Vulnerability & Fear

Read: 1 John 4:17-18 from a couple of different translations.

Lead Question for each section:

What stood out to you from the video segment? Any favorite quotes? Anything confuse you?

Supplemental Questions:

Section 1 - 2011 HCSKL - Day 3 - (36:05 to 47:42)

36:30 - What all is a Christian not subject to in this world? And why aren't we subject to it?

36:50 - What is it that most Christians live by? Not by faith but by what? But then how do we try to involve God in that scenario?

37:50 - Does it really matter how often the world tries to tell us who we are and who we're not? Why or why not?

39:00 - What makes us in the world but not of it? 

39:30 - Why can we live in this world without fear? What has to happen before we live without fear?

41:25 - What is a fear-driven prayer? And what does a fear-driven prayer say about how you see yourself?

46:20 - How can we respond in situations that previously might have inspired fear and a sense of vulnerability? How do we pull out of fear and into faith? What does that look like?

Section 2 - 2011 HCSKL - Day 3 - (47:58 to 58:52)

48:00 - How does a sense of vulnerability limit us? What can it keep us from doing?

50:30 - How do you "stay in faith" when you go to get a medical treatment?

54:00 - Why did Dan not kill the tick?

54:20 - If we don't have faith in certain areas, how does Dan encourage us to see ourselves? We're still doing what? What are we not to do to others if they are "OK"?

Section 3 - 2011 HCSKL - Day 3 - (59:06 to 1:08:45) - Fear of death and judgement

1:00:50 - Why is the typical Christian still so moved by the fear of death and judgement?

1:04:10 - How can we be freed from this fear?

1:05:10 - What is the sign of perfected love?