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Jesus Faith Miracles

0:00  - Opening prayer - May we be found in your image. We yield to you. We ask for revelation. Health and wholeness.

Praying for Healing amidst Unbelief - See from His Perspective

➡ 3:00 - Unbelief in others can’t stop the kingdom - Negative atmosphere / Unbelief in the sick person as an excuse for not seeing healing take place. I’m here to challenge that tonight - the thought that unbelief in the person being prayed for will keep healing from happening. I’m going to show you that Jesus ministered in the realm of unbelief all of the time. And He told us to follow Him.

3:50 - Pray from His Perspective - Here’s the problem: We pray for healing from a perspective that is different from His perspective. We are influenced by how we grew up thinking, what we were taught and how others think. But we’re to see - pray for healing - from His perspective - His eyes.

4:00 - We need to be praying from the perspective of the King - Christ in us - the Anointed One - the Anointed One within us - the hope of the glory of God. We’re the body of Christ - the embodiment of the anointing. So what determines the move of God is how we see the situation from His perspective - period.

4:20 - We unnecessarily elevate the power of unbelief - We give unbelief (in the sick person or others around them) too much credit. We ascribe it too much ability to stop the kingdom. When we use the excuse of “unbelief in the atmosphere” as to why healing didn’t take place, we’re essentially making that unbelief more powerful than our revelation of the Christ. Yet greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.

4:50 - The one praying is the one who should have faith - It’s the one ministering who should have faith - not the sick person. Jesus was the one who was ministering. He’s the one that had faith.

5:05 - Acknowledging faith - Acknowledge the faith of others but not at the cost of knowing that healing can happen regardless of their faith. We should teach faith and increase faith but we shouldn’t feel like we are dependent on the faith of others when we pray for the sick.

Not Asking to be Healed

5:40 - Doesn’t somebody have to want to be healed? - When you say that you’re already embracing a mindset of why healing might not happen instead of declaring why it’s going to happen. Jesus didn’t have the ability to think that way.

6:20 - If someone seems like they don’t want to be healed, it’s probably because of deception.

7:00 - Todd prays for lady with neck and back pain. She denies pain. Sees her with letter. Daughter needs healing. Wouldn’t feel right asking for healing before daughter. Receives healing. Was going to bring her daughter to the service that night. When she was healed she got excited for her daughter.

8:50 - See beyond how they are thinking - It’s not that she didn’t want to be healed. She had a reason that seems right in the eyes of men. If we don’t see through the eyes of Jesus to rise above that reason, we will leave her the same.

9:45 - Healing stories - Panera - new knee - “Good day for the donkey” - just a carrier of the King.

10:35 - Blood cell count restored.

11:20 - Pancreas restored after 20 years. He’s the giver of life. If God breathed into dirt and a man stood up, He can breathe on her pancreas and get it working. It’s simple. We’ve just got to see that and not just pray because of need or because it’s the right “Christian” thing to do but pray because God loved her enough that He put His own Son on a cross to make that pancreas work.

12:30 - When Todd prayed for that lady, she didn’t want to be healed. She wanted her daughter healed. But Todd can’t see any of that. He sees by the Spirit, knows God’s will and says, “Give me your hand. It doesn’t matter how you feel or think right now. You’re getting healed.” I like that.

Mt. 17 - Epileptic Boy - If Healing Doesn’t Happen

13:10 - Epileptic Boy - The only time where the disciples prayed and it didn’t happen - Mt. 17. It’s happened to all of us. But when it doesn’t happen let’s not create a theology to explain why it didn’t happen, let’s go back to this scripture and see what Jesus said about that kind of situation.

13:25 - They asked Him straight up, “Why couldn’t we do it?” He said that it was because our thinking gets twisted up - perverse generation - twisted, corrupted thinking.

13:35 - Jesus corrected them so that must mean that they COULD have healed the boy. It WAS the will of God. The timing was right. Now is the day of salvation - saved, healed, delivered, etc.

13:45 - Jesus said, “Bring the boy to me.”  Jesus doesn’t have identity crisis and He healed the boy.

13:50 - So was it the will of God to heal the boy? Yes. But did he get healed when His own disciples prayed? No. That’s something that we’re working on. That’s why we are here.

14:05 - Let’s stop creating doctrine just to make us feel better about the lack of healing. Let’s get back to God’s word, see the power of God through faith and diligence.

14:25 - Twisted thinking - happens all the time. Your mind spins. “It doesn’t look like it happens.”

14:35 - How the disciples must have experienced this situation. “Why couldn’t we do it?” Your thinking got in the way.

15:20 - Probably continual seizures. Mind spins. “If Jesus were here, he would be healed. I wonder what we’re doing wrong.” Praying from the place of insecurity, intimidation - instead of the position you’ve been granted by grace - instead of the authority of the name of Jesus - instead of staying with it - “You must bow. He is Lord. You are not.” We start trying to pray harder - a better prayer. Then we run out.

16:45 - But it’s not our efforts, our good prayers that bring healing, it’s His finished work. The only reason that they are healed is because of Jesus. We minister Jesus. We minister the revelation of that truth - God’s will to heal.

Prayer of Faith

17:10 - Usually we pray because we are in need or afraid or desperate. But we’re to pray from the position of kingdom, of covenant, of restoration and redemption, from the position of promise. It’s from promise that we pray, not the problem.

17:40 - If you are driven by need you’ll be moved by fear. Faith doesn’t work through fear. Faith works through love. And love casts out fear. So when we’re in trouble, we see the situation from His perspective. It comforts our hearts. It gives us faith and we attack the problem from the realm of God.

18:15 - Begging prayers - unscriptural.

18:30 - You turn to the mountain. You’re saying, “You’re not the will of God. I’m the will of God. You are a trespasser of all that He is and all that He is in me. I’m telling you to get out in Jesus’ name.”

18:55 - Faith isn’t turning to God and saying, “God! (Help!)” It’s turning to the problem from the position of God and exposing it for what it is. And it has to bow to Him. Rarely do we pray that way from our hearts. So we need to keep growing.

19:20 - We’re motivated by what’s wrong instead of what’s been made right. We’re shooting in the dark and hoping we hit something. We pray for many problems and hope something works somewhere.

Faith not Required of the Sick - We Represent

19:50 - The just live by faith. Is that limited to the person who is having problems? Or is He saying that to His representatives? These signs follow those that believe. So He’s not making any mention of the person who is sick. The sign follows the believer.

20:05 - So if you get your eyes on the condition of the heart of the sick person, it can cut into your confidence in what you really believe. You’ll still pray but you might step out of the revelation that you are the doorway of power who represents Christ in that situation.

20:40 - These signs follow those that believe. He’s taking it off of the sick person and putting the honor of faith on person praying. But we put it on the sick person. “If they only had faith…”

21:20 - He said, “As the Father sent me, I send you.” He said, “Follow me.” He said, “He who believes in me will also do the things that I do.” Believe - fully convinced. But Satan works to keep us from remaining fully convinced. We’re still in need, trouble. And just because we pray doesn’t mean that it’s faith. We pray because we are in need.

John 5 - Pool of Bethsaida - Objection to Healing

21:45 - John 5 - Man at the Pool of Bethsaida

22:05 - Objection to God’s will to heal all - There were many that were sick at the pool but Jesus only healed one. Yet in scripture many times it says things like “All that He touched were healed…” “All that touched Him were healed…” “All that came to Him were healed…” But we take this one section of scripture and create a theology out of it and it gives us a reason not to believe and pray for the sick. I don’t entertain that. Jesus has no “why not”s. He is “Yes and Amen”.

22:40 - Yes and Amen

22:55 - Look to the scriptures to find why healing has to happen. And happen through us.

23:10 - v.4 - whoever was healed of whatever. Also in Mark 11 - whoever has whatever, when they say believing.

God Allowed It

23:30 - No more thinking to justify why healing probably isn’t going to happen. Now is the time to be healed. Healing has been paid for. We’re already healed. We’re just growing in the revelation and as we grow in the revelation we see more things coming to pass. But the price has been paid. We’re just growing.

24:20 - Embracing doctrines that create doubt. “God allowed it.” “Whatever will be, will be.”  If that’s who God is, why is the power of life and death in your tongue? Why do you even have the authority of the name of Jesus? Why do you even need to pray?

24:50 - Created in God’s image and told to subdue the earth - not be subdued by it. And you do that by staying in God and speaking life - speaking victory - proclaiming truth that makes men free.

25:10 - We’re not destroyed because God is destroying. We’re destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Get the knowledge, stop destruction.

25:25 - Reaping what we sow - unbelief, fear, desperation, lack of understanding producing destruction. But if we sow life and faith and the victory of the cross and love…

25:40 - If God allows it, why is there a law of sowing and reaping.

26:00 - We’ve got to challenge this religious deception that is there to subvert faith. Satan is scared silly that we are going to get a hold of the gospel and crush him. So he has been working to crush us with doubt, unbelief, mixed beliefs.

Elevating Personal Experience Above God’s Word

26:30 - Experience of hurt - Hurts elevated above the scripture. Taking life personal. We try to protect our hearts but we end up sacrificing the truth that we were designed to live in. We’re letting our belief rest on our experience rather than the word of God.

27:50 - God’s word is steady, rock solid - so why are we changing, shifting? Because there’s a way that seems right to a man - but that way leads to death.

28:20 - Excuses for not believing God.

28:35 - Elevating personal hurt above the word of God. It’s idolatry and deception.

John 5 - Paralytic - Faith Not a Prerequisite

28:45 - Pool of Bethsaida

29:10 - Who is it that healed you? But the man didn’t know because Jesus had withdrawn. He didn’t even know who had healed him. So he couldn’t have possibly had faith.

29:55 - So can you be healed without knowing who Jesus is if the person praying knows Jesus? Yes! It’s right there in the scripture.

30:00 - We’re trying to convince people of our beliefs before we pray - believe what we believe. I think we are just trying to encourage ourselves. [Faith on the sick person’s part as a prerequisite] It’s irrelevant. God loves them. They’re in trouble. He paid the price. That’s what we’ve got to see.

30:30 - This encounter clearly shows that faith is not a requirement to being healed.

30:40 - Jesus is Lord over every sickness. Never demanded faith of the man.

31:00 - You might say, “Yeah but that was Jesus.” But He said for us to follow Him. As He is so are we in this world. We are the body of Christ. No more excuses. Rise up to the revelation. The same Spirit is in you as was in Jesus.

John 9 - Blind Man - Faith Not a Prerequisite

31:30 - Go to John 9… There is a man blind from birth.

31:45 - v.6 - Jesus spat on the ground - made clay - anointed his eyes - told him to go wash - came back seeing.

31:55 - v.8 - Isn’t this the guy who sat and begged?

32:05 - How is it that you see? A man named Jesus made clay and anointed my eyes. He just knew His name was Jesus. He didn’t know that He was the Christ or he would have said it. Story continues…

32:40 - What do you say about Him? He is a prophet. Why? Because He opened my eyes. Before his eyes were opened he had no clue as to who Jesus was.

33:10 - It didn’t have anything to do with the blind man that he was healed. He was healed 100% because of who Jesus was.

Hometown - Rejected in Nazareth

33:50 - No honor for a prophet in his hometown.

34:20 - In Nazareth the unbelief was rejection.

34:30 - You’re Mary and Joseph’s son. Who do you think you are. He could do no mighty miracles in their town because of their unbelief - rejection - disobedience.

35:15 - Objection to God’s will to heal all - “Well, you know that Jesus couldn’t do a mighty work in His hometown.”

35:40 - The people in Nazareth were saying, “You are no Christ at all. You’re off your rocker. We know who you are. We watched you grow up. And now you are saying that you come from above and that you’re the Son of God? Come on.”

36:00 - So they didn’t bring their sick to Him. Do you think that they brought a paralytic to Jesus - He laid His hands on him and nothing happened and Jesus said, “Man you guys have unbelief.”

36:30 - He couldn’t do anything there because they walked away from Him. They didn’t bring the sick.

Mark 3 - Man with the Withered Hand

37:15 - The Pharisees are trying to trick Him into healing on the Sabbath. They are looking for a reason to kill Him. They watched closely to see if Jesus would heal on the Sabbath.

38:05 - There are a couple of different accounts of this incident. Read them all to get all of the details. Mt. 12, Luke 6, Mark 3.

38:45 - Reading from Mark 3… There’s no indication that the man came there to be healed. The Pharisees were USING this man. So the healing was not dependent on - had nothing to do with the atmosphere of the worship service or the faith atmosphere. It was an atmosphere of unbelief, accusation, animosity.

40:00 - Story continues… Jesus asks them a question… Jesus was grieved by the hardness of their hearts, He saw in them the fall of man - that they were 180 degrees away from what they were intended to be. He was face to face with the fall.

41:30 - Here He was, the Lamb of God to take away sin and all they did was continue to sin. And He was grieved,

41:45 - So there was no faith in the atmosphere - no evidence of faith in the man - no evidence that the man even wanted Jesus to pray for him. Jesus was aggressive and went after the situation.

42:00 - Hand restored. Pharisees went out and plotted how they might destroy Him. So Jesus heals the man in the midst of all of that animosity.

42:15 - Mt. 12 version - beginning v.9 - ...that they might accuse Him… So they didn’t care about the man at all. Using the man to trap Jesus.

43:40 - Of how much more value is a man than a sheep? - I’m not healing him because of you Pharisees or him. Your attitudes are way out there. I’m healing him because he was made by God - in God’s image. And God loves him and he has tremendous value to God, so stretch forth your hand.

44:00 - His answer revealed why Jesus healed the man. Because of the value of the man in the sight of God. The love of God through Jesus rose above all of that animosity in the atmosphere.

John 11 - At Lazarus’ Tomb - No Faith in the Atmosphere

44:50 - Reading verses out of context. Missing the heart of what a verse is saying. Dangerous thing.

45:20 - Seventh Day Adventist pamphlet - if you didn’t know the word it would have been convincing. Made it say what they needed it to say.

➡ 46:20 - Many people are familiar with the verse, “Jesus wept.” We’re going to look at why Jesus wept.

47:00 - It’s time to be aggressive in prayer. Momentum.

47:20 - Cancer free zone. Church in CA. Losses. They didn’t back down. Pushed through.

48:30 - Judgement from the church in regard to healing.

48:50 - Unlimited promises. Yet we find reasons to be limited.

49:20 - Back to the story of Lazarus…

49:45 - This sickness is not unto death - I don’t need to run and keep Lazarus from death because even if he dies, I’m the Giver of Life. I’m going to raise him up. God is going to be glorified. And your minds are really going to be rocked. You’ll see that I am the Son of the living God.

50:20 - I’m not moved by the power of death because I’m the Giver of Life. I don’t see him as dead because I’m the Giver of Life. So He’s not in a hurry.

50:50 - Stayed 2 more days. They probably took that personal. Impatience.

52:00 - The Jews were seeking to kill you - The disciples weren’t that interested in going to Lazarus. “We can pray from here.” We’re going to die.

52:20 - Jesus the light of men.

53:00 - Lazarus is dead. But He just told us that this was not unto death. That’s because the only perspective He can see from is life. Jesus is never moved by the problem. He’s in total control. He is absolutely Lord. He can’t see death in the situation - “Oh my God, he’s dead. God you’ve got to raise him.” That’s how we would pray for the dead. We come at it from the perspective of loss and finality and death.

54:20 - Glad that I wasn’t there - it was good for the disciples. It will reveal the glory of God. If I had been there he would have just gotten healed. But now you are going to get to see him come back.

55:20 - Thomas’ comment - Let us also go that we may die with Him. Thomas missed everything that Jesus was saying. The disciples are still thinking death.

56:20 - They are filled with unbelief and confusion just like us sometimes. This is why they ran into problems in Mt. 17.

56:30 - They are fearing for their own lives. Fear was blinding them from truth and the love that casts out all fear. They can’t see what Jesus is saying.

56:55 - So the disciples went there expecting to die. They weren’t expecting Lazarus to be raised. They are planning on dying with Jesus.

57:15 - Already in the tomb for 4 days. In Jewish culture - the spirit of a man leaves after 3 days. So this really got their attention.

47:40 - What do you think his body looked like. Burial customs.

58:20 - Flesh instantly restored - at the speaking of His voice.

59:05 - Martha’s words to Jesus. Jesus is late in their minds. “If you had been here…” She’s coming from the perspective of death. He could still be alive. A lot of emotions involved.

1:00:20 - “But even now, whatever you ask, God will give you.” Sounds faith filled.

1:00:50 - Shaking on the inside but saying the “right” words.

1:01:25 - I am the resurrection. He’s not moved by death. He’s here to get Lazarus up.

1:02:30 - Mary’s words to Jesus - “Lord if you had been here…” Do you hear the regret, the loss, the remorse, the unhealable pain.

1:02:55 - Losing hope because of death. Losing sight of truth. And then not living wholeheartedly after the truth. We back off. Live by faith.

1:04:35 - Why were the Jews weeping? Because Lazarus was dead. Because the problem has risen, in their estimation, above who Jesus is. It’s over - even though Jesus is standing right there. They are weeping because Lazarus is dead but the Giver of Life is standing right there. They can’t see Him because they are overcome by death.

1:05:20 - So were there any believers among them except for Jesus? No. The whole place was ruled - consumed - by death. There wasn’t an ounce of faith in the atmosphere.

1:05:40 - No one was cheering Jesus on. No one in agreement saying, “I believe!” Not one person. All were blind as to what was happening.

1:06:00 - “Jesus wept.” - groaned in His spirit and was troubled. A lot of people think that he was moved with compassion for the people because of their loss.

1:06:20 - “groaned” - groan with indignance - strong indignation - murmur against - Jesus is standing there saying, “I am the resurrection.”

1:07:10 - He was troubled in His spirit - not because Lazarus was dead - but because He was Life and they were being ruled by death. He’s their king but they are letting death be their king.

1:07:30 - Where have you laid Him? - I can’t take it anymore. Let’s just get this over with so that your eyes are opened wide. I’m about ready to rock your world. Take me to the tomb.

1:07:50 - Jesus wept. Their interpretation: sentimentality and emotion. Look how much Jesus loved Lazarus. He is just treasuring memories. No, He’s weeping because He is life and nobody will receive Him as life.

1:08:30 - We sometimes fall into these same traps.

1:09:20 - “groan” - strong indignation - He sees what the fall did to God’s people - how their minds have been deceived and estranged from truth.

1:10:00 - Nobody understood. What they saw overpowered what He said. The same thing happened when He rose from the grave. Nobody was waiting at the tomb for His resurrection. They were all grieving in the upper room. Even when they were told of His resurrection they didn’t believe - “we watched Him die.”

1:11:00 - If you believe you’ll see the glory of God. Why did He give them this promise? Because pretty soon THEY would be the ministers. Jesus was going to the right hand of the Father. And THEY would need to be able to release the kingdom in the midst of doubt and unbelief. Don’t ever let doubt and unbelief stop your revelation of releasing the Master.

1:11:30 - Jesus was the believer in the midst of unbelief. He set the precedent. And He is going to hand the baton to us and say, “Follow me!” You’ll be the believer in these situations soon. The church is about ready to be born. Learn from my example. All of you were in unbelief when I said “Lazarus, Come out!”

1:12:00 - So the whole atmosphere was unbelief. But He is faith and the Giver of Life.

1:12:10 - Jesus’ prayer to the Father.

1:12:20 - ...But because of the PEOPLE standing by, that THEY might believe… Isn’t that what it’s all about? Go preach, saying, “the kingdom of God is at hand. Heal the sick.” Or Luke 10 says, Heal the sick and tell them that the kingdom of God is at hand.

1:12:40 - If you heal them first how could they be expected to have faith?

1:12:55 - Satan’s efforts to scramble our thinking. But the truth is actually pretty simple. And we are all growing to get back to that place of simplicity and innocence.

➡ 1:13:30 - You can be the move of God. In the midst of unbelief, God can move through faith. Don’t let the atmosphere of unbelief determine what you believe - when Jesus is Lord. That’s what this whole message was about. I just showed you where time and time again, Jesus was the believer.

1:14:00 - Jesus didn’t ridicule unbelief but He was instructing them so that one day they too could walk in faith and power through the resurrection.

1:14:45 - THEN many believed - after they saw…

1:15:00 - We should continue to pray for the sick but from a different perspective - from the perspective that we are the church and that it is the will of God. And that there is nothing that we can work up or accomplish but that it’s already been done - and minister that with compassion and love. We see that there is a “yes and amen”. We realize that we’re actually the revelation of Jesus and the minister of power in that situation.

1:15:35 - If we believe, we’ll see the glory of God. Everything is for the believer - not the gifted but the believer.