Put Off the Old / Put On the New (Love) - Part 2

Lead Question for each section:

What stood out to you from the video segment? Any favorite quotes? Anything confuse you?

Supplemental Questions:

Section 1 - HCSKL 2011 Day 8 - (31:10 to 36:10) - Follow along from v. 8...

31:50 - How do we "put off the old" without doing it through shear effort on our part - just trying to do better?

32:50 - What does that putting off look like?

34:40 - When you pray this way, what does the Holy Spirit have to work with?

35:40 - What's the driving power behind this transformation?

Section 2 - HCSKL 2011 Day 8 - (1:09:06 to 1:13:40) - Put it to death...

1:10:35 - Why is it a good thing when we realize that there is something still twisted in our thinking or feeling or desires?

1:11:05 - Some "old man things" go away without us even noticing that they have changed. Why may some things not change that way?

1:11:30 - How can our outlook on these "old man issues" affect whether we ultimately rise above them? What is the enemy hoping will happen? How is he hoping you will react?

Section 3 - HCSKL 2011 Day 8 - (54:30 to 1:00:15) - Put on love. Follow along from v.12...

55:20 - What is the love of God designed to elicit in us? Is it all just about us being fulfilled?

59:30 - Why do we have boldness in the day of judgement?

BonusHCSKL 2011 Day 22 (1:33:11 to 1:37:18) - An additional teaching on putting off without getting into works...