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KHOP - 2015 - Session 3

0 - Welcome back

0 - Questions - I love questions. Careful how you ask. Ask God humbly and He will give understanding. This book is not afraid of your questions. Questions as a statement.

Fallen Thinking & Feeling - Salvation of the Soul

➡ 1 - Fallen thinking - “Normal” attitudes that don’t produce life are the ones we need to challenge - attitudes that are detrimental to productivity and to life. They’re a trap. We think that they are normal because we’ve had them our whole lives. Examples...

2 - “God made us this way.” No we became this way through the fall - when we got cut off from love.

2 - The price of Christianity - Give your life back - what you never were in the first place. Costs you what you never were anyway. Why is that a big price to pay. Give up rights and reasoning…

2 - Ability to reason - God didn’t give you a gift to talk yourself out of Him. The reasoning that man knows is what we experience after Adam and Eve submitted to another voice. We became subservient to that analytical voice. “Did God really say…? Well, God just knows…” Seductive, analytical voice. Rationalization. Gift of reasoning gets perverted.

3 - The fall - Eve deceived. Adam follows Eve instead of God.

3 - Fallen emotions - God gave us emotions. Not the ones you grew up with. No, all things including emotions become new. The emotions you grew up with were self-centered - fear, anxiety, self-conscious… They aren’t what Adam had before sin. They came through sin.

4 - The salvation of your soul - mentioned in two places in NT. Your spirit is already saved and alive again. But there is a redemption of your mind, your emotions, the way that you respond to things… Heb 10 & 1 Pet. 1:6-9.

5 - Not drawing back - Heb. 10 talks about drawing back - God takes no pleasure in you - That doesn’t mean that He’s displeased with you. It means that He can’t fulfill His delight and purpose in you because you’re not agreeing with truth. He’s not mad.

6 - Illustration: parent and child - Joy in watching someone walk out a destiny. But God loves you. He’s not disappointed. But He can’t receive the joy of watching you walk out what you are destined to. He loves you.

7 - God’s response to the fall - sending His Son. Mercy. He’s not displeased. He loves you. He can’t take pleasure in you when you are not walking in faith because you won’t walk out what you are anointed for.

7 - Salvation of the soul - The soul is the mind and emotions. The emotional life we grew up with has been our biggest hindrance - living by how we feel.

Living by Feelings - Ministry to Feelings

7 - Ministry to feelings - Big trap in the church. Based on the belief: if you’re not feeling good, you’re not doing good. That’s a lie from Hell. No - if you are not believing good, you’re not doing good. Let your feelings line up to belief. Counterproductive feelings? Stand in what you believe.

8 - Ministry to feelings - flashbacks - You wouldn’t care if those thoughts were from you. It’s a familiar spirit. It’s goal is to get you to believe that you are still that thought even though you don’t want that thought. Repenting for what you’re not. Giving up identity and asking for prayer for something that’s not even in your heart, only your memory.

9 - Example - memory of the past. Rejoice in the midst of the memory. Commune the truth.

10 - Submitting to God / Resisting the devil - he will flee - one step program.

10 - That thought is not you. If you are feeling bad about it, you are not conjuring it up. If you’d rather not see it, you’re not producing it. Not everything that you think, feel, imagine is who you are. It’s not coming from you. It’s a lie.

11 - You don’t have a problem but an Answer.

11 - Let the devil springboard you into communion. We think that the voice has to go away. No, let it springboard you into greater intimacy.

12 - Hypothetical example - and how to counsel.

12 - It’s not a prayer issue (“Can you pray for me?”) it’s a truth issue. The Bible doesn’t say that prayer makes you free. Truth does.

Live in Communion

12 - We try to get close to God through having others pray for us. Ministry crazed. No, commune with Him.

13 - We lack communion with God - getting to know Him. Nothing is greater than the opportunity we have to be with Him.

13 - Obstructions to being with Him - When I get alone it doesn’t feel real. They all relate to self-consciousness and feelings.

14 - But the truth is that you have access to the Father through Christ. Step in - boldly. No reason not to be with Him - other than not believing the truth.

14 - Stumbling as an obstruction to being with Him. Preaching a grace that invites you in so that you can be changed. Why stay away from SomeOne who loves you like this? Just stay in His presence.

Ministry from a Solid Foundation

Identity & Purpose through Relationship - Not from Ministry

➡ 15 - This stuff is huge to me. Before teaching on healing…  I want us to have such a foundation of truth - that our identities be so set in Christ - that everything we do in Him flows out of who He is in us - that we never get our identity through being used by God - that we not feel more Christian because we prayed for somebody. No, we prayed for somebody because we’re in Him. We reached out because He’s in us. We’re not finding identity through the way that He uses us. We’re finding identity through who He is in us. It’s the most healthy wellspring you will ever walk in.

15 - Identity from ministry. Building our own kingdoms.

16 - Relationship with God is not based on how circumstances are going.

16 - Examples of hindrances.

17 - This has everything to do with healing.

17 - The salvation of your soul is a big deal. It’s you getting so free from yourself that you are free from everyone and everything and you are secure in Christ. So that when tragedy happens you don’t have to stop, look and listen and apply teachings that you’ve heard on the topic. You’ve become one with Him. You are not shaken. You respond in the Spirit all the time.

17 - There is no fork in the road. That’s crossroads Christianity. No, you don’t see crossroads. You see the way. It’s not about you. It’s about Christ in you and through you. Get established in that through relationship - through knowing Him. It will change your whole life.

18 - Change of perspective on healing - an expression of God’s love. He heals because He loves people.

18 - Hindrances to the release of the kingdom - to healing.

18 - Faith is not a point in time. Never let go. You are the believer. The sign follows the believer. One in Christ is a majority. Learn how to never let go.

19 - Misconceptions: what the church thinks can prevent healing. The sick person not having faith. Not wanting to be healed - wanting to die.

19 - Wanting to die - They are only relating to sickness. They can’t relate to being whole. Death is the escape. But it’s not your life. You don’t get to make that call. You gave your life to Jesus.

20 - Lady wanting to die - all kids saved so I can go - not just about you.

21 - Parents trapped in idolatry with regard to their children. All children are worth the blood. Selfishness and not wanting to help the children of others.

22 - Selfish attitudes - praying for the sick. My mom wasn’t healed so I won’t pray for any one else. There is a higher truth than what we’ve experienced.

22 - Healthy attitudes towards family. Express the character of God towards your family. Live Christlike.

23 - Teaching kids religion by taking them to church but not living out Jesus. Hypocrisy. They lose desire to go to church - it’s not real.

No Need to Fall Apart - Losing Productivity

24 - Dan’s son - as a teenager believing a lie.

➡ How does this relate to healing? Everything to do with healing. When something goes wrong in life do you fall apart? Do you lose productivity? Do you lose your identity? Do you get condemned because of his choices? Or do you stand in faith and keep shining? Do you never change you mind about your kids or the gospel? That would be Jesus.

24 - Jesus never let what happened to Him decide who He was. He let who He was decide His responses.

24 - Dan’s son (cont.) - didn’t want to follow in the family footsteps. Felt compelled to follow Jesus. Put anger in him. I fathered him but you can’t turn their will. Drugs. Left home. Destroying his life. Didn’t believe he could come home. He was deceived. Eventually came home. Dan’s welcome.

28 - Dan’s son under attack as child - 7 yr old. Couldn’t breathe. Turning blue. I had preached on unwavering faith even when stuff hits close to home. Praying for him. I’m OK - I can breathe. In the middle of the night happened again. That could get to the heart of a parent.

30 - “Use wisdom.” Whose wisdom? I wasn’t trying to prove anything. I saw what it was. That phrase stops the power of God.

30 - Dan’s son under attack as child - It was a demonic spirit. I held him and rocked him and he was free.

30 - Train up a child in the way he should go, when he gets older, he won’t depart. He knew where to come home.

30 - The prodigal son - Should be called the story of an amazing, loving father. The story has more to do with a place to turn. More to do with the heart of God than the waywardness of a son. We relate to the wayward side but the point of the story is that you have somewhere to turn. You think that you don’t deserve much. But He has given you the kingdom. That story is about a great father. And His Spirit lives in us. So I can be a great father.

31 - Dan’s son (cont.) - Coming home.

32 - Taking sin against you personally. Feeling like everyone else owes you something. That’s why you take it personally. Owe no one anything but to love. I owe you to show you the Father’s heart in the face of it all. You don’t owe me a thing. So you can’t break my heart. I didn’t wake up for you to love me. I woke up to love you in the Lord.

33 - I’ve become that heart through relationship and prayer. Don’t have to try to apply a sermon. It comes out real, not fake.

33 - Dan’s son (cont.) - Coming home. I don’t know where to start. How about I start. I’m not disappointed in you… If I cry at all it’s because you are so much more than the decisions you are making. You don’t owe me anything. We didn’t have you so that you could live your life for us. Why would I be mad at you? Son’s response to dad’s love. “It shook me to the core.”

35 - God’s love is supposed to shake you. His love is designed to lead you to change. It’s the goodness of God that leads men to change.

35 - There are different ways to respond to the knock on the door. But Jesus is the way. He’s narrow and single. One response. I want to be narrowed down to Him.

36 - Dan’s son (cont.) - Daniel’s note to Dan. Letter to Dan. Best gift - a life unmoved in the face of adverse circumstances. I honor your integrity.

38 - That worked out so much better than any other response would have. Rightness vs. love.

Be Founded in Relationship - Gifts Flow through Relationship

➡ 39 - Let’s wrap this up in Eph. 4…

➡ 39 - Do you know why I take so much time, when we talk about healing, to lay a foundation? Because I want everything in our lives to flow from this healthy place.

39 - I never pursued to be used by God. I pursued to know Him.

39 - Communing with Him right after salvation - 5 weeks - read the word constantly - prayed constantly - I gave myself to know Him and He met me there.

40 - Get alone and give yourself to Him. Communing a yieldedness.

41 - Communing for 5 weeks - example. Results - He changed me and opened doors. Spiritual gifts in operation - not because I pursued them - I was with Him. Hernia closed.

44 - Every promise is to the believer. So what do you believe? What do you believe about how He sees you? Who do you believe you are in His sight? That stuff is important.

44 - Don’t let other things trump what you believe.

45 - Example of communing with God - what I believe - shouting.

46 - I’m either in deception or I’m free. I love who I’ve become.

46 - Loving yourself - loving others as yourself. 1st and 2nd commandments. Poor view of you is the same eye that you’ll see others with. The clearer I see myself in Him, the better view I’ll have of you - I’ll understand who you are.

➡ 47 - What does that have to do with healing? Everything. When I see the nature, the will, the intent of God clearly it inspires everything that I’m doing.

47 - Impartation vs. Being with Him - Don’t let impartation take the place of being with Him. Impartation runs the risk of becoming idolatrous. I can’t impart that which I gained through being with Him. Why would you want to shortcut that beautiful time of being with Him. Let the impartation be from Him.

49 - People used to ask for impartation. No, I can’t impart that to you. I can point you to Him. Go be with Him.

50 - Gifts flowed because I had been with Him.

50 - Hearing teaching on the gifts - ministry school - at nine months - first time. Those gifts flowed out of being with Him - Not because someone taught them to me and then I tried to do them. It’s who He is and what He’s doing. Being with Him is where it’s at.

51 - So I teach to be strongly rooted in relationship. HCSKL - all kinds of topics. It was 10 weeks before we talked about the supernatural. Relationship centered.

52 - Fasting. Suppressing the carnal nature.

52 - The Sacrament of Communion - contact point of faith. It’s a gift to propel people into intimacy. Remember. John 6.

53 - Taking communion every day. The body - 45 minutes - confessing what the body accomplished.

54 - Anti-Christ spirit doesn’t want you to know the benefit of Jesus coming in the flesh - the power of Him coming as a man. Denies that Jesus came in the flesh.

55 - Taking communion every day. The blood.

56 - Don’t say that you don’t have time. Make time for communion. In the car, shower...anywhere. You have more time than you realize.

57 - Complaining because of busy schedule. Commune while you are doing laundry. Example. Let the wash spur you to intercession. Whatever you do do to the glory of God.

58 - Complaining - Shows that it’s all about you. Just like the Israelites in the wilderness. When you lose thankfulness, you’ve lost sight of truth. Do all things without complaining so that they see God through you. If you complain you are just like everybody else - only you go to church.

100 - Straight talk from the Holy Spirit. Thinking negative while driving. Boy, this would be a good time to practice all of that stuff you preach. Started speaking life and prophesying.

101 - So I’ll talk straight to you - staying fixed on truth and stirring one another up in love and good works - staying on course.


➡ 102 - Later tonight we are really going to talk about healing. I’ll take questions at that time. I’m not afraid of questions. This book has an answer for everything. For instance...

Paul’s Thorn / Rejection at Nazareth - Objections to God’s Will to Heal All

104 - The Bible tells you what Paul’s thorn was. Paul’s thorn. Not sickness but persecution. If it was sickness then we would not have the basis to speak to the mountain because we wouldn’t know what God’s will in the matter is.

105 - Faith - fully persuaded - convinced. How can you be fully persuaded and convinced if the will of God is in question?

106 - The perils that Paul endured. None of the perils was sickness. Buffet - blows to the flesh.

106 - Persecution of Paul. Chains and prison await but none of these things move me. I don’t count my own life dear.

108 - You can know what the thorn is because of the promises of the Lord. Promises for healing. Promises for persecution.

109 - The enemy wants you to feel like you can’t take God at His word.

109 - Where do you find the will of God? The life of Jesus. When you see Me, you’ve seen the Father.

109 - God’s will to heal as seen in the life of Jesus. Never made excuses for not healing. Those words not in Jesus’ mouth. We use excuses which Jesus never used. Excuses make us feel better but they are in opposition to the word of God. Show me one time where Jesus didn’t run over every sickness in front of Him...

110 - Rejection in Nazareth. They didn’t bring out the sick. If Jesus touches the sick they get up. It’s not that lack of faith in the sick prevented healing. They thought He was loco.

Healing in the Midst of Unbelief

112 - Healing in the midst of unbelief - Lazarus’ tomb.

112 - Man with withered hand. Who was believing? No one. He doesn’t heal because there is faith in the room. There is already faith in Him. He heals because of God’s love for people. “How much more value…”

113 - We say, “Get the unbelief out of the room.” Where did we get that idea? Jairus’ daughter. Professional wailers. Jesus put them out. And we turned that into the need to get unbelief out of the room. What that might look like today - scenario.

115 - You are a believer and one in Christ is a majority.

115 - Man at the point of death. We just need to let go. Guilt & regret in the future for giving up. Condemnation - you gave up. Nobody had faith. Totally healed. There is a place where you never change your mind. Do everything you know to do. Don’t change your doctrine.

118 - If Jesus was touching them you know that they would be healed. Where is Jesus? What are we? The body of Christ. The things I do, you will do if you believe.

119 - The enemy attacks at the point of faith.

119 - Camps, streams, rivers - self-preservation. Trying to cover our pain but they make us powerless when we need the power. Then all you can do is submit to the “sovereignty of God”.

120 - There are too many things that haven’t changed that I know can change. But I’ve seen way too much to change my mind.

120 - People that are believing for nothing are getting nothing and going, “See! See!” It’s self-reinforcing. I’ve seen too much. Examples of healings.

121 - Guitarist with broken arm - cut cast off - on video - full use of hand - jammed out.

122 - Lady with 11 breaks in leg - brace for 12 weeks - takes off brace. I’m almost like, “Forgive me for my unbelief!” Wore half heels to lunch the next day. Not pushing people to do things in faith. Let your body tell you that you’re healed. Not in zeal and emotion.

125 - If something doesn’t change don’t rewrite theology to make you feel better about it. We’re saying a lot of things that Jesus didn’t say. We’re writing books when the Book has already been written. Let’s just follow Jesus.

126 - Mt. 17 - Why couldn’t we heal? Because of your unbelief. That’s different than, “Because you don’t have any faith.” It’s because of what you’re failing to see. All you are seeing is a seizure. You’re not seeing who you are in light of Me. You’ve gotten distracted.

127 - Visuals.

127 - “Well, I’ve never seen anyone get out of a wheelchair.” Well, how many did you pray for?

127 - Healing at Bob Evans. Daughter in unbelief - undone. Her unbelief didn’t intimidate Holy Spirit.

129 - Because of your unbelief - because of what you fail to see.

Eph. 4 - Transformation Back to His Image

129 - Quick summary of Eph. 4 - never got to it. No longer walking in darkness now that you’ve been taught. Put off the old. Put on the new. Be renewed in the spirit of your mind.

130 - Reading the end of Eph 4…

25 Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbour: for we are members one of another. 26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: 27 Neither give place to the devil. 28 Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth. 29 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. 30 And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption. 31 Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice: 32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.

Chapter 5 - 1 Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; 2 And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweetsmelling savour.

130 - v26 - Anger - don’t lose sight of another’s value.

131 - v31 - That putting away happens in a place of prayer. Communing - putting off / putting on. It’s all through prayer. It’s all through relationship. It’s not a New Year’s resolution.

132 - v32 - That’s not weakness.

132 - Going on to ch. 5 v.1 - Love just as Jesus loved. Paul is telling you that it’s possible.

133 - What is love? Patient, kind, doesn’t seek its own, doesn’t keep account of wrongs done to it. So why are we so hurt by one another? Because we’re Christians for our sake instead of for His name’s sake - what He can do for us rather than how He can change us to be like Him. We go after healing but we are missing how we can be transformed and be made into His image.

134 - Forgive like He forgave.

134 - If you can’t find what you are saying in the mouth of Jesus - if it sounds foolish in His mouth, it ought to sound foolish in yours because you were made for His image. Stop excuses of the flesh. Walk in love as Christ loved…

135 - Are you guys still in Mt. 17? v.14… Take a break.