life because you are building on the inside in your kingdom and for your glory. And I thank you for it. And I rejoice. You are the One that is Lord of my life Jesus. And I give myself to You.

4:55 - New perspective: Life is a privilege. Sometimes you just need to say that a thousand times until you believe it. Life is not challenging. Life is not tough. Life is a privilege. If your perspective isn’t clear, life is tough.

5:15 - Perspective on grief - Even through times of mourning, it's not tough because there is a gospel. We don't grieve like those who have no hope. The most that we can lose is physical, tangible time with one another.

5:30 - Clear perspective brings freedom - If you get a vision bigger than that, then nothing can eat your lunch. It makes you so free. It takes every target, every bulls eye off of your life.The devil doesn't even have any cheap shot to take. Because if he touches you he just makes a draw on Christ. If he touches you he (causes you to) manifest Jesus. And it freaks him out if people would live this way. It would disarm him.

6:35 - Phone call this morning from young woman trying to fit in. Not seeing and understanding. Tragic way to live - when God sent a Son to die for you so that He could come and live inside of you. You start there. You camp there. And you will run well. We let other things matter. We put Him fourth on the list. Start life with a good foundation in Christ instead of trying to add Jesus in later.

7:35 - Welcome to out-of-staters.

Communing with God - The Word

➡ 9:40 - Pursue intimacy with God - Yesterday: Colossians 1 - We’re going in the direction of having intimacy with God and communing with God. Going to be giving more examples of how I pray and commune with God. We've been taught to confess the word.

10:15 - Turn confession of the word into communing with the Lord - Turn the impersonal into the personal - Communing through confessing the word. The way we do it is not personal. You can confess the word and be very impersonal. You can reduce confession to a method you are trying to apply to get the result you want. You’re only doing it for your own sake and it doesn’t even take you into intimacy. It doesn’t introduce you to the Father.

11:00 - Turn confession into communion with God. Take the confession and make it personal - talk with Him. Prayer is just fellowship / communion with the Lord. Intimacy happens through Holy Spirit - Fellowship with Holy Spirit - 2 Cor 13:14 - Phil 2:1 - interaction with the person of God.

11:40 - Commune scripture to the Father - For example Romans 5:1 - Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: - Father you really love me. Lord, I'm justified... Father, I thank You that I have peace with you. Father I thank You that I'm so justified because you sent Christ and Christ, You died and shed Your blood. You took my guilt to make me innocent. You took my place. Thank You. You have made me a son... And God there is no war between us. Sin is destroyed and defeated. You cursed sin in the flesh when You put it on Your Son. And You made me free...

12:15 - Express your heart belief to the Father - Most Christians don’t pray that way; most don’t even think that way. But it's a good way to think, talk, commune, express. Because with your heart you believe, with your mouth you make confession unto salvation - Rom 10:10. Out of your heart express what you believe.

12:40 - I have peace with You God. You're my Father. I'm your boy. You love me unfailingly. You are not mad at me. I am not under pressure today. I am privileged to be alive... That's communion with the Lord.

13:00 - Grace meets that expressed faith and makes it your reality - When you start living that way, He becomes so real to you, your heart comes alive. I can't explain it. Grace just breathes into your heart. What you release faith in, grace comes to make your reality. He is the One who illuminates you - the One that makes it real. And you get there by faith. Faith is going to take you there. Don’t get stumbled by how you feel. "Yeah, but it doesn't feel real. When I get alone with God it doesn't seem like He is there." Then you reduce Him to a 30 day money back guarantee thing.

14:00 - Faith is not a method to get a good result - Faith isn't something you try. It's something you live. “I’ve tried that. I used to do that.” You’re reducing communing to methodology - trying something to see if it "works." It's totally sensual driven. You are going to try it and look and see if it is working. And after a while... "What’s the next plan - what do we do now?" We are revealing to the enemy that we are on the run - that he is squeezing the life out of me so keep squeezing.

Yak-Yak of the Enemy - Ministry Crazed

15:20 - Let adversity from the enemy thrust you to God - Not separate you from God - What would happen if we responded to the enemy in such a way that the enemy would stop squeezing because he is helping you. He is helping to form Christ in you. Let him thrust you to the throne. You’re not looking at what the enemy is doing, because you’ve got your eyes on God. The enemy is helping form Christ in you. Am I a man with a problem? I am a man in covenant. I am a man with an amazing answer. And I keep my eyes on Him.

16:10 - The enemy's yak-yak is not you - It's on the outside trying to get in - (Ministry crazed) -Yak-yak of the enemy is not a deliverance issue - it’s on the outside wanting to get back in.

16:35 - People freaked out by the change in Dan’s life - what happened to you? It's like you are brain washed. My brain is so washed. I was changed and they knew it. After 3 months - terrible phrases pass through his mind directed toward Holy Spirit.

18:10 - We take the yak-yak personally and wear it as who we are and seek help, deliverance, ministry. My heart was I don't want to even think that stuff. "Why is it in your head then, brother?" The devil is a jerk.

18:40 - When you hear the yak-yak tell God how you feel about Him - Story continued… What am I supposed to do? Every time you hear that voice tell me how you feel about Me.

20:00 - That voice is trying to make you feel cut off / disqualified - that you have committed an unpardonable sin. Enemy trying to take advantage of the purity of your heart (you care) to make you feel condemned - like you are disqualified. I am not a man with a problem, but a man with an answer, on the way to knowing Him more.

21:25 - Yak-yak (cont.) - That's a devil... You need deliverance.

22:00 - We think something is wrong when we don't have glassy seas. But we can have peace and glassy seas on the inside regardless of what is happening outside. I started to realize the strategy against me. I started to realize that God has given me the kingdom. He’s put the authority of Christ, of the finished work of Christ in me. And all I have to do is live by faith and respond to Him with a pure heart and I’ll see Him. All I have to do is submit to God and resist the devil and he will flee - James 4:7.

22:40 - In submitting to God you resist the devil - Don’t have to fight the devil. In submitting I have resisted. It’s a one step thing. Won’t get tired, always refreshed - not fighting the devil. I’m fighting the good fight of faith - maintaining a healthy identity in the face of adversity.

23:30 - Story continued… At work stupid phrases would go through mind. I started to have fun with it. I would tell God how I felt about Him...

23:45 - Holy Spirit, You are so amazing. I love You with all of my heart. You are so my best friend. You changed my life forever. You're revealing Christ to me. You're showing me all things and teaching me all things and showing me all things to come. You're amazing. You are so my best friend. You are so my best friend forever. I love You with all of my heart...

24:10 - Then I would start working again. And if I heard the yak-yak again, I would talk to God again.

24:15 - The enemy's yak-yak is only a problem if IT becomes my focus or I accept it as coming from me - Was I a man with a problem because I was hearing yak-yak? It's only a problem if I focus on it and start fighting yak-yak and let yak-yak become who I am. You’ve got to live by faith. If it is just a method, after a month or two you will think something is wrong - it’s not working - I've got to come up with another plan.

24:50 - It got to the point where I didn’t care when I heard it because I learned a very valuable lesson: Never take personal what goes through your mind and think it's me - it’s outside trying to get back in. If I try to take my identity out of that...

25:10 - You are not your flashbacks / memories - Flashback from the past - memory of something you wish you never did. The church will many times say that something is still lingering in you. We need to get that up and out of you. When you submit to that ministry what you are saying is that's still me. I don’t need deliverance. I’ve been delivered. The truth of the situation: I wish I never did it and I wish I never had the memory. So is it coming up and out of you or is it coming to you? It’s lost control of your life and it’s back at an opportune time looking to get you to come back into agreement - to accept it as still you - to fight a fight that is not even there. The fact that you care and are grieved and wish you had never seen something is good evidence that your heart is changed. You’re a different person. That ought to be enough right there.

26:30 - Respond in faith - Submit to God by communing with God - If you feel bad for what you are thinking, rise up and say - Father, I so thank You that You have changed my life. I will never be the same. You've truly taken the old and thrown it away. It's in the sea of forgetfulness. Everything I ever was apart from you is done and gone through the Christ and I am truly alive and transformed... You can pray that way right in the midst of a flashback.

26:50 - If you do that every time a flashback comes eventually the enemy will give up because you are building yourself up in truth and being formed in Christ. That's the true principle of submitting to God, resisting the devil and he will flee (James 4:7). It's so powerful. That right there will save you from a lot of duress.

27:20 - Stand firm in faith - Stop taking the yak-yak to heart - If you don't respond that way, it will get worse - dreams, waking up at night, fears, etc. Then you'll wonder what's wrong. "What door did I open?" "Maybe I wasn't serious in the first place." "Maybe I need to get re-baptized." Now there is questioning, doubt, second guessing. That's a place of torment. It's terrible. When you look inside your own heart you know what is making you tick. You know the "why" behind your life. Don’t sell out (your identity) to (come into agreement with) an impression, a memory or a dream.

28:15 - Respond in faith - Don't make a big fuss - Respond healthy and don't make a big fuss over the dream and the problem will go away. Otherwise he’ll press the attack. Scrambling to get ministry is not faith. It’s running scared. "Why does this dream keep coming back? Why isn't God protecting me?" He already has because He already told you who you really are through Christ. And it's time to stand up and believe the truth and stop taking the yak-yak personally. He has already answered you.

29:30 - That's not who I am - Dreams, Memories of sin - Participant comment on letting dreams violate your conscience. That’s not me.

30:40 - People think that’s still in them. We make it a major issue. Instead declare truth. I am so glad that's not me. That man is dead and I am changed forever. I'm pumped to be alive in you Jesus. The devil is used to us biting on that stuff and getting hooked - over and over - hook, line and sinker.

31:45 - Memories of past sin - Memories of past sin come back. But I didn't take it to heart as if it was me. It's like habit stuff. It is going to keep knocking on the door to see if you are home. That is not a problem unless you get freaked out by it and take it personal. "Oh my God, I still have issues."

32:30 - You are not your addiction / impulse - You are redeemed to be a son - Addiction - some addiction programs say that you are always going to be an addict. They make the impulse who you are - making the memory identify the person. They emphasize that you always have the capacity to go back. We are making the impulse who we are. Why do we sell so cheap? I was made a certain way to live a certain way and Christ brought me back to that and I'm not selling cheap.

33:20 - One of my biggest prayers: Lord don’t let me miss one drop of grace that is available through Jesus Christ to transform my life.

New Normal

33:40 - We study fallen man and call that "normal" because it's been our experience too - We study a fallen man and say this is the way we are. But that's the way we became after the fall. We are studying a fallen man. But that is not our created identity and value. We are redeemed. We’re new in Christ. My body can come into alignment and agreement (healing). You can talk yourself into aging and pain and degeneration. Don’t accept that. That's the way that seems right - because it's everybody's experience and "It's going to be my experience too." Don't sell out.

35:00 - But there is a new "normal" in Christ - We are redeemed - We are Adam before the fall - I want to know who I am apart from Adam eating from that tree. Who Adam was supposed to be is who I am now. I want to know what that looks like.

35:15 - We continue to accept the old "normal" and reduce Christianity to just going to heaven one day - We have expected to be a certain way. And because of that we’ve reduced Christianity to just waiting to go to heaven and trying to be pretty good on the earth and do what's right and not do what's not right. And one day we'll all be with Him. That's why we’ve sold out and reduce Christianity to just going to heaven. We haven’t seen ourselves through redemption. We've seen ourselves through the flesh. But the Bible says in 2 Cor. 5:16 to never again judge any man by the flesh.

Fear & Vulnerability

36:00 - Don't live in fear because of natural knowledge - I get things in the mail that tell me the things I have to experience because of the age group I am in. You are mailing that to the wrong guy. I'm not going to tempt God. But I never live in fear because the Spirit of God is upon me. Preservatives. The Spirit of God through the word tells me who I am. But we don't live by faith. We live by natural knowledge. We latch onto natural knowledge and add God into that for help. And we have all of the help we are ever going to need.

37:00 - Examples of fear arising from natural knowledge - Preservatives causes cancer, aging, etc. We let natural knowledge have a voice. Outside influences want to tell us who we are and who we're not. But we have a choice of who to listen to and who not to listen to. I know who I am going to listen to. I know who I am and who I'm not. You are way to late to change my mind.

38:00 - They send me stuff in the mail that says: "You are now over 40." But what is forty in the kingdom? They are saying 40 in the world. But I’m in the world but not of it. That is not just a religious saying that has no meaning. I've been sanctified, out of the darkness into the light, partaken of His divine nature, escaped the world that is corrupt through lust. I am a man of God in the Spirit. So my life doesn't come under the same definition ("normal life"). Is that haughty, high-minded, proud? "Im untouchable, invincible - I'm not like you." No, it's the word of God. I humbly wear that. I accept the finished work of Christ.

39:10 - The gospel can teach you how to never fear again - When you don't see for yourself you can't fear - It is possible to live without an ounce of fear for the rest of your life in Christ. And I am either in denial, deceived and need ministry - somebody to jerk me out of deception - or the gospel has taught me how to never fear again. And I believe time will prove me right - that I don't even know how to fear any more. Because my eye sees so different than it used to. When you don’t see for yourself you can’t fear.

39:50 - The gospel can release you from stress - Example of young lady calling before class. Jesus is bigger that all of the things I have to get done. That's human worldly wisdom that sells grace short and subverts faith.

40:55 - Vulnerability - Don't live in fear because of natural knowledge - Live in faith - Example: Reading that preservatives cause cancer - stuff that you have consumed for 30 years. How does the average Christian react? Fear driven prayer, "I’m vulnerable to this. Please help me." Natural knowledge/fear is stimulating your prayer, not faith. People ask for prayer just in case. "I know God protects but I was reading this week...Pray that I would be free from any effects of this preservative." Asking for prayer just in case. What is that? Vulnerability - that's a form of fear. We feel like we are vulnerable to the environment in which we live, instead of realizing that we are under the covenant hand of God Almighty - the Strong Tower, the Refuge who I run to and cling. It’s a fearless place. It's not presumptuous and proud.

43:00 - Pure blood - Red Cross call - Do you have any contact with people who have diseases? "It’s like you’re not in the world." I can explain that. That is not something that I am believing for and praying about. "Father I that thank you that I am not vulnerable to..." The only reason you are praying that way is because you believe that you are vulnerable to that stuff.

45:15 - My people feel vulnerable to the world they live in. God wants to address that. It's deception.

46:00 - Example - Pollution. You're praying because you believe you’re in trouble. "Well what am I supposed to do?" Rejoice that Christ has died and risen again and that you have believed - by faith - and grace has overtaken your life and that you are in covenant. You don't even have to go to that extreme.

46:40 - Pure blood (cont.) - Blood purer than 99.9% of the human population. I didn't try to believe for that. I didn't go for that in prayer. I want you to have the ability not to have a big prayer reaction because you feel vulnerable.

47:20 - Pull out of fear and into a response of faith - Rather you can pull out of fear and into faith - Prayer response - Father, I thank You. When I read that, it tried to grab me. But you have already grabbed me and held me tight. I am in the world and not of it. I don't even have to pray about this. It's already finished. Thanks for Your love... That's faith.

48:00 - No vulnerability to the leper - How are you ever going to get near the people who need Jesus if you bound by fear? How could Jesus pray for the leper? The leper broke every rule of culture to be out there. He's breaking laws. He's got nothing to lose. [Description of the scene from the Matthew video.] How are you ever going to get near sick people if you feel vulnerable?

50:30 - Deer tick - bull’s eye pattern. If you feel vulnerable go get the treatment. Now is not the time to find faith but stay in faith. Read article on Deer tick bites. Get help immediately. 2 weeks later... tick. Didn't even pray. Not vulnerable.

52:40 - Kids didn't miss school - Under the father's authority. Son's fever.

53:50 - Tick (cont.) - the enemy was trying to draw on the knowledge that was sown. Didn't kill the tick.

54:30 - Differing beliefs - Leave me alone if I am OK about not being treated. Don't fight over it. Don't try to force others to believe like you believe. Honoring different days - Either way can be the same to God. Compelling each other to believe as if our way is better. Natural knowledge - pride - our way is better - no, faith is what’s better - the law of love - meat sacrificed to idols - everything changes in Christ - but don’t look down on others - love one another - It's all about cultivating faith not bashing one another with our faith. Honor one another. Love one another.

57:30 - If you are fearing, get treatment but keep growing in faith - If you’re fearing, go to the ER, but stay in faith. Thank God that He is with you and will keep you. Keep on growing in your faith until one day when crisis hits you see that hey, everything is fine. When the tick bites, I am not hoping that faith works. It's what I see. I can't see anything else at that point. Not fearing. No vulnerability.

58:55 - Participant comment - Fear of death and judgment - No need to fear. You're already judged righteous and holy.

➡ 59:55 - We’re about ready to talk about identity and righteousness (Colossians) and leading up to that we’re talking about the fruit and the benefit of living by faith and understanding love. The average Christian mindset is still very moved by death. We see death as a final, fearful thing. Condemnation, judgement - fear that I have done something wrong, that I haven’t measured up - fear of judgement.

101:00 - Prayed for a man in his 80s. Man was in a coma but I could hear his heart talking to me. It’s too late for me. Led him to Jesus. Passed away 2 weeks later. Took 2 weeks to convince on the inside. When fear left he had the ability to let go.

104:00 - 1 John 4:17 - Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world. -

We're not living in fear - But we are bold to approach the Father because of the Son - We're becoming love - Not fear of condemnation and judgement but boldness in the day of judgement. Because...as He is, so are we in this world. He is love, we’ve become love. He’s a Son, we’ve become sons. He was anointed, we’ve been anointed. Behold I give you power… Power of His name. The whole chapter is talking about becoming love. The sign of perfected love is boldness in the day of judgement. Why? Because His heart has become your heart. His way has become your way. You’ve become one with Him. You've totally accepted the identity He has granted you through Christ and you are not ashamed.

106:20 - v.18 - There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

107:20 - The gospel can make you free of fear - Stay in faith - Is it possible for the gospel to cause you to live completely without fear? It is. So it’s very important to understand God’s view of you through the Son - that you’ve been made righteous - that it’s not anything you are doing but what He has already done - you are holy, blameless, above reproach right now if you continue today in the faith. What can change that but you failing to agree and believe? Reassessing and taking yesterday's identity back on. Not staying in faith after a moment of weakness. Don't make your fall huge. Make the gospel huge so that it takes you to the finish line.


108:45 - Colossians 2 - Identity & Righteousness

109:30 - v.1,2 - Get understanding - For I would that ye knew what great conflict I have for you, and for them at Laodicea, and for as many as have not seen my face in the flesh; That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ; - First few verses - Paul is intense about people getting understanding - seeing what the gospel is really all about - who you are because of it. Christianity is much more than praying a prayer to go to heaven and staying plugged in to a local church.

110:15 - Commune what you hear - It becomes more than knowledge - When I read stuff like that, that is how I commune with God - Father, I thank you are illuminating me to the full assurance of understanding. There is great riches in it. I treasure it more than life itself - more than anything because without it I would never live my life in the way you designed and created me. God I yield... And I'll slip to my knees when nobody is looking... Father, I thank you that You illuminate my understanding. You have transformed my life and my world. And you have brought me into yours. God I thank you that I was always with You and always one with you from the beginning. I thank you for knowing me and allowing me to begin to know you... I just stop and commune with Him when I read something like that. Then it is not just Bible knowledge. Knowledge will puff you up. Love edifies. And we just learned that it (love) will take fear out of your life.

111:15 - v.3 - In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. - All the treasures... So why look anywhere else?

Mindsets Contrary to the Kingdom

111:50 - v.4 - And this I say, lest any man should beguile you with enticing words. - Like "yeah buts." "Yeah, but you've got to face reality." Paul is saying this so that you don't follow any other language.

112:10 - You are either for me or against - Mindsets contrary to the kingdom - Jesus preached straight and narrow. You are either for me or against me. You either gather to me or scatter...- Luke 11:23. That doesn't mean that you are wicked. It means that your mindset can compliment and add to the kingdom or it is contrary to the very kingdom that you are a part of. Your mindset can be contrary to productivity. Your mindset can lead you into wrong thinking, leading to wrong believing, leading to wrong speaking, leading to wrong fruit. You can be sincere and see your need for a Savior and still live counterproductive to the kingdom you’re called to. For example: You could see your need for a Savior and yet still let fear rule your life. Negativity. Condemnation. And there is Jesus looking at you knowing who you really are.

113:40 - Guilt, condemnation and shame are major tools of the devil - Mindsets contrary to the kingdom - Guilt, condemnation and shame - never God - major tools of the devil. Once you see it for what it is, take responsibility, take it to God, see it for what it is and acknowledge that this is not who you are. You have called me to higher things. I thank you for the light that shows me the difference. And this is where I belong. Guilt, condemnation and shame produce regret and regret produces death. There’s no place for repentance and change because you mark yourself as damned and doomed. What is going to change that? You’ve judged yourself apart from Christ. Guilt says, "I’m not forgiven." Condemnation says, "My life is worthy to be judged." Shame says, "It’s still who I am." They are anti-gospel and anti-Christ. Are you guilty, condemned, ashamed through Christ? Then they can never be from God. The kingdom is totally opposite. There is therefore now no condemnation for those who live by the Spirit… (Rom 8:1) that means: the grace that flows through the Son of God - through truth and not according to the flesh.


116:30 - What is sin in the flesh? - Romans 8:3 - For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh: -

God has set us free from the power of sin - Not to leave us as "sinners" but that we may step into sonship - And we should see ourselves that way - God cursed sin in the flesh and sin shall have no dominion over you. We are under grace. We are not under the law. Romans 6:1-2 - What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein? Here is the deal: We’re dying to a sin-consciousness, a sin-identity. You weren’t created for sin. You were created for His glory - for His righteousness. You are not marked, stained by any sin that you have committed or by sin nature any longer. God cursed sin in the flesh. So God took our sin and put it in His body on a tree. And anything hanging on a tree has been what? Sin was cursed, not Jesus. He cursed what was killing us. So now the law of the Spirit of life that flows through Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death. If we live by the Spirit - that means: the grace that flows through truth - and not the flesh - weighing yourself as a book by its cover - face value - past value.

118:15 - 2 Corinthians 5:14 - For the love of Christ constraineth us; because we thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead: -

We are not going to judge ourselves or others the way we used to judge, for sin - We see through Christ - Because one died all died. And if we live because one died then we ought to no longer live for ourselves but for the One that died. And because of this we no longer judge any man according to the flesh. Why? Because we see that every man is worth the blood of the Son of God. We see every man for his potential. Why? God has cursed sin. God doesn't judge you for sin. What has been killing us was killed on the cross. And now we receive the blessing originally promised through Abraham.

118:50 - The wrath of God was fully expended on our sin at the cross - So that we might regain sonship - So the wrath of God expended, fulfilled at the cross. When Christ was made to be sin, it was the innocent for the guilty - one Son for many. You have to see the good news in this.

119:15 - He didn’t die to expose (point out) that we are sinners - He died to remove sin - to reveal that we’re sons. He had to die because we sinned. But He didn’t die because we’re sinners. He died because we’re lost sons. He died because I was never created for sin. I wasn't born to be a sinner. I was born to be a son. He had to die to get me back to sonship - to redeem me.

120:00 - You are valuable to God - Why look for value anywhere else? - Nobody pays a high price for nothing. I am somebody to God. Yet we still look to other things to figure out our worth - what people say and don't say. We let the world define us. We look to measure up - to fit in. We want a certain job to be seen a certain way. That's a rat race.

120:50 - We had lived self-centered - Trying to get what we need from the world - Rat race - Do you know the bad thing about a rat race? You can win and still be a rat. I want to be transformed. I don't want wrong motives. I don't want to reach the "top." I don’t need popularity, notoriety. I don't need people to think that I'm "somebody." I am somebody to God. Christ died for me. Whether you encourage me or not, how does that change the fact that He died for me. I want to get along with you. But whether that happens or not, how does that change the fact that He loves me?

122:20 - When you realize how God sees you there is freedom - To really be like Him - There's no such thing as a bad day after that revelation. It's over for you in a good way. After that… instead of being hurt by people - you hurt for other people. It changes every thing. Goes from being all about you to being all about Him and others. And you get the great privilege of being like Him by the Spirit of God. And you get to participate in love.

123:15 - You can really have change - The cost: Die to your self - The only thing it costs you is what you gained through the fall - self. Let the old self die already. And don't raise him from the dead.

123:30 - Die to old self - Father, I thank You that that old man is so dead. He is buried so deep, he can never rise again. You have made a brand new man... Never again will I be ruled by anger. Stress has no place in me. Strife has nothing to do with who I am. Father, never again will I be bound by the dictates of flesh, because none of those things are what You made me to be. You made me be like You...

124:15 - Mother-in-law overhears - Mother-in-law touched by overhearing Dan’s prayer. Thought he was yelling at wife and kids. He is really serious.

125:30 - The law points us to Christ - Only through Christ is it's righteous standard fulfilled - Romans 8:3 - For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh... - The law was a tutor to point you to Christ. It reveals the standard of identity, character, integrity that you were created to live in by the Spirit of God. But when man fell and got separated from God, he's still called to the same thing. It's still his destiny and identity. But in the flesh he is powerless to fulfill that standard because without God you can't live like Him. Which proves that the Christian life is redemption back to the fulfillment of the law.

126:10 - Sin is not inevitable - You don't have to fail like you think and believe. People think that they have to fail all the time. But because you believe that you facilitate that. Some people think that we sin while we breathe. "But Dan, we sin while we breathe." I say, "Get born again." That is so sin-conscious. Get saved. We have sold this Gospel so short.

126:50 - It says, For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh... You fulfilling a standard on your own is impossible.

127:00 - God's provision for us to walk in righteousness - Walk by the Spirit - ...God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh... So through Christ God fulfilled everything on behalf of man that he was created to walk in from the beginning. And now that same Spirit comes into us and gives us life - gives us wisdom. So we no longer live by the flesh, we live by the Spirit. And even if I stumble into sin... "Do you think that you are perfect?"

127:30 - Fix on righteousness and you will go much farther without sin - If you fix on righteousness, you'll find that you are no where near sin-consciousness and you’ll go a long way without the conscious awareness of sin or the need to even address anything because you are right with God. Talking like that freaks people out. It sounds like heresy to the average Christian ear.

128:15 - What a life fixed on righteousness can look like - You'd be amazed. You can just live in Him. You enjoy Him. You wake up like a son and you live like a son. You wake up righteous and bear your fruit to holiness. Your heart is in agreement and one with Him. And if for a second you get out of that, you know it immediately because you are in the light as He is in the light. And then all you can do is be thankful for the light that keeps you separate - that sanctifies you - that translates you into the kingdom of the Son of His love. And you are not trying to walk a straight line. You are having fun being a son.

128:50 - BREAK

Redeemed for a Purpose

128:55 - Overcome vulnerability - Receive His love and become His love - Overcoming the feeling of vulnerability - get a firm grip on your identity and see yourself the way that God sees you. It’s through His perfect love. That’s where we’re heading. You have to receive that love to ever become that love.

129:20 - God's purpose in redeeming us is that we become His love - The goal of the Father - His purpose in your redemption - isn’t that you just be loved by God. There is a big emphasis in the church right now - receiving the love of the Father. That's awesome. I'm all about that. But the goal of God in loving you this way is that He multiply and reproduce that love in you and through you. That you become the representation of the love of God. It's not just about you being loved by God. It's ultimately about you becoming that love. As He is... so are we... - Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world. - 1 John 4:17 - It’s the perfection of love - two becoming one. So the finished work of Christ is not fulfilled and exalted when a man prays a prayer to go to heaven and get his name in a book. That sounds like blasphemy to us in America. What Jesus did for us finds its fulfillment when a man’s nature is transformed and converted back to love - his original created value - when he is born again and old things pass away and behold all things are new. That’s the payoff to the Father. That's the glory of the inheritance in the saints.

130:45 - Return on the Father's investment - The deposit of the blood of the Son into the earth and the payback of dividends and interest of reproduced after His own kind. One seed sown into the ground springing up, bearing much fruit. Christians... body of Christ... First born among many… predestined to be conformed to His image. So the fulfillment and glorification of the resurrection of Christ is when he gets converted and transformed back to what he was in the beginning.

131:30 - God redeems us - His love didn't give up on us - God’s purpose in your redemption - It’s not just about you going to heaven - but redeeming the value, destiny, legacy of your life. That's what love does.

131:45 - So, love didn't throw you out when you didn't look like a son. Love didn’t give up on you when you didn’t act like you were created to. Love looked way beyond that and said, “Forgive them Father. They know not what they do” - Luke 23:34. And He took the hit so that we could rise up.


132:00 - …back to Colossians 2

132:30 - v.4 - And this I say, lest any man should beguile you with enticing words. -

You are not in line for what is common to man - It's not in the bloodline of Christ - We were in Col. 2 and verse 4 brings up many different subjects - vulnerability, natural knowledge - problems with menstrual cycles, menopause, childbirth - the stage is set - everybody has to have this and go through this. But wait a minute this is not my heritage - this isn’t who I am. My heritage goes back to before man ever ate from the tree - when God said let us make man in our image. I don't believe that Eve was destined for all of this stuff. It's not something you contend for. It's just something that you see. "I am not any way in that line. This is not my heritage. I am not going through that." Women who didn't have pain in childbirth.

134:30 - Prayer for participants - cyclical problems - this is not who they are - redemption of bodies

137:10 - Menopause. You expect it.

137:40 - Expecting to be next in line - fear - That’s in my family. I’m about that age. I'm a brand new creature. The man that was in line for that is dead.

138:25 - Expecting heart disease. You are not in line. That’s not in the bloodline of Jesus. Don't be constantly praying about that - that's fear.


139:30 - v.5 - For though I be absent in the flesh, yet am I with you in the spirit, joying and beholding your order, and the stedfastness of your faith in Christ. -

Steadfastness in trials - He’s encouraging their steadfastness of faith in Christ. Why? Because they are in the world and going through things, tried, tested, persecuted, adversity. We go haywire in our minds when someone runs into our bumper. "I must not be doing something right."

140:20 - The gospel is not a guarantee of a perfect course of events - Clear perspective doesn't see it as adversity - When we do that we reveal that we have defined the gospel as a perfect course of events - the gospel guarantees me a perfect course of events. I'm not asking for trouble, but the Bible says, many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them out of them all - Ps. 34:19. So if your eye is right, you won’t even see it as affliction.

140:40 - Example: Paul & Silas - I don't think Paul and Silas saw it as affliction - 39 lashes - worshiping and praising God. The place shook and God set them free. Had right perspective. Some people would have said, "Why couldn't you protect us God? I was trying to save some souls. You would think you could protect me."

141:30 - Eternal perspective - I'm never going to die, so why not run well and leave a legacy? - They understood that their lives weren't their own. At the cost of their lives they were following Jesus that souls might be saved. And they are never going to die. "Take your best shot. I'm never going to die... I am alive. Death is defeated. I'm never going to die so why not run well and leave a legacy even if it costs me what seems like my life? It's not. My life is in Him. So I'm going to seek the things that are above and not the things on the earth. Why? Because I died and my life is in Christ." - Col. 3:1-3.

Walk by Faith

143:00 - v.6 - As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: -

You were justified through faith - Now continue to walk in faith - This is huge. How did you receive Christ? By faith. You have to believe. You are justified by faith. So walk in him... - Do you see why I am so intense about not living by feelings (sensual)? - Not living by the way it seems and feels and the way you think or the way others think? Because in Jesus is all the treasures of wisdom. He is the truth not a truth.

The Faith

143:45 - v.7 - Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith...

Stand firm in "the faith" - Who you are now that Christ has come - established in the faith - What is "the faith"? Who you’ve become now that He died and rose again - who you are in light of Him. You contend, fight for (1 Tim. 6:12) and stand in that. Because God doesn't change His mind. It's already settled - You are loved, lovable and you always will be. You have destiny and potential and you always will. In your deepest failure the door is still open for you to succeed. In your most lost state the door is still open for you to come home. In your deepest ignorance there is still knowledge waiting for you. God's door doesn't close to you.

144:50 - So the phrase "the faith" found throughout the NT has to do with maintaining, securing, walking in, resting in who you are now that He has come. It has nothing to do with punching the devil in the mouth. You can't find that in the Bible. It has nothing to do with getting in some fight with the devil.

The Enemy

145:25 - Spiritual warfare is overemphasized - the good fight of faith - there is a place for it but it is over preached. We think “fighting the good fight of faith” is spiritual warfare. “Fighting the good fight of faith” is standing firm in Truth in the face of everything contrary - sensuality, what it feels like, what it seems like - to stand firm and say, "Nothing has changed. Christ is Lord. And He is in me. And I am loved by God. I'm already right, accepted, acceptable."

146:00 - Our fight is to stand in truth - Even when you look at phrases like: Weapons of our warfare - wrestle not with flesh and blood - putting on armor - The way we fight is not getting in a ring and wrestling the devil. You fight by putting on your armor and holding up the shield of faith and wielding the sword of the Spirit. So it's the truth that makes you free. You’re not fighting the devil. You’re standing in truth in the midst of chaos.

146:30 - Don't bother fighting the devil - He is coming to nothing - We chase after the devil. He loves it when you pay attention to him - binding - rebuking - telling him where he is going to be one day - getting in a mouth battle with the devil. He’s a cut off withering branch coming to nothing. He loves when you make him somebody because he is so freaked out in fear, so insecure and so lost. Don’t feed his addiction. Let him starve in insecurity. He wants you to fear him. He wants you to believe him instead of God.

147:20 - He wants you looking just like he looks - fearful, hopeless etc. - He loves to reproduce himself in you - taking what was made in the image of God and make you just like he looks and feels. He loves it when Christians are hopelessness just like he is. Fear. He loves when people made to be like God are like him.

147:50 - He is freaked out that today might be the day that the trumpet blows. That in a moment he might face eternal damnation and judgement. When Jesus walked the earth devils were freaked out by Jesus. "Why have you come to torment us before our time?" And they’ll be freaked out by the Christ in you. They try and keep you from seeing who you are in Him.

148:25 - He wants to keep you from seeing who you really are - They try to keep you from ever getting a revelation of who you are so that they don't have to be freaked out by you. If you ever see what they know… it’s over.

148:40 - Don't fall for the devil tricks and deceptions - So he tries to keep you self-conscious, hurt, offended, rational thinking, human wisdom… let’s keep them divided, doctrines, theology. Let’s get them to fight instead of being one. Make it all about them and their heritage, what they believe and their upbringing. Let's keep them offended and offendable so they never take on Christ. We don’t mind if they go to church if they are religious in their going. The bible says: Don’t be unaware of his devices (2 Cor. 2:11) - and - Don’t give him any place (Eph. 4:27). You’re the steward of your heart - don’t give him any place.

150:00 - Can you imagine the horror among demons when they realized that Christ rose from the dead and that the enemy had played right into the hand of God - like a fool - like a pawn. He actually killed the Son of God and now all men could go free. He shed innocent blood - the Lamb - he was blinded to all of that and God in His infinite wisdom pulled back and the devil did what he does - steal, kill, destroy. And because of that we can all live.

150:40 - Tactics of the devil - We can't defeat God but we can defeat man - How can we defeat God now? Vision of the horror among devil and demons after the crucifixion. "Wait a minute guys. It's not that bad. We can’t beat God, but we can beat them. They are going to keep loving themselves. They won't love God more than their own lives. They won't surrender to God. Are you kidding? Every one of them, at heart, is just like us. They are all about themselves and we will make sure that it stays that way. We will make sure that we work and finagle and poke and prod in as many areas as we can to make sure they never get a revelation of what was accomplished here (at the cross). We'll turn it into legalism and works. We'll get them to hurt each other. We'll get them so hurt at young ages in the church that they won't even want to think about church. We'll get them so mad at God that they'll think that God killed their kids and God killed their parents. We will scramble this thing up. We'll deceive. We'll blind. We'll lie. But they will believe us because they really live for themselves. Get in here guys. Ready? Break!"

152:10 - That's the only power he has - to blind our eyes from seeing. He doesn't believe that one of us love God more than our own life. He just believes that you need God for your life. I'm not incorporating God into my life. I want God to make me into who I am.

153:00 - Devils are real but they are not to be feared and honored the way that we tend to honor them. And they are seeking whom they may devour. They are looking for vulnerability, fear, weakness, access points, wrong motives.

Deception in the Church

153:30 - v.7 - Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving. - Not all of us have really been taught the gospel - Taught - Paul knows that he has taught this. If you were the devil and you were afraid of men getting this revelation, wouldn't you try to soft pedal, sugar coat, twist and contort - a lot of different angles and views - to try to confuse the belief system of the church?

154:10 - Not all of us have been taught. It's been about us building a kingdom instead of manifesting a kingdom. Church buildings are a blessing if it is all for the right reason. It's all about manifesting the kingdom.

155:10 - v.8 - Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. - Beware - see to it - watch. It sounds like you are the steward of that.

156:20 - People are not your enemy - It's the thing behind them that is trying to distort - Just because someone says something different than you doesn't make them your enemy. There are plenty of well meaning people. But we are called to love one another. Don't make enemies with people. Flesh is not your war. It's the thing that is trying to manipulate flesh into something less than Christ. People are not a threat to you. It's doctrines, mindsets, mentalities, the "yeah buts" that are dangerous.

157:05 - "Yeah buts" are dangerous - They accommodate staying the same - "Yeah, that's good brother but you have to face the reality that... Yeah, but not everybody..." There are a lot of them out there. I don't have time for them. I am not going to listen to them. 

157:30 - "Yeah buts" - Sexual immorality - The Bible talks about sexual immorality. It's intense. We don't even like to talk about it. It says, "Be not deceived..." Another verse talking about sexual immorality says, "Let no one deceive you with empty words..." And we say, "Yeah, but God loves us. He won't judge us. He knows our heart." We have a line that accommodates our lifestyle.

Live by Faith

159:30 - Don't let anything take you away from truth to make you captive - philosophy, intellect, natural thinking, etc. - Spoil you - cheat you - take you captive - This is serious language. He's talking about living by faith. You can't live sensual and live by faith at the same time. It's one or the other.

201:20 - Student reads Amplified Version.

202:00 - We are free. But make sure no one makes you a captive through the intellect, human tradition, the world's way of thinking, natural knowledge… and not the spiritual world. And in the church today we are almost afraid to be spiritual. We can be judged if we even suggest something like menopause is not your created value. Get real.

203:00 - Working in the warehouse - We’re Christians too - gather to pray, meet - disbands after communion together - differences - what the body and blood paid for. I was suggesting that people could get healed. Dan, you are way off. The reality is that not everybody is healed. You just have to trust it to the sovereign mercy of God.

205:10 - Just follow Him - Don't be pressured to agree with what doesn't agree with Him - I don't even have the capacity to think that way (sovereign mercy). I just want to read it in the Bible, see it in Jesus' life and go after it until it is my reality. And any thing that tries to talk me out of the truth along the way, I won't make you an enemy if it is a person. I just won't take it to heart. I don't have to say "yes." That doesn't make me dogmatic, willful, over aggressive and always needing to be right. You can call it whatever you want. I am following Him.

205:30 - Now I can do that and protect my heart and not get hard along the way. Some people get militant and hard toward people. And they are on a lonely journey into spirituality, mad at everybody. And you get high minded - talking down to people instead of talking to people.

205:45 - Don't surrender your freedom in Christ - You have been made a slave of righteousness - Did you hear that verse? There is freedom in Christ. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom - 2 Cor. 3:17. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed - John 8:36. Now we have a scripture saying, "Be careful." It even says (Romans 6:18) that I am a prisoner and enslaved to righteousness. That means that am tied and bound to serve a life sentence of righteousness. I am forever judged righteous.

207:00 - We have a new way of thinking and living - It's supernatural - Don't let it be compromised - But as you receive Him, so walk in Him (Col. 2:6) - despite life, the way we were taught, etc. Every thing we were taught growing up still tries to come and have a voice - still tries to lead. Be careful that you don't have a mixed drink of theology - and have the "way that seems right" laced through the one and true gospel. The old passes away and ALL things are new. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds. That means the old way is gone. It's a new way of thinking, seeing and living. It’s not out of balance it’s following Him. "You're so heavenly minded that you're no earthly good." - A phrase from hell.

208:30 - People say, "You are weirding us out. You need to relate." Jesus wasn't dissuaded at Lazarus' tomb from pursuing to raise Lazarus.

209:35 - If you couldn't have a conversation with Jesus and have your thinking fly with Jesus, why should it fly when we are talking to one another? If you try to sell that to Jesus it isn't flying. Supernatural is our calling, our destiny, our lifestyle. It's not natural. It's supernatural.

210:10 - We’ve been reduced to the natural because of mishandling of the supernatural. But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. There is still a truth there to pursue. It's called the kingdom of God on the earth through my life. It's called me being free and living beyond what I ever was before Christ came. There is still a beautiful truth to be pursued.

211:00 - v.8 - "Common sense" - "Use wisdom" according to the basic principles of the world - "Well brother, you just need to use some 'common sense'." I don't want sense that is common. Just like I don't want the "common cold." It is common when you get it. "It is really going around. Everybody has it." That's how we talk. But then we use principles of faith to try to get better. But we expect to get it because it is common to man. Why do we have to catch everything that is going around?

212:00 - John G. Lake - burying the dead - Bubonic plague - He is there and not afraid. "I have the protection I need. I have Romans 8 - the law of the Spirit of life in Christ. It has made me free from the law of sin and death." If he believes that, then leave him alone. Don't say, "Well you better use wisdom" just because you are afraid.

213:30 - We tell kids the great faith stories of the Bible - But when they need to stand in faith, we advise "wisdom" - We tell kids the amazing stories of the Bible - (lots of examples) - but then when they get older and need to stand in faith, we get afraid and say things like “You better use wisdom.” Why? Because somebody died or didn't get healed along the way. We look at all the negative experiences and throw away the word. It's just sentiment.

214:50 - Many times loved ones will not be on board with your stand in faith - Sometimes when I needed to be in faith the most, the people that loved me the most were telling me to seek another way because they were afraid for me. They were coveting me personally as a relationship. It had nothing to do with wisdom. Wisdom had to do with me not letting them rob me and cheat me and take me captive now that I finally am free. Examples: witchcraft, incurable disease - it time to know Christ and who you are because He came. Not natural knowledge or wisdom.

216:00 - Conversation with doctor when wife was ill. "Sir, now is not the time for me to get a medical education. You do what you are trained for. I appreciate you. I'll do what I was trained for."

216:45 - Be careful who you listen to - Even friends may resist faith - Even best friends may not be on board with faith. They are still your friends. They still mean well. But what they say might not be the words of a best friend. I promise you that you have a Friend that sticks closer than a brother. And if you aren't saying what Jesus is saying, I love you but I will ignore you. You can tell me that I am in spiritual pride but I know me.

217:40 - Torn knee - Conversation with doctor on knee repair - power of the Name - knee healed. "You're not going to touch me with that knife." "Listen, God has gifted me to help."

218:15 - Refusing to see a doctor - Be careful about presuming to know someone's motives - faith vs. fear, shame - We often assume that we know why people do what they do - their motives - why they won't go to the doctor. You better be careful because they might be in complete faith. And it may be you in fear. Everybody may be trying to talk them out of what God has built them for. They might be ready to see a mountain move. And just because you can't see it, you are trying to talk them out of the way that they are going. Be very careful. It would be a sad day before the Lord to realize that we talked each other out of faith instead of building each other up in the faith.

219:00 - Torn knee (continued) - "It's OK if you get the surgery." "That's not my issue. But where is the power of the name of Jesus - that when you speak His name, things change? I'm going to have it. It's going to be mine." Surgery + 5 months rehab. Holy Spirit sews. I walk into the doctor's office. It was never about me being ashamed of going to see the doctor - afraid of ruining my testimony, my message. It was about Christ in me.

221:35 - Motives - When it's not about you, it opens some pretty big doors. And they have to be big because the One who comes through is awesome.

221:50 - Torn knee (continued) - Doctor's office visit. "How are you walking?" "I told you two days ago, sir. I serve a living God. His name is Jesus." "Come into my office. I need to see you."

224:15 - Stay in faith during trials - Stay out of questioning - When these types of situations happen - when it appears that you are defeated - you can be reduced to asking a million unanswered questions. "Why is this happening? What door did I open? Why are you doing this God? Why didn't you protect me?" If you are doing that, you are certainly not in faith - not in healthy identity. You've been moved by what you are going through instead of being affirmed by what He has been through. And now you are just subject to the trials that you face instead of the one that He already faced and conquered.

224:50 - Torn knee (continued) - Exam. "My God, you're healed."

225:15 - Don't react from a motive of self preservation - Now I could have made it all about me during those couple of days. "God, why is this happening to me? I thought I believed. But you said in your word..." I could have a beef with God and take the situation I am going through at face value. And I would be letting everybody in the spirit world know that the only reason I am pursuing healing is for me and my sake. And now I am confused, troubled, betrayed and maybe even backslidden. That sure doesn't sound like surrendered, dead to yourself, alive to God and ready to roll.

225:50 - When you react for self, the devil presses the attack - When you react in Jesus, the devil has actually helped form Christ in you - So if I am going to react wrongly, what keeps the devil from from poking and prodding and hitting me again and again until he crushes me. But in touching me, guess what happened. He helped affirm and establish me. The devil gave me the great privilege of walking through faith. Todd says... In that day when we see the devil, I might run up and just give him a big hug. "Thanks for everything you were in my life. You helped form Christ in me."

Complete in Him

227:15 - v.9 - For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. - full representation of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - full representation of love.

227:50 - v.10 - And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power: -

Complete in Him - You’re complete in Him. Look how important you are to Him. You are right here in the chapter. He's talking about Jesus being the fullness of the Godhead bodily and he skips right to you because you and Him are one. And He doesn't want to live without you. Heaven wouldn't be the same without you.

228:30 - By faith see yourself as complete in Him - You are complete in Him. If you see yourself in any other way except through Him you will feel incomplete - you will be measured short. You will be insecure, low in your esteem and fighting to be something you already are.

228:55 - Paul writes that right after telling you to live by faith. Because if he didn't tell you that first you'd say, "Well, I don't feel complete. I feel like I've got a long way to go. There is something that I've got to be missing brother." But he is telling you to live by faith. So if you start rising up and saying, "Father, I thank You that I am complete in Christ and that You are revealing the depth of that - the truth of that - the manifestation of that. I thank you that I am not striving any more. I'm not under pressure to measure up. I'm already in. I've already measured up. You are my measuring stick. I am already completed through Christ Jesus. Yay! Thank you for your grace.

229:40 - So if the One that is the head of all is saying that you are complete. You are complete. So let's be sure that we are not such gods unto ourselves like the fall of man, that we say, "Well, yeah but brother..." making ourselves a god... When the head of all says you are complete, guess what you are. Complete. And faith says so. Faith says, "Yep." And you begin to grow from that place into that revelation.

New Identity & Righteousness

230:20 - God is re-robing you - It's a outward sign of changed identity - fig leaves to animal skins in the garden - prodigal son putting on the coat is symbol of changing identity. You’re a son. He re-robes you. He dresses you for Himself. You are not just one who lives with the hogs. You are not just one who lived frivolously and lasciviously. You are home. Your heart has turned. You're back. So at home your shall be. You are a son. And God robes him as a son. He marks him as a son.

231:15 - That's what God did to Adam and Eve when He put animal skins on them. He marked them righteous in His sight. He gave them a hope, a promise and a future. And He took off the thing that was marking them for sin and He marked them for promise. So God is the One who clothes you and dresses you with identity. He forgives you of everything you have ever done.

231:30 - Probation before judgement - New truck - speeding ticket - court appearance - probation before judgement - It will be as if you’ve never done it. I was guilty yet counted as if I never did it.

239:40 - "It's as if you never did it." That's exactly what the gospel says to you. The thing you tend to regret. The thing you wish you could change. The thing you wish you never did. The courts of heaven say, "It's as if you never did it. The fact that you are sorry and wish you didn't do it means you didn't because you are not the same person that did."

240:20 - Probation before judgement (continued)

241:00 - Closing prayer - Guys it's as if we never did it. As long as our hearts are sincere... All He asks is repentance - that we wish we had done different. Regret would eat us alive. You can never pay the debt. You can never go back and make it right once it's done. But you can change on the inside and you can say, "Wow, I wish I had done different." And God says, "Bingo! Done! You just changed." - So Father, thank you for the gospel. Thank you that it's getting into us - transforming us and becoming who we are. And from this place we will bear fruit unto You in Jesus name.