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Our Created Value

Healing is Available - Let’s Step Out

0:00-2:00 - Teaching fragment that appears to be out of order.

2:00 - Healing service - Beginning of teaching / healing service. It’s like a service / school - to teach the word, show what’s available, that we can pray for the sick and see the power of God in our lives. That we are the church.

2:45 - Let’s go after what God said to do. Let’s be obedient and step out.

3:00 - New Hip - Testimony by a friend of Dan’s - John - dislocated elbow / healing not seen -  ear infection / not instantaneous wow but right therapy - healing of hip / wow - A good day for the donkey - (carried Jesus into the situation).

9:30 - If you don’t understand the will of God or the heart of God in sending His Son, you might talk yourself out of that kind of opportunity to pray for the sick. But that kind of healing is available. The power is available. The price has been paid. What if John had had different thinking?

9:50 - What Jesus wants is for people that understand and know the heart of God to step out in faith - that works through love - because you see the love of God for people.

The Heart of God in Sending His Son

9:55 - I’m going to talk about the gospel… The gospel is not being clearly preached. I’m seeking revelation so that I can preach it clearly.

10:30 - You can see that John is excited. And we’re going to stir our hearts a little bit.

11:05 - Want to impart what is real in my heart - Not just Bible knowledge - Here’s what we want tonight. We don’t want just Bible knowledge - to just take what the Bible says and repeat it to you. We want revelation - what’s real in my heart by the Holy Spirit - what I live and experience - to impart into your heart that same revelation.

11:45 - [Discussing special prayer requests]

12:20 - Opening prayer - Revelation - illuminate our hearts.

➡ 15:20 - Go to Col. 1… But on the way there let’s stop in 1 Cor. 1…

➡ 15:50 - Here’s the deal. We can get so theological with the gospel and just so full of Bible knowledge that we can miss the heart of God in what He did when He sent His Son. That’s my heart cry tonight.

16:10 - If we’re not careful the gospel is just a Christmas and Easter story. It’s so much more.

16:20 - More than forgiveness of sins - We say that Jesus died on the cross for the remission of our sins. And theologically and scripturally that’s totally correct. But what does that mean personally? What does mean about the heart of God - the motivation of God? Why would God send His Son for the remission of our sins?

16:40 - More than a prayer to go to heaven - The gospel is so much more than saying a prayer so that all of our sins are removed and then one day we are taken to heaven. Jesus prayed that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

16:50 - Redemption - Bought back or brought back to original value.

17:10 - More than knowledge - Knowledge alone didn’t bring life change - I know that Jesus died on the cross for the remission of my sins but I knew that my whole life until I was 33 yrs old and it didn’t change my life. It just made me scripturally correct to agree with that. But I didn’t love God. I wasn’t living for God. I wasn’t changed by that fact. And I had no power or anointing of God actively flowing in my life. But I could have told you that Jesus died on the cross for the remission of my sins.

17:35 - Realizing our value to God - What I didn’t understand was what Jesus dying on the cross must mean about who I am to God - my value to God - God’s love for me - and the importance of my life before Him. If Jesus gave His life for my life, what does that mean about the Father towards me? What does that say about the value that God places in us? We must have incredible value and importance to God and the kingdom of God. He must see something that we’ve never seen. He must know something that we’ve never known.

18:30 - Joy because of the gospel - Once you grasp this it will set your soul free. It will put joy in your heart, to the point where no human thing, natural thing, temporal thing, relational thing can override this revelation. There is unspeakable joy in the gospel when you really see your value to God and in God and eternal life. You won’t let something this way (horizontal) steal what’s so real and true this way (vertical - relationship with God).

19:00 - Satan wants to keep you from realizing your value - From manifesting God - That’s the only power that satan has - to get you so influenced this way (horizontal - influenced by people, circumstances, etc.) that you never lay a hold of the reality here (vertical - relationship with God) so that you can live effectively this way (horizontal - towards others - manifesting God).

19:15 - Example: John’s testimony. He's receiving revelation of this (vertical) - called relationship with God through the Son - and then John is living effectively this way (horizontally - out towards others from God) because of this (vertical) revelation.

19:30 - It’s more than knowledge - It’s a life to be lived out - Redeemed to original value - So it’s a whole lot deeper than a Bible truth that He died on a cross for the forgiveness of my sin. I’m seeing that God really loves me and that there is a whole lot more to my life - that I have yet to experience. And by sending His Son God is releasing me into that. So I need to grow up into Him in all things and I need to know Him more.

20:10 - Let’s look at 1 Cor. 1 quickly… and then we’ll go to Col. 1

Objection to Healing - God Orchestrates It

20:50 - Prayers of hope - As Christians we often live life hoping God moves in our favor - hoping that we have a good day. We don’t understand how to address sickness.

21:10 - God orchestrates it all? - God as the orchestrator of all things - including sickness. But there is a thief that’s here to steal, kill and destroy. There is power of life and death in your tongue. We’re destroyed for what we don’t understand. You reap what you sow.

21:40 - Creates passive response to sickness - If you believe that God orchestrates everything you’ll become passive. You’ll submit to everything that’s happening and wait on the outcome. You’ll see the outcome as God’s will.

21:50 - If God orchestrates everything why would we need faith? Or the prayer of faith? Why would we need to hold fast our confession if it didn’t mean anything? Why would we need to speak life and release faith?

22:10 - Satan wants a passive people. People that don’t understand the power of the name of Jesus. People that sit back and let whatever will be will be just knowing that someday it will all work out in the end. That’s not the will of God.

Christ - Our Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification & Redemption

23:10 - 1 Cor. 1 v.30 - But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption: - He wants me redeemed - It’s His choice that I am in Christ Jesus. He wants me saved and born again. He wants me filled with His Spirit. He wants me anointed. He wants me as a son. I don’t need to struggle with rejection. That’s a big deal.

24:00 - So it’s not arrogance on my part. I found the will of God through the Son. He wants me redeemed. He wants me restored back to what God wanted me to be in the first place.

Wisdom vs. The Way that Seems Right to a Man

24:35 - Wisdom - Look who Christ is… wisdom from God. We tend to rely on our own understanding - our own experiences - the way that seems right to a man. Examples in regard to sickness.

25:20 - Mt 17 - God’s will to heal despite the healing not taking place when the disciples prayed. We ought to learn from that incident.

26:00 - Fear & faith - We pray from fear. Faith works through love. Just because you pray doesn’t mean that it’s faith. Most of the time we pray because we’re scared half to death. Or we pray from selfish motives instead of it being about Him and His name and His kingdom crushing darkness.

26:45 - Mad at God. He sent His Son. Your missing the heart of God. You’re deceived. Here’s what’s happening. You’re eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

27:30 - Still 2 trees to eat from - Eat from the tree of life - the Word of God - Jesus Christ. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil - the whispers into your ear - the way that seems right to a man. As a man thinketh, so he is.

28:00 - Back to the Garden before sin - This gospel brought us back to the garden before sin. BUT both trees are still there. God’s word is speaking AND the enemy is whispering. You need to know that you’re His and obey His voice and the stranger’s voice you will not follow.

28:25 - Know God through His Word - Through the Son - How do you know God? Though His Word. Through His Son. God is revealed through His Son - not the experiences of your life. You see the Father through the Son. If you can’t find it in Jesus then it’s not of the Father. Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person...  - Heb. 1:3a.

29:00 - If Jesus didn’t say it, don’t embrace it. If Jesus said it, embrace it.

29:20 - Experience can be false wisdom - Mt. 17 - Jesus’ disciples could have created their own healing doctrine - I guess it isn’t God’s will to heal all. We say that in the church. It makes logical sense if you are feeding off the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But it’s in direct contrast to the word of God.

29:50 - True wisdom - True perspective - In Christ Jesus - and He is in you too. Col. 1 - …Christ in you, the hope of glory. So what’s the hope of glory in my life? Christ in me. Why are you praying for the sick? What is your motivation? Here’s why you should pray - because you see through Jesus what God says about that cancer and you see what He did about it and you let faith work through love - you pray from the perspective of God towards the problem. It’s very rare in the church. We’re usually praying based on need.

31:00 - It’s always about the kingdom - glory to His name - always about Him.

31:20 - When you are driven by need you are set up to be frustrated, depressed, discouraged and speak death instead of life.

31:30 - Speaking death.

31:45 - Cancer has to die because it’s not part of this covenant. It’s not the will of God. And He paid the price to crush it.

32:00 - Fear - No fear in the gospel. Why? Because it’s not about us - but Him in us and through us.

32:30 - Praying from the problem.

33:00 - Praying in faith - even when the problem doesn’t change, it doesn’t change you.

33:30 - You attack your circumstances with your right standing with God.

33:45 - Faith not necessary on the part of the sick - Examples from real life.

34:10 - The ambassadors ought to be the ones believing.

34:30 - Objection to all being healed - Rejection in Nazareth - Objection - no miracles in hometown - rejection in Nazareth. Rejected Him because of familiarity. You’re no Christ. They never brought the sick. If Jesus touches them, they are getting healed. Not because of unbelief.

36:00 - [Skip in recording]

36:00 - Unbelief - Jesus healed in the midst of unbelief. They didn’t know who He was. Some thought He had a demon.

36:55 - God’s people are the ones who have the faith, not the sick person.

37:15 - The word vs. the way that seems right to a man - Rom 10:17 - faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word - Get consumed in the word and see things for the way are - not the way that they seem. The way that seems right is ruling most of the church. A lot of what we say is because of what we’ve been through.

37:40 - Defining God through Jesus vs. the outcome - We define God through the outcome. You can only define God through Jesus. So if my outcome is not measuring up to His outcome, I need to keep seeking Him and growing in Him and never back off. Press on.

38:20 - Questions as challenges to the gospel - Challenging the gospel. How come we are still sick? Different ways to ask questions. Different hearts asking from. Be humble.

39:35 - Separation of light and darkness - There’s an enemy on the earth. Light exposes darkness. Eph. 3 - God is revealing His wisdom to the powers of darkness through His people. God is exposing darkness for what it is through the redemption of His people that fell. So what was crushing them, now they can crush through the mercy of God - the power of the blood of Jesus. There is a separating the two. There is a judgement on darkness.

40:00 - Walk in the light. Scriptures - light is greater than darkness and we are called to the light. God is not connected to the darkness. He doesn't hire the devil as a hitman. He crushes the devil.

41:35 - Demonic presence - I felt so clean. What do you have to do with me? And me with you? I’ve been bought with a price.

42:25 - Why are people healed? Because of Jesus - because He died and rose again - because of what He accomplished. All we need to do is attach our heart and faith to that and continue in that faith until it becomes an all consuming fire and revelation in our hearts.

42:45 - Not healed because of our great prayers. Or because we did something right. They are healed because He paid the price. They are only healed because of Him. We get to appropriate that and release that through Bible faith.

43:00 - Believe - fully convinced, fully persuaded.

43:20 - Word vs. Experience - Experiences screaming against the word of God. But the word has the power to change the experience. Bring your experience into agreement with the word instead of re-writing the word.

44:10 - “If it be your will” prayers - You are just confessing that you don’t know Him. You’re just fingers crossed, hoping. It would be great if you did something. It’s impersonal - no relationship. I don’t even know His heart. Declaring to the enemy that I don’t know Him well.

44:35 - If I don’t know His will, how can I rightly represent Him? How can I have faith when I don’t know His will?

45:15 - We need a strong identity.

45:50 - Feeling vulnerable - witchcraft.

46:30 - Praying in faith. Seeing how God sees them in love. Right motivation for praying.

Righteousness & Its Connection to Healing

48:15 - Righteousness - Connection between righteousness and healing. He sees you as if you had never sinned. 1 Peter 2:24.

49:50 - Repent  

50:00 - Deny yourself - Because we inherited ourselves through the fall of man.

50:25 - Selfish praying doesn’t release the power of God.

50:50 - Connection between righteousness and healing. ...And by His stripes we are healed. If you don’t believe it’s God will to heal you’ve got to tear out scriptures: Ps. 103, 91, Mt 21, John 15 & 16 and Mark 11.

52:10 - The only reason that we say that it’s not God’s will to heal all is because we haven’t seen all healed. But it’s not what God’s book says. Mt. 17.

53:00 - Mt. 17 - Paralytic - Jesus connects forgiveness and healing.

53:25 - James 5 - prayer of faith

53:55 - [Skip in recording] Talking me out of faith.

54:50 - James 5 - connection between healing and forgiveness.

55:05 - Cup and the bread. John 6. It’s a covenant.

55:25 - Cor. 11 - Not discerning the body - sick and asleep.

55:50 - Sanctification - we’ve already talked about that. That’s the separation of darkness and light.

55:55 - & Redemption

Confidence through Relationship

56:00 - Go to Col. 1 - It’s important to have a personal revelation of where you stand with God - a personal revelation of the Christ in us - to stand in a Ps. 91 place. From the shadow of the Almighty, I am representing Him.

57:20 - Vulnerability - Flu season. Why not gospel season? Redemption season? We focus on the problem. We subject ourselves to the problem through our speech.

57:40 - We walk around vulnerable - waiting to be touched by the things that we think everybody is going to be touched by. And then hoping that God delivers us out of the problem.

57:50 - You’re free - What if you just believed that you’re free? You are seen as if you never sinned. You’re free.

58:20 - I’ve seen a lot of healings.

58:40 - Jewish salesman at the mall - selling heating pad for aches and pains - I don’t have pains. Buy it for someone else for Christmas. What does Christmas mean to you? You were shocked that I didn’t have pains. That tells me that you do have pains. Where are they? Lower back. Hold still, sir.

Called Jewish friend over - he was in even more pain - ankles, feet. Got all excited. Dancing. This is about love - about Jesus.

What are you doing about sin? Jesus is Lord. He’s the way to the Father. He’s the remission of sins.

The reason that the power of God flowed through me and took away your pain is because I’ve been [made] right with God through the blood of Jesus. There’s no more sin. He can live in me now and flow through me and touch you in love.

1:04:00 - [Recording skips to another testimony.]

1:04:00 - Hugging a lady after healing - No, I have husband. Hugged her anyway.

1:04:50 - Ticklish lady with bad knees. Put your hands on your knees. God heals.

0:00 - Summarizing these testimonies.

0:20 - If you don’t know the will of God are you going to be confident enough to speak that way? If you are self-conscious, low identity / low esteem or if you are crossing lines (dabbling in sin) and your conscience is violated - you’re not even thinking about them. It’s good to just surrender and sell out and live for the reason we’re on the planet in the first place. We’re created in His image for His glory.

0:50 - I didn’t get to this scripture Col. 1. I want to wrap this up.

0:55 - Let’s just read it - Col. 1:19-20 - For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell; 20 And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven. -

1:20 - v.21-23a - And you, that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled 22 In the body of his flesh through death, to present you holy and unblameable and unreproveable in his sight: 23 If ye continue in the faith -

[End of recording]