Communing through Prayer - Part 1

Lead Question for each section:

What stood out to you from the video segment? Any favorite quotes? Anything confuse you?

Supplemental Questions:

Section 1 - Dan Mohler - How to Pray (0:00 to 6:26)

1:30 - What motive should we go into prayer with? Why are we going into prayer?

2:00 - What do we often substitute for knowing God?

2:15 - Read a couple of translations of John 17:2-3. So what is eternal life? Who gives it?

2:30 - What happens as you are getting to know God?

3:30 - What's the difference between knowing about God and knowing God?

4:00 - What role does Holy Spirit play in getting to know God?

Section 2 - Dan Mohler - How to Pray (6:26 to 14:11)

6:30 - As we pray what is Holy Spirit looking to do? What is He leading us into?

7:15 - Is this kind of prayer new to you? Is it comfortable / uncomfortable? How do we get through feelings of discomfort?

7:50 - "New Life for Girls" - Dan is a regular speaker at the home base for this organization.

8:20 - Do you have times in prayer when it doesn't seem like God is there? How should we handle this? Why doesn't God make it ushie-gushie / fuzzy-wuzzie all the time?

10:00 - What drives the passion in Dan's disposition? Are there times when you can relate to that passion?

12:50 - "Sensual living" - Living by how I FEEL and how it SEEMS TO ME. - Why does God love faith so much?

Section 3 - Dan Mohler - How to Pray (14:11 to 18:56)

14:15 - Why shouldn't waiting on a feeling (like a feeling of being loved by God) or seeking an experience be our "plan A"?

14:50 - Why won't God always oblige your seeking a feeling (for example: a feeling of being loved by God)?

15:00 - What does Dan mean when he says, "I have that (manifestation of love) in my knowing"? Why is that important?

15:20 - "The greatest strength in your life is believing God's love, not feeling God's love."

15:50 - Does anybody use "reminders" to trigger your heart in relationship? What reminders do you use?

16:15 - Dan gives examples of praying towards the end of this segment. What are the different hearts he prayed from?