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KHOP 2015 - Session 5

➡ 0 - We’re going to pray for the sick among us in this session.

0 - You don’t have to try hard. He’s here, ready and willing to heal.

Keep it Simple

0 - We’ve made praying for the sick too complicated. Too much teaching. We’re way too involved. It’s almost become legalistic. Trying to pray the right prayer. Worried about what the sick person believes. Stop letting that influence you.

0 - The state of the people Jesus prayed for - fallen, no revelation, sheep without a shepherd, no clue, every sin imaginable and yet He healed them all.

1 - He healed all. All that He prayed for - All that asked.

1 - Sickness is not from God - from the enemy. It’s not the sovereignty of God.

1 - When Jesus takes away sin, He takes away the landing strip for anything to stick.

2 - The gift of righteousness.

2 - Short and simple prayers - “Pain leave. In Jesus’ name.” So short and simple that you can’t get in the way. You are not trying to produce healing.

2 - Healing comes through what Jesus has already accomplished. Your prayer never has and never will heal the sick. It’s His finished work. It’s His love for people. You get to appropriate that and minister that. You lay hands on the sick and He flows through you and makes things right.

2 - Short, simple prayers. He cast out spirits with a word - with a finger. “Go!” “Leave!”

4 - Tonight you’ll see that God will move through you. It’s not as hard to do this as you thought. You’ll see that It actually feels good to love them and get involved.

What if Nothing Happens?

4 - What if nothing happens? If you believe nothing, you get nothing.

4 - Faith - not a point in time. Prayer for wife in coma.

5 - Your not running a risk when you pray for the sick. You run a risk when you don’t pray for the sick because you’re not manifesting the kingdom. They’ve already got nothing unless you pray.

5 - Appreciation even when things don’t change immediately. Not denial - that’s faith. It’s you not letting what you’re not experiencing determine what you believe. You are letting what He accomplished govern what you believe. And that will overtake what you are experiencing.

5 - Unthankfulness.

6 - Don’t change your mind if you don’t get immediate results.

6 - Let His life lived determine your faith - not your experience. Or else you won’t get established. Be resolved.

6 - Response when you don’t get immediate results - example.

7 - Healings that take place later on. If you learn how to not let go you will get a lot of those testimonies.

8 - Testimonies of healings that happen later on.

8 - What’s happening in your head when things don’t change immediately.

Prayer - Where Healing Can’t be Checked

9 - Invitation to the sick - Praying for those where there is no way to check healing - no way to test right now.

10 - A receiving attitude - Communing a receiving attitude. Make it like the first time that you’ve been prayed for - because the gospel was preached fresh tonight.

11 - Touch somebody near.

11 - Prayer for the sick - simple prayer of faith.

13 - Thank Him.

Prayer - Where Healing Can be Checked

13 - Invitation to the sick - anything less than wholeness. Any condition - all the same to the finished work. We make them different in our minds. Don’t think it’s too small. He paid the same price for everything.

14 - If you pray for somebody, don’t get intimidated. Don’t pray harder - dig deeper - try harder for the “harder” conditions. You just empower the problem. Understand that it’s all the same to Jesus. Same prayer for all.

15 - Keep it simple - “Be healed in Jesus’ name. Pain go.” Jesus wants to teach us simplicity - so that when you are out on the streets and you don’t have a word of knowledge... you already have an answer.

15 - You don’t need to have a word of knowledge to be able to approach someone. It’s nice but not necessary.

15 - Approaching people. Todd’s approach.

16 - On plane with education ambassador - headed to China - Presbyterian - never taught healing - healed of arthritis.

18 - Invitation to the sick where healing could be checked. You would know it if it changed.

18 - Praying for the sick as a church family.

19 - Anyone not standing is my prayer team. You’re the church.

19 - Logistics.

21 - No special “atmosphere” required. The atmosphere is in you. It’s called the kingdom. The atmosphere is not always fuzzy.

21 - Logistics.

22 - Short prayers. 15 seconds - not enough time to get self-conscious and get in the way.

23 - Person prayed for - response of faith and thanks.

23 - Then check your bodies. And let me know what’s going on. Be honest - no exageration.

24 - Nobody should feel bad. We’re getting the privilege of releasing the kingdom.

24 - Go ahead and pray…

25 - Thank God for loving you. Now check your bodies.

25 - Testimonies of change.

Partial Response

32 - Partial responses? Pray again. Same prayer. This will teach us to never let go (of faith).

34 - If I’ve got momentum and it’s getting better and better, I never stop praying until it goes.

34 - When you can tell that you’ve run out of time… Be gracious with them and let them go. Release them in faith.

No Change

35 - No change? - Nothing seemed to change? They feel a lot of things. The people that are praying feel like they are not walking in something that they should be walking in. The people prayed for are wondering about not being healed.

36 - Faith is not a point in time. When you see healing around you, let it encourage you. He is Jehovah Rapha. Whoever is healed of whatever. I believe that you love me… I believe that you’re bringing change to my body. Thank you for healing me. Thanks for your love. That’s not a cop out.

36 - Refuse to be discouraged. Don’t think too deep on it. Trust your relationship with Holy Spirit. Trust that God is moving. Stay in a place of thankfulness and faith. And you watch how that perspective is so healthy that it starts overtaking the situation that used to stumble your life. I’ve seen that many times.

37 - Pray again. These people aren’t less than anybody in this room. Don’t believe that they are not being healed because you are doing anything wrong. Don’t let go.

37 - Dan prays.

38 - Testimonies of change after the prayer.

39 - Releasing people in faith - prayer of releasing.

Know Him

39 - School summary - Nothing compares to your ability to be with Him. Let relationship with Jesus be the priority of your life. Being healed by Him is amazing. Knowing Him is greater. Singing to Him is awesome. Knowing Him is greater.

40 - Let knowing Him be the strength of your life. Get alone with Him. Seek Him often. Believe Him. Talk to Holy Spirit. Let Him lead your life by His Spirit.

40 - Guard your heart. Keep it pure. For out of your heart flows the issues of life. Don’t let circumstances or people decide how you are doing. Let the One inside you decide that.

40 - Closing blessing.