Discussion Helps for Meeting 2 - Freedom from Sin


  • If you had the freedom to visit any one place, at any point in time (present or future), where would you visit and why?

Connecting Personally Clips - For this meeting we had a couple of “Connecting Personally” clips - one was an encouragement to relate to Him personally Clip 1 - (2:42) and the other was an example of what communing through prayer might look like: Clip 2 - (1:33).

  • Were these clips helpful?
  • Was anybody brave enough to approach God this way in your own alone time with Him? How did it go? Did it feel awkward at first?

Main Clip - (29:02)  from (1:50:26)

  • What stood out to you the most from the main video clip? Any favorite quotes?
  • Did anything confuse you?

  • (2:00) About 2 minutes into the clip Dan says that when he was young he couldn’t understand “Why would Jesus love me so much?” Have you ever wondered this for yourself? How does Dan answer this question now?

  • (9:00) What do you think Dan means by the phrase “life speaking louder than truth?”

  • (12:30 & 18:40) How does God see us? sinner or son?
  • Does your ability to sin make you (the real you) a sinner?

(12:40) At about the 12:40 mark Dan talks about the tree being marked as sinner. Let’s take a look at a couple of the supplemental videos that help explain what He is talking about.

View supplemental clips 2.3 and 2.4

  • So if you see yourself - if you define yourself - if you label yourself - as sinner (& always will sin), what fruit are you likely to produce?
  • And if you accept by faith how God sees you (the righteousness that God provides through what Jesus did for us), what kind of fruit are you likely to produce?

Supplemental Clips -

In the main clip Dan talks about freedom from sin (~4:30, 11:45, 23:30).  Two of the supplemental clips looked at this freedom more specifically:

View Clip 2.1

  • (:15) Dan says that our biggest mistake in the body of Christ is that “we think our ability to sin identifies us as sinners.” Why is that such a big mistake?

  • (1:00) What’s the difference between fighting against sin and fighting the good fight of faith?

  • (2:40) What does the phrase “You have to start where He finished” mean?

Before we review clip 2.2 let’s look at the Bible passage it talks about. Could someone read 1 John 1:5-2:2

View Clip 2.2

  • (5:10) What does being righteous in God sight allow us to do that we couldn't do otherwise? (confidence to relate) And why is this so important?

The final two supplemental clips dealt with how to approach God when we mess up.

View Clip 2.5 and Clip 2.6

  • So if you had to summarize in your own words how Dan approaches our Father after he messes up how would you say it?

Any other thoughts on any of the clips?