At Home Assignment for Meeting 6

Connecting more Personally:

Communing with God through a confession sheet: Clip 1 - (2:16)

What communing with God through prayer can look like: Clip 2 - (3:41)  

(Regardless of what you think about healing in modern times, we can all learn from the way Dan approaches God.)

Main Video Clip - For our next meeting the Main Clip - (16:11) will be shorter than usual but there will be a few more supplementary video clips to watch. Jot down a few notes... Did anything make a big impression on you? What, if anything, confused you? Record your favorite quote.

Supplemental Clips - In the main video clip Dan mentions several things from which we grew up drawing our identity and our sense of value. In this batch of video clips Dan gives more practical advice on how to stand firm in Truth.

Clip 6.1 - (2:15) - holding to who you are because of what Jesus did - replacing every lie with truth

Clip 6.2 - (2:24) - let the enemy's attacks thrust you to God in faith

Clip 6.3 - (6:25) - condemnation

Clip 6.4 - (1:35) - flashbacks

Clip 6.5 - (1:21) - circumstances

Clip 6.6 - (1:51) - the past

Clip 6.7 - (2:05) - feelings