Dan Mohler - Perversions of our view of the devil

Dan Mohler on perversions of our view of the devil

Ignore game

Did you ever play the ignore game growing up? And somebody either ignored you or you ignored somebody? And they were like so mad? “Oh, come on. You know you hear me. Knock it off.” And you’re like, “Did somebody say something?”…We’re taught: bind the devil, rebuke the devil, bind the devil. And you’re all tired and frustrated and wondering why it isn’t working and still hearing the thought. Because you can bind the devil all day but if you don’t replace the lie with truth you’ll never go free in the matter. Your war is not with the devil. It’s walking in truth. You’re fighting the good fight of faith. You’re not fighting the devil. He has schemes and strategies set against you - trying to wrestle with you. Why don’t you just pin him with truth and not give him any points? … You’re taught to bind the devil and rebuke the devil, “I bind you devil. I cast that thought out in Jesus’ name.” And the thought goes [comes right back.] Now you’re tired. You’ve paced. You wore out your carpet. You just fought the devil and shadow boxed for an hour. Now your authority is in question. Your right standing with God is in question. “Why isn’t the gospel ‘working.’” Now you’re even more vulnerable. Now you’re beat up in your identity. You look in the mirror, “What a wimpy Christian. Maybe the devil’s right.” I’ve seen this stuff. I’m not making this up. I’ve seen it countless times. Don’t let it ever be you after this day.1

Devil is a liar! - Flip it

It’s not about what the devil is saying to me. He’s a liar. What’s it matter? “Well yes, but the devil’s saying…” So what! He’s a liar. Flip it and you’ve got your answer. “Pray for me. The devil has really been speaking stuff to me.” Man you ought to be excited. He’s a liar. Flip it. He says, “You’re never going to make it?” You must be going to make it! Why do you even let that move you? Why do need prayer? You do not need prayer! You need to believe the faith.4

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