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Righteousness - Part 1

[low sound at first]

0:00 - Dan’s brief personal testimony & introduction

➡ 1:40 - We’re talking about righteousness…

Reading the Word of God - Face to Face Encounter

1:50 - Reading the word - Don’t read the word as a text book, story book or novel. You’ve heard the sayings that you have to die to live...

2:15 - Reading the word - God speaks - “In the beginning was the word. The word was with God and the word was God.” Jesus is the manifestation - the expression of God. “This is your face to face encounter with Me. And no man can look into My face and live.”

3:25 - You’re not just reading a book. You’re looking into the face of Almighty God and by faith He is overtaking me and I die and He lives.

4:00 - Lies of the world - lies that go through your own mind. Cling to the word of God. It is truth and truth makes you free.

4:40 - Interact with God as you read.

4:50 - A disciple is one that stays in this word. He will know the truth and the truth will set him free. The lights come on.

5:35 - Old things pass away - you become a new creation.

Get Your Identity & Perspective Fixed on the Answer

- Not the Problems

5:45 - Hold nothing back - The more you let go, the more you receive and the more you’ll be changed. Don’t hold onto anything from yesterday. Sell out and say, take me and raise me up. Make me what you created me to be for your glory - period.

6:10 - We’ve settled into the identity of the weakness of flesh instead of the strength of God.

6:45 - Let’s look at the answer instead of staring at the problem. We would become the product of the answer. Let’s look to the answer. Let’s start talking the answer.

7:00 - Worship from the perspective of the answer - instead of the problems.

7:35 - Get your identity fixed on the answer - the love, the blood, the mercy, the grace. It will get you through the trials.

7:55 - See yourself the way He sees you. Low self love. Looking in the mirror and not loving what you see. “You are valuable and precious to God.” Instead you see your faults and failures - what others say about you rather than what God sees about you.

8:20 - See life the way He sees life - Man without a problem - You’re looking at a man with no problems. It’s because my eye is different from other Christians. My eternal problem - my one problem is solved - I was separated from God. I was bound by sin. Jesus came and fixed my problem.

9:10 - A matter of perspective - Now I don’t have a problem. I see every issue, every scenario, every struggle through Jesus. Single eye. I have issues and trouble but no problems.

9:35 - Joy from salvation - You can’t steal my joy because my joy comes from salvation. If you don’t understand your salvation then you are up one day and down another. You are letting the circumstances of life determine who you are instead of the Lord.

10:15 - Sell out completely - Brings change - He has raised us up to reveal who He is. Yield yourself completely. Don’t sell out part way. Get a pure heart for God. Determine that there’s no other way to live.

11:15 - Selling out brings change. Say yes to His heart’s desire and be changed. Don’t fight it.

12:10 - Receive His love - He loves me. He thinks about me.

12:15 - God’s wallet photos - Did I show you Dan yet today? Yes, God, twice. You better start thinking like that because that is how He thinks about you.

➡ 12:40 - We’re going to talk about righteousness. But I am just trying to get you to think right. I’m laying a foundation. Stirring you to think right...

12:50 - Don’t look to circumstances - Look to Him - Some of us don’t have joy. We see our lives through our self-centered perspective. We think life is only as good as our circumstances are going. Don’t look to circumstances for how life is going. Look to Him for how life is going.

13:10 - Enter into intimacy with God - Robotic Christian facade. No, get alone and get in the presence of God. Start simply. Thank You that you love me. That when I was nothing You said I was something… You’ve got to pray that way - intimately.

14:30 - Live by faith - Not feelings... - Don’t live by feelings but by faith. “I don’t feel like God loves me.” You are already deceived. God SAID He loves you.

14:50 - ...And you will be changed - Through grace - Keep your eyes on the Answer. Release faith in the potential of God in your life and your life will change by the grace of God.

15:10 - The change will be noticable. And you won’t know exactly how it happened. It’s grace.

15:45 - Foreman calls Dan - I’ve seen how you live. Your life speaks to others.

16:30 - Trials shouldn’t change us - You can get thrown into fires. The fires shouldn’t change us.

16:45 - Squeeze an orange - get orange juice. Squeeze a Christian - you should get Jesus. But many of us think life is only going as well as our circumstances are going. How can things go better than being delivered from all of my sin, Satan crushed and standing in covenant with God?

17:20 - When you believe the good news - You are taking on a new perspective - The gospel is the power of God for salvation to all who BELIEVE. You’ve got to believe. A man died for you.

18:00 - Satan messed up - killed an innocent man. But he couldn’t hold Him in death. Jesus never sinned. He was made to be sin.

Opposition to True Identity & Perspective - Lies from the Enemy

18:35 - I’m going to share a revelation of the cross today. Just got it in a clear way…

18:55 - I’m not looking back - I’m changed - I’m serious about God. You’re not going to read about me in the paper. This gospel crosses you across lines back over which you do not return. It CHANGES you. It transforms you. When you are serious through the love of God - seeing God’s love for you - the grace of God - you are changed.

19:15 - I’ve got no time for sin - for lusts and desires - ruling my life - taunting me.

19:20 - Temptation - Kill the lies with truth - Do you get tempted? Yes. Satan never quits tempting people. But temptation isn’t sin. No, you kill the lie behind temptation with truth - replace lies with truth.

19:30 - Don’t even acknowledge Satan - When I have a stupid thought go through my mind I just worship Jesus. I don’t bind or rebuke the devil.

20:15 - Strongholds that rise against the knowledge of truth. Kill lies with truth. 2 Cor. 10:4-6. Take every thought captive.

20:40 - Holy Ghost reminders - names.

21:00 - Replace lies with truth - extended example - low thoughts about self. How to pray out truth - right through the lies.

22:45 - Voice cursing God in my mind not long after salvation. Do I need deliverance? Inner healing? No, it’s a lie. It doesn’t say that the sheep don’t hear the stranger’s voice only that they won’t follow it.

25:35 - False guilt - Violations of conscience - feelings of condemnation - But if your heart wasn’t pure it wouldn’t bother you. It’s not you. It’s the voice of a lie.

26:00 - Voice (cont.) - attack of the enemy.

27:00 - Stay in communion with Holy Spirit - my Friend. Depend on His counsel.

27:40 - What do I do? Every time that happens - ignore the voice and worship Me.

27:55 - My submitting to God is my resisting the devil. He will flee. Continue in the truth. Don’t give up. Faith is a lifestyle. No time frame. Just continue in truth.

➡ 29:50 - Some miss out on their true identity, not just because they don’t understand righteousness - how they are made right in the sight of God, but because we are being deceived by the stranger’s voice - the things that go through our minds. And we feel defiled and dirty.

29:50 - Temptation - Woman at the gas station -

29:55 - The “Identity of Manhood” lie - a man’s always got to feel this way - sexual perversion - that the world gave me - that pornography gave me - that the lunchroom chat gave me. “God made us that way” No! - God didn’t make us that way. It’s a bondage and a curse. When I faced that reality and called it a curse, God broke that curse.

30:30 - Satan is an opportunist. He expects everyone to be weak at times. He tries his lies out to see if they work.

30:45 - Temptation - Woman at the gas station (cont.) - I’m not a man of lust. Yet this voice said in my mind, “Boy, I bet that’s a beautiful lady.”

31:40 - You care - Your heart is already pure - This is real to some of you. What you are hearing in your mind is taken as coming from you - who you are. But your heart is what defines who you are. Get pure. When that kind of stuff bothers you, it reveals that you’ve already been made pure. You care. You don’t want that. Submit to God, resist the devil.

31:55 - Temptation - Woman at the gas station (cont.) - I ignored it. I didn’t even pray it out. Voice said, “Just check her out.” Didn’t even look but worshipped - Father I want to thank you that you’ve saved me and set me free and blessed me with a marvelous wife. I thank you that you have purified and cleansed my heart. Thank you that a stranger’s voice I’ll never follow. After that I felt so free and clean and strong.

33:10 - Voice (cont.) - It was happening all the time. Holy Spirit said,”Love Me. Worship Me. Befriend Me.” Every time that I heard the trash and garbage I said, Holy Spirit, I love you. You’re my best Friend. You are so real and precious to me. You are my best Friend in the whole world. You are my number 1. You lead me into all truth. You show me things yet to come. You reveal Jesus unto me. Holy Spirit, you are my best Friend. And that voice would just get angry. -

33:55 - Not every voice in your head is you - Don’t treat it like it’s you - People would think that that was a demon. Brother you need to get delivered. When you do that you are throwing away your salvation (I must not be saved). You’re throwing away your righteousness (I must not be righteous). You’re throwing away God’s love (He probably doesn’t love me). You’re saying, “Something’s wrong with me. Would you pray for me. I’ve really got a problem. Deliver me.” You’re failing to see the truth about you. Submit to God, resist the devil and let God set you free.

34:20 - Deliverance ministry? - A lot of deliverance things that are going on are just a lack of understanding. And people are following the stranger’s voice. Deliverance? All you need to do is preach the right identity we have in Christ and chop this lie right out of our lives.

34:40 - Voice (cont.) - Whole month went by but it was actually helping me - driving me into greater intimacy with Holy Spirit. Three months went by… every day. When do you pull the plug of faith? The voice was spring boarding me into God. Six months went by… every day but miracles were happening. Satan wanted me to wrap this voice around my identity and go seek help. At six months the voice went away but the deep, rich fellowship with Holy Spirit was still there. If it wasn’t for that voice I wouldn’t be where I was spiritually. I didn’t have a “problem” -

37:40 - You don’t have a problem. Do you see what I mean about not having a problem? Some Christians make that kind of thing a problem. Worship Jesus! Tell Him how wonderful He is. God knew that I didn’t have a problem.

38:30 - Voice (cont.) - after six months I had such an intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Miracles flowed. Home group. All because I knew the Holy Spirit personally. All because the devil tried to get in the way. It was a springboard for me right to God.

Definition of “Saved” & God’s Will to Heal All

➡ 39:00 - We’re going to talk about righteousness - first in Genesis… But I want to read this to you…

39:20 - The word “saved”. Usually think - Are you born again and going to heaven? Greek word - sozo - saved, healed, delivered, protected, preserved, kept safe and sound, made whole. We only use one word for the greek word but there is a lot more meaning. In America we think of “Are you going to heaven?” That’s not what it means at all.

41:35 - Try substituting that definition into the Biblical text - examples.

42:25 - That’s how you know that it’s God’s will to heal everybody. Timothy - It’s God’s desire that all men might be saved - 1 Tim. 2:4.

42:40 - That’s from Strong’s...


42:55 - Definition - “Righteousness” - from Strong’s - “just” (as in: to be just) - the quality of being right. Broadly the word suggests conformity to the revealed will of God in every aspect.

43:20 - So I’m standing here in the will of God because Jesus died and I’ve said yes. I’m right because He said so. I’m not right because I said so. I’m right because He said so. And I just said, OK! That’s so simple. ➡ And I’m going to prove that over and over scripturally.

43:45 - The quality of being right - apart from your mess ups and failures. You are going to find that sin never knocked God off the throne. You’re going to find that He never lost His peace and joy. He remains the same.

44:20 - Love doesn’t get hurt. When God hurts He hurts FOR you. You can’t hurt God like we get hurt by others. He can be grieved for you because He is missing your companionship. You’re missing the great things He has set in place for your life. God doesn’t get hurt BY you.

45:25 - The trap of a works mentality - We are so used to earning everything, that it makes it hard when someone just wants to bless you. We’re trapped by a works mentality. We don’t deserve what God has done for us. But we have to receive it.

46:00 - Receive His first love - When you realize the kind of love He has for you it changes you. All you want to do is talk about Him.

Genesis 3 - Righteousness from the Beginning - Creation & The Fall

46:15 - Genesis...

46:20 - God wasn’t traumatized by our sin - Grace abounded much more - God was not moved by sin. God didn’t fall off the throne and have a heart attack. In fact in Rom 5 the Bible says that where sin abounded, grace abounded much more. You can’t outdo God. The more lost a person is, the more the love of God is flowing. God is not getting repulsed, He’s releasing love. Even when we are in the gutter, God’s love is wanting to pick up and wash off and set free.

47:10 - Sin draws out of God who God really is. He crushes sin to save what sin is trying to crush.

47:20 - Preaching to lift you up.

48:05 - Adam & Eve - Created - Genesis 3 - God created man in His own image. He breathed into man and raised him up out of the dust.

48:30 - Common objection - Why did God do all of this in the first place if He knew they would just fall and mess it up? Little finite minds trying to find problems with Almighty God. God knows what He’s doing.

48:45 - Satan falls. Tried to rise above God.

49:25 - God will reveal His wisdom through the church - God didn’t forbid temptation. Ephesians 3:10 explains it like this that God would manifest His wisdom to the powers and principalities through the church.

49:40 - He’s looking for a people that won’t eat the fruit. He’s looking for a people that won’t believe the lie. He’s looking for a people to prove - to show as right - the judgement of God - the eternal character of who He is - that He can redeem what is fallen - that His love is unchanging and unfailing. God can deliver us from the muck and mire. He can take the slave ring out.

50:25 - He’s going to reveal His manifest wisdom to the powers of darkness - “Take that!” Where sin abounded, grace abounded much more.

50:45 - Adam & Eve - The fall - God gave them one commandment.

51:00 - Back to innocence - Man was created completely innocent. Stripped away through sin. God is taking us back to innocence. Righteousness will heal you, deliver you, bring strength. It’s the power of God for salvation to all that believe.

➡ 51:35 - Righteousness is revealed in the gospel. Why are we having this talk about righteousness this morning? If we don’t see the righteousness, we won’t know what we are believing in and we won’t receive the grace to be transformed.

The Futility of a Works Mentality

51:45 - Satan wants you in a works mentality - Rather than just knowing who you are - And what satan is after is your identity. He doesn’t want you to know that you are a son or a daughter. He wants you to prove that you are a son or a daughter. He wants you to do something. But you are a son or daughter by faith. You’re saved by grace.

52:15 - Temptation of Christ - Stone / bread - Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. At His baptism - “This is My beloved Son.” Jesus was saying to the devil, I don’t have to do a thing. I’m a Son because God said I’m a Son.

53:00 - You are a son because because He said you’re a son. Ok - I’m a son. Accept it.

53:10 - Satan is after your identity. He’s trying to get you to prove that you are holy, to prove that you’re committed, to prove all of these things - to reveal that you’re weak - to reveal that you can’t - so that he can condemn you and get you to throw away your confidence, your hope and your faith.

53:30 - No flesh will glory in the presence of God so why are we trying to do this in the flesh?

53:40 - Humility receives - Pride resists - Humility will wear righteousness. Pride will resist righteousness because you are still trying to be something in and of your own strength. You’re still trying to do something to prove what you are.

The Fruitfulness of a Secure Identity

54:15 - Foreman calls Dan (cont.) - I’ve been watching your life and I don’t understand. I see what your co-workers are doing to you because of your faith but you never change. If they did that to me I be ready to choke someone. I know you’re going to tell me it’s Jesus but I need to understand. “Have you got a minute?” He was watching me.

55:10 - Secure identity - There was something about my identity that was not determined by the way life was going.

55:30 - Every day at work I was looking through the single eye of God. You couldn’t touch me. Jesus had a hold of me in identity.

55:45 - Affirmation - It’s only healthy when you don’t need it. Motivation for serving - for God and His glory.

56:20 - Twisted motives for serving - to receive. You are doing it for you. Righteousness won’t allow you to go there. I’m already affirmed.

The Fall (cont.)

57:10 - Adam & Eve - The fall - Adam and Eve ate from the tree. God said don’t eat from it. Satan takes what God says and starts tempting with it. Voice of suggestion. Twists God’s word. Satan’s a liar, deceiver.

58:20 - Be careful if someone portrays God apart from His word. Defining God through their experiences. You know God through His word.

59:20 - Righteous is a must for intimacy - Without righteousness your faith life will be crippled. You won’t know whether God is hearing you or not. When you know that you are righteous, you know that God is listening. You know that God is in you and speaking through you. You have confidence before God.

59:40 - Confidence before God.

Running & Hiding from God

59:55 - Adam & Eve - Run & hide because of sin-consciousness - The first time that you see righteousness is in Gen. 3. They ate from the tree and their eyes were opened. Knowledge of good and evil was upon their souls. Now God comes. They ran and hid because of sin-consciousness.

1:00:30 - Run & hide - Even today - This happens even today when God comes into a service. Some people want to run and hide. Not ready to face Him because we don’t understand Him. We’ve got the wrong perception of God.

1:01:00 - The joy of a clear conscience - Interceding. Purify us. Nothing hidden. The greatest joy is knowing that you’re righteous - going to bed with a clear conscience before God. Not everybody can do that because we are not receiving the righteousness of God.

1:02:20 - Hidden sin. Repent. Come out of denial. Faith gets real with God. Purity will get real with God. You might not need to share it with the whole church. Get alone with God.

The Fall (cont.)

1:03:35 - Adam & Eve - Self-justifying response - God called to Adam. Where are you? God knew where Adam was but He want to give Adam the chance to come out. Wanted him to say, “I’m here and I really messed up bad.” Instead, “It was the woman you gave me…” Sin causes you to center around you - to protect you. He was saying to God, “If you hadn’t given me the woman, I wouldn’t have eaten the tree.”

1:04:35 - Adam & Eve - God’s response - Because you heeded the voice of your wife instead of me… God pronounced the harvest of their sin.

1:04:45 - God prophesies. Seed. You will bruise his heel - The best you’ll do to Him is batter His flesh. But He will crush your head - crush your authority - your highest place of power.

1:05:25 - [Recording skips forward a little…]

1:06:15 - He talks to the man. Talks to the woman.

Removing Sin-consciousness

1:06:20 - v.21 - Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them. - This stuff is in the Bible for a reason. The Lord made tunics of skin and clothed them. God is prophetically demonstrating righteousness to come through His Son. They were wearing fig leaves after sin. They had to try to cover up. Sin tries to hide and cover up. The fig leaves would have reminded them of sin - made them sin-conscious.

1:07:30 - I can’t have them sin-conscious. I’ll give them clothes. I’ll make them with my own hands. Of course God shed blood to make those animal skins. So there is atonement. ➡ But I want you to see the righteous judgement of God.

1:07:45 - I’ll put these skins on them so that every time they look down they’ll see these skins and instead of remembering the day they sinned they’ll remember the day that I came and was still a Father. They will remember the day I forgave them - the day I said there was still a future - that nothing is over - I’m still God.

1:08:10 - God has been righteous from the beginning (Genesis). Sin has not changed God - righteousness right from the beginning. You don’t have to go far in the Bible before you run into the righteous judgement of God - the way He sees believers as righteous.

Reject Sin-Consciousness -

Embrace Righteousness-Consciousness

1:08:20 - He doesn’t want you wearing sin and sin-consciousness.

1:08:30 - Accepting sinner identity - you set yourself up to keep sinning. You expect to sin. It’s who I am. “We’re never going to be perfect.” You’re saying that the gospel is not strong enough to change us - to deliver us. Allowing ourselves to miss the mark. We expect to fail. I am wearied by that mentality.

1:09:30 - I’m not damned to sin. I’m wearing a robe of righteousness. I am a son of God. Righteous-consciousness destroys sin-consciousness and the fruit of righteousness is holiness - Rom. 6. The birthing forth of righteousness is holiness.

1:09:55 - The more that I am confessing to be right with God, the more that i’m receiving His love, the more that I’m convicted to live by His Spirit. His grace transforms me and gives me the ability to rise above the flesh and be led by the Spirit. And those who are led by the Spirit are sons of God.

1:10:25 - Gen. 3 - God didn’t let His kids stay in sin-consciousness.

1:10:30 - Wake up every day seeing yourself in that robe of righteousness. You’ll rejoice. Thank You that you made me right.

1:10:50 - Circumstances may not be going well but what does that have to do with who you are in His sight? You are letting things other than truth dominate your identity. But He has said that you are right with Me.

Ps. 85 - No Turning Back

1:11:10 - Ps 85:6-8Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee? Shew us thy mercy, O LORD, and grant us thy salvation. I will hear what God the LORD will speak: for he will speak peace unto his people, and to his saints: but let them not turn again to folly. - The gospel gives you the right to be changed. It sanctifies you.

1:11:45 - 1 Cor. 1:30 - But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption: - Wisdom - Jesus has become the wisdom of God for us. I look at my life through Jesus Christ - that’s the wisdom of God.

1:12:20 - Don’t let anybody cheat you out of this.

1:13:00 - Sanctification - Nothing in the middle - In the beginning… Let there be light - separated the light from darkness. Nothing in the middle - that’s sanctification. You can’t live in the light and in the dark - that’s the grey zone.

1:14:00 - Too many Christians are greyed out. They have no power, no joy, no impact.

1:14:35 - Redemption - brought back to original value. Back in the garden before they ate from the tree. As if you never sinned.

1:15:10 - Sin after salvation - Not looking for a way to sin and get away with it. What to do if you slip up - example - 1 John 1. That's how you handle it when you mess up.

1:15:55 - But you get into trouble when you think about it and mess up any way. Then you put your conscience through hell. Where do you find repentance? You violated your purity. Now you are in a war with your conscience. Abstain from evil. It’s a trap. It’s a snake in the tree of your righteousness - saying, "It's OK. God knows. God will forgive you. God loves you any way." It's a trap.

1:17:00 - Trapped in sin & Resisting help. Trying to help them get free. “I’m fine the way I am. Hey, God still love me.” You're right. He does. But look what it’s doing to you. And that’s what God cares about. He wants to make you into who He made you to be.

1:17:36 - Ps. 85 v.6b - let them not turn again to folly. - Why? Because we're sanctified. We're Christians now. It's not a small thing to say that I'm a Christian. It's not a life insurance kind of thing.

1:17:45 - Motives in becoming a Christian - Salvation as a fire insurance policy. Selfish motive. Not just so that you can go to heaven and avoid hell. You pray it so that you can become like Jesus and impact your world - because you’ve been separated from God and you want to get right with God. Otherwise it’s selfish.

1:18:05 - You don’t come to God just because your life is a wreck and you want Him to answer your prayer. Or when a selfish prayer is not answered you’ll get frustrated and give up.

1:18:20 - Motives in coming back to God - There’s only one way to come to God - You see you were lost - separated from God - you see incredible love that restored you - and you didn’t do anything to be changed. He changed you. And you come back humbly and purely and sincerely and say, My God thank you for being who you are. And all the days of your life you live for His glory. That’s a Christian.