Spirit of Truth - Part 1

Lead Question for each section:

What stood out to you from the video segment? Any favorite quotes? Anything confuse you?

Supplemental Questions:

Section 1 - HCSKL 2011 - Day 49 - (1:00:12 to 1:08:36)

Read: John 14:16-17 from a couple of different translations.

101:00 - Why would Jesus have to go so that the Helper could come? Why is it to our advantage that the Helper should come?

1:02:00 - What is the Helper going to do in Jesus' absence?

1:03:00 - What does the Spirit of God enable us to do?

1:03:50 - Why can't the world receive the Spirit of Truth?

1:06:15 - Why is communion with the Holy Spirit so important? 

1:07:20 - How do we commonly try to shortcut the experience of learning from Holy Spirit?

Section 2 - HCSKL 2011 - Day 49 - (1:08:45 to 1:16:05)

Read: John 14:26 from a couple of different translations.

1:09:20 - In what ways does Holy Spirit speak to us today? How can we expect Him to teach us and remind us?

1:14:00 - What do we need to become so that Holy Spirit can speak things freely to us? And why is becoming that so necessary?

Section 3 - HCSKL 2011 - Day 49 - (1:16:06 to 1:25:08)

Read: John 15:26 & John 16:7 from a couple of different translations.

What will God not enable with manifestations? Living by what? When is He most "free" to touch us in a tangible way? When we have been established and are walking by what?

Why should the manifestations that others experience encourage us (and not discourage us if we compare our experiences to them)? What should they encourage us into?

1:20:35 - Dan said, "Grab what was speaking to your heart and become it. The rest will come as you need it."

1:21:10 - What's the problem with being negative about receiving too much info?

1:22:40 - Why did Jesus repeatedly assure His disciples that the Holy Spirit was coming?

1:23:00 - How can you discern the working of Holy Spirit? What is He always doing? What is He here to do?