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Ankeny School

Created to Manifest Him - He is Love

0:00 - The flight from hell yesterday. God works everything for the good.

1:00 - Lady with back pain.

1:20 - Wearing Tim’s pants - should be too small.

1:45 - Perspective on the circumstances of life - God is bigger than the circumstances we’re going though. Thinking the way that the world taught us - When we go through circumstances we give ourselves permission to be less than what the gospel allows us to be. A lot of it is perspective. We need to see through the right eye.

2:10 - Wearing Tim’s pants - short - Jesus, you can do anything. I’m keeping these pants.

2:50 - The gospel is all about relationship with God.

3:00 - Joy from knowing Him. Doesn’t leave me. Peace. It’s fun to live free. I’m free from me.

3:40 - Jesus is my everything - not because He’s the only one that can meet all of my needs but because only through Him do I understand why I’m alive - who I am - my destiny - my identity.

4:05 - Created to manifest Him - Created in God’s image. He put Himself in us so that He could manifest Himself through us.

4:20 - Fall of man - Man didn’t just sin. He took on the nature of God’s enemy.

4:30 - We were tutored by the enemy of God. His mindset is our mindset. Our purpose and value was subverted from the beginning.

4:50 - Redeemed to manifest Him - Jesus is my everything because He brought me back to my original value. He showed me the reason I’m alive.

5:00 - Created to manifest Him.

5:05 - His image is love. Created to manifest love.

5:15 - That’s why anger, strife, frustration, jealousy feel so yucky inside - they are perversions and twists of our created value. That’s why the Bible says in Eph 4 says put off the old, put on the new.

Healing - An Amazing Aspect of Manifesting Him

➡ 5:30 - What does this have to do with healing? Everything! It’s foundational. It’s about our nature being changed - our perspective changed. Being at peace.

6:20 - Keep growing - Say to the mountain, “Move!” It’s for me to grow up into and manifest. If my experience isn’t matching up to Mt. 17, I need to keep growing into the full stature of Christ.

7:10 - Christ - we’re the body of Christ. We’re the embodiment of the anointing of God. We’re God’s choice to manifest His image. It’s His good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

8:00 - We’re not lacking any good thing - except what we fail to see.

8:25 - I live this way everyday. I share with you what’s real in me. Every seed produces after its own kind. [Gap in recording] I get to see people get free.

9:10 - If He is my everything - my identity - the reason that I exist - I ought to camp in Him - continue to let my identity grow in who He is in me. Who He is in me is the flipside of who I am in Him. Who He is in me - the peacegiver, the healer, the deliverer - that’s where the kingdom begins to flow. It doesn’t just come into me. It comes out of me. And it’s fun being a Christian. It’s for the world to see.

Thoughts that Try to Disqualify You

➡ 10:00 - Today I want to focus on the righteous judgement of God...

10:20 - Feeling bad for days after messing up. Don’t ever do that again. Not giving permission to mess up. Why would you carry the identity of the mess up rather than the mercy of God.

11:00 - Your heart is pure - The fact that you feel bad is huge. You used to not care. Now you care. Your heart has actually been made pure. Counseling re: pure heart.

11:50 - Flashbacks that make you feel bad. You think it’s still you just because you were thinking it. Lingering devil. Not everything that you think is yours. The fact that it bothers you tells you that you’ve changed. Cast down every thought that rises up against…

13:10 - Replace lies with truth. Declaring truth.

13:30 - Pornography flashes through head in worship - It’s not who I am. Not lingering devil. Trying to test me. To yield my identity. Replaced lies with truth. That was a trap from hell to get me to go backwards instead of forwards.

16:30 - Satan takes a risk - Every time satan does this, he takes a risk - that I will stand in truth and be secure - look to God.

16:40 - Submit to God / resist the devil - he will flee.

16:45 - Don’t give the devil the time of day. If he gets in your way, move him out. But don’t focus on him. Your answer is in the Christ.

17:15 - Satan takes a risk that you will stand in the word and come out with a deeper revelation of who God is and who you are in Him. His voice will get fainter and fainter and have less influence and power.

17:50 - Communing truth back to God. We’re in warfare.

18:00 - Don’t focus on the devil. That’s problem conscious. It’s truth that makes men free. Communing the truth back to God.

18:30 - When that junk is going through your head, the gospel is still the same. It’s not who I am.

18:40 - Replace lies with truth - always.

➡ 18:45 - You are equipped & qualified - Why am I camping here so long? These things stumble us and make us feel unequipped for moving in the power and presence of God - make us feel unequipped and unqualified. Everyone who is born again is qualified and equipped to move in healing.

Nothing Disqualifies the Sick Person

19:10 - These signs follow those that believe. Healing has little to do with the faith of the sick person. Many don’t even believe in God.

19:40 - Their unbelief doesn’t disqualify - Don’t let their unbelief put unbelief in you. I believe in His finished work. And His finished work is greater than where they are at.

20:00 - Smoking and cursing getting healed. Unforgiveness and sin getting healed.

20:20 - Don’t embrace beliefs that would disqualify people from being healed. The finished work of Christ rules on the earth. I just appropriate that. I just manifest that. It’s called love.

20:35 - Smoking and cursing getting healed - knee frozen from car accident - 32 yrs ago.

21:10 - Their sinful behavior doesn’t disqualify - God’s not offended by her cursing or smoking. Otherwise He would never come near any of us.

21:20 - God’s goodness leads men to repentance - I believe that mercy triumphs over judgement - that the goodness of God leads men to repentance - that the lady doesn’t know any better - that life has eaten her lunch like it ate our lunches but now that I know the truth I need to stand my ground and represent that truth to her so that truth can come and make her free in spite of what she’s doing.

21:40 - It’s not works any way. It’s grace.

21:50 - Smoking and cursing getting healed - Knee you work like you were designed. Knee you respond. Just keep pounding. Something happened after 8 times. We’re excited for Holy Spirit to move. Reverent while praying. You don’t judge her. You give her what cleaned you up. His name is Jesus. He happens to love her as much as He loves any of us. He wants to open her heart to truth.

23:50 - Smoking and cursing getting healed - something happened.

24:00 - Lady with teeth problems - healed - 20 seconds. Lemon sized tumor melts away.

24:15 - “Normal” in the kingdom - That stuff should be normal kingdom function. We see them as miracles but it’s really everyday kingdom function. It’s just what heaven calls normal. I want to grow to that place.

24:40 - Smoking and cursing getting healed - knee began to bend. Most of us wouldn’t think her to be in a position to be healed. But Jesus is in position to heal her. If I can see that then I can give her the truth that makes her free.

25:10 - Luke 10 - Heal the sick and then tell them that the kingdom is here. If you heal them first how can they have any faith?

25:50 - Nothing stops the kingdom - Nothing can stop the power of God except the failure of me to see the truth that wants to flow through me. I’m a doorway of power in that situation. God created me for that very thing.

26:50 - Smoking and cursing getting healed - started crying. Her neighbor was flipping out.

27:35 - Commissioned to manifest healing - Whatever city you are in, heal the sick. Sounds like our commission. No preconditions. The goodness of God leads men to repentance.

28:00 - If the church struggles with this goodness, how are we going to give this goodness.

➡ 28:20 - Receive God’s goodness - Become God’s goodness - I might be here for this one thing - Let’s receive the goodness of God so that we can give the goodness of God.

Mindsets that Inhibit Kingdom Expression

28:30 - “Meet my needs” motive / mindset - Let’s not be of the mindset that God is here to meet all of our needs. God has met my biggest need. He has brought me back to Him. I’m no longer separated from Him because He has taken away sin. My biggest need is answered: I wasn’t one with God and now I am.

28:55 - “Get to heaven” motive / mindset - I’m not here, as a Christian, to go to heaven. Heaven is on the earth. I’m a Christian to get right with God and be one with God and manifest His kingdom and fulfill the reason He created me.

29:20 - We preach that Jesus is the way to heaven. He’s the way back to the Father. The emphasis on heaven creates self-centered church - a needs driven people. I’m not a Christian to go to heaven. I’m a Christian to be right with God - to be son and have Him as my Daddy - and we can have intimacy and fellowship - and I can be in His presence daily. Heaven has come into me.

29:40 - “Great escape” motive / mindset - It’s not about the great escape. If you have that perspective, you are way deceived and you’ll never touch the world around you. It’s all about you waiting to run. No, it’s all about you denying yourself, picking up your cross and following Jesus - no matter what the cost - and laying down your life - and fulfilling the reason that you’re on the planet. The reason that you’re on the planet is to manifest Him.

30:10 - True perspective - Living from heaven’s perspective towards the earth.

Praying from the Promise - Not the problem

➡ 30:50 - I want to touch righteousness a little...Let me say it this way…

30:05 - Praying from the problem - When someone in church receives cancer diagnosis - that they are going to die… ➡ Here is what we do because we lack the intimacy, revelation, identity thing I’ve been talking about for the last 30 minutes… We pray from the perspective of the problem. We try to get a breakthrough. We slip into works. We strive. We try to pray the right prayers.

31:45 - But it’s not about how you pray. It’s the finished work of Jesus. It’s what you believe.

32:00 - Healings without any words - just the name of Jesus.

32:10 - Diabetes healings.

32:30 - Prayer for healing of diabetes. Thank Him.

35:10 - Wife in ICU with brain damage - You wouldn’t have been able to tell it from my demeanor.

35:40 - Jesus’ perspective - Follow Him - Jesus didn’t see death when He went with Jairus to see his daughter. He didn’t see death when He went to Lazarus’ tomb. He’s the author and giver of life. All He sees is life. Jesus wasn’t praying from the perspective of the problem. He was the answer. And we’re the body of Christ - so we shouldn’t pray from the perspective of the problem either.

36:00 - Striving in prayer - Praying from the perspective of the problem - produces striving. Striving is an automatic sign that we are outside of grace - that our perspective isn’t clear.

37:00 - Diagnosis of cancer - We pray all of the right stuff from the perspective of a dying man -  of fear and desperation and loving our own life. And we wonder where the move of God is. Praying from the problem.

37:20 - You speak to the mountain - But the Bible says that faith will say to the mountain - not cry out to God - because faith is living in the perspective of God and from the perspective of God. It sees what the mountain is because of the promise. It prays from the position of the promise to the problem. And the problem must bow because of promise.

37:40 - Wife in ICU with brain damage - . No fear - The gospel teaches you how not to fear. Because it’s never about you. It’s about Him and His glory. The bottom line is that I can’t lose. We’re in the kingdom - in the Christ.

38:30 - Never going to die - It’s never about death. It’s always about life. I’m never going to die. Forever with the Lord.

39:00 - Wife in ICU with brain damage - what you do - speak life - command affliction to leave - all from the position of promise.

39:20 - Authority - All things under our feet. We don’t see it all submitting yet, but we see Jesus. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

40:00 - Wife in ICU with brain damage - no change but God is moving. It’s impossible for the kingdom not to be moving into the situation - even though it’s not yet seen. Hour and half later - opened eyes - no brain damage.

40:50 - Other possible reactions…

41:10 - God’s waiting on us - God didn’t fail us. He hasn’t left us high and dry. He’s given us His promises. His word. And He’s watching me saying, “What are you going to do Dan? You’re my boy. Be like me. Represent me. Go ahead.” We say that we are “waiting on God.” I think God is waiting on us to get it.

41:45 - Single eye - The eye is the lamp of the body - single.

42:20 - Blessing over participant - manifesting the Father.

43:30 - Single eye (cont.) - If your eye is single - seeing through the perspective of truth, the whole body is full of light - no fear, no depression… Because of this perspective I was able to pray for my wife without striving. Respond in the gospel. Live by the Spirit.

44:30 - God loving us vs. being loved by God. If we keep His commandment we will be loved by God. Live by His word. He manifests Himself to me. Love never fails. And perfect love casts out all fear.

45:10 - Prayer of fear vs. prayer of faith - When we pray from the perspective of fear it reveals that we aren’t being moved by the love of God that was sent through Jesus Christ. Faith works through love. Fear is moved by need. The prayer of fear doesn’t save the sick.

45:30 - Perspective of fear is overcome by love - So the more we are in relationship, the more the revelation of His love overtakes us, and we live from the perspective of that love. Love cast out fear. Never fails.

Know Him - Manifest Him

➡ 45:35 - I’m going to close with this thought…

45:50 - Wearing Tim’s pants - Tim stands up.

46:25 - Going after God reality - This is where the rubber meets the road in your Christianity. You can come to a conference and experience a lot of things. But until you seek Him in the secret place - until you get alone and acknowledge these things between you and Him - until you get real with the Father, I don’t believe that the Father will be real to you in the sense of revelation and reality.

46:50 - Knowledge puffs you up. You think that to know is to grow. But love edifies.

47:00 - Tim’s pants - an example of God becoming real through intimate relationship and communion.

➡ 47:55 - I never got onto righteousness. It’s just how I flow. We go where we go. I know that you got something.

48:05 - Be established in His love - No condemnation - We need to get established and founded in who we’ve become and who He is in us and love and righteousness - to where condemnation is a thing of the past. I can’t be condemned. He didn’t send His Son to condemn me - but that through His Son I might be saved. There’s no condemnation in Christ. It’s never about condemnation. It’s always about love. Condemnation will steal away the power of the gospel - steal away your identity.

48:25 - No, I’m loved by God. It’s His good pleasure to give me the kingdom.

48:30 - Reject worry & fear through relationship of love - Jesus says, “Don’t worry” and the first thing we tend to do is worry. He said, “Don’t fear” and we fear. It means that we need to grow in that relationship with Papa.

48:45 - Respond through communing - Please respond to Him. Get alone. Communing a response.

49:15 - We don’t usually pray that way. How we usually pray. We usually pray for our day to go well.

49:50 - But our God is a lot bigger than that. Our perspective needs to deepen. We need to get in the secret place with our Father. He’ll meet us in secret and reward us in the open.

50:10 - Closing prayer - impartation. - It’s about knowing You - Your nature - Your personality - that who You are comes alive in us - so that we rightly manifest You in our lives. Rightly represent You in our sphere of influence.