Gospel Message from: Presence OC Church

Lead Question for each section:

What stood out to you from the video segment? Any favorite quotes? Anything confuse you?

Supplemental Questions:

Section 1 - (0:40 to 6:14)

1:40 - Why is it that to know God - communing with Him - spending time with Him is so important? What happens as we spend time with Him? What can slip in to take the place of communing with Him?

2:15 - When we meet together as a body, what should we be reminding ourselves of? What should we be guarding against?

2:30 - Why has God come to live inside of us? To what end?

4:05 - Why do you think life is so tough when we try to live at odds with why God made us? Can you think of any examples where you disregarded instructions - owners manuals? How did that works out? 

4:20 - What is grace? And what does it empower? What does it make possible in terms of our everyday lives?

4:30 - If the gospel is not just blessings, provision and heaven someday, what is it?

5:00 - What all does God want to change about us?

Section 2 - (6:14 to 10:48)

6:45 - Dan said, "What Jesus paid for on the cross wasn't just the forgiveness of your sins. The reason He paid for the forgiveness of your sins was to get the lie off of you so you could finally walk in the truth." What's the lie he was talking about? And what is Jesus restoring in man - what is that truth that we can finally walk in?

7:00 - What was lost in man when man ate from the tree in the garden? But what wasn't lost towards man? And why wasn't that lost?

7:45 - Have you ever thought that you broke God's heart? Why is that not possible?

9:00 - Can you think of examples of being trained by the wisdom of this world - trained by the spirit of this world?

10:30 - Is being one with God the same thing as becoming a God? Why or why not?

Section 3 - (10:53 to 17:02)

10:55 - What does it mean to be made in God's image? What is God like?

11:55 - How does becoming love cut off our ability to be frustrated or offended with other people?

13:50 - What are some examples of having the form of something without the substance of that thing? (Not necessarily just religious examples.)

16:15 - What does Dan mean in saying that, "the whole key is believing"?