HCSKL 2017 Notes

Dan Mohler Sessions of the Harvest Chapel School of Kingdom Living 2017. Click on each "Session" for detailed notes.

"We didn't want to make this school a topical school. We wanted it to be a school with a heart, where we're catching the heart of God and moving in relationship... You want to learn to live from the heart..." HCSKL 2011 - Day 48 - 11:35

Session 1 - Believe How He Sees You

Your Life Has Influence  He Sees Us as Sons & Daughters  Made in His Image  The Image was Lost  Restoration to Sonship  John 20 - God is not Holding a Grudge  Peace to You  Don't be Quick to Think Evil  Breathing Life Back into Man  Identity - See Yourself as He Sees You  Col. 1 - Holy, Blameless, Above Reproach  Col. 2 - You Received by Faith - Now, Walk by Faith

Session 5 - Grow in Intimacy with God *

Transformation through Relationship  Deceptions that Discourage Intimacy  His Love for YOU  Contact Points of Faith  Stewardship of Your Heart  Condemnation  See Your Value  Sin & the Devil   Not a Method  Entering into Communion  Healing & Forgiveness  Intimacy with God  Distractions vs. Purpose  Grace that is Greater  Sacrament of Communion  Confession Sheets  Cycling  Receptivity  Healthy Perspective  Sorry for Yourself  Putting Off / Putting On  Be with Him

Session 11 - Live with Impact - That Includes Healing

Walk by Faith - Not by Feelings  Living Steady Even in the Storm  Shine - Be Patient, People Need Time to See Your Life  Demonstrate the Gospel  Paul & Silas - Live with Impact  John 5 -Pool of Bethesda  Faith Not Required of the Sick  Growing in Healing  Healing Follows the Believer  John 11 - Lazarus' Tomb  Dan's Mom  Man with the Withered Hand  Jarius' Daughter  Mt. 17 - Epileptic Boy  Stepping Out to Pray for the Sick

Session 13 - Righteousness through Christ

2 Peter 1  Everything Flows from Believing that You've been Made Righteous  Theological Debates  See Yourself the Way that God Sees You  Transformation to His Likeness  Rom. 8:29-32  Be Established - Don't Forget  Live by Faith - Not Feelings  Experiences / Manifestations  Rom. 5 - Righteousness, Faith & Grace  Righteousness in Gen. 3 - The Fall  Contact Points of Faith  Fasting

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* - Sacrament of communion

Please Note: There is no substitute for listening to the full length messages of the Kingdom Living School. These notes don't come anywhere close to doing justice to that experience. Important thoughts, no doubt, have been inadvertently omitted or inaccurately conveyed in these notes.