John the Baptist in Prison - Don't be Shaken Out of What You Believe

Read: Mt. 11:1-11.

Lead Question for each section:

What stood out to you from the video segment? Any favorite quotes? Anything confuse you?

Supplemental Questions:

Section 1 - HCSKL 2011 Day 35 - (28:10 to 35:54) 

29:50 - Dan said, "When your life is being tried, you question who God is." Have you ever had a time where the circumstances of life caused you to reassess who God is and how much He loves you?

31:20 - What is the question that John sends to Jesus? But what does John already know about Jesus?

31:45 - How does Jesus affirm what John already knows? What does He point to? And why would He point to these things?

33:10 - Why does Jesus tack on the last part of His response: "Blessed is the man who is not offended because of me." Read verse 6 from a couple of different translations.

34:00 - What is the link between trusting God and being able to stay in intimate relationship with Him?

34:30 - What's the problem with trying to figure out who God is through the way that life's circumstances are going? Where should we look to to know who God truly is?

Section 2 - HCSKL 2011 Day 35 - (2:10:07 to 2:13:37) - Dan starts out this segment talking about Luke 10:19...

What is it that actually hurts you when you are going through a trial? What is a trial designed to accomplish?

Why doesn't God stop every trial? 

What carries us through every trial?

Section 3 - HCSKL 2011 Day 17 - (1:13:57 to 1:17:46)

1:15:50 - What does questioning God's love because of the way life is going reveal about our perspective?

1:16:45 - How can we better respond?