Gospel Message from: Vista Assembly (Part 4 of 6)

Lead Question for each section:

What stood out to you from the video segment? Any favorite quotes? Anything confuse you?

Supplemental Questions:

Section 1 - (0:08 to 6:30)  <-- Click here to watch the first video segment.

1:30 - What does it mean that we were created to look like our Father? Can you think of people that you know that look like their Father (God)? What resemblances do you see in them?

2:25 - What is the "self-centered gospel" that Dan is talking about? In what ways is it a trap? How does the self-centered gospel mindset get in the way of how we are supposed to be living?

3:10 - In what ways was Jesus' life on the earth an example of living in the polar opposite of self-centeredness? How did He manifest humility?

3:40 - If the gospel is not about how God can bless me and take me to heaven one day, what is it all about?

4:30 - When you think about yourself, how is what God sees about you different than how you might feel or think about yourself?

6:05 - What does Dan mean by, "I'm called to love you, not need you?" Where does our affirmation come from, such that we don't desperately depend on the affirmation of others?

Section 2 - (7:06 to 12:53)

7:10 - What happens if we fail to deny ourselves? What are the repercussions?

8:55 - Why do we need to deny ourselves? And what does "deny yourself" mean? What were we created for?

9:30 - What was the desperate dilemma we were all born into? We were created for what... but we were born into what?

10:20 - What does it mean that I can't truly be free until I get free from myself?

Section 3 - (12:54 to 20:22)

13:20 - Why doesn't just integrating God into my old way of living - adding God into my life work? 

14:15 - What makes our time on earth so valuable when we have finally grasped the truth?

15:20 - What was lost when man ate from the tree in the garden? How can we know that that wasn't lost from God's heart?

15:55 - What needs to happen so that this transformation into new life can take place?

16:40 - What is the ultimate purpose of meeting together as a church? What should be happening as we spend time together?