At Home Assignment for Meeting 3

Connecting more Personally:

What communing with God through reading the Word can look like: Clip 1 - (1:29)

What communing with God can look like - “confessing the Word”: Clip 2 - (3:12)

Main Video Clip - Before our next meeting please watch Main Clip - (30:19). In this video Dan talks about where your identity is founded and where it is not founded - in the circumstances of life or the approval of others. You will definitely hear some of the same teachings you heard in prior videos but from a slightly different angle. Again, don’t sweat every detail, just hang on to the stuff that grabs you. Jot down a line or two of notes. Did anything make an impression on you? What confused you? Did you have a favorite quote?

Supplemental Clips - For the next meeting we'll be looking at some extra clips on how God sees us - who we are to Him, how He values us and His purpose for us. (Identity, Value & Purpose)

Clip 3.1 - (2:22) - identity - son/daughter

Clip 3.2 - (:46) - value - you're unique

Clip 3.3 - (:50) - you're worth the blood

Clip 3.4 - (:17) - you're the pearl / the treasure

Clip 3.5 - (1:13) - you're a house for the King

Clip 3.6 - (2:39) - purpose in redemption

Clip 3.7 - (:57) - called to show Him