Gospel Message from: Eden Prairie Assembly

Lead Question for each section:

What stood out to you from the video segment? Any favorite quotes? Anything confuse you?

Supplemental Questions:

Section 1 - (0:11 to 4:01)

1:10 - What's the whole goal of the gospel - the whole reason God sent His Son?

2:50 - Why is Bible knowledge alone not enough to live the Christian life? What do we need to live the Christian life?

Section 2 - (4:01 to 11:16)

4:40 - What do we use as measuring stick for determining how life is going? How do we determine how we're doing? What's our criteria? 

How can it be possible that what God has done for us would have more influence over how we think life is going than how the circumstances of life are going or how other people are treating us? How is that possible?

5:45 - What needs to change in us so that we can be more than OK when the circumstances of life are not going well?

7:00 - Why is life a grind when we are living outside of God's purpose for us? 

7:30 - Why can't we fulfill the purpose for which we were created and still cling to the things on Jesus' list of loving less?

9:00 - What kind of new normal is Jesus calling into?

Section 3 - (11:16 to 16:53)

11:30 - What's the reason that the church comes together? Why do we meet together?

12:05 - What does it mean for us to "become what He paid for"? What did He pay for? What happens when our hearts get away from His purpose for us?

13:10 - What is so suspect about being a Christian "for you"? Why doesn't that work? What does being a Christian for His name sake mean? What does that look like?