Mt. 11:28-29 - Come Unto Me

Read: Mt. 11:28-29 from a few different translations.

Lead Question for each section:

What stood out to you from the video segment? Any favorite quotes? Anything confuse you?

Supplemental Questions:

Section 1 - Dan Mohler - Friday Evening - (13:29 to 19:14)

13:45 - Jesus doesn't necessarily take away all of our "troubles" but what does He do?

17:05 - Read Gen. 1:26-28 - According to this passage, why is man on the earth?

14:10, 17:45, 21:30 - So why do we get to feeling "weary and burdened" / "weary and heavy laden"?

16:15 - Read Mt 16:24 - Why is does Jesus say right away that we must deny ourselves? What are we created for? What are we not created for? If we weren't created for self, how did we get so self-centered?

18:50 - Man was separated from his source of love but did God still love him?

Section 2 - Dan Mohler - Friday Evening - (19:14 to 25:20)

19:20 - What kind of identity crisis is Dan talking about? What caused this crisis?

20:50 - Read Col. 3:9-10 - What kind of identity do we have in Christ?

21:00 - Why won't the weariness and burden or life be lifted if we hang on to our "normal" way of life?

21:35 - "Thinking for ourselves" means --> "Me first, kind of thinking"

21:40 - What does it mean to become a Christian for ourselves? Can you give examples of some selfish motives?

22:25 - How do we find rest? What perspective brings rest?

23:45 - What perspective enabled Jesus to endure the cross? What did He see about us?

24:30 - In what sense do we need each other? What should we never need from one another? Why shouldn't we need this from one another? What is our source of love and basis for identity? What does this free us to do to one another?

Section 3 - Dan Mohler - Friday Evening - (47:48 to 55:56)

48:00 - How do you begin to let God change your mindset and motive - to take on "His yoke"? Where does that change happen?

51:15 - What does adversity tend to reveal?

52:10 - Dan's summary of the meaning of Mt. 11:28-29.

54:30 - Why are we Christians?