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Notes on selected mp3 files from early Dan Mohler messages: (mp3 files here - "Older Teachings - Mix")

"Ankeny School" (52:15) - Main Theme: Get established in relationship - knowing Him, then healing will be a natural aspect of manifesting Him.

Created to Manifest Him - He is Love  Healing - An Amazing Aspect of Manifesting Him  Thoughts that Try to Disqualify You  Nothing Disqualifies the Sick Person  Mindsets that Inhibit Kingdom Expression  Praying from the Promise - Not the Problem  Know Him - Manifest Him

"Awesome Truth - LCF 2009-09-03" (1:19:46) - Main Theme: Step into the privilege of kingdom living.

Price Paid for the Redemption of Man  Live by Faith - Not By Feelings  Repentance  Relationship - Not Principles  Heaven back Inside of You  Healing - Green Light / Ready to Roll  He Lives in Us  Commissioned to Preach & Heal  Mark 16  Great Joy  Entrusted with Kingdom Living  Becoming Love  Step into Kingdom Living

"Believer's Baptism" (48:55) - Main Theme: The meaning and power of water baptism - an act of faith to which grace attaches.

The Need to be Born Again  Mark 16 - Believe & Be Baptized  Rom. 6 - Water Baptism as a Grave  The Womb of God  An Act of Faith to Which Grace Attaches  Water Baptism - Sorely Neglected  Jesus & Water Baptism - Always Preached Together

"Establish Your Hearts" (54:50) - Main Theme: Establishing truth in your heart. [This recording omits several portions of the original teaching]

James 5 - Establish Your Heart in Truth  Impatience  Rooted & Grounded in Love  Complaining  Endurance  Job - Keep God in Right Perspective  Pray through Adverse Circumstances  Prayer of Faith  Free from Sin  Self-Condemnation  Righteous Identity  Faith & Hope

"FFH 5-27-2008" (3:06:51) Content: Praise & worship - "Martyred Lifestyle" - Testimonies - From 1:50:00-2:19:05 teaching time with Todd White: Stepping out to pray for the sick /Elisha & servant - open his eyes / Mt. 6 - Seek First His Kingdom & His Righteousness / Luke 6 - Remainder of recording --> Prayer for the sick, words of encouragement and fellowship.

"FFH 8-12-2008" (1:37:21) - Main Theme: Pursuing intimate relationship with God and living from intimate relationship with God.

The Privilege of Worship  Pursue His Presence  Live from His Presence  Stop Judging the Worship  Hurt from Rejection - A Barometer of God Reality  Religion vs. Relationship - Do Everything in Relationship

"HC - 3-19-11" (1:18:18) - Main Theme: Overcome - Love not your own life unto death. If you are loving your own life you're not manifesting the kingdom.

Overcome - Love Not Your Own Life Unto Death  Live from a Perspective of Truth  Faith  Fear, Vulnerability & Natural Knowledge  Live from Intimacy  The Will of God to Heal  Love Not Your Life Unto Death  1 Peter 1 - Truth that Brings Freedom  War Against the Kingdom  Invitation - Salvation, Water Baptism, Prayer for the Sick

"Jesus, Faith, Miracles" (1:17:49) - Main Theme: Praying for healing amidst unbelief - Unbelief in others can't stop the kingdom.

Praying for Healing Amidst Unbelief - See From His Perspective  Not Asking to be Healed  Mt. 17 - Epileptic Boy - If Healing Doesn't Happen  Prayer of Faith  Faith Not Required of the Sick  John 5 - Pool of Bethsaida  God Allowed It  Elevating Personal Experience above God's Word  John 9 - Blind Man  Rejected in Nazareth  Mark 3 - Withered Hand  John 11 - Lazarus' Tomb

"LCF - 3-12-2009" (2:04:47) - Main Theme: Growing, Increasing, Multiplying - Kingdom living covering the whole earth with His glory. 

Grow in Releasing the Kingdom  Needs that Override Relationship  Healthy Perspective  War Against the Kingdom  Relationship Leads into Kingdom Living  John 20   Peace Between God & Man  Commissioned to Unlimited Kingdom Living  Born of God for Kingdom Living  Multiplication  Keep Growing - There's More to Grow Into

"Lifted Up" (1:31:01) - Main Theme: The tight connection between forgiveness & healing.

Believe Me  Let Go of Self-Centeredness  Dual Covenant  John 3  Forgiveness & Healing Go Together  Water Baptism & The New Birth  In the World but Not of the World  God So Loved - He Couldn't Leave It that Way  Belief & Fear  Numbers 21  Serpent in the Wilderness  The Muck & Mire of Sin  Jesus on the Cross  Stay Sharp in this Revelation

"Overcoming" (1:10:17) - 2 Main Themes: Part I - Overcoming through a perspective of truth - is part of being transformed to manifest Him. Part II - Freedom from Sin.

Overcoming through Perspective  Let Go of What's Killing You  More than Getting Rid of Sin - Transformation to Represent  Kingdom Expression through Us  Keep Growing - Leave a Legacy  Hindrances to Manifesting the Kingdom  Luke 24 - Repentance & Remission of Sin  Rom. 6 - Reckon Yourself Dead to Sin  Forgiveness & Healing

"Our Created Value" (1:05:59) - Main Theme - Restored to represent Him.

Healing is Available - Step Out  The Heart of God in Sending His Son  Objection to God Healing All - God Orchestrates It  Christ - Our Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification & Redemption  Wisdom vs. The Way that Seems Right to a Man  Righteousness & It's Connection to Healing  Confidence through Relationship

"Righteousness - Part 1" (1:18:51) - Main Theme: Righteousness - God's gift to you - Realizing how God sees you.

The Word of God - Your Face to Face Encounter  Perspective from the Answer - Not the Problem  Lies from the Enemy  "Saved"  "Righteousness"  Gen. 3 - Righteousness from the Beginning  Creation & the Fall  The Futility of a Works Mentality  The Fruitfulness of a Secure Identity  Running & Hiding  Removing Sin-Consciousness  Embracing Righteousness-Consciousness  Ps. 85 - No Turning Back

"Righteousness - Part 2" (1:16:42) - Main Theme: Be armored, equipped, ready for anything because your righteous identity is found in Him.

Ps. 85 - Righteousness & Peace Go Together  Ps. 112 - A Righteous Man  Identity Never Shaken  Receive & Wear Righteousness  War Against Righteous Identity  Rom. 6 - Wear Righteousness  Righteousness in John 3   Num. 21 - Serpent in the Wilderness  Don't be Shaken - Trust His Word

"Spring Hill, TN - 7/16/2010" (1:38:48) - Video Version - Main Theme: Let go of past hurts - Be restored back to Love.

A Misunderstood Gospel  Restoration Back to Love  Surrender What You Never Were  Eph. 1  Testimony of Transformation - Self-centered to Love  Respond to His Love  1 Cor.3 - Rom. 8 - Hurts from the Past are not Yours Anymore  Surrender - Become Love

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