Water Baptism - Die to Live

Lead Question for each section:

What stood out to you from the video segment? Any favorite quotes? Anything confuse you?

Supplemental Questions:

Section 1 - HCSKL 2010 Day 42 - (1:47:06 to 1:52:00) 

1:47:25 - What did Jesus say about water baptism in Mark 16:16? Why are there still so many questions about whether baptism is warranted after believing? What are we elevating above His word on baptism?

1:48:20 - 1 Peter 3:21 - What can be so startling about this verse?

1:49:35 - Acts 8:36-37 - After Philip explained the gospel what was the reaction of the eunuch? What must have been a part of Philips explanation of the gospel? What was the requirement for water baptism according to v.37?

1:50:00 - What does water baptism symbolize in the gospel message?

1:50:25 - When can our questions be counterproductive to relationship with God?

Section 2 - HCSKL 2010 Day 49 - (17:05 to 23:53) Follow along in Romans 6:1-11.

17:15 - What does it mean to "reckon yourself dead to sin"? How do you do that? We're not trying not to sin. We're living as _______.

17:40 - When you realize that you are made righteous - when you realize who you were created to be - what does that put into your heart? How does that protect you? 

19:00 - What does Dan mean when he says, "So, it's like they are bought out of sin and yet sold back into it through their lack of understanding. See how we are destroyed for our lack of knowledge?"

21:10 - We read the phrases like "united with Him in a death like His" and "baptized into His death" but what do we actually die to? What are we saying through baptism?

23:00 - In what sense is baptism a "faith thing"?

Section 3 - HCSKL 2010 Day 49 - (23:53 to 29:23)

24:00 - What do you think it means to live with Christ?

24:30 - How do we move from head knowledge (knowing about God) to heart knowledge (really knowing God)?

26:50 - How do you "reckon yourself alive to God in Christ Jesus"?

28:00 - If we're not "sinners saved by grace," what are we?