The Mind of Christ

Lead Question for each section:

What stood out to you from the video segment? Any favorite quotes? Anything confuse you?

Supplemental Questions:

Section 1 - HCSKL 2010 Day 24 - (1:22:19 to 1:30:30) - Follow along starting from Phil. 1:27...

1:22:50 - Why did Jesus leave us in the world? Why did He want us here?

1:23:05 - What kind of suffering are we going to go through because we are in the world?

1:24:15 - Why isn't selfish ambition supposed to be an issue any more for born again believers? What has changed? How do we inadvertently give that old man life?

1:25:00 - What has to change before "hurts" are no longer an issue? How can a change of perspective actually keep us from being hurt?

1:25:20 - What is the "mind of Christ"? What is Paul talking about when he uses this phrase?

1:26:30 - Why did Christ humble Himself and take on flesh? What was His objective?

1:27:20 - When is humility an impediment to God's will for your life?

1:30:15 - Why is it important for us to be seen as sons and daughters? What needs to be expressed on the earth?

Section 2 - HCSKL 2010 Day 4 - (2:18:30 to 2:26:02) - Here is another teaching on Phil. 2 from a different video. Follow along from Phil. 2:1...

1:18:55 - What's the difference between unity and uniformity when it comes to the body of Christ?

2:20:20 - What is the "mind of Christ"? How did Dan explain it a little differently this time?

2:22:00 - In what ways did Jesus humble Himself?

2:23:25 - What does it mean to "work out your salvation"? Is that an effort / striving thing?

2:23:55 - What are the things that we complain about the most often? But according to Paul, what role is complaining to have in our lives? How is it removed? Is it just by trying harder not to complain? What has to change?

Section 3 - HCSKL 2010 Day 17 - (50:32 to 53:36)

50:40 - What is being a Christian all about? Becoming what?

51:20 - Why does humility in others, towards us, freak us out so badly? Foot washing, gift giving, etc. Have you ever experienced this?

52:25 - How is Jesus still serving you today? What is He continuing to do?