Epileptic Boy - Why Couldn't We Heal the Boy?

Lead Question for each section:

What stood out to you from the video segment? Any favorite quotes? Anything confuse you?

Supplemental Questions:

Section 1 - Dan Mohler - Why didn't it work? - (0:00 to 4:35)

0:20 - Why is it significant that the man brought his boy to the disciples for healing? What must the disciples have had a reputation for doing?

0:50 - When Jesus says, "faithless and perverse generation," who is he talking to? The dad? The people? The disciples?

1:00 - What does Jesus mean by the phrase, "faithless and perverse generation"?

1:30 - How do we know that it must have been at least possible for the disciples to heal the boy?

1:45 - Was it the will of God to heal the boy? How do we know that? But was the boy healed when the disciples prayed? What does that show us about how healing is released?

3:40 - What's the purpose of fasting?

Section 2 - Dan Mohler - Why didn't it work? - (4:35 to 9:44) - Why couldn't we do it?

5:15 - How does Jesus answer the disciples when they ask Him privately why they couldn't cast it out?

5:30 - What does Dan teach that "unbelief" means?

6:00 - How do the things we see with our eyes affect the way we pray?

6:30 - When we are unprepared for what we see what should we do?

Section 3 - Dan Mohler - Why didn't it work? - (9:44 to 15:12)

10:00 - How did Jesus respond to the disciples' question? And how is the way that He responded to His disciples a great encouragement to us today?

11:00 - What happens a lot when we pray for someone and what we see with our eyes looks like the condition has not changed?

11:40 - How do you move forward when what you see doesn't seem to be changing?

12:30 - What did Jesus promise to the disciples (and to us) in His response? Who will be speaking to the mountain?

14:20 - What is the enemy try to keep you from seeing? Why is he so freaked out and afraid?