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KHOP - 2015 - Session 2

0 - Housekeeping comments - Make a friend here this weekend. Life long relationships can develop.

1 - Reading the Bible - not just to preach or to study. Read the Bible to know Him. Don’t believe that you can’t understand it. Thank Holy Spirit for giving understanding. Communing while reading.

Prayer from Faith

2 - Praying from a perspective of faith. Not praying from the problem. Checking to see if it has worked. Faith is believing God and staying productive - your light shining. When people can’t tell that you are going through fire.

4 - Interceding for Dan’s son. One time release of faith.

4 - Believing prayer changes things.

5 - Faith says to the mountain move. Nothing shall be impossible for you. The mountain moving is the evidence of faith. Just because we pray doesn’t mean that it’s faith.

5 - Praying from faith. Prayer comes out of seeing.

6 - God’s perspective of us - He saw more than your sin. He saw destiny, potential, created purpose. I want that kind of vision.

6 - Dan’s son. When he was out there doing all of these things I wasn’t broken - or trying to figure out where I went wrong as a dad. I tried to give him every reason to run well.

7 - Conduct is not always a reflection of the parent. God is the best parent of all, and yet not everyone is jumping up into His lap.

8 - Parents losing identity because of conduct of children. Children not for fulfillment but for multiplication. Cover the earth with His image and glory.

8 - Reason for having kids. Idolatry issues in parenting kids. Making our kids the center of our universe. Living our lives through our children.

Free from Me - Free from You - Free to love You

9 - The gospel is simple. The snake tries to make it complicated. It’s simple: wake up to pursue His image - wake up to love - not to be loved, but to love.

10 - That takes away hurt, failure, letdown, disappointment. No one owes you anything. You owe no man anything but to love. It’s the reason you’re on the planet.

10 - Neediness - Needing others for identity. Identity through others. I’m only as good as you view me or do me. But if I don’t need you, I can finally love you (without ulterior motives of needing something).

11 - Security in Christ - identity through Christ. Then you are healthy to love others.

11 - Wrongs in relationships - offense. Self-protection.

12 - Identity not from others.

12 - Church shopping. Go to church where God wants you. May be with people that rub you the wrong way. Comfort vs. growth.

Freedom from Sin & Sin-Consciousness

14 - Jesus wasn’t put off by people. Old school mentality - Jesus is repulsed. But Jesus died for them. He came to be our Shepherd. Scowling God? No! He knew who you were.

15 - To Him, you are worth the blood of His Son.

15 - Jesus was made to be sin. Sin cursed in the flesh. God didn’t curse His Son. He made Jesus to be sin. He cursed what was killing us. Jesus was pure, spotless, holy Lamb.

16 - Blood of a Man on the mercy seat. Mediating - mercy over humanity.

16 - Jesus’ work among us. Model.

17 - Sacrifice for sin and its effects. So that we could go free.

17 - He doesn’t want you thinking about sin. If it pops up deal with it immediately. But don’t lose your identity for 3 days.

17 - Example of confession. That’s intimacy. That’s how you walk out your life even through weakness.

18 - Don’t wake up expecting to fail. Wake up His. Not sin-conscious but righteous-conscious. Right in the sight of God. Free. Loved. Accepted.

18 - Communing the truth of being righteous.

19 - Feeling guilty? Stop! He’s not putting it on you.

19 - You wouldn’t feel guilty if your heart wasn’t pure. If you already feel bad about it then it’s not you. You know better now - move forward.

20 - Guilt, condemnation, shame are not the kingdom.

20 - God didn’t send Jesus to condemn you. Why would you spend time in condemnation if it’s not God’s will for you? Jesus came not to condemn but to save. Condemnation & judgement.

20 - His love is designed to change your heart - see His first love and respond back to Him in love.

21 - Walking in righteousness vs. moping in condemnation. Live from a place of righteousness.

21 - Don’t make allowance for feelings of condemnation. Don’t buy in.

22 - Willful disobedience - “I should have known better.” You may have thought that you knew better. But now you really know better. Your susceptibility might have been higher than your revelation. Now you are judging yourself for that when He is not.

22 - I’m not giving you an excuse for sin. I’m giving you a reason to get out of it and be free from it. I’m not telling you to go ahead and live weak. No, live Christlike. Live squeaky clean - holy. Don’t even think about sin.

22 - No sin in my closet. No secret. Feels good to say that.

23 - Not everybody has stuff in their closet. Stop believing that. That’s why your stuff stays.

23 - Not preaching cheap grace but holiness unto God by His Spirit - not your works.

23 - False humility - always making much of our ability to sin and fail. Of course we understand our human susceptibilities. I trust His grace. I trust His ability to keep me more than my ability to fail. Then you’ll live free.

24 - Freedom from bad mess ups 20+ years by the grace of God. Good name.

25 - You want a good name. Hear your name and think, “He’s for real. He’s been with God.”

25 - Legacy of being a believer - He’s a believer.

26 - A believer becomes a new creation - is changed.

26 - Be a peacemaker. God’s a peacemaker. God made peace with man.

27 - It’s easy to be a peacemaker unless you are holding onto rights.

27 - Needing to be right. Right vs. righteousness. Right and wrong. He’s puts us in a fresh position to move forward.

28 - God gives us fresh start even though we get stuck in repetitive sin. Not using and abusing grace. Last thing you wanted to do. The fact that you are crying about it means that the gospel has done something good in you. Heart has become pure.

28 - Keep them fixed on how God sees them. That God won’t change His mind. That they are not a loser. Not a failure. Not a hypocrite.

28 - Hypocrite - game player - mask wearer. Somebody who says one thing and KNOWS that they are doing another. A dangerous, willful, intentional place.

29 - Not just struggling with sin - not seeing clearly. Forgive them Father - they know not what they do.

29 - A hypocrite knows - covers up sin so he can look righteous. There’s a difference.

➡ 29 - All of this stuff has to do with healing. Especially the soul and emotions - relationships - friendships.

30 - Self-centered mentality - shock over what a friend did to you. We were trained to feel that way. It feels normal. But that’s not Jesus. It’s a lie.

Discerning the Lies - Twist on Sovereignty of God

➡ 31 - The reason for teaching these things before talking about healing… In all your getting get understanding.

31 - The things you grew up hearing that are not from God - examples. Lies exposed.

31 - Men are destroyed for the lack of knowledge - not because God sovereignly choses to destroy them. Get the knowledge, stop destruction. The church puts the blame for that destruction onto God’s sovereign choice.

32 - Objection to healing - It’s just the sovereignty of God. The importance of His word. We raise our circumstances above His word.

32 - Take Him at His word. He loves you. You’re forgiven. He’ll never see you for sin. He sees you for your potential. He sees you for purpose.

33 - Sovereignty of God - Yes, but…

33 - Earth given to men. Gave us the authority of the name of Jesus.

33 - Law of sowing and reaping. Men are reaping what was sown when God’s will is different.

33 - Examples.

33 - Power of death and life in your tongue.

34 - Things that are inconsistent with the sovereignty of God as an excuse for powerlessness. Why would there be the power of life and death in your tongue? Authority in Jesus’ name. No need for sword or shield or armor. No need to pray. No purpose in faith. Why bother praying? Whatever would be, would be.

34 - We don’t listen to what the scriptures teach. Slow to speak, anger, quick to listen. We do the opposite. Mad. Don’t want to hear it. Got something to say. We rely on the opinions of man.

35 - Spend time in the word. Build a stronghold of truth so that you recognize lies. You buy into lies because they seem right. Fill your heart with truth. Lies will be crushed by truth.

35 - The truth makes you free. You can’t see any differently now.

35 - How I see now: He loves me. I’m worthy. He shed His blood for me. That’s not arrogant. That’s faith. That’s not presumption. That’s the word of God. Be it, then you’ll live up to it.

36 - Be to do vs. do to be - working for something that has already happened. You have to start where He finished if you are ever going to run well. Holy, blameless above reproach.

36 - Righteousness through faith - I believe God sees me this way. It unveils my face - gives me boldness to approach Him and run the race worthy of a prize.

37 - Don’t get thrown by the twist on the sovereignty of God thing. We’ve misinterpreted sovereignty. Not the truth of the scriptures.

38 - Not everything that happens is God’s will. Example. He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked but that they would repent and be saved.

38 - God as orchestrator of death? He tells us to raise the dead.

38 - Length of days - length of life. The Bible says that certain things have an influence on how long we live.

39 - There’s no set length of life. No appointed time.

40 - Things that are inconsistent with the sovereignty of God as an excuse for powerlessness.

41 - Sovereignty of God as an excuse is not the gospel. Let’s read the Bible and get understanding. He gave you a sword to use.

41 - It shouldn’t be a controversial topic. It’s how we were taught - common church teaching - but has no Biblical basis.

42 - He told you to subdue - to rise up and have courage - trust - believe - to put on your armor.

42 - Understand what you have become a part of and let Him manifest Himself and His wisdom through you. Surrender to Him - commitment.

42 - Reaping and sowing - Reaping corruption? God wants blessing. Sowing to the flesh - reaping corruption.

43 - Why God set things up this way: So you’re not a Christian robot. He wants relationship. He wants you to see His love through Jesus and respond.

43 - Unless you love less these things you won’t be able to fulfill why you were created. One of those things will get in the way. These things are gifts. But shouldn’t become idols.

44 - Don’t be so weak as to say, “Well, I don’t know why God let that happen.” Take responsibility for what has been given to you. Walk in stewardship. Be prepared. Seek the Lord.

45 - We’re all growing into this.

Mad at God

45 - Mad at God because “God let…”

➡ 46 - This stuff has hurt us. It’s too easy to point a finger - to get mad at God.

46 - “God allowed it” - most damaging phrase in the church. It gives you permission to be mad at God’s decisions.

46 - Leads to stuff like: “Well, He put the tree there. Why did He put the tree there if He knew we would eat from it?” Then our mindset produces nothing good.

47 - Clay rising above the potter. Subpoenaing God in the court of your mind and finding Him guilty. Sign of the fall.

48 - Preach strong enough to help people walk through terrible circumstances. We tend to point to God - to accuse God. We don’t think of steal, kill, destroy - a snake - a war - another kingdom.

48 - We treat God as if He’s an employee that hasn’t done a good job - rather than Father. But He’s nothing but good.

Vulnerability & Fear

49 - He made us in His image and gave us authority to steward the earth and not be subdued by it. But Christians continue to live in vulnerability - fear - we think the environment is going to kill us.

49 - We fill up on natural knowledge. But we don’t know the covenant we’re in. Examples.

49 - Eating for prevention out of fear.

49 - Vulnerability is fear. Called to subdue not be subdued. Sickness is here to put fear into us. They want to put their name above every name. Cancer. Fear and death become our motivation. Men will fear and tremble at the name of cancer. But it’s no match for Jesus.

50 - Sickness wants you to make healing into a method that fails. So that you won’t try any more. Cancer is no match to Jesus.

51 - Grow up and live without fear. Don’t let death and the fear of dying be your motivation for praying. Let the price He paid be your motivation. Life not cut short by what’s not God’s will.

52 - Praying from sentiment and fear - fear of death.

52 - Healing - making it into principles that we’re applying, hoping to get a result. Instead of a relationship of love - where faith works through love - and we’re rooted and grounded in love - and we don’t change because we’re never going to die. It’s not about death. It’s about life - fulfillment - promise.

53 - The minor difficulties that we are subdued by.

54 - Pain. Popping pills. Your grace is enough for me - example of communion. You’re not a Christian for comfort. Many are the afflictions of the righteous. Constant adversity. Have a strong grip on why you are on the planet and what you believe.

54 - Perilous times. Offended. Vulnerable. Because of lawlessness - the love of many will grow cold. “God, you have done nothing to help.” You get your eyes on what’s wrong. And it’s all about how things are affecting you and making you feel. Endure to the end.

56 - Lawlessness is out to get love and the kingdom in you...

Afflictions - Part of the War Against the Kingdom

56 - You are in a war against the kingdom. See your life in the context of the bigger picture. Use your life wisely. Don’t just worry about surviving. Don’t miss the point of why you are here. Live from where He lives. Many afflictions.

58 - Afflictions? No they are honors to respond in love. No bad days - just opportunities to shine. The purpose of your life - to shine. This will change your life. Change your perspective.

58 - Thank You for the opportunity to shine.

58 - Recovering from mess ups. You can live your life in such a way as to make men forget the past. No hopelessness in the kingdom.

59 - The gospel is all about knowing Him - relationship - becoming one with His heart. It’s not about Him just blessing us and taking care of us. He’s putting His heart inside of you. He’s putting how He sees men inside of you. And no circumstances change you. You hear and you become and when the storm comes what was built stands.

59 - Mt. 7 - The storm is not trying to destroy the one who heard. It’s trying to destroy what was built through the hearing. The enemy is afraid of the kingdom.

59 - Don’t take the adversity personally. Adversity comes to stop the potential of God through our lives - not to stop you personally. To get us to believe lies. To muddy up the truth. To stop God from having His way.

100 - Decide to stand - No permission to live in the flesh. Live by the Spirit. Truth over experience.

101 - Closing prayer - ears to hear - no striving - grace to follow you.