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KHOP 2015 - Session 1

0 - Introduction of Dan Mohler

1 - Greetings - alive setting. Testimony of healing - 50% - Ron.

Knowing Him Changes Your Life

3 - Healing is not a method. We turn it into something so impersonal. It’s like we are just trying to get the right connection to get the right result. But I want to know Him - to walk with Him. I want Him full inside of me.

3 - I don’t want to just exalt Him with a worship experience. I want to exalt Him with my motives, my mindsets, my perspective, my character - my life. I want my life to bring Him honor. I don’t just want to get something from God. I want to become more and more like Him.

4 - I want to be everything that grace is willing to make me.

4 - Grace through relationship - Grace is God’s ability, His power - what changes things. Grace is what God does in a person to make that person different.

4 - Grace for transformation - Grace was made available through the sacrifice of Christ. We’re saved by grace through faith. What if our faith was to agree with truth in such a way that the full measure of grace comes and makes us what’s possible. What if you don’t have to think the way you used to think? What if you don’t have to be depressed - up and down? I wonder if I can see clear and be more like Him than ever before?

5 - Faith through relationship - Ron’s healing (cont.) - 90%.

5 - Staying in faith when the healing is partial. Faith works through love and relationship - knowing Him. Thanksgiving for partial healing and faith for complete healing. We’re not just quoting scripture to get a result. We’re growing to know Him. And knowing Him will change our lives.

6 - Faith spontaneously arises out of knowing Him - We’re not trying to have faith. Faith is the spontaneous result of knowing Him. The more that I know Him and understand His compassion and heart and His motive in sending His Son - faith is automatic. It works through love.

6 - Faith doesn’t come just because I have a pressing need. That’s called fear and desperation. Faith comes because I’ve been with Him.

7 - Ron’s healing (cont.) - Ron communes with God after partial healing. Communing. Don’t just troubleshoot.

7 - Faith is not a point in time. It’s not hit / miss, win / lose, maybe He will heal / maybe He won’t - “let’s take a shot at it and maybe this time” kind of thing. That’s so impersonal. It’s like  genie in a bottle stuff. We got trapped in that kind of “faith” way back whenever.

Self-Centered vs. Transforming Gospel

8 - We also got trapped in making this gospel all about our well being instead of all about our transformation. We just want help from God instead of the life of God in us and through us.

8 - Sometimes it’s just about us not wanting to face trouble. We pray because we don’t want trouble.

8 - Trap that we’ve fallen into over that last couple of generations: We make the gospel all about our well being - just what God can do for us - keeping our seas glassy. We pray about our day being better and look for promises to make our day better instead of being transformed.

Healing is for More than Just Your Body - Body, Soul, Spirit

9 - What do you do in that case - the case where you don’t have the heart of God inside you - if someone treats you wrong? You fall apart just like anybody else who doesn’t go to church. You get frustrated, hurt, insecure, full of anxiety, blame shifting and all of the other things that Adam was after sinning.

9 - I don’t just want to be healed by God. I want to be changed by God. Healing is more than just healing of the body. It’s spirit, soul and body. They all go together. I pray that you prosper and be in good health even as your soul… If your mind never gets renewed your soul won’t prosper.

9 - You’ll let everything around you decide who you are - everything that is happening to you will become you. That will be your world. And then you are going to try to take God through the eye of the needle of your stuff - instead of taking your stuff through the eye of the needle of who He is in your life - instead of looking at your life from God’s perspective.

➡ 10 - I’m going to talk about some of that stuff this morning and lay a strong foundation… There will be plenty on healing (as this is called a school of healing) but be patient with me at the beginning because I want to lay a strong foundation. Here’s the deal…

11 - I want your bodies healed… but I want you thinking clearly - seeing clearly - and enjoying the gift called life - everyday - regardless of whatever else is going on. I want you to get free in the truth of who you have become and why you’re on the planet. Just knowing why you are alive has a major part in healing - knowing why you woke up everyday - knowing why mercy woke you up. It’s not so that you could just have a better day. It’s so that you could be like Him. It’s the biggest deal of all.

Freedom from Neediness

12 - I’m not carrying the care for myself any more. I don’t think for me. I don’t even know how to any more. I am so fulfilled in Him that I don’t think that I have needs.

12 - People trying to honor Dan. Honoring me is hearing what I am saying as from the Lord and letting it transform your life. It’s not carrying my bags. Paul said that you’re my crown - my joy - my reward. Helping you to look more like Him

13 - Freedom in Christ from neediness - At the end of our time together I am going to get on a plane. And life is going to stay good in God. Nobody can change that. You can’t keep me from His presence. I’ve gotten to know Him. He’s with me. And I like that. You can’t keep Him from talking to me. You can’t keep me from hearing His voice. You can’t keep me from knowing Him. I think I’m already in. Life is fun. I don’t want to serve a doctrine. I don’t want to just live a theology. I don’t want to just join a new movement. He’s in me and I’m in Him.

14:10 - Camp - river - stream - I never understood that stream thing any way. He’s a river that never runs dry. Out of our bellies flows a river… If you take a bunch of streams that meet together it forms a river - that’s probably God’s better plan. We’re not called to be in streams but in the river. The only reason that we are in streams is because we can’t agree a little on this or that.

14 - But we can all agree that God is love. And God made man in His image. So the whole reason that man is on the planet is to be love, not to be loved.

15 - Our need - The reason we needed love so desperately growing up was because we were cut off from our source of love through the fall of man.

15 - Prayer to go to heaven vs. Heaven coming back into you - We’ve preached Christianity as a blessing rather than a conversion. Transformation of life vs. favor and blessing.

15 - That’s why so many people who go to church are discouraged. They look at how life is going instead of who He is and how He is in them.

15 - Free from life - Trials don’t change who He is in me. We let what we are going through define who I am and how I am. This kind of vulnerability shows that we don’t understand why Jesus is in us.

16 - He’s not just here to take care of us. No, He’s here to make me more like Him. So that if you do me wrong, I still know how to love you. I’m not trying to forgive you. I don’t have a grid for unforgiveness any more.

16 - He forgave me - everything. Access to the Father. Sees me through Jesus as if I’ve never failed. He sees righteousness. Feels clean, holy, pure.

18 - Gospel in a nutshell - simple. Man made in Your image. Man made another choice - followed another voice. You didn’t change your mind, You sent Your Son. You paid the price and brought us back to square one. I can walk in your image. I can follow you. The tree is still there. The snake is still whispering. I’m following you. My life is not my own. You made me for your glory. Let’s go.

18 - Why do we let all of this other stuff matter more when it doesn’t matter most?

18 - Homeschooled in the wrong home. Come out. The wisdom of the world - from birth. Nobody had to teach you how to be angry…

19 - Born into desperate need of love - You became that way through the fall. Cut off from our source of life and love. What was love became in desperate need of love. We were all born into that deficit - that crisis.

19 - Born into identity crisis - Fighting for identity. Looking to others for validation and affirmation. Some crash and burn, others become introverts, others become fighters - we don’t care.

20 - Born into rat race - survival of the fittest - trying to get by. Trying to figure out who we are along the way - through life’s experiences - and that’s not even an accurate picture. We became a product of what others thought and said and what happened to us.

20 - Identity / value / purpose from life and others - That’s why so many people look back, “You don’t know what I’ve been through.” Their story matters so much because it’s who they’ve become. But it has nothing to do with the truth. What happened to and through Jesus is the biggest deal of all. And it’s the truth about you.

➡ 21 - Do you want to talk healing? Let’s get some healing in our hearts.

21 - What we’ve been through doesn’t matter. God has said, “I love you.” He showed me where love really comes from. Dads. Alcoholism, fights. What does any of that have to do with who I am now that Christ has come?

22 - I’m not a hurting little boy that never had a dad. I’ve had a Father all along. I didn’t realize it. I was looking for a drink (affirmation, love) from a dry cup. No wonder I was thirsty. Drink from the river that never runs dry. Well that springs up into eternal life. One drink and you’ll never thirst again.

Identity Issues

22 - Letting your identity come from what you’ve been through instead of what He’s been through. Insensitive.

22 - Horror stories - Comparing horror stories.

23 - It wasn’t me that was touched wrong. That little boy died when I got saved - water baptism. Brand new life came into me. The Spirit of God came in. I’ve been touched right.

23 - Sin reproducing after its own kind for generations? Not in this man.

23 - What God did is way greater than any weakness of human flesh.

24 - Strategy of sin - When are we going to realize that they are just strategies of sin that are set against every one of us to rob us of destiny, purpose, potential and identity. And when we hear the good news, there’s nothing good about it because, “I’ve got issues.” No, I’ve got new life through Jesus Christ.

24 - I’m done feeling sorry for myself - making excuses - blameshifting. I’m giving Jesus glory for setting an example so that I can follow. I’m going after him. He produces life.

24 - The old way doesn’t produce life - time for it to die.

➡ 25 - That’s healing. What I’m talking about is healing. Settle it. That has nothing to do with who I am. I call it dead. I separate myself from those days. They have nothing to do with who I am. Your life in me is greater…

25 - Rehashing old hurts - from 20 yrs ago.

26 - Identity from God - Your Father - Mt. 23:9 - Call no man on earth your father - You have one Father and He’s in heaven. Don’t limit or identify your life through natural inheritance. Your life goes back to the beginning when God said, “Let us make man in our image.”

26 - Natural inheritance vs. following Jesus. I drink because my dad drinks - an excuse of the flesh. I didn’t drink - father’s alcoholism.

27 - Generational curses. You’ve got a voice and choice. No ball and chain is strong enough to keep you from Him. Be done making excuses - drawing attention to myself.

28 - Feeling sorry for self to gain attention. Perversions of identity.

28 - Mad at the church for not being loving. Love, don’t wait to be loved. It should have been loving. You were there.

Reject the Wisdom of the World - Freedom from Sin

29 - Wisdom of the world that gives you permission to stay the same - permission to be less than who He is.

29 - I don’t want that wisdom in my life. I don’t want to continue in what I was trained by. I want to be renewed in the spirit of my mind - brand new way of thinking. I don’t want to be conformed to the world. I want to be transformed by thinking differently.

30 - Sinner mentality - If it weren’t possible - if God didn’t see this for our lives why would He send His Son? Let’s get past the idea that we are just sinners waiting to fail and He forgives us every time. Let’s stop thinking that that is heresy.

30 - Reckon yourself dead to sin - Don’t even be thinking sin. Reckon yourself dead indeed to sin. If you are reckoning yourself dead to sin, you are not thinking sin. That doesn’t mean that you are finding a way to sin and get away with it.

30 - If you stumble - you’ll realize it immediately. Confession and moving forward.

30 - Trying not to sin - makes you sin-conscious - more aware of your flesh.

31 - Wake up enjoying being His - and that He loves you.

31 - Complaining mindset. All about you. Self-serving prayers. Get away from that. You can’t pray God’s grace into that kind of mentality. It’s not going to happen.

32 - He won’t answer self-centered, self-serving prayers. Grow up and shine. Self-preservation in the name of the Lord.


33 - Most people are sincere about wanting God.

34 - Harvest Chapel School of Kingdom Living - 13 weeks - we have a lot of time.

35 - Technology - Internet, cell phones. Pay phone.

37 - It’s excessive. False sense of identity, connectivity, busyness. Not against. Steward wisely.

38 - Contacting Dan - through host pastor’s phone - another country.

See Yourself & Others through His Eyes

➡ 39 - I know that stuff about the past helped you. Your identity changes. You’re a new creation. When do you accept that? Communing the truth of being a new creation.

39 - I want to see others the way that you see me. The goal of the gospel is that He comes and lavishes all that He is on us - so that it’s so overwhelms us, that it becomes who we are in Him. And we begin to lavish that love on everybody else.

40 - The goodness of God leads men to repentance - not the reprimand. Not holding up signs  telling people to repent. You’re antagonizing - picking a fight. Persecution for the gospel? Do you even care about those people?

41 - Most people aren’t intentionally evil. They’re deceived and confused. Jesus said, “Forgive them Father. They know not what they do.” But it seemed like they knew exactly what they were doing. But there was a deeper lie there. They can’t see who I am. They don’t know who they are. If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me. He took the hit so that all men could live.

42 - He died for us with a purpose - not just to get us to heaven one day.

42 - Return of Jesus - Praying for Jesus’ to return now. You’re saying to heaven with me - to hell with everyone else. Using the gospel as a selfish escape. All about you. Forget about everyone else that’s not ready. Get me out of here because I’ve prayed that prayer. That’s not the gospel.

43 - Gathering together - Christianity is not just a prayer. It’s Christlikeness. It’s not even church attendance. The reason we meet together: stir one another up in love and good works - to stay active and aggressive in your life in the kingdom - so that we don’t get confused and deceived - to stay focused on why He’s in us and why He came.

44 - We’ve lost track of why we gather. Divisions.

44 - If we miss love, we miss the whole point. If we have spiritual gifts but we lack love, we’ve missed the whole point.

44 - Riding a gift - Spiritual icons. Riding gifting but lacking love. There’s a focus on gifting instead of the character of God - the image. My goal is not to be able to read your mail. My goal is to become love. And if I become love, I’ll see what I need to see, when I need to see it (word of knowledge).

45 - Riding a gift will feed you in a weird way. Riding a gift but lacking love. No hot shots.

Live from the Heart - Intimacy with God

46 - Commending the spirit of the people present. No matter where I go, there are people hungry for God like I’ve never seen them before. There are people who want the truth.

48 - No heart for God - When I was in my teens and 20s I didn’t understand the gospel and had no incentive to go to church. You couldn’t have gotten me here.

48 - Sinner mentality - My understanding of the gospel - at that time. Jesus got beat to a pulp because I am a sinner. And one day He is going to take me to heaven. Why does Jesus want me in heaven? I’m a sinner. The gospel I knew left me a sinner. I thought my capacity to sin makes me a sinner. I expected to continue sinning. I’ve got to get over it. God seems to have gotten over it. He paid a price for me. There was no motivation - no understanding of His love - no stirring of my heart - to give myself to Him. I felt guilty and indebted. Indebted to go to church - to do something FOR Him.

49 - Reduced to serving Him - If you don’t pursue relationship with Him - knowing Him, you get reduced to serving Him. You’ll get into works. Identity and wellbeing from works.

50 - Knowledge - reading to know about Him - to be accepted - to please God - to qualify. No, read your Bible to know Him.

50 - Daily devotions. No, it’s a union, communion time with God. You can do a devotion and never have heart to heart communion.

51 - Worship songs. You can listen to them all day but fail to communicate one word from your heart to God.

51 - Christian stuff doesn’t make you Christian - shouldn’t substitute for communing with God. I want us to live from the heart. Intimate worship music - grow in those truths and make them yours through communion. Example.

53 - He loves you - Many Christians struggle to believe that God loves them. The cross says, “I love you. I know who you are. You’re more than you realize. I’ve known you from the beginning. You have great destiny, potential and purpose. I’m willing to pay this price to put life in you. I love you!”

53 - If I really believe that, other problems become non-issues.

53 - Intimacy - no veil over your face. In Christ you are unveiled. Unveiling at a wedding.

54 - Weddings where Dan officiates. All four parents give away. Counseling.

55 - Best man / bad man. Maid of Honor.

57 - Pastors counseling towards divorce. It proves that we don’t know the gospel or Jesus. Shows that we haven’t denied ourselves or laid down our lives or loved not our own lives unto death. We’re in Christianity for what we can get out of it instead of how we can become like Him.

57 - Discouraged Christians / mad at God - what they were expecting didn’t come to pass. They’ve never had relationship. God owes me nothing… I’ve already won for eternity. You can’t stop that now.

58 - My life is not my own. You want to be like Stephen with regard to persecutors - “Lord, don’t hold it against them. Forgive them.” Not vengeful.

58 - We were born into that kind of thinking. It’s time to be born again. Not a confession but a transformation of life. Putting off old / putting on new.

Empowerment for Loving Others

59 - Bathroom breaks - I never have to go - supernatural. Saturday mornings at the market. The time he really had to go - just then lady comes in. Later doesn’t even need to go. It’s all part of what He does. All in the name of laying down your life, loving people.

102 - That’s why I can preach all day. You are not drinking out of my cup. There is an overflow in my life. I have relationship. You’re just splashing in the saucer. You are not draining me dry.

102 - Getting burned out - People pray for me, “He poured out all week. He’s been drained and drained. Fill him up Lord.” I don’t know what they are talking about. I don’t feel empty.

103 - This kind of grace is available in the realm of loving one another. It’s not just so that you can live supernaturally. It empowers you to be what He created you to be. It colabors with will and purpose.

Your Life Speaks

103 - When we wake up and realize that life is a gift - that we’re alive for one reason - His image… Thank you Holy Spirit for living in me and manifesting Christ through me. It doesn’t always have to be dramatic - just love along the way. Your life is intriguing to people. Your life - your attitude is speaking.

104 - Effect on coworkers of Dan’s dramatic change - full of life and energy. It made them so mad in the beginning. Didn’t wear off. Still bumping into people, years later.

105 - People aren’t impressed when they see the same pain, same anger, hurt, resentment in the church. All we have is a confession that they don’t believe in - instead of a transformed life. It’s our life that’s going to make a difference.

106 - It’s a privilege to be filled with Him. It’s an honor to shine. It’s a joy to forgive - not a burden.

106 - Unforgiveness. Forgiveness keeps your heart free - keeps your perspective of others crystal clear. You’ve lost sight of their purpose and potential. Jesus calls hate murder. Why? Because when you hate someone, in your eyes, you’ve cut off their potential and destiny - all you can see them for is what you hate. If God had seen us that way He would have never sent His Son.

➡ 107 - Fallen thinking - some of these things - these ways of thinking - stay alive in us even after Christ comes into our lives. We want to cut those things out.

107 - Break...