Discussion Helps for Meeting 6 - Standing Firm


  • What’s the longest you have ever stood in line and what were you waiting for?

Connecting Personally Clips - For this meeting we had two “Connecting Personally” clips - Clip 1 - (2:16) was an example of what communing with God through a confession sheet can look like and Clip 2 - (3:41) shows us what communing through the Lord's prayer can look like.

  • Did anybody grow up in a faith tradition where confession sheets are commonly used?
  • Were these clips helpful?
  • Is your communing with God taking on a similar flavor to what we've seen through all of the Connecting Personally Clips?

Main Clip - (16:11) - from (1:25:23)

  • What stood out to you the most from the main video clip? Any favorite quotes?
  • Did anything confuse you?

(0:30) Can someone explain what Dan means by the phrase “we were trained by a lie”? What is the lie?

(3:00) In what sense is Jesus a model for us? What uniquely qualifies Him to be a model to mankind? What did Jesus say that indicates He is to be our model?

(6:00) Dan talks about how what has happened (or didn’t happen) in our lives begins to define who we are (affects how we see ourselves). What kinds of things in our past shapes us significantly? How much of that stuff is who you really are? What can prevent those things from affecting our lives today?

(15:50) According to Dan how can we be evangelistic without really trying, without stressing out about it, without striving?

Supplementary Clips - In the main video clip Dan mentions several things from which we grew up drawing our identity and our sense of value. In this batch of video clips Dan gives more practical advice on how to stand firm in Truth.

These first two clips are more strategies for handling attacks of the enemy:

View Clip 6.1 - (2:15) - holding to identity - replacing every lie with truth

View Clip 6.2 - (2:24) - let the enemy's attacks thrust you to God in faith

How is Dan suggesting that we deal with attacks of the enemy?

When satan accuses us, rather than wallow in the accusation, what should we do?

View Clip 6.3 - (6:25) - condemnation

Why is wallowing in condemnation so damaging? What does it prevent you from enjoying? (communion --> transformation)

When we feel condemnation what is the truth we need to understand?

View Clip 6.4 - (1:35) - flashbacks

Do you claim ownership of every thought you have?

View Clip 6.5 - (1:21) - circumstances

How does satan use circumstances to deceive us? What accusations does he make with the help of the circumstances we are going through? What is the truth we need to understand and stand on?

View Clip 6.6 - (1:51) - the past

In what ways can dwelling on the past and living based on the past be a damaging deception? How should we handle condemning thoughts of the past?

View Clip 6.7 - (2:05) - feelings

How can we handle feelings that spring out of what is not true?