Communing through Prayer - Part 2

Lead Question for each section:

What stood out to you from the video segment? Any favorite quotes? Anything confuse you?

Supplemental Questions:

Section 1 - Dan Mohler - How to Pray (18:57 to 24:28)

19:10 - What should our motive be in reading the Bible?

19:40 - Instead of always reading straight through a scripture passage, what other practice can be really meaningful? What happens as we pray back to Holy Spirit what He is teaching us?

23:30 - Why is problem-focused prayer detrimental? How is problem-driven prayer different from faith-filled prayer? Examples of both please.

Section 2 - Dan Mohler - How to Pray (24:28 to 30:04)

24:30 - What begins to change when you pray for a child from a problem-focused mindset?

25:45 - What is heaven's response to faith-filled prayer? Dan defines "grace" as more than just unmerited favor but as God's supernatural power working in us to do what we cannot do for ourselves - to make us look more like Him - the "etching tool of God." It's what makes God more real to us. So what did Dan say was the effect of the grace that meets our faith? What does it do?

Would you say that your prayers have been more along the lines of problem-driven prayers or answer-driven prayers?

27:25 - How can we know when a child / spouse / loved one has become an idol?

29:00 - What does right relationship with God and healthy identity enable in terms of prayer? 

29:19 - "Eye of the needle" has to do with the (narrow) perspective you see things through.

Section 3 - Dan Mohler - How to Pray (30:04 to 37:17)

30:50 - Rom. 10:10 - What benefit is there in speaking your prayers out loud?

32:00 - What is declaration? Supplication? Examples please.

33:00 - What is intercession? Example please. How does Jesus intercede / mediate for us?

35:00 - What kind of access do we have to the Father? Why do we have that access?

35:30 - What are asking, seeking and knocking prayers? Examples please.

36:25 - What did Dan say was the #1 most important thing in our lives? What does that kind of fellowship do in us? How does it change the way we see others?