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HC - 3-19-2011

Overcome - Love Not Your Own Life Unto Death

0:00 - “Overcome” - Everything going right - It was said earlier… We are going to stop weeping because He has overcome. Sometimes we don’t understand what that means because we feel overcome. We’ve got so much stuff going on that we feel overcome. We think that “He’s overcome” means that everything is going the way that we need it to in the natural. But that is normally not going to be true.

➡ 0:45 - I want to explain tonight that it’s vital to get a healthy foundation and understand the “why” in Him overcoming.

1:05 - They sang it - Where is your sting, death?

1:10 - Here is how He has overcome: through Christ, God has destroyed and defeated the power of death. He rose and we are justified. Christians are never going to die. Your sin can no longer separate you from God. You’ve been made one with Him.

1:30 - So, the work of Holy Spirit is to redeem us back, through Christ Jesus, to the Father and impute, impart His nature - the understanding of His love - His character - and make all things new, as if man never went astray.

1:50 - Foundation in the truth of the gospel - The first way that He has overcome is that He has saved us from death and translated us into life. He forgave us of sins and qualified us to be partakers of His life. Camp there and let that be the greatest news of your life. Ask Holy Spirit to make that big to you. Or else the circumstances of life will seem bigger than this truth.

2:30 - I think it makes us vulnerable to a lot of things when we don’t have this foundation.

2:45 - It’s never about the fear of death. It’s about the promise of life - the victory through Christ - and eternal life. And through every pressure and trial we are going to glorify Him - manifest Him - His nature - His character - because we love not our own lives unto death.

3:10 - Does that mean we don’t want to receive the victory of healing or restored finances or restored family? No, but none of those things can ever dominate who you are, when Christ in you, is the truth about you. That’s the truth about you for the long run. You have to start there as a Christian.

3:30 - American gospel - We’ve taught that it’s about God doing for us - answering our prayers - meeting our needs - fixing our lives. And He did. He moved away sin and put Himself inside of us and us for eternity and we’re never going to die. That’s the biggest deal on the planet.

4:00 - That’s why you’re always going to see joy in my life. It’s my reality. I’m camping there.

Live from a Perspective of Truth

4:20 - Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego - bow down or get the furnace. The enemy knows how to touch your life.

5:40 - Single eye - The great ones of the Bible lived from a certain perspective. Paul in chains worshiping. He had a single eye - no other mentality.

6:20 - Other mentalities - loving your own life. It makes us vulnerable to attack.

6:45 - Paul’s mentality - mentality that gives up everything.

8:00 - Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (cont.) - Invulnerable - bow or die - “What is your fire to us?” - How can you threaten my life when my life is in Him? What can man do to me - when the Lord is my helper. “We have no need to answer to you.”

9:00 - Things we do in fear that are supposed to be faith.

9:15 - Prayer of fear vs. prayer of faith

9:40 - Importance of knowing Him personally - the perspective you have and what that perspective allows.

9:50 - Paul and Silas - worshiping - earthquake.


10:30 - Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (cont.) - rage of the king - 7x hotter - not an accident - people cave when the fire gets hotter.

11:10 - Blind Bartimaeus - Be quiet! - Natural wisdom. Bartimaeus persists in faith. The wisdom of men in the face of faith. Yells all the louder.

13:45 - True faith - Holding steady despite the way things look - When it looks like it’s not going to work - when it looks like Jesus is walking by - when it looks like God is not going to do it - and you don’t change your mind - that’s when you find true faith - when you have every reason not to believe in the natural - “Yes, but HE SAID…”

14:10 - Example scenarios - cancer - gets worse - staying in faith.

15:10 - War against the kingdom - We’re in a war. The devil’s a jerk. He doesn’t believe that we love God. He believes that we love ourselves - that we only need God. He believes that we love ourselves way more than we love God. And he is out to prove it with adversity and affliction and pressures - to watch you lose you hope, disposition, joy.

15:35 - Joy doesn’t come from your circumstances but from your salvation. You’re saved. You have oneness with the Father. Your sins are forgiven. You’re free.

16:10 - Confidence before God - Righteousness - Freedom from sin. Never held against you. Even when you stumble. You have to keep your conscience squeaky clean.

17:10 - Violated conscience - Losing confidence before God. If He loved us enough to die for us, we ought to die to ourselves. Ask Holy Spirit to keep you on the straight and narrow. He will get your eye clear.

18:30 - Image of God - It’s the reason that we’re on the planet - the reason that we’re alive. He made us to be His children and look like our Daddy.

18:50 - Creation, fall, redemption.

19:05 - Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (cont.) - 7x hotter - things get worse - we get afraid of where it’s going.

19:20 - Believe the finished work, His love and His will in the matter - I think God wants us to understand that it’s not a matter of striving - of praying the right prayers - but a matter of understanding the finished work of Christ and His great love for us. It’s not our great prayers but what we believe about what He accomplished and His will in the matter.

19:45 - Don’t give anything else a voice - we have all of these other scenarios that are fogging our understanding of His will and the truth of the situation we are in. All these things that want a voice. But God has spoken through His Son. Don’t give those things a voice.

20:10 - Jesus’ life lived - God’s voice for us - Jesus’ life is the voice of God. God has spoken through His Son. He’s the word made flesh. You find the Father through the Son.

20:30 - Agreement with what is seen in Jesus’ life - We teach and practice a lot of things in the church that don’t agree with the life of Jesus. We ought to readjust. They aren’t producing faith or the power of God in our lives.

21:00 - Living as a son or daughter - the way we were intended to represent.

21:25 - The enemy wants to scramble the belief system because every promise is to the believer. Circumstances often have a loud voice.

Fear, Vulnerability & Natural Knowledge

22:00 - No fear - Not even of death - It’s not about me - ever. I’m fearless. I’m going to live forever. I’ll never be separated from Him. I’m one with Him. That’s not arrogance. That’s in me. That makes you fearless in this stuff.

23:15 - Feeling vulnerable - No fear of germs, sickness, blood on me… Car accidents. No fear because of natural knowledge. Feeling vulnerable because of natural knowledge instead of standing on the spiritual truth that makes you free.

24:00 - Vulnerable to the world we live in - Holy Spirit woke me up to talk to me about how the church feels vulnerable to the world we live in. We feed on natural knowledge. “Yes, but you’ve got to use wisdom brother.” But the reason that we say that is because we’ve filled ourselves with so much natural knowledge. And now we’ve got a paradox. We’re trying to get through with faith and the supernatural but using wisdom.

25:00 - We feel vulnerable to the world that we live in but we were created to subdue the works of His hands.

25:20 - Natural knowledge - Examples of natural knowledge. Not against computers. But the knowledge is just a fingertip away. It’s the age of knowledge - symptoms, diseases…

26:10 - Responding in faith to natural knowledge.

26:45 - You have to deal with that knowledge - it often leads to those very symptoms. Fear comes in. And they are not communing and receiving love.

27:20 - We just don’t want to be pushed like that by circumstances.

27:30 - Responding to feelings of vulnerability - Receive the love of God. Never question His love for you - the work He accomplished through Christ. Grow in that truth.

27:50 - From natural knowledge to the truth that makes you free - Continue in my word. You will know the truth. And the truth will make you free. Do you see the transition from natural knowledge to the truth that makes you free?

28:10 - Examples of natural knowledge - junk mail - Over 40? You’re vulnerable to all this stuff! Not getting any younger. But what is the age limit of the gospel?

30:10 - Fear - No more fear. Fear is not the kingdom. You are in Christ Jesus. No fear there. Fear often tries to rise above what is established in your spirit. Then you just strive to get a breakthrough.

Live from Intimacy  

31:45 - Grow in Him - Get alone and give yourself to Him. Or else the way every man thinks and feels will be the way that you think and feel. The lies that seem true will continue to deceive us. I’m calling us to personal intimacy with God like we have never had before. Not to just enjoy the fun of what God is doing but to know Him - to where you understand that He loves YOU.

32:30 - He loves you - Camp there - Extended thoughts on how He loves you. You camp there and thank Him. Anything else is a lie.

33:00 - Walk by faith - Not feelings - You have to believe that He loves you because the just live by faith. Why is that important? If God can get us living by faith, then we won’t be living by feelings. And we won’t be a pushover to the devil. Then you’ll no longer move on the way that it seems but you’ll stand on the way that it is.

34:00 - Importance of faith

The Will of God to Heal

34:45 - Is it the will of God to heal? Undoubtedly. And I believe He is teaching us how to lay a hold of that will and manifest that will.

35:00 - Yes and Amen gospel - Yes / No / Maybe so / Maybe not. Light & darkness. The gospel that gets preached today is maybe so / maybe not - Maybe healed / maybe not. The only reason we have that is because of our experience. But it’s the will of God to heal. Every promise is yes and amen to the glory of God, through us. It flows through us.

36:40 - First sign of a believer - Put your hands on the sick - not just because they are sick but because we believe. The first sign of a believer is not the healing but getting your hands on the sick.

37:05 - When we don’t get our hands on the sick it’s because - we don’t believe that it’s God’s will to heal or that we don’t think He wants to heal through us. He heals but will He heal through me? Self-consciousness issues that need to die.

37:25 - You have access - Nothing can keep you from His presence but you. You have the privilege to come boldly. He’s calling us into His presence. I’ve left something unfinished...

Love Not Your Life Unto Death

38:55 - Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (cont.) - Love not your own life unto death - “Even if He doesn't save us, we will not bow. You need to know that He’s God.” That’s loving not your own life unto death. It’s an expression of their heart and faith.

39:30 - Loss - Don’t take it to heart - Persevere in contending for healing. Don’t take loss so personal that you don’t press on to grow up into Him. No drawing back. No complaining.

1 Peter 1 - Truth that brings Freedom

41:30 - 1 Peter 1 - we use this scripture in counseling all the time...

42:00 - Patience in counseling - Ministry of Truth - If you sow truth there is freedom coming. Without truth there is no hope of freedom. Most people who come for counseling need truth - they need to make sense of their situation. They’ve got to look from God’s perspective.

42:50 - Jesus is the truth. Ministry of truth.

43:30 - v.3+...

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 4 To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you, 5 Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. 6 Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations: 7 That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ: 8 Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory: 9 Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls.

43:40 - v.3 - Our foundation -  if this is not first in your life, life will overwhelm you. It becomes the joy of your heart and your identity. This is first - God came to rescue us - to get us on track - to show us our purpose.

44:45 - Our purpose.

War Against the Kingdom

45:25 - Fear of becoming a spiritual target - Refusing to stand your ground because of fear that the devil is going to get you - losing by default. Israel vs. Goliath.

46:10 - The higher you rise in authority - the more protection you have around you.

46:40 - Fear of growing because of fear of being more of a target.

47:00 - The devil hates us all because we’re created in God’s image and he’s a loser. He wants you to be a loser too - hopeless.

47:30 - Legion - The devil fears Jesus - Devils get freaked out by Jesus. Don’t throw us out. Why? Because He actually could cast them out.

48:10 - They don’t want you to ever see what they know. They want you to keep your eyes off of truth so that you are never really free.

48:25 - The devil fears the Lord. He fears that one day you will see who Christ is in you and no longer be afraid. That doesn’t make you arrogant. That makes you confident in Him. You understand who you are on the earth.

48:45 - It’s not arrogance - presumption - pride. You need to know who you are.

49:00 - Confidence vs. pride.

49:25 - Legion (cont.) - don’t throw us into the abyss. It was many against one. And yet they feared

49:45 - Jesus - Man anointed by God. Laid aside glory and reputation. Modelled the life we were created to life. Said follow Me. As the Father sent Me, I send you. You’re the body of Christ - the embodiment of my power.

50:05 - Legion (cont.) - swine was cursed. Cast us where it’s cursed - not into the abyss. Jesus was marking them for what they were - cursed.

52:10 - The first sign of a believer is to cast out devils. They are cursed. We are blessed. We’re redeemed from the curse.

52:30 - Shiite Muslim girl comes to a service - She asks for Jesus - look of terror - They fear Him.

54:20 - If something hypothetical looks foolish in the life of Jesus, it should look foolish in our lives as well. He’s in us. If it’s foolish with Him in the picture it should be the same with us.

54:35 - Shiite Muslim girl (cont.) - generational spirit - “The spirit that has bound her is beholding the face of the Son of God.” Jesus standing over her.

55:00 - It’s good that I didn’t know her background or else I would have tried too hard - to pray right.

55:55 - I’m on HIS team! No mercy on that spirit. I began to realize some things. All that I need to know is that He is Lord. I need to be clear in my conscience and know that He is Lord.

57:00 - Casting spirits out by the finger of God - by the anointing and power of God. With a word Jesus cast them out. Go! Out! Whatever! Must be the authority, the anointing, heaven, light greater than darkness.

57:40 - Shiite Muslim girl (cont.) - It’s terrified of Jesus. But it’s not necessarily terrified of us if we don’t know who we are in Jesus.

58:00 - Witch in service - Leave her alone. She wants you to pay her attention. She wants you to get your eyes off of Jesus and onto her. Run down stairs and pray? No! 5000 people in attendance. She was praying in a tongue. “Fire of God!” Like she was shot. People were afraid. Witch moaning, cursing. “Fire of God!” Praying for the sick. Getting ready to blast her again. “No, No, No! I cannot defeat your Jesus so I will bow to Him.” “Dan, what about your Jesus?” Preacher had greater authority.

1:03:00 - “Fire of God!” because of love and compassion not because of hatred. She is deceived and lost. You are hurting for her.

1:03:40 - Shiite Muslim girl (cont.) - Now you see why you have to come out of her - because He is Lord. Screams. All that I have to know is that He is Lord. Get her up. Most of the time I am just learning. Look like I know what I am doing. But usually behind.

1:05:00 - Lady with lupus - Misinterpreting the situation - hands clenched - I was telling it to come out. “It came out when you told it to. That just my presence and my power on her. That’s why her hands are clenched. Just tell her to open her hands.” It’s a good idea to say what He is saying. Three days late I get it. I was trying way too hard. Trying too hard because you are intimidated.

1:06:20 - Shiite Muslim girl (cont.) - stood her up. Born again - speaking in tongues. It bowed because He is Lord. Just keep growing in that He is Lord.

1:08:00 - v.6 - In this you greatly rejoice - It’s the foundational truth of your life.

1:08:30 - Trials and temptations not touching you because of truth. Not just trying to get a breakthrough. You already know that you have a breakthrough. This is who you are.

1:09:00 - Though now - God knows that we are going through trials and tragedy. But He tells you where to be founded. Only for a little while - a moment of light affliction.

1:09:45 - Satan takes a risk - every time that he tries you, that he will end up making you.

1:10:25 - v.7 - genuineness - You can’t touch real.

1:10:50 - Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (cont.) - Jesus came in the fire. He didn’t put out the fire. He didn’t honor it enough to put it out. He is Lord over the fire.

1:11:10 - Came out without the smell of smoke. Israelites in the wilderness. Leaving a legacy.

1:12:20 - v.8 -

Truth that brings Freedom (cont.)

1:13:15 - v.9 - Salvation of the soul - The battlefield of the mind - The end of your faith - the salvation of your soul. The mind is the battlefield. Renewed in the spirit of our minds. Your mind should function in agreement with the mind of God. Faith takes you to the salvation of your soul.

Invitation - Salvation, Water Baptism, Prayer for Sick

1:15:00 - Invitation to salvation and water baptism. What being born again means. Gospel in a nutshell.

1:15:55 - Water baptism - meaning. Die to live.

1:16:45 - Invitation - Prayer for the sick - Why we pray for the sick. How we pray - house of believers. Brief testimonies.