At Home Assignment for Meeting 4

Connecting more Personally:

What communing with God through prayer can look like: Clip 1 - (1:02)

What communing with God through reading the Word can look like: Clip 2 - (2:32)

Main Video Clip - Before our next meeting please watch Main Clip - (22:35) (audio only). Many of the things you hear will be similar to previous main clips but from a slightly different angle. Jot down anything that makes a big impression on you / confuses you / favorite quote, etc.

Supplemental Clips - Dan constantly teaches that salvation is not just about going to heaven one day but about transformation back to who we were created to be from the beginning. And that transformation takes place through communion with God - as we express faith and His grace meets that faith and changes us from the inside out. For each meeting we have viewed clips on relating to God more personally ("Connecting Personally"). The clips below are additional clips of this nature - showing us what it can look like to commune with Him more intimately.

Clip 4.1 - (1:20) - communing through prayer

Clip 4.2 - (1:15) - Father me

Clip 4.3 - (1:21) - communing through a worship song - (They are talking about this song.)

Clip 4.4 - (1:26) - communing through daily devotions

Clip 4.5 - (1:53) - worship is a gift to us

Clip 4.6 - (2:07) - sacrament of communion

Clip 4.7 - (0:44)

Clip 4.8 - (1:46) - maintaining relationship even if we stumble, run to Him not from Him