At Home Assignment for Meeting 2

(Email right after meeting 1)

Connecting more Personally: After each meeting, from now until the end of the study, there will be a special section in these emails called “Connecting more Personally.” This section will have two short video clips that encourage us to relate to God in a more personal way. Here are the first two clips:


Relate to Him personally: Clip 1 - (2:42)

What communing with God through prayer can look like: Clip 2 - (1:33)

Main Video Clip - Before our next meeting please watch this clip: Main Clip (29:02) Make a few notes so that we'll have something to talk about during our next meeting - favorite quotes / something that strikes you / anything that confuses you / things that ring true to you (or not, and why not). Again, absorb what you can and don't sweat what you might be missing. Things will probably get more clear as you hear Dan preach more in future messages.

Supplemental Clips - At several points in the main video clip Dan talks about freedom from sin and what that looks like in a Christian's life. We’ll talk more about freedom from sin in our next meeting, so give these short clips a look. Again, make a note or two so you can remember the highlights of what you heard.

Clip 2.1 - Living Free from Sin - Part 1 - (4:08) - living free from sin part 1

Clip 2.2 - Part 2 - (6:40) - part 2

Clip 2.3 - (1:49) - make a tree good

Clip 2.4 - (3:31)

Clip 2.5 - (1:13) - if we stumble, run too Him not from Him

Clip 2.6 - (1:10)