Intro Series

What is this?

To my knowledge Dan Mohler has never written a study guide for small groups. Yet a small group would do well to “camp in” - to get established in - the basic gospel insights that Dan teaches. What follows, then, is a free, online small group study resource for introducing, exploring and reinforcing these insights.

Is this study right for our small group?

This study will not be a traditional small group study...

  • Introductory Study - This study is an introductory study. It reinforces Dan's foundational, gospel-in-a-nutshell type teaching and was organized for folks who have never heard Dan speak or who are recently hearing Dan speak for the first time. Groups that are already very familiar with Dan's teaching may find this study too basic.
  • Use of videos vs. book - This study will rely very heavily on video clips from Dan Mohler’s teachings. So group members will need access to the internet in order to prepare for meetings and the facilitator will need access to the internet during the meetings to be able to show clips to the group.
  • Overlap - There will be considerable overlap of Dan’s teaching from meeting to meeting. This will work in our favor as new ideas are left to sink in over time with repetition.
  • Not Just Head Knowledge - Our goal is not to just to learn new principles that we can apply to our lives to get the results we want. We’re camping in messages that will help introduce us into a deeper relationship with God through whom our lives are transformed. Our continuing emphasis will be relating to our Father more personally - more intimately.

How would it work?

At Home Assignments: Before each meeting, group members will receive a brief email (see "At Home Assignments" below) that will include...

  • Connecting Personally - (meetings 2 through 6) Two brief Dan Mohler video clips encouraging us to go deeper in our relationship with God - to connect personally with Him and giving examples of what that might look like. 
  • Main Video Clip - A 20 to 30 minute, free-ranging, gospel-in-a-nutshell type Dan Mohler video clip is provided for group members to watch before the next meeting. Group members are encouraged to jot down their thoughts so they will have something to share with the group at our next meeting.
  • Supplemental Video Clips - Several short Dan Mohler video clips are provided which relate to a specific theme. These clips are more narrowly focused on one aspect of the gospel message (see themes below).

A small group meeting might look something like this:

  • A Time of Fellowship - snacks and catching up.
  • Prayer Requests & Group Prayer - We’ll pray for each other emphasizing what we are learning. We'll ask God to open our hearts and minds to His Truth.
  • Ice Breaker Question - a simple question just to get people more comfortable talking in the group.
  • Group Discussion of the At Home Assignment - Like Dan’s messages, group discussions will be less formal and more free-ranging. The discussion will be based on the observations of participants with the facilitator from time to time steering the group toward constructive discussion. Scripture references are provided for discussion. Various discussion starters and questions are provided for the facilitator's use if needed (see "Discussion Helps" pages for each meeting below).
    • Connecting Personally clips - We will give group members a chance to speak about how their alone times with God are being impacted and changed.
    • Main clip - We will give participants a chance to speak about what impressed/confused them from the main clip.
    • Supplemental clips - We will zero in on a specific theme for the night by showing and discussing the supplementary clips.
  • Closing Prayer - We'll thank God for teaching us and working in us to make us more like Him.

Intro Series - Reinforcing Dan's foundational, gospel-in-a-nutshell type teaching - (Detailed Description)

Meeting 1 - At Home Assignment - Discussion Helps - Creation of man / The Fall / Effects of the Fall

Meeting 2 - At Home Assignment - Discussion Helps - Freedom from Sin

Meeting 3 - At Home Assignment - Discussion Helps - Identity, Value & Purpose

Meeting 4 - At Home Assignment - Discussion Helps - Intimate Relationship

Meeting 5 - At Home Assignment - Discussion Helps - Transformation - Grace Meeting Faith

Meeting 6 - At Home Assignment - Discussion Helps - Standing Firm - Replacing Lies with Truth