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Awesome Truth


Price Paid for the Redemption of Man

0:00 - You are not bipolar! - It’s not who she is. Prayer of authority. Totally changed.

2:15 - Jesus paid a price for the restoration of man. You’ve got to believe that in your heart. If you don’t settle that in your heart - that Jesus paid the price for the redemption of man - you will struggle with this thing (the gospel) for the rest of your life - have very little God experience - and find yourself debating with the people who are seeing the glory of God every day. Don’t be trapped in that. Let’s pursue Him. Let’s yield to Him and believe that Jesus came for the redemption of man.

3:00 - We can get so twisted in our thinking - if you pray for the sick - (people might begin to say) that the devil can heal and that God puts sickness on people. People believe this in the church. Be careful. Stay in the word. Jesus paid the price for the redemption of man.

3:20 - Romans 4 says that His resurrection is for our justification. “Justification” means just as if you’ve never sinned. If I’m seen by God as having never sinned, how can I be judged for sin? How can the fall of man eat my lunch? For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh: - Rom. 8:2. For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace. - Rom. 6:14. So God has trumped sin and the power of sin over our lives when He raised Jesus from the dead.

3:55 - You’ve got to settle that in your heart.

4:00 - Seeing the fruit of this belief.

4:10 - You are not bipolar! (cont.) - You are a child of God. Happy result - off all meds.

5:50 - These people are living this way and they’re waiting for the gospel. They’re not waiting for debate and “Why maybe it won’t...” or “Why maybe it can’t…” They’re waiting for the finished work of Jesus. They’re waiting for the kingdom to land on their situation and make them free. They are waiting for YOU! They’re waiting for me - in fellowship with God - in the power of His name. They’re not waiting for another theology class. They’re not waiting for another debate. They are waiting for people that know their God and do great exploits (Dan. 11:32b).

6:25 - They are waiting for people who are in intimacy and fellowship with Jesus - where faith is working through the love that they walk in. And all of the sudden love is overtaking everything.

Live by Faith - Not by Feelings

6:35 - Woman with hepatitis -

7:00 - I don’t always feel things when I pray for people. But I knew the fire of God was about to burn in her blood.

7:05 - Don’t rely on manifestations / feelings - live by faith - I don’t have to feel things. I don’t preach manifestations. Unfortunately people think that if they don’t feel something that they are not healed. I don’t care what you feel or don’t feel. Jesus is Lord and He is coming to rock your world.

7:15 - Feel or don’t feel. It’s irrelevant to me. It’s fun to feel Him but I don’t have to feel a thing - Jesus is Lord! Don’t get caught up in a sensual whirlwind. I don’t mind God touching and you feeling, but you better live by faith. If you don’t feel something you better know that God IS. ...for he that cometh to God must believe that he is... - Heb. 11:6b

7:40 - Let losses drive you to God - There IS a place for victory - The problem is that when we hear a teaching on healing, what hits our minds is all of the unanswered prayers - all of the people that we lost. But you have to realize that we are growing. If we start letting all of those hurts dictate our belief system, we’ll stay confused and powerless and keep suffering loss. We need to let those losses motivate us towards Him. Why? Because there IS a place for victory. There’s a place for everybody we touch to receive the kingdom of God. There’s a place for us to get outside of our heads and into our hearts and live from a place of truth. Truth will make us free.

8:25 - If we start debating truth because of our experience or lack of experience, we put at odds the flow of the kingdom. We’ll only pray because we have need. And we’ll only hope for a breakthrough. We’ll reduce this book (Bible) to a book of principles that we apply, hoping for results - instead of having a relationship of intimacy and oneness - and faith coming through love.

8:55 - It is so the will of God to restore people.

9:00 - Woman with hepatitis (cont.) - had tests. No hepatitis.


9:40 - The power of repentance - You’re not the same person - Why can this be true? Why can this healing happen? Because she wishes that she had never done drugs. God knows her dilemma. Regret could eat her lunch. You can’t go back and change a thing. But your heart can change. You can change. You can’t change where you’ve been and what you’ve done. But YOU can change. And when you change, where you’ve been and what you’ve done is totally irrelevant and removed. It’s the power of repentance.

10:00 - You change, sins are remitted. Then the effect and power of sin - mark of sin - stain of sin - must be destroyed by the same mercy that triumphs over judgement because the blood and body of Jesus is sufficient.

10:20 - Hepatitis must bow to the truth

Relationship - Not Principles

➡ 10:45 - The gospel is more than applying principles - Here’s what I want to talk about - We have so much teaching in the body… And I teach a lot but I hope that I teach relationship and intimacy. But whenever you teach, you run the risk of turning this (gospel) into (merely) principles that we live by. That’s not what God wants. This isn’t a book of principles that we apply to meet our needs. That’s impersonal.

11:10 - What does that mean? - We make God’s word into a confession sheet. We pray what’s in the Bible to change our situation without knowing His love and living from the place of God loving you. You can reduce God to a genie in a lamp or His word to “abracadabra”. You quote scriptures that address your problem, hoping for your problem to change because of what God said. It’s very impersonal.

11:35 - Challenging God’s love - It sets you up for discouragement and sets you up to question God in the court of your mind. “Where were you? Why didn’t you move? Why didn’t you answer my prayer?” But you’ll never take God to court and win. Isn’t it amazing that man can find fault with God? “If God loves me why did my aunt die?” We challenge God’s love through the death of a loved one. But that’s not the proper question. If God didn’t love you then why did He send His Son? So there is something that WE need to grow in and stop challenging God.

12:20 - This is not a magic book. It’s not like a gift certificate. It’s not like - apply this and get that. That’s the way that we have taught the gospel in a lot of circles. We put all of the promises on our fridge and when crisis hits we proclaim them. But you can do that and not even realize that you’re loved by God. It’s not a book of principles that you apply to meet your needs.

12:45 - The principles are so that you partake of His divine nature. The principles are so that you understand what He accomplished when He died and rose again.

12:55 - Created for a life of union and communion with Him - sons & daughters - It’s not just an Easter story. It’s so that you can realize that your life was created to be one with Him. That’s why He died. He became what I was so that I could become a son. He became sin. He took that off of us and put that on Him. When He died. We died. When He rose, we rose with Him - first born among many brethren.

13:10 - What is He? Son. What does that make us? sons and daughters. We’re not sinners. We’re sons and daughters.

13:25 - We’re not waking up trying to be Christians - trying to live the Christian life. Don’t do that. Wake up and be right with God - because of the blood - because of the sacrifice.

14:00 - Healing is for the whole body of Christ. God wants to teach us that He lives in us. It’s not an anointing or a gifting among us that we build a conference around. It’s not like one person has the super in with God and then everyone else surrounds that person with their need - in hopes for a healing. You don’t want to live that way.

14:30 - Pursue knowing Him. Pursue intimacy with Him. Live life walking with Him. Wake up knowing that you’re loved.

A Price was Paid to Get Heaven Back Inside You

15:00 - A price was paid for you - the blood of Jesus. You must be worth something. There’s something about your value that you have to see. He paid the highest price possible to redeem you. It’s not so that you can get your name in a book (book of life) and one day be found in heaven. It’s so that heaven can come back into you and can once again be sons and daughters and live from the plane of the kingdom of God.

15:35 - Jesus did not do what He did just so that you could one day go to heaven - but just get by and live like hell on the earth until then. He died to get heaven back into you. He died to get us back to our original value (mint condition).

15:50 - You have amazing value to God - He knows what He created when He created us. And it cost flesh and blood to redeem flesh and blood. He wouldn’t overpay for us. And yet He paid the blood of Jesus for us. Either He is a terrible businessman or He knows the value of my life.

16:15 - I’m worth the blood. If I have a resume on the desk of God, it stops Him in His tracks. “Impressive.” Why? Because He created me in His image and with a purpose.

16:30 - If I only see my value for the way that I have lived, I will be deceived into thinking that it’s not worth very much. I have to see myself for who He created me to be - a son - to be filled with His Spirit and manifest His love - manifest His kingdom. He bought back my destiny, my purpose, my potential legacy. He bought everything about me back. It cost His Son to get that back. And He paid it.

17:10 - Let’s sell it all out for Him - everything we were apart from Him - so that we can obtain Him and live Him.

Healing - Green Light - Ready to Roll

17:20 - Ladies ask for prayer - “Are you praying for the sick tonight?” Jesus is Lord right now. We don’t have to wait for tonight.

17:45 - There doesn’t have to be music or special atmosphere for healing. The atmosphere is in us. It’s green light - ready to roll. You don’t have to pray in tongues and build yourself up and quote scripture. If you’re doing that stuff it’s because you’re walking apart from the revelation of His love and who you are in Him.

18:10 - Healing is not a works thing - It’s the Father’s good pleasure to give the kingdom - Don’t get self-conscious and think, “I’m not quite up to pray for the sick.” Are you kidding? You don’t heal the sick. The kingdom in you heals the sick. Just stay in touch that He’s in you and that He loves you and that it’s His good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

18:20 - If you get tricked into works, you are going to back off and do very little in the kingdom of God. You’re going to talk yourself out of the potential of who He is in you. You’re going to walk by opportunity after opportunity because you’ll see yourself apart from Him in you. You’ll just see you. And you’ll think that you have to earn this - “Man, I didn’t even read my Bible this morning.” And all of the sudden it’s a works thing creeping in on you. And if you ever do get used by God, you’ll think it’s because of what you are doing instead of being who He is. It’s a trap. He heals because He is Lord and He lives in you and He loves to live in you.

18:55 - Ladies ask for prayer (cont.) - Growth on brain stem. Limb movement restricted. Prayer for healing. Movement restored. Ladies toasted. Danced, cried.

22:00 - Her friends had been praying for her from need. But it’s not your intensity. It’s not your love for her. It’s His passion for her. It’s His good pleasure to give her the kingdom. It’s not your ranting and raving and expressing the scriptures in a loud voice. He’s amazing. He’s Lord.

22:40 - What is that [limited arm movement] to Him - concerning His power? If He breathed into dirt and a man jumped up that’s like…[so much more difficult and amazing.] But we’ve got to see that and stop striving so much to get answers. A lot of times we are applying principles to get breakthroughs. But I have good news for you - the stone is already rolled away - He already broken through - and the heavens are opened.

23:05 - Ladies ask for prayer (cont.) - One of them had a fused neck. Prayer for healing. Totally healed.

24:05 - This is a paradox for people who don’t believe what I am preaching (about healing). Either the devil is healing and using me to heal or I’m lying and making this up… I watched this healing happen.

24:35 - Ladies ask for prayer (cont.) - Another had dry eyes - dry tear ducts. Crying and crying lots of tears. God strikes a rock and water comes out. I think He can heal her eyes. Another had osteoporosis - hips, short leg. Had the other friends pray for her. Leg grew out. Totally healed.

Heaven Back Inside - He Lives in Us

27:15 - It’s just a kingdom perspective. It’s understanding that God loves us. That’s why Jesus came.

27:25 - We have the idea that He came so that we could all go to heaven and be this happy family. And then we just live our lives on earth very impersonally towards God. He’s “the man upstairs”. But Jesus said that He lives inside of us. He said that He and the Father would make their home in us. Holy Spirit will make His home in us. So we’ve got the Godhead living in us.

27:55 - You might say, “Well God is on the throne and Jesus is at His right hand…” Yes they are. But they are also in us. Why? Because the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit is there is liberty. And by God’s Spirit, He can represent the whole of who He is.

28:05 - So I’ve got God, the Father in me - God, the Son in me - God, the Holy Spirit in me. And I like that. So I bet you that I can be confident. I bet you that without being presumptuous, I can believe His love for people - pray over them - and believe for God to do something awesome - without being deceived, I bet I can believe that.

28:25 - John 14 teaches that they all live in us. The Godhead lives in us. The power of the name of Jesus is phenomenal.

Commissioned to Preach & Heal

28:35 - In John 20 - Jesus says, “As the Father sent me, so I send you.” - John 20:21. You might say, “Yes, but He was talking to the disciples.” That was their mission. No, in Mt 28 He said to make disciples of every nation teaching THEM to obey all that I have commanded YOU - Mt. 28:20. If He taught them to preach and heal then they are teaching us that too. We shouldn’t let that end with the apostles. The day of miracles couldn’t have passed when the last apostle died.

Mark 16

30:00 - Go to Mark 16:8+ - reading… - And they went out quickly, and fled from the sepulchre; for they trembled and were amazed: neither said they any thing to any man; for they were afraid. -

30:35 - v.9 - Now when Jesus was risen early the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had cast seven devils. - Then she took off to tell the boys.

31:00 - v.10 - And she went and told them that had been with him, as they mourned and wept. - Disbelief & Belief - Because they were still under the power of the fear of death. What He had told them of His resurrection was overpowered by what they saw - the power of death. They were gripped by the fear of the Jews, fear for their lives and that the best thing that ever happened to them they watched die on a cross. They were wrecked.

31:30 - When they heard that He was alive, they didn’t believe. It happens all of the time in the church.

31:40 - People disbelieve testimonies of healing all of the time. The mind can be a wicked thing when it’s gripped with unbelief. There is no explanation that satisfies unbelief. You’ll talk your way around it every time. For faith no explanation is necessary. When you believe the word of God, you’ll believe the testimony of what He’s doing. (See the story of Lazarus - man asks for warning for relatives.)

33:30 - We shouldn’t think it strange when a tumor dies or someone is raised from the dead. We ought to rejoice and be in expectation that God will move.

33:40 - If we are fighting the testimonies we’re assuring that this won’t flow through our lives any time soon.

33:50 - We are major players - He is the Head - We’re the body of Christ. We’re not waiting for God to move. We are the move of God. That’s why He left us here.

34:10 - We’re the body of Christ. He’s the head. We’re the body. The head is giving us a command and the body just says, “Yes sir!”

34:30 - Christ means “the anointed one”. So we’re the embodiment of the anointing. So we’re not waiting for a move of God. We’re anointed to be the move of God.

34:50 - He says, “I give YOU authority over all of the power of the enemy. And nothing shall by any means harm you.” - Luke 10:19. Yet we live in fear and wonder why we get run over. Fear empowers the enemy - attracts the enemy. Fear moves the economy of hell. Faith releases heaven.

35:15 - Praying from desperation and works. We’re just hoping for change. Most prayer motivated by the extreme trouble - hoping God hears and moves. But told us to speak to the mountain and that the mountain would move - Mt. 17.

35:35 - The evidence of faith - not that we pray - but that the mountain moves. When a mountain doesn’t move it just means that there is something deeper that we need to see. We need to speak from a place of (heart) revelation not just (head) knowledge.

Good News Brings Great Joy

35:50 - Comment from the congregation - Opposite of joy is unbelief. You give definition to that. (My joy) - It’s not my fault.

36:35 - Witchcraft attack - dizzy in bathroom - dead leg - responding with smile on face.

39:45 - In that situation I wasn’t trying to apply principles. Through relationship I had become that revelation of the word. The word becomes flesh. All those scriptures live in me. I don’t have to attack the enemy with them…

40:05 - “In Jesus’ name” - when you say His name you can speak it seeing what His name is. You’ll speak with the authority of heaven. (Or you can speak it without seeing much meaning.)

40:45 - Witchcraft attack (cont.) - gracious response with a smile.

41:15 - Questions that get you off track - that don’t release the kingdom. “What door did I open?”

42:00 - I’m not trying to get a breakthrough. I’m in relationship with Papa. I don’t wake up and try to be a Christian. I’m a son - adopted in through Jesus. I wake up forgiven. I’m already in. I’m not trying to be acceptable. I’m already accepted.

Entrusted with Kingdom Living

42:30 - Ladies ask for prayer (cont.) - never quoted scripture - It’s because of His love for them. Talked about His love for them. I speak for the King.

43:20 - He entrusts us with the stewardship of the kingdom - that I could represent Him on the earth - the body of Christ - Christ in me - as if when He walked on the earth. What’s different between (Him on the earth and Him in us on the earth)? Just what we fail to see. We don’t see that. We judge ourselves differently. We remember our weaknesses and point out our flaws. We take life personally when we ought to take the gospel personally.

44:05 - No more sin barrier - ever. Reckon yourself dead to sin, alive to God. Why would the Bible tell you to reckon yourself dead to sin if you are really just a sinner? If you make a mistake that doesn’t make you a sinner - you’re a son in your identity.

44:30 - If you judge yourself for an action, you judge yourself wrongly. The condition of your heart is pure - you made a mistake. You love God and don’t want to mess up.

44:40 - Definition of sin - an act? No, sin is the condition of the heart. I might have the potential to mess up but I am sure not a sinner. I love Jesus with everything in me. And He loves me.

Becoming Love - Healing Flows with Love

45:00 - This whole gospel is about becoming love. It’s the first and second commandment that you can wrap everything into. And the second is like the first. Love Him with everything and love each other like yourself.

45:15 - I love Him with everything because I see His first love for me in Jesus. I see His love for me and I begin to love Him. And now I see myself in that perfect love. I see my identity - who I’ve become in Him and I begin to love myself in a very healthy way. And now I can love my neighbor as myself. I see that you have the same destiny, the same calling, the same value, the same purpose.

45:40 - So how I love you is not about how I judge your disposition, your looks, your attitude - it’s about your identity, your purpose, your potential, your original value. I have that ability now to love you because I see that God loves me for I was created to be, not who I’ve been - where I’ve been and what I’ve done - but who I am in Him. Now I love myself in a healthy way and now I can love my neighbor as myself.

46:10 - If you are critical towards yourself, you will be critical to your neighbor. If you are fault finding with yourself, you’ll find fault with others. You are not called to be a critic, you are called to represent Jesus to people. You’re called to love them in the midst of their faults, failures and weaknesses. If you don’t show them love, who is going to?

46:40 - Love is not about who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s about who is going to love. Who is going to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow the living epistle of love. That’s where the kingdom flows. That’s where the power of God flows.

47:00 - Ladies ask for prayer (cont.) - How God loves those ladies. - When you see how He loves them it’s easy to pray in authority. And things start bowing and changing that aren’t God’s will.

47:30 - Lady on Bob Evan’s porch - mother, daughter - arthritis - in wheelchair - totally healed - they had no clue what was going to happen. I was the believer.

Step into the Privilege of Kingdom Life

48:50 - When you step into that kind of life - you aren’t meaningless and striving and struggling. Life changes completely. You realize your purpose, your potential.

49:15 - Not everybody is jumping up healed when I pray, but the more I pray, the more that I am seeing. I’m on the track of truth and it makes people free. The fact that I am not seeing everyone healed makes me press on even more on this track. I’m not changing the message because of what doesn’t happen. We’re just going to keep seeking Him and growing in the truth.

50:00 - Multiplication of kingdom expression and building momentum. You build in Christian experience. How are you going to argue with someone who has this experience? A highlight clip of the release of the kingdom of God?

50:40 - Recent experience - increase.

51:00 - No problem worse than others. Same price for all. The problem is in our heads. Herniated disc vs. cancer. We dig deeper for some conditions. That shows honor for the condition.

51:45 - Cancer healing.

52:15 - Don’t be robbed of the opportunity of walking in this way… Lay down your life.

52:30 - Paul’s sufferings.

53:07 - [recording ends mid teaching]